[1134] Oxford “Boss” Motorcycle Lock Picked

  • asailijhijr

    Is it always an arms race, or is there a lock I can buy that I can trust for 15 years?

  • Chris

    This is the lock I use on my bike!

  • chocolate squiggle
    chocolate squiggle

    My heart sank when I saw this in my feed. I've had one of these for nearly 10 years. It's not my only form of security but I use it on the rear in conjunction with a second, more basic disc lock on the front of my motorbike, when stopping at supermarkets for example. I don't know if it has as many pins (being an old lock) but it has the same crescent shaped key. This video makes me happy.

  • Joshua Parsons
    Joshua Parsons

    I just bought this for my motorbike a month ago. Its a couple of attacks on the shackle which were unsuccessful. And since LPL needed a CUSTOM pick, I'm fairly sure I haven't bought a lemon ;)

  • Nick

    I have this lock and have tried creating a tool to pick it (unsuccessfully). I'm a noob by the way, but could someone kindly explain how/where the tension is applied? I have a tool-end broadly similar to what's on screen but am struggling to see what's being tensioned? The first disc?

  • chickenoncheese

    Watching these is like watching Bob Ross :) so calm and informative

  • Maps Maps
    Maps Maps

    hi can i order the pick you use?

  • Narax

    I am just going to be one of those guys that puts so many locks on my cheap motor scooter that there will always be someone laughing at it making theft impossible.

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    How to create a lock that won't get stolen? Fancy locks, nah just weird key ways.

  • Super Bono
    Super Bono

    Only thing i need to do is raptor coating the lock

  • half built human
    half built human

    So we've seen our lawyer pick and break into almost every lock under the sun but can you provide us with a list of locks that are some of your roughest challenges and durable for standard use thank you. this would be greatly appreciated ~ voiceof thepeople

  • Rich

    I have this lock and this video makes me happy

  • Vincent Mercier
    Vincent Mercier

    I bought a pretty strong chain for my bike, now I need a good lock to put on it, the problem is my budget is only 20-25$ what would be the safest choice you think in that price range?

  • Charles Dahmital
    Charles Dahmital

    Is it shim-able?

  • chipchapchopreturns

    I use 2 of these, one on rear sprocket happy with them

  • Jo Vee
    Jo Vee

    LPL has such a tranquil voice-I can fall asleep to it. Don’t even care what the videos are about half the time. Probably couldn’t pick a lock to save my life. 😀

  • bluephreakr

    Imagine if _all_ locks are like the mgnetic one that BosnialBill took apart. If the key could be inert and the lock wolly magnetic, it would be a _big_ win. Make it fail-safe with no means to unlock without breaking out grinding tools and there's a sure winner to deter bike theft because SPP would be _extinct._


    Can it be shimmed ?

    • LockPickingLawyer


  • Billbeaux

    I saw a super quick edit in the video. Ya had to be quick to catch it! How long did it really take to pick?

  • John S.
    John S.

    @lockpickinglawyer can you please do a video on your top motorcycle locks that you recommend?

  • Bram Weinreder
    Bram Weinreder

    I can only imagine that if you ever started a rock band, it would be named TOK tension and the Little Clicks. Number one hit song: counter rotation 😄

  • Ivo Hristov
    Ivo Hristov

    It's not a lock picking if you use a grinder, someone might say :)

  • Micheal Brown
    Micheal Brown

    Oxford Boss can get this *W*

  • Jarred Woolis
    Jarred Woolis

    Lift wheel onto skate board and load into van and bye bye bike

  • AMK

    I'd like to see someone try to pick the alarmed version of this that I use without setting off the alarm

    • Canis Cerulean
      Canis Cerulean

      @AMK if it's motion/jolt sensitive, the alarmed locks don't fare well against someone with steady hands. I'd like to see a disc detainer model with a pressure alarm in the torque disc that sounds if pressure is applied to it without turning some or all of the set discs correctly at the same time. Or a cheaper implementation might be to have a random disc with a zero turn cut, so if they try to pick that one, it triggers an alarm. Keep the motion alarm for low skill attacks, and the disc trigger for high skill attacks.

