[1197] Opened FAST: Master Lock Puck Locks Comb Picked!

  • R Braz
    R Braz

    LPL is the OG "Master Blaster"

  • Sterling Ordes
    Sterling Ordes

    I mean, Master Lock moved the manufacturing sector overseas decades ago, so they’ve been not caring for quite some time now.

  • Ricardo Fernandes
    Ricardo Fernandes

    00:34 bold claims

  • ChucK Levasseur
    ChucK Levasseur

    That was savage, poor Master Lock

  • Nathan Paske
    Nathan Paske

    The man of multiple income sources. Videos, selling products to thieves, amd representing his customers in court.

  • lRecon

    So you know this guy has locks only he can pick on his home. Imagine forgetting his keys and picks inside. So he's gotta call a locksmith and borrow his tools 🤣

  • Solidus 316
    Solidus 316

    Masterlock, you disgust me.

  • Kleimore

    It was a massacre, folks! They fell one after another... It was HORRIBLE!

  • Beeple Boop
    Beeple Boop

    ASMR at its finest

  • Y M
    Y M

    I just received my set and he LPL really is a pro... I was hoping to get rid of my old lock on my truck where the key broke off. I have had it hanging half unbolted for the past year. This will take a while to try.

  • TW Johnson
    TW Johnson

    "Here he comes! Hide!" "Act like your already open!" "When he opens you I'll hide behind you!" "Who says he's gonna open me--HEY...Help!" *CLICK* "Hide me hide-- *CLICK* --me."

  • Mandrake

    I can imagine right now that all of the lock makers in the world are looking online and thinking... wait a second, we're about to have an entire army of these guys. He's been training them for years, and now he's providing them access to the tools they need to ALSO show everyone how inept we are... ah crap. We gotta get back to work fellas.

  • Selim Ayachi
    Selim Ayachi

    if one day lpl was to be assassinated, we have a good idea on who to suspect

  • Ruby Script
    Ruby Script

    I had dreams of being a locksmith and making locks, but this guy's out here ready to kill that dream

  • Vantia Love
    Vantia Love

    This is embarrassing 🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂😂

  • Lars

    RIP Master Lock

  • I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
    I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages

    He should now rename the channel to lock picking locksmith.

  • Christopher Ford
    Christopher Ford

    Those friggin' locks are protecting the 40,000 dollars of equipment in my trailer????

    • Christopher Ford
      Christopher Ford

      Just in case you have any ideas, the stuff is huge and heavy and very difficult to sell... haha.

  • Toby Hang
    Toby Hang

    Everytime this guy upload Masterlock stocks drops about 10%

  • KuraMad2000

    Sooo.... this was a PSA, and a product sales demonstration? Damn that's cold.... Also laughable that the master key for this particular lock is a friggin comb pick.....

  • Shmuel Kligman
    Shmuel Kligman

    Watching comb picks feels so much worse than anything else. Good god, just seeing it open like a key hurts.

  • theaberrantdon

    He only took 69 seconds to pick the 10 locks and that is with him stopping after he pulls out the keys to show us that they are all different. He could have done it without the keys in and zipped through them all much faster. He just wanted to show us that all the locks were different, which took more time than actually picking the locks.

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard

    Affirmative Action lock engineers strike again.

  • Ganimede

    No, no, no. This is not masterlocks fault. They have to design it this way. It's the same as encrypted communication. The government demands company's to allow easy access to encryped/locked assets for rightful institutions. It's just that politicians wont care or understand that technical implementations cant check for rightfulness and a backdoor is a backdoor for everyone. So now hand over all combs to the NSA.

  • f3nixfire

    Well.....never buying a master lock again....Keep this up and they're gonna be out of business

  • Kinze Sutton
    Kinze Sutton

    Masterlock speedrun any %


    Locks that require keys are absolutely obsolete now!

  • Ivan Kocher
    Ivan Kocher

    The locks *were* secure, just because a picking tool was not manufactured and easily sold. Security by obscurity to a new level.

  • Ian Moores
    Ian Moores

    Oh wow, that's a type of lockpicking I think even I could do.

