[1217] Mesa Hotel Safe: Three Vulnerabilities
A safe in my hotel room with its default code still active: [603] Saflok Hotel Safe Override uzload.info/fun/eZhmd2jV1oessnU/video

  • Lil Prazolam
    Lil Prazolam

    "Honey we're on a vacation, can we just leave the hotel?" "I have to find the vulnerabilities of this box, leave me alone"

  • Jay Long
    Jay Long

    All the thumbs down are from hotel managers after LPL stays there

  • Rising

    I mean the safe is so small just take it completely

  • S R
    S R

    If this video gets deleted, it means LPL changed his career to work at a hotel.

  • Michael Jonathan
    Michael Jonathan

    We're in lol sound like hacker in 19

  • Pili :3
    Pili :3

    Al toque ahora robo el Banco y me voy a Corea👌🏿😈

  • Luis Costa
    Luis Costa

    Usual customer: Hi, does your hotel have a swimming pool and maybe sauna? LPL: Hi, does your hotel have a safe in your rooms and maybe a master safe?

  • BF Taco
    BF Taco

    Thinking on it now... wouldn't a better safe be a series of good tips with a thank you note?

  • The Jones
    The Jones

    Mesa just filed a lawsuit for defamation of character 😂

  • Vec

    Evetually: Lockpicking is faster than entering password

  • Ikouy Bolt
    Ikouy Bolt

    So it’s a Black Mesa hotel safe... I wouldn’t open it.

  • Fluidacid

    It looks like a microwave

  • BullOMXx20 1337
    BullOMXx20 1337

    Imagine LPLs dream vacation just walking around any house looking at there locks.

  • Dani

    You would literally be better off hiding your stuff somewhere in the room than put it in the safe. The safe is basically telling housekeeping Here's the tray with all my valuable stuff if that's what you were looking for.

  • Ali Gallaton
    Ali Gallaton

    It's quite strange to here you call the "#" a "pound sign" I've always known it as a "hashtag"

  • Tommaso Pado
    Tommaso Pado

    9 seconds to unscrew the tag, 3 seconds to open the lock.

  • Random Troll
    Random Troll

    Just gonna casually throw shade at hotel cleaning staff huh?

  • 1257mp

    So how would one protect valuables in hotels then? Bring your own safe or reduce the number of valuables you need to secure?

  • sbcontt YT
    sbcontt YT

    Meanwhile ziptie has only two vulnerabilities.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    time to get a JOB at a hotel I'm rubbing my hands together with excitement LoL 😂

  • Brian McCoy
    Brian McCoy

    I travel 75% of my work and I never use these in the rooms

  • acf2802

    You should stop making UZload videos and start making locks instead.

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner

    Whenever I travel and have something of value that I can't have with me at all times, I deposit it in the hotel safe at the front desk.

  • beartastic

    Whenever i do something less than brilliant, I come here to see that by comparison to lock manufacturers I'm still a f*** genious... (i know)

  • theodore scott
    theodore scott

    now whos got bed bugs?

  • theodore scott
    theodore scott

    talk about safe sex gone bad i would not store a used rubber in this junk

  • Jaap Aap
    Jaap Aap

    It's more like an "unsafe company".

  • brandon hall
    brandon hall

    Why so many hotel maids are retiring early

  • Ethan Grazier
    Ethan Grazier

    did u ever unlcok the ozlockcon lock?

  • Simpa Luyolo
    Simpa Luyolo

    So many celebrities had their stuff stolen in the hotels

  • RWBHere

    And he hasn't even started on the other vulnerabilities of that keypad, the safe door or the safe itself. Then there's social engineering.... Claim you've forgotten what combination you used, and then watch what the staff member who 'rescues' you does. If it's a key sequence, then all of the room safes in the building, and maybe any other establishments which they own, are easy pickings for a thief. I'm waiting for Chinese manufacturers to start up with brand names like 'Unn-Saif', 'Insy-Kure' or 'EZ-Shim' . At least they would be honest names.

  • SheepHair

    I mean, I would rather leave any valuable stuff in the safe than any where else in the room lmao

  • Great Pony
    Great Pony

    102 dislikes. All by housekeepers.

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    Why don't they just save some money and give you a rubbermaid container with a master lock? (Like the one TSA insists I put my gun in - must be secure!)

