[1187] Fake Book Concealment Safes Picked FAST

  • CheapShotFail

    LPL: makes the video family friendly because we can't talk about drugs Also LPL: opens a chastity cage for valentine's day

  • Luis Bastidas
    Luis Bastidas

    So... Can I have the Amazon link?

  • Solidus 316
    Solidus 316

    The puns!!!!!

  • J CC
    J CC

    My mom has several small dictionaries on her spice rack... now I understand why!

  • Sir Didymus
    Sir Didymus

    I really do love your very dry sense of humour.......

  • Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt

    Bruh the man said he locks his weed and herb up in them.

  • Justin R.
    Justin R.

    Michael Hunt huh,

  • Frank Grimes
    Frank Grimes

    Isn't that the Michael Hunt who's good friends with Michael Hawke?

  • Talker

    Very well played sir! Thanks for the pick and laugh

  • CuteyCats1234 Gaming and more
    CuteyCats1234 Gaming and more

    It felt weird seeing a lock I actually have just sitting on a bookshelf in a video

  • vitor klock
    vitor klock

    I have one of these and I lost the keys! Now i can open them and finally find what the heck is the shaky thing i forgot inside them!

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah

    Mike Hunt in Beaverfalls......lel


    why would anyone hide a weed



  • w00tb0ss

    LPL has got jokes. I laughed so hard. Hahaha

  • NoriMori

    I feel like the manufacturers could've done more to make them look like real books. When it comes to something like that, I'd be more concerned about how hard it is to identify than how hard it is to pick.

  • AwesomePow

    "Michael Hunt"

  • apolotary

    Hello Erlich my name is Mike Hunt

  • Shadow Cat
    Shadow Cat

    i would never hide my weed

  • TunMon

    When you got level 100 lock picking skills

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow

    Michael Hunt in Beaver Falls huh? heehee

  • Steve Libby
    Steve Libby

    Soprano's? Porky's.

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    Now pick fake taxi 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lemon

    plot twist: the herbs were really weed the whole time

  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper

    Absolutely dead pan 😆. Love it!

  • wlogan0204

    "i have no idea why someone would want to secure A weed"

  • Joe Daney
    Joe Daney

    I have one of these and it came with a mini lock picking book and a cheap 12 piece pick kit.

  • Harry Pk
    Harry Pk

    ‘Erb? You haven’t mastered your native (albeit borrowed) language yet, leave the foreign stuff alone. We don’t want you idiots messing up any other languages!

  • Oüber fox
    Oüber fox

    Holy crap the puns

  • Speggy

    I never understood small portable safes. Kind of defeats the purpose of the safe itself if it fits in the burglar's duffle bag.

  • John Bodoni
    John Bodoni

    I need someone to recommend a lock so I can secure my bacon grease.

  • David Medford
    David Medford

    The sarcasm in this episode is top notch!

  • Forcefield23

    Not only do these provide almost no security, they're also extremely conspicuous if you were trying to hide your low value cooking ingredients for any reason

  • Profatoe

    Do you have any videos showing a good safe? from watching your videos, would my best bet to get a fully digital safe?

  • 先生CherryPepsi

    I'd feel safer sandwiching my stuff in between the pages than using that

  • Kristov

    "why someone would like to lock up a herb" obviously we know it's about weed

  • Trash Compactor
    Trash Compactor

    "Well, we're going to expand his name to Michael Hunt" Me: ah yes. A man of true culture.

  • Martin Mead
    Martin Mead

    I hide my weed from my teenager

  • TAiiNE

    What about the version of this with a combo lock?

  • Alorand

    I always keep 20 dictionaries in my kitchen.

  • 12thMan Brett
    12thMan Brett

    lol he hid his weed real nice like

  • Singe Slayer
    Singe Slayer

    I would have fully expected you to hide a dictionary in these safes, had you not been suggested to put weeds into them

  • LadyZubat

    you gotta hide your weed so your stoner friends don't use it all

  • Joel Acosta
    Joel Acosta

    You will want to lock up your weed because so your kids can't get it

  • luke alpha
    luke alpha

    I mean considering the fact that the lock is fixed with a nut and threaded body you can easily open them with minimal brute force, just put a screwdriver in and twist, it's the same lock style used on cheap cashboxes etc

  • kofi rhodes
    kofi rhodes

    Bro the drug

  • M H
    M H


  • johnnie cameron
    johnnie cameron

    Hide your cornstarch

  • 3idjn7

    "Mike Hunt"... if that ain't a funny pseudonim, I'm a goat.

  • Cfurey

    Stupid puns are best puns. Shit really made me lol

  • Steve F.M.
    Steve F.M.