  • Keith Newton
    Keith Newton

    It's an emergency I need these 10 locks picked ASAP here are the keys. Never mind I've got it.

  • Fun Sized
    Fun Sized

    I kept thinking about the scene on The Office where Michael has his list of jokes and he's just going "Boom, roasted!" 😂 *pulls key out, opened in two seconds* "Boom, roasted." Repeat 9 times.

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    I found on of these locks in a drainage ditch, I figure the rain opened it and washed it away.

  • Bundis

    looks like someone lockpicked the warehouse where they store stock for covertinstruments as there is nothing in stock.

  • Ed David
    Ed David

    There sold out

  • Simon Joseph Conrad
    Simon Joseph Conrad

    I'm glad this dude is on our side. For now...

  • InfinityAce

    Lock picking speed run

  • Orri

    Hey, LPL, you should add a pre-order feature when you're sold out of a product so that you can get an idea for how much you should get produced

  • Billy Squared
    Billy Squared

    So WHY are you making it easy for the scumbag thieves?!@!!

  • Snowflake Melter
    Snowflake Melter

    Ya but brush keys come in many sizes, to pick the right size requires experience

  • Richard Morphies
    Richard Morphies

    Locks are only to keep a honest man honest.

  • Gael Connan
    Gael Connan

    Urgent security alert! this has been going on for many years.

  • Daniel Schädler
    Daniel Schädler

    Literally took you longer to take the old key out lol

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay

    10 locks 60 seconds thats lpl for you

  • Fashionable Bloodfallen
    Fashionable Bloodfallen

    this guy literally owns a skeleton key from video games.

  • Paul Tish
    Paul Tish

    Please, is there a way to fix this issue? I paid $40 for this piece of 💩! Maybe changing a cylinder or the lock itself?

  • B Pace
    B Pace

    Everything at covertinstruments is sold out.

  • PNW RC
    PNW RC

    Shame on the mess! Master Lock, I thought better of you, as a brand!

  • Kevin Lee Smith
    Kevin Lee Smith

    Companies are not stupid. So there must be another reason. My suggestion is that the CIA and/or fbi have told them to make locks with deficiencies so they can get in and put whenever they want.

    • LockPickingLawyer

      @Kevin Lee Smith That’s fair. Anything is possible. But I doubt gov’t folks would be paying me to teach them this stuff if they were the masterminds behind it.

    • Kevin Lee Smith
      Kevin Lee Smith

      People doubted a lot about the CIA and NSA until Snowden exposed it all. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” - Goebbles

    • LockPickingLawyer

      I doubt it, but it's interesting that you should say this... there are reports that the Ministry for State Security (Stasi) in East Germany required that all locks sold be vulnerable to this attack. While I've never been able to obtain confirmation of this, I have seen Stasi lockpicking kits, and they do include quite a few comb picks.

  • curlyvideos

    The core itself isn't vulnerable to the comb attack, just the combination of core and pinning. He makes this problem sound unfixable. Just add an extra driver pin to one of the stacks, as a spacer; problem solved. If you already own this lock, call your locksmith and ask how much they'd charge for one pin. LPL isn't here to shame the industry if he doesn't care exactly how easy it would be to fix this problem at- or after- the design phase. Don't say you're here to educate consumers if you're only educating pick-buyers, not lock-buyers.

  • uh huh
    uh huh

    Masterlock will go bankrupt at this pace; They must hate him...

  • hill billy
    hill billy

    So what you are saying is a mean Doberman pincher and a shot gun are the only way to secure the jobsite porta potty

  • hill billy
    hill billy

    Well at least I know I can throw away that bundle of master keys I have and just use a comb key...

  • Lou Tenant
    Lou Tenant

    "This is the lock picking lawyer, and what your about to see is an absolute fucking disgrace"

  • Sk Basiruddin
    Sk Basiruddin

    Lockpicking lawer's burns are hotter than sun

  • DSG

    Is it time yo short Fortune Brands ?

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    “You may be wondering why no one has ever noticed this issue, and that’s because it wasn’t one until today... introducing the new comb pick series on lockpickinglawyer.com.”