  • Tyler Morrissette
    Tyler Morrissette

    Is there a gun safe that you would recommend that isn't easy to bypass?

  • bormisha

    Omg, it's disgusting that companies who produce such pathetic junk have existed for years and were selling their stuff around. I mean, they ought to have experience in the industry. The demonstrated vulnerabilities reveal that whoever designed the system has no clue whatsoever about security design.

  • YoE HaNNes
    YoE HaNNes

    All these videos but i never seen u try to pick a digital lock which is only onlocked using special cards which is widely used in hotels nowadays.

  • YoE HaNNes
    YoE HaNNes

    Yea. The only problem is, this vault is inside a hotel room which is locked mostly using digital card and the card is usually set at the lobby. Which means, unless u get the card to enter the room u wont be able to pick the safe. And if ur property is lost then u certainly know that the thief is among the hotel staff.

  • Luke Grim
    Luke Grim

    Do you have any videos of locks that aren't pickable/eploitable? There must be SOME that are just near enough impossible

  • Summit 1234
    Summit 1234

    that safe is junk

  • Dave's NOT Here!
    Dave's NOT Here!


  • SerunaXI

    "A housekeeper could reprogram every safe when unoccupied" This man has jokes.

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    we stayed at a hotel and if u hit the safe it would open to any 4 diget code very strange

  • Kenan Percin
    Kenan Percin


  • sandouich

    His videos r so helpful when robbing hotels

  • Ed Edz
    Ed Edz

    always take a rattle snake on hotel travels ))))

  • LSpidervinnY

    Whenever I see this I automatically think of black Mesa.

  • Vano Scrap
    Vano Scrap

    The paint is wrong, it's not even close to black Mesa security levels

  • soldier3335

    I never put my things in a hotel safe.

  • geek 2.0
    geek 2.0

    I do wonder when we will get to the end of the lost of all the locks in the world. Then we know which are lpl proof and which one are patheticly bad.

  • Zoyrndg Burger
    Zoyrndg Burger

    no search results for 'hotel safe glitter bomb', that's a shame.

  • Kris Tee
    Kris Tee

    Has anyone told LPL to make his own safe so I can kinda feel ok locking my stuff up?

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    What garbage...

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer

    Why does he need to pick the lock like he has the code

  • Robert

    How did thieves learn to open these safes before UZload?

  • LabGorilla

    SAFE to say that you don’t use these...

  • Josiah P.
    Josiah P.

    Band name: The Cross-Lock Jigglers

  • Curtis Murphy
    Curtis Murphy

    This may sound like a silly question... But is there such thing as a hotel room safe lock that you could take along with you when traveling? I mean the lock on the safe might be garbage but it is a relatively strong, fixed metal box that is definitely useful that wouldn't be practical to bring along with you.

  • Marxone

    I am glad I only store my fresh underwear in my safe. Never enough safety.

  • pop foz
    pop foz

    So in other words do not take valuebles abroad.

  • S Teve
    S Teve

    Well I’m glad they make amplifiers better then they make shit like this, cuz I love my dual rectifier. I’ve abused it for years now, never had a problem.

  • misturchips

    Logo looks familiar....

  • TheRevDr

    Have you ever done a Simplex handgun safe like the Fort Knox PB1? It is heavy enough to be used as a weapon but I'm curious how secure my handgun is against someone with skills.

  • Mansittingundertheweirwoodtree

    LPL Youre going to want to have a look at this! To further deepen your love to cheap dysfunctional trigger-locks... uzload.infoohVU2adXXDI

  • Ben Mac
    Ben Mac

    Are safes common in hotel rooms in the USA? As ive never stayed in one with a safe, though admittedly I generally stay at the more budget friendly places which might make a difference.

    • James Hamilton
      James Hamilton

      In my experience, most have a safe similar to this one.

  • D E
    D E

    I want to put a motion-sensing cloud-enabled camera in one of those safes and record video of the person's face when they open the safe. Just leave a little note telling them there's no SD card and the video is in the cloud.

  • TwinShards

    Lesson of the day, the safe itself (beside his key way incase of no power) is not bad. But most hotels do not bother programming it resulting in an UNSAFE-SAFE ... Unbeliveable.

  • bitwise79

    1234? That's the same code I have on my luggage!

