[1193] SeaSense Outboard Motor Lock Picked

  • godnessy

    that shackle looks so flimsy you just need a hammer or a big rock to shatter it, kind of useless regardless of inner workings.

  • Coltyn Stone-Lamontagne
    Coltyn Stone-Lamontagne

    The way locks don't look like a problem so much as a puzzle to you messed with me head every time😂

  • Ian

    And so, motor theft remains a problem

  • I Paddle My Own Canoe
    I Paddle My Own Canoe

    I have one for my boat it's a Master Lock snot out of brass so far so good. One more thing you don't put the key to the top put the key underneath and that's going to make it a bit harder to pick specially if you're in the water moving around but like everything else they're only for the honest person

  • /fit/ is dead
    /fit/ is dead

    This guy picks a lock faster than it takes me to get a usb in the slot correctly

  • Eddie C
    Eddie C

    Can you pick a: “ Shi-He Chi-Me U-lock “ Sorry if you have already but if you haven’t I’d love to see you pick that or something very similar to it.. thank you!!

  • Olga I. Menendez
    Olga I. Menendez

    Remind me not to buy a boat ! 😬😛

  • A Slutty 9S Unit
    A Slutty 9S Unit

    Was NOT prepared to hear my name in an LPL video because of someone else LOL REALLY threw me off

  • CuttingBored

    I'll need something stronger to lock up my Johnson.

  • blu bug
    blu bug

    I had a 15hp Chrysler outboard stolen off my boat. Lock was cut. Thieves suck!

  • Phil Peko
    Phil Peko

    Damn... LPL is even better than the Chuck Norris of Lock Pickers...

  • Justin Pedersen
    Justin Pedersen

    When the timecode is only 2 mins, you already know the lock didnt do well...

  • kevin

    The trick to this one is picking it while it in place not as easy while on the boat on the water it's meant to keep honest people honest

  • Ivan Turtle
    Ivan Turtle

    Most areas with boats also have people present 24 7 not all areas but most so loud hand tools would be less of a fatal security flaw

  • Dejangles

    Thanks for the notification 5 days later youtube? 🤣

  • Daniel Roth
    Daniel Roth

    A lot of people don’t know what the little hole is for on the bottom of locks. There’s two reasons for it. One is to help with any rain water that gets inside so it can drip out easily. The second reason is to add oil to the inside.

  • Gun Slinger
    Gun Slinger

    I’m pretty sure down where the guy lives who sent this in, everyone could bust this open with a shotgun.

  • Blazed Gaming KR
    Blazed Gaming KR

    Damn, the way you have to lock it would have taken longer to pick the thing. That is very poorly made. 🤦‍♂️

  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees

    Judging by the video length I opted for "sloppy".

  • Tom Linsenmeier
    Tom Linsenmeier

    I’m curious if that shackle is actually made from an aluminum bronze alloy, which is incredibly difficult to cut. We make several parts from it at our shop and it’s nasty stuff. Try taking a file to the shackle to see if it marks.

  • EpiC MaiK
    EpiC MaiK

    Is this dude a dentist?

  • Pro Man
    Pro Man

    so movement on the core was because of the security pins. I guess if it was sloppy he would have open it by just blowing some air at it. maybe?.. im just not sure what would have been yhe difference

  • Shane

    I replaced my inner monologue with Lockpicking Lawyer's voice and my life has been much more peaceful ever since.

  • SomeRandomGadzo

    This dude picks a lock faster then I manage to find the right key to open my house doors.

  • jwg19444

    Had a Master version of this lock 26 years ago. Basically keeps the honest people honest. When installed on a boat in the water, it will be an odd angle to pick so a bolt cutter would be quicker. I used mine in Camden N.J. on the Delaware river for my ugly sailboat without incident. Granted there were usually one or two cops making frequent rounds along with one access to the circular dock plus plenty of boaters during the season.

  • Little Pankek
    Little Pankek

    whats a spool?

  • Escargot

    What is the best lock ever shown on this channel, I wanna buy it.

  • TheRealBlurpsmo ඞ
    TheRealBlurpsmo ඞ

    LockPickingLawyer , I want to see how you would design a really good door lock and safe. Or the top 3 u recommend. Thanks My feelings is a lock powered by electric power with two battery back ups only replaceable after door is open. And servo powered lock remote controlled.

  • Stillwater Fencing and Ranch Service
    Stillwater Fencing and Ranch Service

    It does a really good job to keep the clamps from working loose...

  • Madcap Laughs
    Madcap Laughs

    Tell you what is a problem... thieves will take the lower unit off of engines.

  • t0nda

    Not only is the shackle exposed, its ends seem ill-designedly short, so they may probably be broken by force.

