[1167] A Lock That Fits In Your Wallet... Picked With a Zip-Tie (Quirky Flat Lock)

  • Ann Forrester
    Ann Forrester

    I wonder what lock has the greatest security under three ounces mass.

  • Mathew Miller
    Mathew Miller

    At a local pool in my area, they have lockers available for use right next to the front desk which always has someone there working. This seems like the kinda lock I’d use there and just secure the key on my wrist or something. However those lockers have a built-in combo lock so it’s kinda a stretch to justify the use 😂🤣😂🤣 Might be a more useful lock for at the house to replace a child safety lock on different cabinets/cupboards/doors

  • Damon Rao
    Damon Rao

    That "lock" is basically a carabiner.

  • will berdon
    will berdon

    Oh cool, my ex girlfriend was on the lock picking lawyer. 🔐

  • hi i'm emily
    hi i'm emily

    This seems like a cute little novelty, not an actual security option. Shame they're trying to sell it as the latter.

  • camerica7400

    Looks like a nice toy

  • Jm56Z

    I think this is more of a fancy-looking keyring than an actual lock.

  • thenonexistinghero

    Finally a lock that I can pick.

  • Северный Олень
    Северный Олень

    В матушке России, с такими знаниями, вы бы уже сидели в тюрьме... 👮

  • マイルス

    As long as the buyer is aware of this I don't see a problem with this. To most people any kind of lockpicking looks like magic and almost nobody knows what is possible. Therefore most people don't think about trying something like using a zip-tie to open something like this. Any kind of security is better than no security as long as the method of opening it without a key isn't intuitive for someone without knowledge about lockpicking

  • lemonemmi

    LPL: Look. I just opened you with a zip-tie. Lock: I'm so quirky teehee! UwU

  • Joey Deiman
    Joey Deiman

    I feel like a good quality ziptie would actually be better than this lock. That shackle seems like you can just bend it back and forth a few times until it breaks.

  • Jonathan R.
    Jonathan R.

    ... the fort knox lock gave you a better fight.

  • ricky Putra
    ricky Putra

    The security is 0🤣🤣🤣

  • Paul Vild
    Paul Vild

    This is a cool lock 🔒

  • drdca

    while keeping to the same form factor, could one do much better (for a reasonable price of manufacturing) ? (an actual question. I don't know.)

  • 99codemister

    I love that there's an arrow right there on the side to help anyone trying to bypass this "lock".

  • Breeze

    This lock is like me. Flat

  • Lukas Peruzovic
    Lukas Peruzovic

    this is like the locks I "picked" open as a child

  • Niki Kolev
    Niki Kolev

    Whose going to buy something like this, I assume there's many that would 😂

  • Coonotafoo

    This seems like the type of lock that I could rip open with my bare hands.

  • The Ortus
    The Ortus

    Making video of unlocking locks will help robber and other bad people means you are helping them by doing all these things

  • Jack Marino
    Jack Marino

    "Lets try that a few more times". Translation: Look at this pile of Dogshit somebody mailed me.

  • keanu deleon
    keanu deleon

    I hate this channel, making lock picking content, JUST USE A SPELL “Alohomora” idiot get a want move your hand point it towards a lock and say “Alohomora” uh-low-ha-mora ITS THAT SIMPLE lol Harry Potter

  • Mark Foster
    Mark Foster

    Couldn't you just cut it open with a pair of scissors?

  • COL 1
    COL 1

    It's actually worse than a zip tie because you can open the lock with a zip tie, but you can't open a zip tie with the lock.... Zip tie wins!

  • 先生CherryPepsi

    Would be better branded as a LOTO lock imo

  • Thierry Muller
    Thierry Muller

    Ok folks, that's all I have for you today.

  • blancobaseball breaks
    blancobaseball breaks

    That's about as easy as the lock on a foot locker. Have you picked the locks from public baggage lockers? Or a safe deposit box?

  • Bobby Brooks
    Bobby Brooks

    The only deterrent is it's presence....of course , all locks are only there to deter opportunistic crimes and crimes from unorganized petty thieves...no one uses any removable lock as serious security for anything!! And that's the real point because if it was serious business there would be better locks.... don't let the lawyer swindle you

  • v x3woots v
    v x3woots v


  • WooferJr

    They're called "Carabiner clips"

  • Jasper Ferini
    Jasper Ferini

    Still better than masterlock

  • Jeffrey

    forget the lock, take the zip tie... and the cannoli


    Why manufacture something so pointless.