    • AMK

      @LockPickingLawyer sounds good! I look forward to the attempt

    • LockPickingLawyer

      Challenge accepted. Gimme a couple weeks to get one.

  • legueu

    The LockPickingLawyer real name is Keanu Reeves. Look it up to see is face.

  • I Can Has KPop
    I Can Has KPop

    LPL: "Let's see if we can get into this lock." < Throws the lock into the fires of Mount Doom, melting the lock completely> LPL: "So, as you can see, this lock was not very challenging."

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Well it is colorful.

  • Jacob Mayes
    Jacob Mayes

    Just what I'd have expected from a man with the same code name as the boss.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    The ones wanting to pick this listened carefully, you said it, measure the amount of reduction of the keyway, transfer reduction to the pick, done. A job for less than 10 minutes, if I know what i'm doing and have my workplace for such jobs ready.

  • Jas M.
    Jas M.

    This counts as an endorsement of sorts. Now if I only had a motorcycle.

  • jasu halonen
    jasu halonen

    Laita tykkäys jos oot suomalainen🎅🎅🎅

  • P J Pachasa Jr
    P J Pachasa Jr

    When LPL has to customize a custom tool to pick a lock, it's good enough!

  • Keags J
    Keags J

    What don't you make your own lock? You'd know how to and what can make it the hardest to pick...

  • Chase Nielsen
    Chase Nielsen

    I wonder how many criminals you are teaching your legendary lock picking skills but no clap I love your channel 😘

  • PtolemyJones

    Not a lock expert by any stretch, so when I feel like I see any obvious way to make them all a lot better, I have to assume I am wrong. Hopefully someone can tell me why. Seems like the process involves pushing a series of pins, one after the other. Wouldn't a small spring behind each of the pins require then all to turn at the same time? If you picked pin one, and moved on to two, one would reset, undoing your pick. Clearly it wouldn't be that easy, but what am I missing?

  • Jaakko Fagerlund
    Jaakko Fagerlund

    Soo, how many tools do you want? :D

  • TGB 4
    TGB 4

    Lock picking lawyer please respond fast so I was practicing lock picking with paper clips and the paper clip broke in side pretty deep I dont know how to get it out

  • mastergx1

    You need to pick this lock, everyone is itching to see it: uzload.info/fun/naKsn2mT23qAu3k/video

  • CorioMalleum

    So they're primarily relying on potential thieves just not having a pick the right size?

  • B MD
    B MD

    Does anyone know a good lockpicking set to buy? I live in the uk....

  • Sam Masson
    Sam Masson

    Woohoo, my bike lock's LPL video is more than a minute long! That's something to tell my insurance company 😂

  • Wendell Tai Kan
    Wendell Tai Kan

    Lock maker designs locks, pickers design picks smh Such irony.

  • mcspikesky

    Didn't even fucking touch it for the pick

  • MacRedbaron

    Noticed the hands are getting fat recently. Been doing a lot of sitting during the quarantine? 😂

  • Matts Madness
    Matts Madness

    what is a good padlock? I know what not to buy from watching your videos problem is every time I get a new lock you make a video of it being picked open in about 5 seconds

  • Phridz

    hey, are there *any* locks u'd recommend ?

  • TheRavinoth

    I've been using this for my motorcycle for five years and it hasn't been touched. It would be too hard to cut and my bike being less sought after allows the lock to do it's job well: deter the thief so that they move on to something else.

  • Amii The Vampire Queen
    Amii The Vampire Queen

    what do u think about the new material proteus being discovered that is super resistant to cutting? newatlas.com/materials/proteus-non-cuttable-bike-lock-armor/

  • Germnoble

    So he had to modify his custom tool to even begin to pick this. Yeah I think maybe the standards need to be adjusted here.

