[1167] A Lock That Fits In Your Wallet... Picked With a Zip-Tie (Quirky Flat Lock)

  • Roger Tsui
    Roger Tsui

    You can probably bent and man handle it until it breaks or fails with your bare hands. It’s a gimmick not a lock.

  • JDH

    This is still pretty perfect for a gym lock though, where the biggest obstacle to actually locking your stuff up is carrying a lock around, and it's a pretty high reward for having literally anything locking your stuff up when so many people just have open lockers to pick from.

  • Chew On Bread Tube
    Chew On Bread Tube

    rated T for Trash that might protect against a Toddlet without a bolTcuTTer

  • J S
    J S

    "not completely settled in" aka "haven't finished picking and replacing all the locks yet"


    Jake from State Farm?

  • FreakyDude

    I think this is meant to be used on the inside... I mean where else to use it... If its on the outside just a name card and you have free access....

  • BlackBone Studio
    BlackBone Studio

    You can open it with a zip tie, but the lock cant unzip a zip tie

  • kuku rukuku
    kuku rukuku

    what if you bought two of these? will they have the same keys?

  • Nameless

    This video makes me remember the fact that I just lost my god damn wallet

  • aaron4820

    Bet you can't pick a zip tie with this lock.

  • Patrick Hall
    Patrick Hall

    Lpl takes nothing is impossible to the litteral meaning

  • Kamal Mammadov
    Kamal Mammadov

    I bet you had no problems when you forgot to take the keys for your new apartment with you.

  • BadScooter

    LPL: (Unlocks the lock painfully easily) Let's do that a few more times. Quirky: Please don't.

  • LA Patriot
    LA Patriot

    Locks are only to keep out honest people anyway.

  • AJ Wilson
    AJ Wilson

    Needs A serrated pin............

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams

    I like the concept, but it definitely needs to be improved at the security end to be practical

  • Will Ko
    Will Ko

    Unlocking a locking mechanism with another locking mechanism is LockPickingLawyer's idea of a 3rd-degree burn

  • David stowe
    David stowe


  • Abdullah Rauf
    Abdullah Rauf

    at this point it's just a roast channel for lock companies

  • Derek Zhang
    Derek Zhang

    Has there been a video done regarding perceived security vs actual security as a deterrant?

  • Stephen Benner
    Stephen Benner

    This would be useful for an electrician like me who just needs to lock out circuits to make sure nobody tampers with them while I am working on them.

  • Unauthorized

    When the rules say you have to have a lock, but you don't need one, but you want to obey the rules

  • Hemac

    i mean at this point its pretty much as much security as thin air. In fact we can open this with thin air ...

  • Theo G
    Theo G

    Masterlock has fired their entire engineering and R&D staff and hired everyone who designed this masterpiece.

  • Vlad the magnificent
    Vlad the magnificent

    Well I guess this kind of lock, that can fit in your wallet, doesn't have to be very secure, does it? This lock is for locking something quickly on the go and for a short period of time. I mean literally nothing is the only thing that this lock should be better than.

  • Matt Copeland
    Matt Copeland

    I feel like that lock is more of a deterrent than an actual security lock. Instead of leaving something free and open, you can throw that guy on a locker and 99% of people will just assume they can't get passed it.

  • Zombycow

    this gives master lock a run for its money.

  • James Baynes
    James Baynes

    LPL:"As Far as security goes, it would be hard to do any worse" MasterLock: "Hold my shackle"

  • Edd M
    Edd M

    noooooo! I hoped it would be more secure than that so I had an excuse to buy that little lock :(((

  • Moe Blacc
    Moe Blacc

    "lets do that a few more times"🤣🤣

  • Rich Ski
    Rich Ski

    Open it with the ramset

  • Amogh Murthy
    Amogh Murthy

    Why do they even bother to make these products?