  • M3B

    LPL: "As far as security goes it would be hard to do worse" LPL, hope this helps: 1. Print a locked lock on a sheet of paper. 2. Laminate the sheet. 3. Use scissors to cut out the lock. 4. Cut the schackle in one place. 5. Use peace of transparent ducktape on the cut of the shackle to "Lock" and "Unlock" as needed. ;)

  • Showbizz Soap
    Showbizz Soap

    You can cut a ziptie, you cant cut the lock....

  • F NE
    F NE

    Zip-Tie is better because the lock cannot open the Zip-Tie.

  • John R.
    John R.

    this company made a power strip that is... quirky

  • Satoru Lisenko
    Satoru Lisenko

    That lock look like you could just bend it back and forth with your bare hands to break it?

  • Adrian Grøndahl
    Adrian Grøndahl

    Hard to do worse Masterlock: Hold my beer

  • Sergio GMN
    Sergio GMN

    To be fair I like this lock and the idea behind it. It's not a lock made to be secure but a lock for very specific moments. Which moments are those? I don't really know yet! But if you have to leave something away for a couple minutes while you do something else, I'm pretty sure this lock is better than nothing at all, and its form factor makes it easy to carry, unlike other kind of locks. EDIT: Just as I was sending this, I got an idea: locking your handbag to the shopping cart when you're in the grocery store!

  • AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES
    AndroidFerret ANIMALS'N GAMES

    Why ??? Why do people even Create this crap?

  • Okami Vezani
    Okami Vezani

    what kind of accent is this?

  • JH _
    JH _

    making a lock flatter than a lock picking tool would be cool?

  • Cory Sanchez
    Cory Sanchez

    We all know most locks r only designed to keep honest ppl out. Its like how the sight of cop does more to slow ppl down then a speed trap. If u want good security its gona cost more then the shit an average person would put behind a pad lock

  • Hélio Tété
    Hélio Tété


  • ᅠXenockz

    Looks like you'd probably just be able to bend the lock off

  • G Wright
    G Wright

    the zip tie that picked it seams more secure than the actual lock

  • t a
    t a

    Most locks are just visual deterrents kinda like when cops leave empty patrol cars around town.

  • White


  • A Random Stan
    A Random Stan

    there is a higher chance of someone stealing the lock than the actual stuff it's protecting just coz someone might be fascinated by the quirkyness

  • SauvageSparrow

    What a shity lock

  • Nono le vieux crabe
    Nono le vieux crabe

    It seems that the only good lock must be a lock without access to the keyhole. I mean a kind of « drawer » in wich you put the key, then close and rotate to apply the key on the mecanism totally inaccessible . No lock picking possible in this case!

    • Nono le vieux crabe
      Nono le vieux crabe

      @A Random Stan but it will not operate the lock! Only the original key will work, and you can’t access to the pins.

    • A Random Stan
      A Random Stan

      someone could fill the drawer with a metal cutout or maybe even a hard cardboard/wood one

  • Ban Man
    Ban Man

    It is possible that it could lock a cabinet from a toddler

  • Neil Macleod
    Neil Macleod

    Locks only keep out honest people

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    Probably best to use a zip tie then

  • Trifurc splsh
    Trifurc splsh

    This actually isn't that unreasonable as a locking device. Like all of these you simply need to understand what you are getting for your time. This is valuable as a locking device primarily as a device to inform people something shouldn't be moved. In the context of a club house or a swimming pool you may wish to lock a bag to something to prevent people from moving or accidentally taking it instead of thier own. It's not that it's a useless device it's that it is far from a useful security device. Think of it like Handcuffs. Problems with the police aside, handcuffs are primarily useful to the police because they allow them a degree of control of someone right infront of them, not because they are totally inescapable.

  • Riders Blitz
    Riders Blitz

    No one will suspect if anyone carrying zip tie,haha,have a nice day.👍

  • The frog
    The frog

    LOL always fun. A great idea if someone fixes a few things and it passes the boss here well watch the money come in.

  • Jason Drennen
    Jason Drennen

    This would be good for lockout tag out for electrical work.

