[1159] Grey Goose Bottle Anti-Theft Lock Opened FAST!

  • Dan Coulson
    Dan Coulson

    These things are a con to trick you into buying alcohol. You go to the shop and try to buy the bottle with the lock. But the fucking cashier takes the lock off... No... I wnt the bottle *and* the lock, or I'm not buying it. They don't even have the foresight to put up a sign advising customers that the lock isn't included with the product.

  • Ken Zulian
    Ken Zulian

    I have a few of these locks

  • Ken Zulian
    Ken Zulian

    It has 2 rf devices

  • TC Pratt
    TC Pratt

    A certain Toronto liquor store needs a bouquet of Four Roses...

  • Ottavio Jamil
    Ottavio Jamil

    its grey goose, what do expect lol


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  • Chris Flores
    Chris Flores

    In other news, magnet stocks have soared.

  • SpinozA

    А что, болгарку еще не изобрели?

  • Ernesto Max
    Ernesto Max

    Vengo de updt

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5241

  • Inked Music
    Inked Music

    smh mark, now they're onto you

  • The Doge WTF
    The Doge WTF

    U P D T

  • Christian Troy
    Christian Troy

    You know it's a bad Lock when the video is Less than 2 minutes long

  • churrito


  • David Palmer
    David Palmer

    These types of magnetically secured bottle locks are used ubiqutesouly in the UK in all the major supermarkets, on higher value items. I guess the idea is to reduce shoplifting, whilst negating the need for shop staff to retain a key. The magnetic release is bolted to the counter at the point of sale. It is no great revelation that these could be defeated by bringing a magnet into the store - though I do wonder if such an act would potentially set off the alarms at the entrance? A variant of these locks in the shape of a pin and tag are used widely to prevent clothing theft. From what I have seen the removal of the tags (in a changing room) would not be difficult - however most shoplifters will grab a whole rail and make for the door, as theiving single items is not lucrative enough. I'd say the same for the bottles.

  • estarlin vallejo
    estarlin vallejo

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  • mago por casualidad
    mago por casualidad

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  • Chom

    Chances are, if someone is stealing a bottle of booze, they'll probably just carefully break the neck of the bottle.

  • Dexter Nelson
    Dexter Nelson

    Toronto. Yes, people. YES.

  • MizJamie42

    LPL: Picking locks in less time than the ads before the video...

  • SRG _845
    SRG _845

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  • Steven Tosne
    Steven Tosne

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  • El cursor y los irritantes stickmans OFICIAL
    El cursor y los irritantes stickmans OFICIAL

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  • Kurt M
    Kurt M

    sorry to burst the bubbles. This is not am anti-theft device in a retail environment. It's a FREE promotional gimmick by Grey Goose. Many alcoholic products are promoted with one or two stupid glasses (that no one wants). Grey Goose selected this gimmick and is intended for home use. One recent promotion included a backup power bank for a mobile phone.


    LoL! That was to quick.

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    Tu sabes


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    Carlos Ricardo Ginocchio Trelles

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  • Alex Snitzer
    Alex Snitzer

    Ah yes, mag-locks. The bane of my existence.

  • philip mcnelis
    philip mcnelis

    trust me save the time hit right down hard on the blue side it will bust the plastic ove the cap

  • 2aesthetic4me

    I imagine a drunken LPL strolling down the neighborhood and lock pick doors and close them again

  • Millyonz 258
    Millyonz 258

    Currently researching magnets🙄!!!


    Where might I get Said Magnet?

  • RomeoPapaCharlie

    By any chance Anti-Theft devices in clothing stores are like this?

  • Robert Deen
    Robert Deen

    We love you but lock makers and loss prevention folks must despise you. In actuality, they should thank you. By showing the weakness of their products, they can, and should make them better. Lock picking lawyer. If you were a lock picking criminal, insurance companies would be in trouble. I thank you very much for all I've learned. It's allowed me to make my property much more secure. Have you ever contemplated designing a better bike lock? The world could really use one. My best idea was turning the seat post into a 12 gauge zip gun. Sit on the bike and lose your ass. Someone told me I might have liability issues with that one. 🤪

  • deoyx

    Wait no

  • K.D.P. Ross
    K.D.P. Ross

    Vodka: The gin that someone forgot to flavour.

  • AnonySpaceHD

    Proud that after watching LockPickingLawyer a couple times I automatically knew that probably with a magnet that could be opened.

  • fernando blanco
    fernando blanco

    This is a very weak magnet, many shops use tags that cannot be opened with a weak magnet. I bought a compact and powerful puller here: shoplifting.tech They sell the best detachers and there you can easily buy a lot of useful things.

    • Padro Kerosko
      Padro Kerosko


    • A S
      A S


  • Dylan Regan
    Dylan Regan

    If I send you a picture of the local banks lock could you show us that? Asking for a friend, furthermore do you also practice criminal defense asking for another unrelated friend

  • The random turd on the school bathroom floor
    The random turd on the school bathroom floor

    Why put a lock on a glass bottle.