  • Illidan Stormrage
    Illidan Stormrage

    We have lost all hope in locks thanks a lot 🤣

  • hawkbat05

    If anyone is curious, Bosnian BIll did a teardown on one of these: uzload.info/fun/Zn6mlZawupKo1WA/video

  • Kelikaku Coutin
    Kelikaku Coutin

    Congratulations on the move. Thanks for the great content. Keep up the good work. בס״ד

  • itznotrealness

    there is only one other lock than that that is worse than a master lock (the one with the plastic core)

  • Andy P
    Andy P

    i thought it was gonna say "... Picked with pocket lint......

  • David

    LPL is the One Punch man of lock picking.

  • Sergey Rubtsov
    Sergey Rubtsov

    He literally just picked a lock with another lock

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5167

  • Dan Sanger
    Dan Sanger

    The manufacturer thoughtfully painted an arrow on the lock to show how to pick it.

  • Blame USA
    Blame USA

    "it would be hard to do worse" .......... Harsh bro Master Lock: Check this out!

  • Jordan Warner
    Jordan Warner

    0:19 SJW'S in a nutshell

  • J G
    J G

    Congratulations on the new house!

  • TC Pratt
    TC Pratt

    An abused and almost destroyed HyperTough 4 inch pipe wrench could destructively open this just as easily and quickly as the zip tie could. NB: if the 14" one I will pick up at Wal-Mart tomorrow opens my Master No. 3 padlock for which I lost the keys, the question would be reasonable to ask, "is a Master Lock less tough than a HyperTough lock?"

  • densetsu4286

    "It'll be hard to do worse." Lol thankyou lpl. That was funny. So mean yet looks to be so true.

  • snek man21
    snek man21

    I already struggle with zip ties

  • DooMRooM

    I don’t know man...that lock looks like a sphere to me.

  • ENAK

    Aside from the stupid construction that allows for what you did... that key did look interesting. That's some kind of a dimple thing? Would that be easy to pick?

  • First Name Second Name
    First Name Second Name

    It’s to sort of padlock 🔐 you’d use if you’re into kinky things but want the assurance should you need to make a quick exit you can 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Alex Graboyes
    Alex Graboyes

    I swear I’ve had olive jars put up more of a fight

  • Eamin Yashed
    Eamin Yashed

    Did you change the locks on your new home?

  • Briguy1027

    I guess it's back to keeping zip ties in my wallet :)

  • Marcus Ottavio Georgi Mancini
    Marcus Ottavio Georgi Mancini

    It would be awesome to see a lock that's actually good this size.

  • s h a k i r s h a k シ
    s h a k i r s h a k シ


  • vitali

    The zip tie is more secure, at least for that you'll actually need something sharp like scissors or knife.

  • Suck my toes hoe
    Suck my toes hoe

    imagine if we took LPL on Area 51 raid, we would have our own flying cars and pet aliens and highway to neighbour galaxy now

  • I'm a retard, but
    I'm a retard, but

    zipties are more secure cuz whos gonna have scissors on them at all times

  • rloves lego
    rloves lego

    I was moving at the same time LPL!

  • SnowBlizzard

    i'd like to see him move the camera just a little bit and see thousands of tiny little tools

  • Julian

    I like the idea, pity

  • Ryan Karolak
    Ryan Karolak

    I kind of want one for the novelty factor, but I wouldn’t use it on anything serious.

  • S Damon Smith
    S Damon Smith

    Since apparently, from watching your videos, every padlock can be defeated by a determined trained thief, what is the least expensive lock that one should even consider on something that is left in a well lit public space over night?

  • Matthew Shannon
    Matthew Shannon

    Wow! 'Almost' makes a Master padlock look "high security" by comparison. (Errrr no! 😂😂😂😂😂) Thanks for the video...and the laugh!!

  • Erus Townsend
    Erus Townsend

    want to see inside. uzload.info/fun/Zn6mlZawupKo1WA/video

  • Erus Townsend
    Erus Townsend

    honestly, even though its a "shitty" lock. It has a good use in quick lockout times. If someone wants to get around any lock, they will.