  • Ben Greensall
    Ben Greensall

    Bollox mate. Total respect for what you do , but who on this planet has your shit??!! No one

  • Nihal Kumar
    Nihal Kumar

    Is there any lock which you can't pick.

  • Roger Harris
    Roger Harris

    Nice to know it’s tough, I have the alarmed version of this lock


    And tell me how he's lawyer

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M.

    Welp Good to know it’s difficult for the typical chav with a pick set

  • Some Random Weeb
    Some Random Weeb

    LPL : talks about the unique lock design. LPL : pulls out a special pick. Everyone : I'll take your entire stock!

  • Con Cahill
    Con Cahill

    Sooo, until LPL and Bosnian Bill meat up to patent a new pick variation, it should be safe for a while :-).

  • jahwerx

    Next video. “Version 2 of the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made”. I’d call a lock that requires a dremeled specialty pick “good enough”

  • toomanyuserids

    When he has to Dremel a tool to fit you're probably safe

  • HKS SYSTEMS Lock & Safe
    HKS SYSTEMS Lock & Safe

    Nice job!!

  • Ace

    I had oxford screamer lock for disc break and case broke off. If someone would want to pick my bike and throw it into a bus he would have huge rate of success just by cutting plastic casing and destroying electric part of lock. If he could do it under 10 seconds (which is possible).


    Yeah I tried this but my neighbor saw me struggling and felt bad so he just threw me the keys

  • GrevenDi Ghaul
    GrevenDi Ghaul

    I challenge you to try picking the Stealth Padlock by Urban Alps

  • dev null
    dev null

    1:42 montage cut

  • James Wheatley
    James Wheatley

    The Oxford boss has been that design for well over 10 years. Think the one I have is from 2004. If they havnt made a pick for it by now are they ever likely to?

  • Vicente Alvide
    Vicente Alvide

    Does he has a video were he explains how this kinda lock works?

  • phil zphil
    phil zphil

    Did you already heard of this / tried to break it? newatlas.com/materials/proteus-non-cuttable-bike-lock-armor/?fbclid=IwAR1tyQA4yc11_A_VFp1u8nRsp1OEYhCdGX9sPDeUGaqR8v-bODrwvyPkuFo

  • ashtar

    If it doesn't have something you can buy online to pick it or you have to make something yourself it's good enough

  • Allfather Odin - Officially Unofficial
    Allfather Odin - Officially Unofficial

    Someone should make a lock that automatically opens when he says 'this is the LockpicingLawyer'

  • Hunter Montgomery
    Hunter Montgomery

    So what lock do you recommend that is hard to pick and hard to destroy that will keep my stuff safe? Most thieves in my area aren't going to pick, but try to cut locks. However I'd rather kill two birds with one stone.

  • Max Garascia
    Max Garascia

    Every time I ask sparrows when the new disc detainer pick will be available they say two weeks That was six weeks ago

  • gin

    Would like to see this vs a Ramset gun, if you have a spare brake rotor around that would be a cool test to see what would brake first.

  • Slowed & Reverb
    Slowed & Reverb

    It's all fun and games until the lock you bought shows up on an lpl video titled "lock defeated with paper airplane"

  • rmt3589

    Could you design an unpickable lock?

  • Brent Landry
    Brent Landry

    I had this lock with the covered chain for my motorcycle about 10 years ago and I liked it a lot. The plastic body is very thick and rounded making it hard for any kind bolt-cutter/chisel/hammering action to bite into. If you wrapped enough links in the shackle and locked it in a tight to-get-to spot, it made it hard to cut. The only thing left is to heft a 500+ lbs bike into your stolen truck, lol. If I recall, the chain was a grade 120; don't remember the link size but it was thick.