  • SaphirKnight

    He listed 3 vulnerabilities, I can name 1 more > LPL

  • Frederik Jacobs
    Frederik Jacobs

    So if you program a new master code and a new card it becomes a bit safer to use VS housekeeper? Thanks I'll try that next time!

  • Mandy Miller
    Mandy Miller

    Can you please do a securam safe logic series keypad?

  • Mike D
    Mike D

    Mesa safe.

  • qwerty keyboard
    qwerty keyboard

    changes the override code to 800855

  • Geckomacabre

    Only here cause of mesa boogie

  • religiousabuse

    @lockpickinglawyer is this by the same company that makes mesa guitar amps?

  • Alice NotinChains
    Alice NotinChains

    LPL, I'd love to see a video where you can show us how to mitigate some of these risks. For instance, can you remove the over ride swipe through the settings? Are there any products that exist that will fit in the keyway to prevent others from accessing it? If I can't trust a hotel safe with my passport, what am I supposed to do with my passport when I go skinny dipping in the hotel pool? I *literally* can't put it in my pocket!

  • Kim Miller
    Kim Miller

    OK, the next time I'm in a hotel and use the safe I'm putting a glitter bomb inside from that other YT guy. :)

  • 1555yodude

    "me sa safe company" jar jar brinks

  • Curtis stollery
    Curtis stollery

    I love the lock and unlock tone

  • juan garcia
    juan garcia

    why i don't use the safes in hotel's

  • Steven Rester
    Steven Rester

    I read this as jar jar Binks explaining that his hotel is safe. Lmao

  • Glytch Meister
    Glytch Meister

    So, what would be a good alternative or good operational security setup to keep valuables secure when on vacation or a business trip? I’ve heard some people suggest leaving them with the front desk (especially if the hotel is swanky and has their own safety deposit box setup), but that always struck me as... a little too trusting. Do banks do, like, rent-a-safety-deposit-box by the day or week things? And are safety deposit boxes insured like normal bank accounts?

  • MrVipitis

    Shouldn't a mechanical overwrite only work when the battery is complete empty?

  • Atlasbr001

    Hotel safes are the biggest traps when traveling, avoid them!

  • Elizabeth McGehee
    Elizabeth McGehee

    I picked the cross lock on one of these at like 14 years old. Proud moment.

  • perchingparrotproductions

    Black Mesa?

  • Minecrafter 3929
    Minecrafter 3929

    Residence cascade

  • Alain Gayret
    Alain Gayret

    So what do you suggest when staying in a hotel?

  • Zurkster

    They're a great little five minute challenge, when you get bored in hotel rooms! 🤣

  • Ben W
    Ben W

    Whoa this is shady, so if the cleaning lady takes something out of a locked safe, can the hotel be found liable since the safe was “locked”? Or would it take lots of effort and $$$ to prove it?

  • Anonymous Phucker
    Anonymous Phucker

    i once stored my dirty underwear in a hotel safe and it was opened while i was away as they looked for valuables(that were safely hidden behind a curtain)

  • Steve Leahy
    Steve Leahy

    I’ve never had a problem with the hotel safe but this is good to know if I had this information I probably would’ve changed the six 0 code and said hey you need to change this call me with the new code I set

  • Daniel Radcliff
    Daniel Radcliff

    You’re better off caring your own safe with you

  • GryphonBrokewing

    Hence the disclaimer on the ones in rooms I've been in, stating that the hotel is not liable for loss...

  • Hartman Tam
    Hartman Tam

    Ok. Then what should I use in hotel?

  • Philip Hirons, Jr.
    Philip Hirons, Jr.

    I wish I'd watched this over the weekend. I was in a hotel room with very similar room safe.

  • Leaf

    You know what I would really like, for you to show us things you CAN'T get into or locks you CAN'T open, so we know what to buy. Your demonstrations of watch me open this with nothing but my mind, has really destroyed my confidence in locks and safes.

    • WooferJr

      If it has a lock, it can very easily get broken into.

  • karmakazi219

    I'm going to start putting those fake bills from Wish in hotel safes whenever I travel.

  • NobleOmnicide

    BRB, getting a job in housekeeping.....

  • Andy red volvo
    Andy red volvo

    So now I need cross lock jigerlers I wonder where I can get a set 🤔