    • Ciaran Gale
      Ciaran Gale

      not a great idea to drink from a broken bottle

  • Javier Rivera 7470
    Javier Rivera 7470


  • Vinicius

    Traix a bebida que pixca!

  • Timbs

    "I'm the lock picking lawyer, and my alcoholism knows no bounds"

  • Captain Richard Sensi-ble
    Captain Richard Sensi-ble

    If you just hold the bottle between your legs you can pull them straight off.

    • miguel rico
      miguel rico

      how would you know that tho

  • Sunny Bizzle
    Sunny Bizzle

    You want goose...ez 1) buy a brita filter 2) Buy Smirnoff 3) pour alcohol into filter jug 4) repeat step 3 as many times as you like FYI...the more you run the alcohol through the filter the more smooth it tastes. Try it out for yourself and thank me later

  • 32 year Veteran Shoplifter, Volunteer 911 Operator.
    32 year Veteran Shoplifter, Volunteer 911 Operator.

    The MAFIA must be making LPL offers daily to work for them exclusively for an extreme amount of money. How he refuses the money is hard to understand.

  • owen bevans
    owen bevans

    A lock that keeps me from alcohol has not been invented yet!

  • Skrrt Skrrt
    Skrrt Skrrt

    ''requires special tools to open'' -Is made of plastic... got a spare key and too much time? Got a dull hacksaw and 20 seconds?

  • Lost Grenades
    Lost Grenades

    The bottle must be break proof

  • civick2052287livecom

    How is this legal... stop making videos like this!

  • S.Perry a.k.a ScottyCrayon
    S.Perry a.k.a ScottyCrayon

    Where would I buy a giant magnet? I feel a trip to Toronto coming on.

  • Tread Lightly Services LLC.
    Tread Lightly Services LLC.

    Like a BOSS!!

  • Red Star
    Red Star


  • Norceli Garcia
    Norceli Garcia


  • RackwitzG

    This is actually a no-brainer. Seen this several times in clothing stores in Germany. They hold the device to a magnet in the countertop and it pops off. A hint is that there is a little warning sign not to lay your bankcard near the magnet on the counter. You do amazing things. Thanks for showing us all of it.

    • RackwitzG

      @Rico Sebastian Well, a honest person doesn't need to think about how to open the device, he is more concerned about how to pay for the merchandise. ;)

    • Rico Sebastian
      Rico Sebastian

      Yeah, before I was talking with a classmate about how they are unlocking these things at the store I always thought it was totally obvious that it's just a magnet, but quite a lot of people don't seem to know or care about how such things work.

  • B2

    Or buy a de tagger off Amazon for £40

  • Jack Gragg
    Jack Gragg

    my friends and I would go to the safeway and they would steal these from the liquor asile and we would burn/melt these fuckers of with a febreeze + lighter = torch. ohh the times 🥺

  • Ben Grizzly Adams
    Ben Grizzly Adams

    LPL teaching basic survival skills.

  • don dagger
    don dagger

    These are pretty standard in UK super markets.

  • Slight Overdoze
    Slight Overdoze

    Enjoy the goose

  • Ben Howard
    Ben Howard

    wait is there a legal reason to know this?

  • Jahred Norgaard
    Jahred Norgaard

    you could melt the plastic or break the bottle or drill it

  • Kaleb Hay
    Kaleb Hay

    I expected him to just break the neck off the bottle for lulz and then show how to pick the lock lmao

  • Vivian Trower
    Vivian Trower

    Such a pretty bird.

  • Ganjatom420

    alcohol is a mycotoxin.

  • DannyGamingmods

    thanks im about to go rob the liquor store!

  • Lovuschka

    Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo!

  • Szabi B
    Szabi B

    Omg thats more interesting than anything that it was magnets, you could make a very secure unopenable door lock using the strongest magnetic device and no one would ever know because first thing that comes to people’s mind is it needs a key or code, if their was a key and code on a safe as a fake distraction, and all it needed was a certain powerful magnet they would never be a to open it. Pretty interesting

  • Randalmcdaniel

    alcohol is rot. Theres no such thing as high quality rot. Alcohol worst drug. weed + opiates are where its at!! No hang over!

  • Leo Ficz
    Leo Ficz

    Jesus... thats not even funny anymore lol...

  • Saleh Aldabashi
    Saleh Aldabashi

    burn it and open it 😂

  • PeteyPlay

    Don’t forget why UZload was created 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 in the first place 🍻 I don’t drink so NICE video though very informational


    Enjoy the vodka!!!

  • Fcker

    noone: still no one: not a single soul : me: breaks bottle to set a new record

  • Mark Godsiff
    Mark Godsiff

    I never worry bout this nonsense, I always use a sabre to open me bottles:)

  • Jordan Norrell
    Jordan Norrell

    The minors watching this 👀👀👀

  • Jimmy b
    Jimmy b

    Now please pick a lock after drinking that whole bottle :)

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