[1158] Opened Faster WITHOUT The Code: AmazonBasics Combination Lock

  • Joe tub
    Joe tub


  • Giant Dwarf
    Giant Dwarf

    Can you open the bunger lock???? its impossible

  • Magicman8508

    Can you show us the mechanic inside?

  • mick muller
    mick muller

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm.

  • Sandra Charamoni
    Sandra Charamoni

    Soy latino y lo voy a aprovechar

  • Björn Eriksson
    Björn Eriksson

    Did you notice the Freudian slip?: "When a criminal can open a lock quicker.." -Lock picking Lawyer commented after he opened the lock quicker...

  • chris kaprys
    chris kaprys

    Selling products branded "amazonbasics" is an educational service that Amazon provides to teach consumers that they should pay more for the real thing.

  • PNW RC
    PNW RC

    DUDE! You've got some EXCELLENT content on your channel! After watching several of your videos, I just had to subscribe.

  • Shelkie

    This guy could get out from a Scape room in 5 minutes

  • Snoo Chen
    Snoo Chen

    what happened?

  • Dyla Hxxi
    Dyla Hxxi

    Sometimes I open these locks by hitting them sharply on the side a bunch of times with a rock.

  • Alex Alleman
    Alex Alleman

    Masterlock: We make the worst locks on planet Earth. Jeff Bezos: Hold my $200 billion

  • xiukn8

    How long it took you off screen to find out where to put and what to put?

  • Tycho Brahe
    Tycho Brahe

    "When a criminal can open a lock faster than the owner can it's a pretty clear sign that it's a lock to avoid" - I love the wisdoms of the LockPickingLawyer :-)

  • Dray Gerard
    Dray Gerard

    amazon getting shredded

  • Nigel Nigel
    Nigel Nigel

    Anyone evee seen that Rasputin pop song video? With the radioactive shoes? I think in Russia right now they are making a lock for you, Mr Lawyer.

  • Nikolozka

    75 people think he wasn't fast enough?

  • Dave Winn
    Dave Winn


  • Robin Negus
    Robin Negus

    what is the thickness of the shim used?

  • Roy Martinez
    Roy Martinez

    jeff paid 73 users to click dislike

  • Gavin Wolf
    Gavin Wolf

    did you just speedrun a lock

  • King Reece
    King Reece

    Can u pleas get me a mountain bike from somewhere anywhere... I wanna fresh bike I’m not evening joking if you though I was

  • Neko Mancer
    Neko Mancer

    masterlock got burnt by lpl so hard they decided to contract their manufacturing out to amazon basics... they figured they could get a few more suckers to buy combination locks that way

  • Aditya Pathariya
    Aditya Pathariya

    Upgrade to Prime and get: Not a fake lock

  • Adrian DeEnedy
    Adrian DeEnedy

    "Locks are for honest people" that's a saying in my Country 😅

  • Golden Pun
    Golden Pun

    Big O(of) Showtime!

  • ElectricWizard46

    I have never seen your videos before until now and my jaw literally dropped no joke when you opened it in 4 seconds

  • Yastil Rughbeer
    Yastil Rughbeer

    Dear FBI agent: I did not search for this, UZload recommended it

  • Joel Braswell
    Joel Braswell

    Aw Man, you guessed my banking password!!!

  • Gustave le Bon
    Gustave le Bon

    Does Sir LPL enjoy the comment section?

  • Tyler Tenkku
    Tyler Tenkku

    Congratulations on 2 million UZload subscribers, and at the same time as this video, which is a great representation of your content.

  • Ed Shelden
    Ed Shelden

    Ok, good job.

  • Ki Li
    Ki Li

    Can you please put the link to this lock in the description

  • xclimatexcoldxx

    Amazon basic decoration

  • Ryan

    the title is an absolute meme

  • Tomasaki

    Okay is no one going to mention how he said Cwiminal? Or is it just my ears?

  • TCGBattling Master
    TCGBattling Master

    What kind of tool is that?

  • Thomas Freidah
    Thomas Freidah

    When it's worse than walmart, it's Amazon.

  • Charlie Warlie
    Charlie Warlie


  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez

    So this one time I went to Home Depot to buy a tool. They had it locked with a combination lock along with all other battery tools. The sign said "please see associate for help with these products". I went on an associate hunt for nearly 30 minutes until I found the right associate to open the lock. Took this man 4 seconds to open the same lock.

  • Noksus

    Amazon is afraid of thieves so they make these locks to appease them.

  • phrog

    I'm surprised that the lock isn't hollow at this point.

  • TheDanielradio

    amazon is bad

  • Steve Borkowski
    Steve Borkowski


  • sidraket

    This is just forward thinking design. When amazon owns the entire world you wont have anything to lock up anyway.

  • Gaming Ninja51
    Gaming Ninja51

    Again another rip off of the masterlock 175. *sigh this is why I don't buy combo locks.

  • Angela Lybbert
    Angela Lybbert

    LPL be like "I dont believe in locks"

  • Living New
    Living New

    Where do you get your tools, I’m an amateur lock picking and puzzle enthusiasts, and I have a set that I enjoy using but your tools seems way different then the ones I have.

  • Gerant T
    Gerant T

    This is LPL's angry voice.

  • Nathan Woolcock
    Nathan Woolcock

    Jeff Bezos everytime he sees one of his Amazon Basic Locks ordered by the LPL: _Sweats_

  • Braden Bach
    Braden Bach

    Any plans for doing longer videos in the future?