  • BroodingAtNite

    i could probably also pick up a rock and bash it open to, if i didn't have something to push the locking lug aside.

  • Glibs

    Tf is the point of carrying around a single small lock like this in a wallet...

  • Skwisgar2322

    LPL: "As far as security, it would be hard to do worse." Master Lock:"Challenge accepted."

  • Jonathan Vandagriff
    Jonathan Vandagriff

    Yes but, it does it's job rather well because what people see is a lock and most thieves stop there and won't even try. It's purpose is to simply make it not as easy as grabbing something. It's just one small step preventing you.

  • Jack Dub
    Jack Dub

    these videos have shown me the simplicity of these machines and that the old saying is true "locks are for honest people." meaning if somebody wants in, it is fairly easy to get in. saying it was unlocked just means you were looking for an easy target.

  • hamish brown
    hamish brown

    Ok now I want you to pick a zip tie

  • snorman1951

    Another short, to the point video. I like that.

  • kevin guzman
    kevin guzman

    For my next trick I will open a quirky lock with another quirky lock

  • Bob Schiebel
    Bob Schiebel

    Locks only keep the honest man honest

  • Funtime Florian
    Funtime Florian

    I am a naster in english. Like master lock has mastered security

  • RoadTrip Eddie
    RoadTrip Eddie

    "Novelty Locks" are such toys

  • SCOTTYD634

    Lock picking lawyer… Helping criminals be better thieves since day one...

  • T O'
    T O'

    Masterlock when they look at the comments: "Why you bully"

  • Alex Wu
    Alex Wu

    This is the literal definition of passive agressive

  • go-intermediate

    Next how to open a lock with a human tooth

  • Mork 666
    Mork 666

    If they tried to do worse,it would , without a doubt,be a better lock!!

  • NightmreX

    I feel like this is more effective than putting up a "beware of dog" sign knowing that they're really good boys and would probably help the intruders more than me

  • Derrick Moses
    Derrick Moses

    Geez My eyelids could snap that thing in two Guys Masterlockpickinglawyer

  • Psikeomega

    I wonder how this would be in a scenario where the lock needs to provide more of an administrative presence than security. Like a LOTO lock, it could easily be defeated in the feild with basic hand tooling not requiring picking. But the presence of the lock is more something to say "hey, this lock represents a human life. Don't operate this!"

  • Gonzalo Gutierrez
    Gonzalo Gutierrez

    "I'm not like the other locks"

  • Dacary

    At some point I've started wondering what kind of locks does LPL use. I mean, just after watching his videos I have the feeling that it's easier to ram the entrance door to his home than trying to open the lock on the door.

  • Mr. Nick
    Mr. Nick

    It even has an arrow to guide the criminal lol how stupid is this!?

  • tobias brandl
    tobias brandl

    how much does this cost tho

  • korbin soens
    korbin soens

    That is a glorified latch

  • crazy t
    crazy t

    What I have learnt is that a screw carabiner is more secure then most locks

  • NAWW

    Opening a zip tie is harder than that lock what a shame

  • Vlad K
    Vlad K

    This channel should have two sets of like and dislike buttons. One to like the video, second to dislike the product design.

  • Itxi

    Well, that product fell a bit flat

  • spudthegreater USA
    spudthegreater USA

    ....hard to do worse. How about a bread clip to lock something?

  • carona various
    carona various


  • Mallard of Modernia
    Mallard of Modernia

    Just sayin this man could lock pick a weld.

  • bignp1

    locks dont keep bad people out, but they do keep good people from learning to be bad.

  • JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz
    JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

    Lol LPL has great sense of humor must be funny to speak with

  • Daan Breuking
    Daan Breuking

    well I guess it provides some security by obscurity at least

  • Thoroughly Wet
    Thoroughly Wet

    "I'm not like other locks"

  • domothepilot

    "lets do this a few more times" = lock is crap

  • Sven Christian Oppenhäuser
    Sven Christian Oppenhäuser

    If the LPL would read bedtime stories, my insomnia would be done,... click on three *chrrr

  • Bloody Mobile
    Bloody Mobile

    LPL: "It would be hard to do worse." Company who makes the lock of the next video: "Hold my beer!"

  • Aaron Charlton
    Aaron Charlton

    The word on the lock describes it perfectly, quirky. Nothing more than a fashion item