  • Stefano Crespi
    Stefano Crespi

    You could probably use the key to saw that shackle.

  • Simon Smith
    Simon Smith

    I think massive security companies should ask your advice and learn of your videos because then they wouldn't have any weak points or flaws in their products

  • Thomas W
    Thomas W

    Wait, spool means counterrotation, ah skip that.

  • jpopelish

    Oops. Dropped the shackle/lock body in the water. All pieces should be attached, when open.

  • Patrick Spapens
    Patrick Spapens

    Either the locks are getting worse in terms of quality or you are getting way to good in picking locks because your videos are getting shorter by the day

  • Lowe Lundblad
    Lowe Lundblad

    Nowadays thieves do not attack the lock, they just cut the rear of the boat instead and take the motor and a part of the boat with them. Or if you have an older motor, they drill holes in the boat to sink it and steal the new motor you get from the insurance...

  • James Rochon
    James Rochon

    Could have been a fluke.

  • raynebc

    The only added security here from those "security pins" is that it takes LPL an extra second to say that term.

  • R. P. Stacks
    R. P. Stacks

    In my option any thief who is planning on stealing a motor and even sees a lock on it will simply move on to easier prey. I am by no means an expert and listen to the guy who has picked high security locks in like 30 seconds🤣

  • Robert Shanahan
    Robert Shanahan

    Something like this isn't designed to stop someone who specifically wants your motor. It just makes the opportunist move on from your boat to the next boat without a lock on it.

  • Angelino

    I’d like to see you cut through the lock, please.

  • AxlRacing

    Grayson is about 40 miles from me and never heard of boats getting stolen 😂

  • Joseph Oberlander
    Joseph Oberlander

    Marine environment? Stainless steel?

  • Tom Clarke
    Tom Clarke

    Security pins, intro and still does it in under 3 minutes. I couldn't cut it in 2 minutes and 3 seconds.

  • effthevikings

    Sea Sense? More like Nonsense....Amiright?? I'll see myself out.

  • Eugenio Teran
    Eugenio Teran

    I know this is the LockPickingLawyer and not the LockPhysicallyBreakingLawyer but I'd love to see him show the different hardness levels of shackles with a good ol' bolt cutter.

  • megalexantros

    But isn't it a benefit that you can probably use any lock you want in its place?

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    The first clue this lock is crap us that the video is only 2:03.

  • Jonah weinshenker
    Jonah weinshenker

    LPL: It does have security pins. (Opens lock in 10 seconds)

  • Dr. Doggo
    Dr. Doggo

    Hello I know you will probably not see this, but if you do Is there a affordable set of lock picking tools you know that I could use? I am hoping to start lock picking as a hobby and want to make sure I have good tools

  • Spuitt _
    Spuitt _

    One thing That confused me since i saw your Videos is are you actually a lawyer or is That just a name?

  • Marco Frei
    Marco Frei

    Hey your videos are great. But can you open a swiss door lock? Check out the lock system "kaba star". Here in Switzerland its one of the most used locksystems and it looks unpickable.

  • Riotlight

    Did he pick it or did it just fall apart!!?


    the day the lockpicking lawyer becomes a villian no one will be safe, He will break his way into everyones home and steal all their things. not even your motors are safe

  • i'll name this field later
    i'll name this field later

    I just want him to look at the forever lock

  • Kevin

    Motor theft _was_ a problem where he lived and now it _is_ a problem once more

  • Will Fastie
    Will Fastie

    Years ago I had one of these on the engine for my sailboat, slightly different from the model shown here. The shackle was very tight against the bar, recessed in to it, and made of steel. A brute force attack would have taken longer. I'm not suggesting that picking it would have been hard (one need only watch two or three videos here to know that). However, when mounted the bottom of the lock is facing down and if the boat is in the water, it is very awkward getting to it, even with the key.

  • mark taylor
    mark taylor

    That picked so fast. Third pin didn't even need picking

  • Coco Noisette
    Coco Noisette

    I was watching the video Dropped my phone It was open

  • flyrus

    if you want to be a world class criminal, this is your channel

  • Troy Hidvegi
    Troy Hidvegi

    I browsed through your video thumbnails and it looks like all of them have been recorded on a well lit work bench. Have you ever done any real world conditions video's? Locks in use are not always so easily manipulated. I'm sure at times the picker has to position there body rather than position the lock. Other factors can be the dark, cold, wet conditions, ROUS's anything is possible. I'm not doubting your seemingly prodigious abilities, merely stating an observation.....uzload.info/fun/oKyYloKt3HBpq3k/video :/

  • badwes

    I like that the lock has a horsepower rating.