  • matthew weaver
    matthew weaver

    10 locks in 65 seconds. way to go master lock! 😆

  • Lock pickings Gal
    Lock pickings Gal

    I wish I wish I wish that they weren’t sold out😭

  • Al Jones
    Al Jones

    The “why” they make them this way is simple: it’s cheaper.

  • Chewligan

    Wow 10 puck locks picked in about 110 seconds - an average of approx 11 seconds per lock. Awesome. Shameful flaw.

  • Anime King
    Anime King

    I'm more interested in the fact you looked at the key before picking the lock.

    • LockPickingLawyer

      @Anime King that makes no sense. knowledge of bitting does NOTHING to aid in comb picking...

    • Anime King
      Anime King

      @LockPickingLawyer thats not what I saw. Taking a few seconds to look over the key gives you knowledge of what you are going into.

    • LockPickingLawyer

      What I did was show YOU the key... susceptibility to this attack is influenced by both lock design and key bitting. But showing the keys, I was demonstrating to the more knowledgeable (and skeptical) viewers that the attack works of a range of key bittings.

  • kees 031
    kees 031

    I guess people should start selling comb picks instead of these locks - that will incentives companies like this to actually make and sell better designs

  • HappyQuails

    Why are these not burglary tools?

  • Vincent James
    Vincent James

    These locks could even be opened by the average thief!

  • X Lightcameradeath
    X Lightcameradeath

    I don't get it. I went to covertinstruments.com just to check it out, and literally every single thing was sold out. What's up with that?

  • Barboll

    Speed run be like

  • Eric Bruscoe
    Eric Bruscoe

    My lord!!

  • Steve Mercier
    Steve Mercier

    This is the most casual speedrun I've ever seen.

  • dash8024

    Thats funny, it'll take you longer to put the keys back in the right locks 😁

    • dash8024

      @Daniel Brownson 🤙

    • Daniel Brownson
      Daniel Brownson

      @dash8024 I was joking, too kinda. But I wasn't funny, sorry. I meant that the comb is now a universal key heh

    • dash8024

      @Daniel Brownson wheres your humor dude it was a joke. Gezzz he unlocked all those locks faster then someone who could but all the keys back in the correct locks.

    • Daniel Brownson
      Daniel Brownson

      why would he need to do that? He has a comb that works on all of them.

  • Genuwine6799G

    When I was with you I was but learner, now you are the master.......D Vader

  • TrapKing Productions
    TrapKing Productions

    Honestly just showing thieves how it’s done. And giving them the tool to do it. Yeesh. Might as well run no locks. LPL probably has a video for each lock.

    • Daniel Brownson
      Daniel Brownson

      @Charles Howard People don't get that locks are more about creating a barrier that will take time and effort to get past, not providing absolute protection (which doesn't exist). Thieves aren't paid by the hour, and they're not in it for the challenge; they want to be in and out as quickly as possible. If one place is proving to be too much of a pain in the ass to get in, they'll either break a window or move onto another target.

    • Charles Howard
      Charles Howard

      If a thief wants in your house he’s getting in with or with out the LPL. Aren’t you lucky you’re at least learning how the thief will get in, meaning you know not to use these locks.

    • Daniel Brownson
      Daniel Brownson

      So far I don't think he's picked the Bowley lock.

  • Mozi Gerund
    Mozi Gerund

    1 minute 15 seconds... 10 locks, same pick. Master.

  • 4033793939eog

    Ha ha throw the keys away and buy a comb.

  • Kristaps Sviklis
    Kristaps Sviklis

    How do you approach the situation of needing to pick a lock for the first time? I basically ran into situation where I was asked by my grandparents to help get into their apartment, because they didn't have a key. (I live down the block) I had some cheap ebay lock picking tools and had picked my own lock to the apartment once, but had no further experience, so picking a regular european lock took me like 15 minutes, but in the stress (because there was medication that needed to be accessed) I basically panicked and went through every tool I had until I got to lock gun (the one that hits all the pins at once) and that did the job. (I have watched a handful of your videos and you were basically the one that sparked some interest in me for locks....so..Thank You!) Basically what should I look for in the lock I'm about to pick?

