[1159] Grey Goose Bottle Anti-Theft Lock Opened FAST!

  • Flat Mooner
    Flat Mooner

    Everybody now going straight to ebay looking up magnets

  • CryAir LP
    CryAir LP

    what if u have some liquid shit in it like a yellow capsule

  • Techno Spyform1
    Techno Spyform1

    How many of the locks you had so far have been defeated with magnets?

  • Deutsche _
    Deutsche _

    01:25 ref. If you do have any questions or comments...... Please wait a few days, im onto the Grey goose for a while....

  • The Essay
    The Essay

    I wish I knew this I bought one from the store and the cashier forgot to take it off. (I ended up melting the metal with a lighter and ripping it off

  • 89Guja

    most viewed video tutorial in Russia

  • Vernon De Winnaar
    Vernon De Winnaar

    just a magnet yeah

  • Vernon De Winnaar
    Vernon De Winnaar

    these are used in the UK to not steal this shit

  • Greg Baxter
    Greg Baxter

    why are these videos being suggested for me?

  • Florian D.
    Florian D.

    I mean, you don't have to be a genius, at the store they do the same thing just with extra steps.

  • HBC423

    Never seen one of those in America

  • Squidy Is Shitty
    Squidy Is Shitty

    I live in Buffalo New York and I was like wtf no wag

  • Daniel Fischer
    Daniel Fischer

    Mark i am also from Buffalo new York so buffalo pride

  • Creepy Macaroni
    Creepy Macaroni

    can't you just pull it up? i guess if there's any lock its gonna break its just plastic

  • Rob Belv
    Rob Belv

    Represent Toronto !

  • Darin Moore
    Darin Moore

    Please upload to bitchute or others as we are leaving yt.

  • jonnyf88

    Waste of time anyway, Grey Goose is a terrible vodka, and wildly overpriced.

  • shisui edits
    shisui edits

    Hey thats the drink based off the yung lean song

  • Gaming For Live
    Gaming For Live

    Lmao the 10 liter vodka in selcross 😅🤣

  • joshua jones
    joshua jones

    yea but we've seen magnets defeat this kind of lock all the time, it seems to be the 100 % end all be all for these types of closures, is there another way though? i have always starred at these wondering how i'd try to get it off but everyone always says magnet, i just want to see it done without magnetic waves "magically" opening it

  • Eddie Kinnard
    Eddie Kinnard

    Shit lock for a shitty vodka...now all that is left to do is pour it down the drain!

  • esme Hussain
    esme Hussain

    Lock picking lawyer just unlocked life 😅

  • explicitcorp

    He "got" the bottle from a Toronto liquor store.

  • Gary S1998
    Gary S1998

    They’re very common in England I remember when I was working in Tesco I had to rip one of those off as it wouldn’t unlock

  • Fritz Werrmann
    Fritz Werrmann

    There is another simple trick: *pay*

  • Miketube666

    Brilliant enjoy the goose

  • Obiwan1994 Kenobi
    Obiwan1994 Kenobi

    That lock looks very similar to ones used for the same purpose at my local supermarket.

  • Danjel Södervall
    Danjel Södervall

    Why would you make a video about picking this type of lock? Pure stupidity I think.

  • commenter

    Why are you training thieves?

  • Anirban Mandal
    Anirban Mandal

    I was expecting an appearance of a magnet.

  • Moff Chron
    Moff Chron

    To all the people ripping up old hard drives and trying to steal vodka haha 😄 don't be stupid! Great video 📹

  • Vier Sterne Deluxe Records
    Vier Sterne Deluxe Records

    As a retail employee I can say that nearly every clothes securety Tags can be opened by this Methode. There are some other Methodes to secure Items but that I wont tell you.

  • EinStapel Wasser
    EinStapel Wasser

    They had these in a store in my hometown as well, I just grabbed a bottle and tried pulling that lock off. It worked without any great resistance xD

  • Wouter Sandstra
    Wouter Sandstra

    This is smaet cause now you can subtract that bottle of vodka of off your taxes

  • Hamoudi

    Please pass the bottle to Shoenice.. 😂😂😂


    One way of getting a free bottle of plonk 😁. unless you're T-TOTAL 🙄🤔

  • Evan Dean
    Evan Dean

    you should put up a link to the magnet so i can buy one and ... test

  • D K
    D K

    That vodka do not worth of anti theft locker, who in clear mind would drink it?

    • Jammy Dodger
      Jammy Dodger

      @D K - my current bottles are Reyka (Icelandic) and Chase (British). But I'm always on the look out for something interesting.