  • MobfigazGaming

    How is Amazon the #1 company yet their products are shit ? They have enough money to invest in better products.

  • Aphextwins77

    Bolt cutters in two seconds

  • Steven Bingham
    Steven Bingham

    LPL is the "white hat hacker" of the lock world!! Your efforts and contributions are much appreciated!!

  • GldRush98

    A copy of a fatally flawed design + Amazon basics branding? Nice to see you again China.

  • 5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
    5K Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge

    "...When a criminal can open locks faster than the owner can..."

  • Chaotik

    God this is literally just that shitty masterlock huh

  • Ric Newton
    Ric Newton

    I love your channel. Most of the time it is better than comedy. Your deadpan combined with your skill is amazing and sometimes just makes me laugh at the ceiling. Thank you.

  • Chris BigBad
    Chris BigBad

    "if you want to see more videos like this hit subscribe" .. where do I need to click if I'd like manufacturers to stop making this trash, so we will not see more videos like this?

  • Christopher Field
    Christopher Field

    I laughed when he did it in 4 seconds. Wasn't expecting half the time, the lock might as well just have a push to open button lol

  • r f
    r f


  • Loopster

    Please do a chastity belt

  • SKIPPER 13
    SKIPPER 13

    I want to see him opening nuclear football

  • Star Platinum
    Star Platinum

    What the hell... i just got the notification

  • Aeck Cards
    Aeck Cards

    Man I didn't know my neighbors couch was so comfy

  • rory vonbrutt
    rory vonbrutt


  • Pavix1976

    Wait until Masterlock starts using LPL videos to point out patent infringement by other companies in legal proceedings

  • DaBeast34

    The locking picking lawyer just casually disses the lock brands

  • Falkrim


  • tolga tarkan ölmez
    tolga tarkan ölmez

    His soft voice made a perfect match with the ease of picking this lock.

  • Kacey Howell
    Kacey Howell

    Hey LPL, got a question for you. Say someone wanted to beef up their home security with a good lock like BosnianBill did with his garage and the Assa Abloy lock. What would you recommend as the best of the best lock core to put into a standard door knob/handle and Deadbolt?

  • Eric Schneid
    Eric Schneid

    So if I'm not standing next to something with a gun, it's pretty much up for grabs? Thanks

  • WvlfDarkfire

    Amazon Basic is basically bullshit. More proof of you get what you pay for

  • Nate

    I have a tool that could beat 4 seconds... A gun

  • Joshua Liley
    Joshua Liley

    These videos make me think it's safer to just not lock your valuables so thieves won't think you've got anything worth keeping and will just walk straight past

  • That Random SW Fan
    That Random SW Fan

    Is there a lock that he cant open?

  • D Meyer
    D Meyer

    He picked it in 3 seconds, it just took him a second to get his finger to the button

  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H.

    " We did it in 9 seconds.. I think we can do better. " I tell my girlfriend the same thing all of the time.

  • Zackeroni 9
    Zackeroni 9

    Dang, set a world record on any% and glitched% in the same video.

  • Napa Jumento
    Napa Jumento

    0:47 legit player 1:10 cheater

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis

    1-2-3-4? Amazing! That's the same combination I have on my luggage! 🤣

  • verios44

    This lock was opened faster than the forced UZload advertisement

  • Dunk Master Darius
    Dunk Master Darius

    LMAO You literally break the hearts of every single person who invents these items. They see their product pop up on your channel and within 5 mins they tender their resignation to their workplace. I wonder how many people you have put out of a job lmao! Great vids man! Keep it up!

  • Snarlingjoker64

    Been looking for the name of that tool

  • Bill Castle
    Bill Castle

    I'm new to your channel. do you have any videos of picking a dial safe lock?

  • Simon Garcia
    Simon Garcia

    I love how the presentation by the manufacturer is like "it's impossible to pick this lock" but the video is 2 minutes

  • Matt

    Is there a lock/ safe this guy does recommend using?

  • Meme channel I'll look back on in disgust
    Meme channel I'll look back on in disgust

    Amazon's making locks? Probably as good of security as their Amazon Web Services (AWS). 4 seconds. Yup.

  • DontPanic

    Does he ever show good locks? I looked for playlist but there was none.

  • Andre Reyes
    Andre Reyes

    Their review section is screwed. As soon as he didn't try to scramble the lock well you knew it was over

  • mariobros333

    kudos to AmazonBasics to go so extensive to copy masterlock, even copying the flaws and issues that it had.

  • Ben Braceletspurple
    Ben Braceletspurple

    Amazon Basics rolling out cheap crap left and right. AVOID AVOID

  • JackThelRipper

    They do make a very nice camera tripod, best one I have ever owned! Anything else like this lock belongs in the dumpster.

  • Drummel

    Why does it seem like so many products that are "Amazon Choice" and also their design, are some super inferior designs. Must be the new Bezos business model...

  • Richard Dizaji
    Richard Dizaji

    Are there ANY locks that give you even decent security in your opinion lpl?

  • Shantanu Ojha
    Shantanu Ojha

    Gota get that prime membership for a prime feel of security not the basic one.

  • michael revels
    michael revels

    Amazon probably bought a bunch from masterlock at a steal because everyone knows how crappy they are and Amazon slapped a different logo on them. Business as usual for Amazon.

  • AC Savage Banana
    AC Savage Banana

    Multi billion dollar company offers locks that can be opened with a piece of trash on the streets

  • Chrisroygbiv

    Man I love sub 2 min LPL videos

  • Toxic1ty!

    aight now do how open a vault without the code, for mathe reasons of course

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