    • Matthew Shannon
      Matthew Shannon

      "Sir, the doctor will see you now..."

  • too tall
    too tall

    any lock can be defeated by one means or another. If man can make it, another can figure out how to beat it. Locks just tend to keep honest people honest by not making it too easy to be dishonest. This one however, I don't think you even need to put anything in the key hole, a good yank would probably open it.

  • Sander de boer
    Sander de boer

    This is in fact worst than any lock I have ever come across. Better zip tie your goods if you don't want it to be stolen because this is a BS lock

  • Annie See
    Annie See

    This would be better off as a belt buckle.

  • T.A. Bryan
    T.A. Bryan

    The ad for this video was longer than it took for him to pick this thing three times.

  • Raymond Surya
    Raymond Surya

    Investor : Hey, this lock is very innovative, lets invest in this LPL : hehe lock goes swoshh..

  • Zorloc

    but its so QUIRKY OMG SO RANDOM

  • korpakukac

    Such trash..

  • lenaloodle

    She’s not like other locks she’s q u i r k y

  • Gingie

    This in my opinion is a hph lock. It keeps the honest people honest and removes some of the temptation of looking through someone else’s stuff because something that looks like it is secure is stopping them. Key word looks.

  • Andy P
    Andy P

    Why doesn’t LPL design a lock? Are there any CAD guys that could help him?

  • Gary Lee
    Gary Lee

    you are so mean. but i like it. :)

  • Randy Pullman
    Randy Pullman

    I don't believe that is the easiest attack actually....

  • Pirelli

    I will never understand how she can sell such rubbish! ideally write on it: super safe! LOL 🙄😂😂

  • Goodbrew84

    Ok but this is a highly controlled environment. It wouldn’t be so easy to pick in the real world where it sits unused in somebody’s wallet and you have to get that zip tie through their pants without them noticing.

  • 2x3luffy

    Good Edit: Fantastic

  • Tyler Larsen
    Tyler Larsen

    Aren't most locks generally just used as a deterrent? I figure if you want into something there's always more than one way to get into it

  • David A
    David A

    This is the perfect time to open a lock with a stale Dorito!

  • P Quiroga
    P Quiroga

    Is there any lock out there that the LPL would qualify as ”good”?

  • czyznaszmnie

    waiting for "how to open a lock with another lock"

  • icedtea_

    Make something stupidly thin ≠ Always good

  • medwardl

    So it's just to keep honest people honest.

  • Meeker Extreme
    Meeker Extreme

    Just something you would use at the gym is my guess

  • Candi Soda
    Candi Soda

    Worst? How about a lock where you just have to breath on it, and it unlocks 🤣

  • ashtar

    Can you pick it with a paperclip?

  • Karen

    If they could hide a riveted tag in the middle, this might make an ok lock for electrical disconnects. It would save some trips to the van.

  • Samuel Karlsson
    Samuel Karlsson

    Lock Picking Lawyer: *Exists * Security of any lock: *Screws itself over *

  • asdasd asdasd
    asdasd asdasd

    Luggage lock, if you lose the key you know you can still have clean underwear tomorrow.

  • sploders101

    *pulls out matrix-encoded key* "Oh, that's cool! I wonder how they-" *Opens lock without even attempting to simulate it* "Oh..."

  • SteveVi0lence

    You could use a toothpick too lol

  • Natasha McEwan
    Natasha McEwan

    Yeah, a ziptie, especially a thick one, provides a good deal more security...

  • overflow

    So the dimples on the key is only to give an impression of it being a safer lock. Man this is some shady stuff trying to fool the customer.

  • 3003penguin

    “As far as security goes, it would be hard to do worse.” - LPL is savage!

  • Jagar CogHeart
    Jagar CogHeart

    sometimes electricians puts lock on fuseboards they are working on to tell others to not thouch it. It´s a easy to carry lock that can work as a warning lable. Potentialy good warning lable but still shit security

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    More trash... so many trash locks.