    • D K
      D K

      @Jammy Dodger bro, thats my opinion. Enjoy it if you like it. My personal rating-1Absolute, Sweden. 2 Finnlandia, Finnish 3 42 Below, New Zealand, 4 wybrova, Polish 5 Russian Standard, Russia...Grey Goose is on the level of "only in cocktail " as Stolichnaya... if U consume it straight, by shots-U guaranteed to have hangover next day. Have a drink, be happy! Cheers!

    • Jammy Dodger
      Jammy Dodger

      Grey Goose is top class vodka. As served in all the best bars in ... oh, I can't think of anywhere that currently has bars open 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas

    Or just buy the bottle and have the lock taken off for you?

  • Im an idiot But
    Im an idiot But

    Grey goose isn't even that high shelf, or price..... I can get them for damn near the same price as a fucking bottle of jack.... I've never seen this shit even on a bottle that actually expensive... who the fuck puts this on their bottles lmao

  • Diesel Junkie Garage
    Diesel Junkie Garage

    Me: watches video Me: Goes to Amazon looking for a big ass magnet

  • Isabel Lascano
    Isabel Lascano

    I'm always baffled at how fast he unlocks every lock

  • Michal Krezolek
    Michal Krezolek

    It’s not only for grey goose but also for all other liquir bottles as Ontario monopoly mandates every single bottle to be capped like that. I use a pair of nose pliers to break up this lock

  • Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt
    Penguinsrockrgr8 Yt


  • Dominic Isherwood
    Dominic Isherwood

    These are super common in the UK. And yes, a powerful magnet will typically remove the tag.

    • Cerus98

      Or you could just pull it off. It’s not like it’s a actually meant to be secure.

  • GGALLIN1776

    What sort of magnet is that?

  • doyourealycare

    Don't fuck with Canadian gooses

  • Beatlejuice

    So gay

  • Jason Shaffer
    Jason Shaffer

    Would have been more impressive with a bottle of good bourbon

  • Andy P
    Andy P

    Used to use magnets to remove security tags nearly 30 years ago & they still using those simple devices all these years later, its comical really after all these years the same old method of a small strong magnet still works to take them off

  • Semajal

    It blows my mind that you haven't seen one of these, they are the standard on everything like this in the UK in pretty much all supermarkets. :O

  • Gogo jules Saine
    Gogo jules Saine

    Slide a thin blade up the neck. Whalaaaa.!

  • Jay C
    Jay C

    I worked in a store in the state of Washington that used these. Funny thing is, although liquor theft was common, the thieves almost never use this simple technique to open the lock. They would search for improperly attached locks that could be forced off, they would melt the plastic with a lighter, or they would just take the whole thing and run out of the store.

  • Gerg90

    Yeah, where I work we have something similar, but because the magnets they provide us is so weak, we often have to slam the magnet against the lock to get it to open right.

  • Jay G
    Jay G

    I actually lol’d. 🤣

  • Dark Ends TV
    Dark Ends TV


  • Dark Ends TV
    Dark Ends TV

    Will you pick an atm?

  • DWE

    Mark from Buffalo, I live here too and also shop in Toronto for liquor and other things, lets be friends lmao

  • Josiah Suarez
    Josiah Suarez

    that's cheating :(

  • Jordan

    LPL upon seeing full bottle of grey goose “Finally a lock worthy of my attention”

  • andihow421

    0:11 "Days After" long island?

  • Fett Up with Puns
    Fett Up with Puns

    You think he stole this?

  • Richard Horsfield
    Richard Horsfield

    136,000 people now on Wish ordering magnets lol

  • Polite Gordon Ramsay
    Polite Gordon Ramsay

    i am absolutely not going to use this ever.

  • What do you really know?
    What do you really know?

    Made it to the top of the queue cause LPL was salivating looking at this thing.

  • Panjo

    Got a bottle of gin delivered in my home shopping with one of these still attached (and ofc the delivery driver doesn't have the thing). There are cases outside of theft this is useful!

  • A L
    A L

    What are your hobbies? Magnets

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe

    Great bottle

  • Sumar Doleh
    Sumar Doleh

    When your drinks get stolen so often you need a lock

  • Harrick V Harrick
    Harrick V Harrick

    How come there's a goose on that very lock as well?

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt

    Dad thought me this at Walmart lol

  • Blaster

    Don’t have theses on bottles it just stops people from having a good time

  • Jason Barrett
    Jason Barrett

    we used longer versions of these when i worked for blockbuster video in early 2000s on DVDs and VH's Releases

  • Matteo Falduto
    Matteo Falduto

    What if Mark wanted the bottle back, and sent it to the LPL just to get it opened for him?

  • Sean Poyser
    Sean Poyser

    I've seen those. They pull right off.