  • Aleksandr A
    Aleksandr A

    It's time to create your own secure lock, Mr. LockPickingLawyer!

  • Master Ace
    Master Ace

    Are there nay locks worth buying at this point 😩

    • b1121

      Search for paclock

  • yhumpa

    you'd never pick my lock on my garage, its been outside for 22 years and rusted over entirely hehe

  • C’mon guys,it’s all ball bearings these days
    C’mon guys,it’s all ball bearings these days

    Well I guess I’m gonna replace my garbage master puck lock with a Mul T lock puck on my shed tomorrow,hopefully they’re better. Anyone know how they are?

    • b1121

      Get a paclock - puck lock design.

  • Pocket Sand
    Pocket Sand

    First few seconds of video "oh there's ten locks, the video will probably be like 5-6 minutes" *checks and sees that the video is **3:20* "uh oh"

  • Crethan21

    okay so I know that lot's of locks have design flaws and such but I don't think some petty criminal would know how to pick locks a well as you :)

  • TheMightyB58

    Master Lock - designed to secure stuff against honest people.

    • Guus van de Velde
      Guus van de Velde

      if everyone was honest, locks would not be needed in the first place!

  • Darc Devel
    Darc Devel

    I'm tempted to get a set of these. I bet they'd come in handy at work when there's a lock I need to open and the boss doesn't give me a key. Teach him to be lazy about key distribution.

  • Sonicopi

    Man picks every lock masterlock has and proceeds to then promote his brand. Hell yeah I’m buying one

  • Back Track
    Back Track

    Will you have the "Covert Instruments Practice Lock" in stock again? Thank you.

    • Back Track
      Back Track

      @LockPickingLawyer Thank you.

    • LockPickingLawyer

      Yes, soon... probably on Monday

  • StudmcMuffin

    The little pause after pulling out each key was so funny to me and J don't know why.

  • Moricon

    Literally everything is sold out on covertinstruments.com Bet they love you LPL :) I shall wait for restock, I want the companion bad :)

  • Jess Ryder
    Jess Ryder

    Hello LPL, any news when the restock will be on covertinstruments.com ? And is it legal to ship to 🇨🇦?

    • b1121

      LPL said after thanksgiving.

  • QuiznosBear

    Can you redily modify these? (Swap internals with a good LOTO/medeco or something else generally more secure)

  • MCM B
    MCM B

    This guy is so professional, he even stated that he has a financial interest in his lock-pick website when recommending lock picks from there.


    As a rookie, I had never even heard of a PUCK LOCK. The funniest part in the video is that they all had different key patterns but you open them all with the A SINGLE COMB. One size fits all PUCK LOCKS to infinity.

  • tarno89

    Well, it's safe to assume that Master Lock will sell the future locks without the key. New Keyless System

  • Ab B
    Ab B

    Would this be grounds for something like a class action suit against master lock for people that own these locks?

    • deck monkey
      deck monkey

      Only if it cost you something other than the purchase price. You can't sue McDonald's because their burgers suck.

  • Kyle Nelson
    Kyle Nelson

    LPL should definitely set some world records, Fastest time to pick 10 locks with a comb, Most locks picked with eating utensils...etc

  • Blizzard

    We need a new speedrun category that is Fastest time to non-destructively open 10 master locks

  • Di M
    Di M

    Dude you should be a security advisor for lock companies and get paid a lot of money instead of selling combs

    • Daniel Brownson
      Daniel Brownson

      some companies have asked him to weigh in on their stuff before, often before it hits the market


    Everything is sold out on the covert instruments website, when is the re-stock?

  • Nathan Fielure
    Nathan Fielure

    Given the current zietgeist, these lock companies will just lobby the government to make lockpicking videos and tutorials illegal. Making people ignorant is cheaper than making better locks.

  • connardman

    One minute and six seconds to open ten locks... You're a savage! I love it.

  • Adam Trembath
    Adam Trembath

    Wow wtf lol.

  • Bill White
    Bill White

    Every item for sale on Covert Instruments is shown as sold out.

    • Iam Dot957
      Iam Dot957

      You gotta pick your way in