  • B10 - JoshuaSiriban
    B10 - JoshuaSiriban

    You remind me of the protagonist in Nanbaka

  • MercifulBlade

    legend says LPL is still looking for a lock that would get him that 10 minute ad

  • Mike Paul
    Mike Paul

    After watching most of you videos. I have come to the conclusion, locking anything is pointless. I have instead hired a guy named "tony" to watch my stuff. I was a little bit apprehensive about hiring someone with so much "waste management" experience. But its worked out flawlessly.

  • Undeadmatrix

    You should pick a clear lock and do a little walkthrough on different terminology/phrases that you use. I love watching you, but certain things you say fly over my head so it’d be nice to have that.

  • Clean House
    Clean House

    What’s the best beginners lock picking set to get and where please

  • Mike Angelastro
    Mike Angelastro

    These videos are great🇺🇸

  • Isaac Lyman
    Isaac Lyman

    You should do a setup tour

  • Bill Hooker
    Bill Hooker

    Where's my outboard? I hat it locked on here.

  • Erik A
    Erik A

    Reminds me of a old girl friend. Sloppy on the inside with no security.

  • afn29129 David
    afn29129 David

    A former marine repair tech here. We used to just remove the handles. Drive out the rollpins and take the handles off. Of course that did not prevent someone using a handtool but it was way more effective than any marketed "lock" that we knew of. The few marine engines that had that type of lock installed were a pain to service once the locks corroded !

  • Cameron Cobb
    Cameron Cobb

    Is it solid brass shackle or brass coated shackle?

  • pepperpepperpepper

    An outboard thief would never pick a lock. But might move on to a neighboring boat without a lock.

  • Jorge

    I want to thank you for all your videos You have really upped my crime game I am now able to break in to many locks that I never knew I could thanks to you

  • Lake Ratatouille
    Lake Ratatouille

    This is why I have three locks on my boat and a heavy chain through wheels and axle. And a pit bull.

  • UK Music
    UK Music

    I dont trust this man anywhere within 100 miles of my house.

  • Luke Fricke
    Luke Fricke

    What’s the best smaller lock you have

  • Scott Gartner
    Scott Gartner

    I'd love to see some examples of picking locks in a real environment. When using this lock, the lock would likely be facing down into the boat, possibly with very little room to get to the keyway. Seems like situations like this would make for much more difficult picking?

  • Beards, Bikes and Bass Galore
    Beards, Bikes and Bass Galore

    As Always have a nice day! THANK YOU

  • Daniel

    But can be pick a red bull can with a lock

  • Kenneth

    I'm starting to think that locks are an antique technology. I feel like they are just designed to be broken into by their very own nature. I'd definitely invest in any lock company if this guy or anybody else can't pick even one of their locks.

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    Hey LPL I'm in the market for a handgun safe. Are there any that you recommend? Do you think you'll ever make a video for lock/safe recommendations?

  • Jakob Rosenqvist
    Jakob Rosenqvist

    That brass shackle would be in a very awkward position when installed on a boat. I think you would need something akin to a dremel tool to get in there to cut it.

  • OGDJ

    When did Samcrac start a LockPicking channel?

  • p l
    p l

    Keeping a live alligator near your boat engine might be the safest thing in Louisiana ; unless those Cajuns decide to eat the alligator sauce piquante!

  • Rebecca Casey
    Rebecca Casey

    These videos really help with my anxiety, idk what it is but your voice is rly calming. Thank you for constantly creating

  • Mason Tatum
    Mason Tatum

    Hey LPL how many gov watch lists are you on

  • Sparkbomber

    LPL riffed on it enough... But gotta point out that the 'protective' paint on the main part looks poorly done with bubbling and odd patches. Even if the main lock weren't pickable in a few seconds that steel would be a handful of red dust in a marine environment in a few days.

  • Isaiah Tucker
    Isaiah Tucker

    Do they have any locks that exist that he can not pick

  • Kevin2382

    Is it possible to pick the door lock on a car?

  • Petter E
    Petter E

    If the lock is too strong they will just saw the piece of the boat the motor is clamped to off to get the motor or at least that is my impression of how they do it around here.

  • Slim Tony
    Slim Tony

    Looks like you can easily pry the shackle off with a single wrench

  • TheBrickMonkey

    I'm officially convinced he can even lockpick my couch now

  • EMVT

    You sound like my dentist with your number things

  • Devan Dubberke
    Devan Dubberke

    You should make a video talking about different lock picking scenes in movies.

  • Just Mike
    Just Mike

    Like watching brain surgeon at work.

  • SumoAdi

    Is there any lock he can't open?

  • TheSilentBang13

    The LPL is the protagonist from Theif Simulator