  • drescherjm

    I have had clothing items that still had the anti-theft device on them where the cashier missed taking it off because it was placed in a hidden location on the fabric however I am very curious to how this happens in a liquor store. I mean it's not like its hidden at all and you have to scan the item? Is this some type of self checkout or something else??

  • Cameron McPhee
    Cameron McPhee

    We have them all in the UK literally every shop uses a magnetic strip to unlock them 🙄

  • 300 Glo
    300 Glo

    Smart ass comment

  • evilbetty2004

    This is pretty much the same lock used on clothing items in the uk, my manager in brantano had one to pinch the tags off clothes in shops when we ran out haha.

  • Lander Bennewith
    Lander Bennewith

    I'm starting to think that lock picking lawyer is just an alcoholic being enabled by a community of lock picking junkies. *Scratches neck* Gimme them videos man.

  • Joe Morgan
    Joe Morgan

    Do a Chastity Belt

  • Johnny Cicero
    Johnny Cicero

    Fyi..a regular magnet from your hardware store wont work. It has to be a high rated neodymium..or "earth magnet"......allegedly

  • O-K

    The reason these work so well is because most people stealing booze erased their knowledge of magnetism with booze.

  • Brudda B
    Brudda B

    Fr yall stupid if you didn’t know that

  • Charlie Ebo
    Charlie Ebo

    Welp all the thieves love this channel🤣

  • Guinevere Peterson
    Guinevere Peterson

    So you're the reason theft of Goose hase gone up at my liquor store

  • Smiggerk

    Just showed shoplifters its worth robbing spirits if they can get past security

  • jjcoola998

    I had a friend who became a junky and he had like three of those magnets I now know why

  • Leila Chan
    Leila Chan

    I actually thought the bottle was stolen when I saw that bottle lock thingy...

  • SerunaXI

    I thought Grey Goose's anti-theft system was it's taste.

    • TN

      Its not even bad tho

    • m. Alice
      m. Alice

      @ThatGuyWithTheAK heresy

    • Tay lor
      Tay lor

      @ThatGuyWithTheAK ouch say that to a 🇷🇺

    • ThatGuyWithTheAK

      @Tay lor cuz u supposed to mix vodka u donkey😂

    • googlewolly

      @Avocadolf Nonym Very.

  • Ryan

    I broke quite a few of these, after years of usage, some of them can jam up, then the only thing left is to break them. Worked a few years in retail with alcohol

  • Crisendo

    Theft for alcohol bottles must be rising...

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P

    Thank you this will really help when I go shopping lifting

  • Mandy Sammson
    Mandy Sammson

    Shout out Mark from Buffalo NY. City of Good Neighbors enjoys their booze.

  • Malachi C
    Malachi C

    It's as simple as taking a saber and hacking the top off the bottle

  • TheHatShallDie

    LPL must be the driving force behind innovation in the lock making industry

  • Nic Irvin
    Nic Irvin

    I stopped drinking cause it was too expensive.. Now a dollar for a magnet...

  • WarSmith

    Welp time to go shoplifting I guess

  • Zahid Shabir
    Zahid Shabir

    Pretty much ALL locks you find in retail stores on packaging of higher value items or locks are easily defeated by magnets because how else are staff meant to speedily open the locks at the checkout. I live in the UK and MOST major retail stores here use inventory control locks from the SAME brand which is US based anti theft and security brand called Alpha (doesn't make much of a difference in me mentioning the brand because you see their name on the locks in stores). All I literally did was a quick google search on the company and EASILY found their stuff or at least counterfeit stuff similar to theirs online (including the keys to unlock their locks which are basically just super powerful magnets like LPL said). They DO make it hard to buy their own in house brand products by only selling to certain verified retailers I think but majority of the stuff from their company I was finding for sale was stuff on the used market also the MOST COMMON inventory control locks for higher value boxed items are called spider locks which are the metal wire locks and the counterfeit magnetic keys for them are EASY to find on Chinese e-commerce sites also these same keys work on safe locks as well where the items for sale are enclosed in a clear plastic safe which they use due to the fact certain items that they can lock with spider lock would easily be stolen because the high value item is small in comparison to packaging such as a DVD/game/Blu-Ray and maybe even stuff like a rechargeable electric toothbrush as you got to make room for the charger and accessories and extra brushes which are worth nothing compared to the actual toothbrush. I worked in retail and just googled the text I saw on a key for these locks as I used to use them A LOT when I would put games/DVD's and found counterfeit ones being sold online so easily ()

  • Paul Grosse
    Paul Grosse

    This is only a deterrent. It means that anybody that goes into a shop carrying such a magnet is 'going equipped' and can be formally introduced to the Criminal Justice System at great personal cost. For the others, it causes delay and draws attention which is exactly what it is supposed to do. It is only a passive anti-theft device, not an active one so it does its job well.

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