  • MindlessZombieGamer

    Can you do a review on the kdo lockpicking set please really thinking about getting it but i want to see a professional choose first www.amazon.com/dp/B08C5454CF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_HXMfFb2CTR992

  • American Gaming
    American Gaming

    Fort Knox: We are the most secure place in the world! No one can get in here. LockPickingLawyer: This is the LockPickingLawyer and what I have for you today is Fort Knox. As you can see they have pretty high security but I should be able to get in with this magnet, a twig, and this pick that BosnianBill and I made.

    • American Gaming
      American Gaming

      10 seconds later. And we are in. There are serious design flaws in their security system.

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore

    I have been watching your videos for months and not once did I notice I had never actually subscribed, now I will

  • J E
    J E

    "Unlikely to be picked on the street" - 5 starts

  • Thekukills

    Where can I buy this lock???

  • Laurence Castle
    Laurence Castle

    Hey, did you see the news story today about this new un-cuttable metal they are calling Proteus, made from a mixture of foam aluminum and ceramic? Here's a demo of it being attacked with an angle grinder: uzload.info/fun/iGukol6a3HKcx30/video

  • ParaPick Tog
    ParaPick Tog

    Seems like a good lock. I wish we could have had a better look at the keyway.

  • Lazy AZ
    Lazy AZ

    Always gets a smile when “#2 is binding....”

  • Dr Joey
    Dr Joey

    I'm wondering just how common expert lock pickers are out there. I would think that most locks are opened with brute force. I just don't see a guy with the skills of Al Mundy (or LPL) hunkering down with his pick set and stealing somebody's Specialized road bike. Maybe better to know a lock's resistance to chemical or mechanical assault.

  • tsrif tsal
    tsrif tsal

    New Proteus lock coming. Unbreakable. Uncuttable. Undestroyable. Can LPL do it? Can he???

  • Grant Fox
    Grant Fox

    How about a lock that you would actually recommend?

  • 11C1P

    Anyone else look at the time of the videos before clicking to see if it might actually be a challenge for the LPL?

  • chad blythe
    chad blythe


  • William Hilman
    William Hilman

    Oxford do make a another lock like this one called the "Oxford Boss Alarm Disk Lock". Anyone looking for extra security should go with that one because as soon as the lock is moved any would be thief will get a 120db fuck off for 10 secs. Lovely stuff.

  • Leighton Shehan
    Leighton Shehan

    Please open the locks with the key before you pick them🙏

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts

    if we overlook the fact that a master can overcome any hurdle, this is a pretty good lock for a few weeks.

  • Benjamin Shropshire
    Benjamin Shropshire

    How common are picking attacks in public places? I have a suspicion that even locks that can be picked with a "plastic fork form the food stand across the street" will be subjected to physical attacks as "beating on things with a heavy object" is a lot more common skill set.


    1:45 jumpcut.. Lock picking lawyer what magic are you hiding

    • The Redneck Ram
      The Redneck Ram

      Was it a jump cut or was it just a rendering artifact? If it was a jump cut it was a damn good one because watching his hands I see no difference. Even at 1/4 speed I see nothing to indicate a cut. Only some artifacting

  • v8pontiacvent

    If this lock was on the motorcycle in the outside where it's loud and not sitting on a table, does that affect picking?

  • Nathan Carter
    Nathan Carter

    LPL: To sum up, this lake is safe. *sighs of relief from Oxford* LPL: "...for now." *nervous sweating from Oxford*

  • J B
    J B

    Good to see some locks that are approved

  • Joshua Cooke
    Joshua Cooke

    I think motorcycle locks should be attacked by brute force. Most thief's would use a grinder etc etc.

  • Lord Garth
    Lord Garth

    New “uncuttable” material. newatlas.com/materials/proteus-non-cuttable-bike-lock-armor/

  • Chatter Box
    Chatter Box

    I guess that’s a pass for oxford I think

  • William O. Hafad
    William O. Hafad

    I have two ABUS DETECTO 8077. Are they good?