    Thanks loved it just loved it ,Weed and locks

  • Gabriel Ahimsa
    Gabriel Ahimsa

    the herb lol

  • joe buck
    joe buck


  • Lars Anonymous
    Lars Anonymous

    Oh I knew the comment section would be spicy

  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob

    *Beaver Falls* Joe Namath's home town! 0:11 0:11

  • Thane Krios
    Thane Krios

    Pun 100

  • Alex Maiers
    Alex Maiers

    Well, that was hilarious :D

  • Soundoffox_123

    No one ever realized this but "waving and jiggling" ; ) lol

  • Christian Lanctot
    Christian Lanctot

    Dill weed. Low value cooking ingredient. ROFL!

  • B226 T&J
    B226 T&J

    *Far Cry 5 intensifies*(Pastor Jerome) Also, When the quiet kid is told to read a book.

  • kapten kalsong
    kapten kalsong

    imagine not being able to open the locks again and losing your favorite herb :(

  • Alostor_the_great_ 05
    Alostor_the_great_ 05

    Just wait until you play scrabble

  • Bstachu TheUneatable
    Bstachu TheUneatable

    "I have no idea why someone would want to secure a weed" Done, just done

  • R P Poker
    R P Poker

    You don’t love weed ? 420 for life

  • landospook

    0:19 this had me dying

  • ana mora
    ana mora

    Micheal Hunt more like Mike Hunt

  • Maxjoker98

    It's for "protection" from other "cooks" that also want access to the "herbs".

  • ReMarX MagnuS
    ReMarX MagnuS

    Do they look at least sorta convincing as a book?

  • Julian Bueno
    Julian Bueno

    My friend uses one of these to store flour! Not sure why...he is intolerant to gluten

  • nEthing4Her

    LMAO the 'weed' & the 'herb' hahahaha. And the 'Mike Hunt' Porky's reference was great. uzload.info/fun/i52ko6Ksuq6C35M/video

  • Teddy W Gardner
    Teddy W Gardner

    Bruh that shit was easy clappage to get that weed!

  • TThomasPGH

    It took me longer to pick fresh herbs from the garden.

  • RPNeo

    I own one of these lol

  • David Liermann
    David Liermann

    Need ma weed homie Grab ma dictionary

  • Matthew Lucy
    Matthew Lucy

    Do you think this would be secure enough for my favorite herb, saffron?

    • Mnemonic

      hell no! locked drawer, personal safe that's at least worth a damn. even so, saffron's only worth locking up if you have more than 3g

  • Brody Cyr Babin
    Brody Cyr Babin

    Nobody's dill weed is safe now.

  • Александру Матеи Попеску Пилат
    Александру Матеи Попеску Пилат


  • Crazy Danish Hacker
    Crazy Danish Hacker

    Have you seen the prices of saffron and truffles? :-)

  • Dr.Mikizzle Therapist
    Dr.Mikizzle Therapist

    After seeing you gain access to the weed so quickly, it looks like you have a budding career as a lockpicker. I am surprised you didn't attack the hinge though- after all, everyone knows that if you want to use your weed the best way is to use the joint.

  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen

    “Low value cooking ingredients” I’m so glad I’m subscribed.

  • —{ Unassailable }—
    —{ Unassailable }—

    Weed = cannabis

  • Lil Duck
    Lil Duck

    LOL I have one of these

  • Good Believer
    Good Believer

    Can we just talk about how easily you rip into security is how easily laws and national security are broken... we spend so many trillions and hours trying to be safe and it just all seems like one of these stupid locks that can be easily exploited.

  • Good Believer
    Good Believer

    "no idea what you'd want to hide in here" glad to see lawyers have to live under lies 😂

  • themonkeyhand

    Both these dudes lost their keys and needed a way to open them up. Jonesin' hard!

  • Chiefkyle

    I have a fake Bible safe to hide my Devil's lettuce.

  • Michael Taurus
    Michael Taurus

    lol you could probably drop it the wrong way and it will open

  • rizendell

    I'd need a much bigger book for my weed, I mean my cooking herbs.

  • Donnie Azoff
    Donnie Azoff

    You can put your weed in the pot to cook it

  • Shadee

    They really did a half-baked job designing these locks.

  • Bastard Kitten
    Bastard Kitten

    Just imagine how useful those could be for hiding your personal stash of cannabis. Can't believe nobody thought of it yet.

  • Alex Sadovski
    Alex Sadovski

    You on drugs?

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    How Do u get a gigller

  • happi prod.
    happi prod.

    who tf hides their loud pack in a safe on the bookshelf ??

  • maybe arka maybe not
    maybe arka maybe not

    Am I the only one who thinks they actually sent herbs with the lock but he did not show it?

  • otrebor

    His favorite herb is rosemary omg,omg,omg, I feel so understood rn!!!

  • Jayson Wills
    Jayson Wills

    Them: "let's call the fake book the new english dictionary, no one will read it then." Me: "Call it Ready Player One"

  • J B
    J B

    What a pothead

  • Arthur Felipe Mückenheim
    Arthur Felipe Mückenheim

    Dill weed, is that a Beavis and Butt-Head reference?

  • Super Llama
    Super Llama

    When someone says herb they most likely mean marijuana