[1101] Ingersoll’s Clever 6 Lever Padlock Picked and Disassembled
[687] U.S. Military “Miracle Lock” with Ingersoll 10-Lever Core Picked and Gutted uzload.info/fun/e3aPaJq-04mDupM/video
[938] Ingersoll 6 Lever Padlock Picked uzload.info/fun/iHimiqGqkoegtXU/video

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    Nasty Dino

    I love watching the really well made locks maybe you should put it in the title if the lock is actually good

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    A neotenous lock!

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell

    LPL i want to make a holder for an ar15 to secure it in my home or car. Looking for a padlock to use. As always seeking a cost effective solution so the lazy thief will. Be foiled and move on to easier targets. Thoughts? Or even a suggestion of a lock? Thanks i enjoy your videos. Very shocking and informative. Gun lock laws lol a joke because gun lock makers always use lame locking devices. Manufacturing costs vs profit everytime lol

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    Vikash Kumar

    Is every lock in this world is pickable ?

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    Eh? "top of the keyway"? On a dual bitted lever lock? You sure about that one LPL? :)

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    Sukaro De'core

    it took him about 50 seconds to pick so you know it's a damn secure lock.

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    Ok good Sir. Your video was a random selection given to me by UZload. I'm hooked. Thank you UZload and thank you Lockpick Lawyer. Good videos.

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    A microwave transformer will chat with it. No problem!

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    Can you make a video about how people that want to start trying to lock pick can practice, and other key concepts for lock picking?

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    "with some difficulty" so he used a sugar free red bull can

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    Have you ever picked a lock that's more than 200 years old? I'd like to see what locks from the 18th century and earlier really looked like.

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    Dildo one open next please. Thank you xxxxxx

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    so from what i gather, lock picking at a beginner level is just stabbing a lock open

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    LockPickingLawyer: Just picked up this one, it was brand new. *Pulls out beaten up packaging*

  • 《THUMPER》 Lock Picking
    《THUMPER》 Lock Picking

    Great fucking job bro

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    tom thompson

    Ingersol used to make the locks the army used on the armoury , thats a fair recommendation

  • Keelan Hollinger
    Keelan Hollinger

    so you mention some features that make it more pick resistant than normal, why arent these features (in particular the o-ring) common on locks today?

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    Can we all just say that this and mre Steve should be considered therapeutic 😂 the voices could calm anything

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    One of the most pleasant comment section on youtube belongs to a lockpicker! Awesome contents.

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    Hello, I've come here to watch and like your video. I'm also here to tell you that bigclivedotcom is now starting to pick locks. This means that you must start taking apart electronics and reverse engineer them and explain to us how they work.

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    exploding pineapples

    pew pew pew "Captain! They've broken through our main defenses! Get in the security bunker! Quick!" Inside the bunker: "Thank goodness we're safe." "What is that sound?" click click click scrape beep beep error "Uh oh..." "Hello sir, I've come here to inform you about a security problem with your door mechanism. I noticed that your 7 8-inch stainless steel doors with 16 lock and the 2 bio scanners at the end could be easily bypassed with my son's toy car."

  • MdMDmD

    Is it possible to design a lock mechanism that requires you to have the key in for the entire rotation? I'm just imagining a lock that you can't just pick once and open it, you have to maintain it for the lock to work. Would this make any difference to security?

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    omaewa moshindeiru

    Can you open any lock with bobby pin and screwdriver?

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    Hauptmann Offensichtlich

    So when are you going to respond to BigClive, show and disassemble a 4W LED light and reverse-engineer the circuit?

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    That is one Clever Lever Lock...........

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    John Boley Jr.

    See if you can do a video picking this lock. Please. uzload.info/fun/lHRoioad3J2dyGA/video

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    Found ur channel because PewDiePie mentioned it lol I watch it everyday now love the videos

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    The only lock he has not unlocked to us is his face. Conspiracy theory his face is a key which is why he is so good.

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    Nikolai Fedorav

    I love it that he has the ability to break into someone’s house but he is just so innocent, he probably won’t even hurt a fly

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    Alfredo Obregón

    Lockpickinglawyer what do you recommend us to buy for our house main door? Just saw a video of you openening and ULTRA safe in 20s...i mean, please what would keep my house safe?

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    Martin Matias

    this one looks pretty good.

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    duck that Scots on scooter

    Why does he sometimes sound like a dentist

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    As it Should Be

    i think the o-ring is for rain water block purpose and not intended for picking block, lol.

  • American Striper
    American Striper

    I have some padlocks that appears to be made of brass or bronze. I been wondering how to disassemble them but got nowhere. Maybe you can be of help by posting video explaining this?

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    This guy doesn't even need to pick locks if he wanted to steal something. He'd just have the key for it laying around somewhere.

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    Could anybody tell me if it would be possible to pick a disc detainer core with a small screw driver and a tensioning tool?

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    LPL can u help me get into my crushs heart so I can finally be with her? :(

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    Did you ever think your life would revolve around making videos about your hands opening locks?

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    This guy's house more secure than a bank

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    *I'm looking for a good way (padlock?) to protect my eBike, but after seeing fifteen of your videos, I'm really discouraged.😞 According to your expertise, which product would you recommend?*

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith

    Is there a video where the Lock Picking Lawyer talks about how he got into this and learnt it? How did he get started? Was it from a client? Was it just an interest?

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    Owen Brown

    Was there ever a lock that you could not pick? If so, what video was it?

  • Nezumi

    Huh. I haven't watched all the videos, but I don't think I've ever seen him take that long to pick a relatively normal padlock like that. Good design. (I have seen him take longer on weird specialty locks, but this is just a basic padlock, albeit with some solid pick resistance.)


    I wonder if there is any.....tension between him and Mrs. Lockpicking lawyer.

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    Julian Markau

    Why do you make your video number binary? :-(


    I always liked these Ingersoll locks!


    How do you know so much about locks and always sound so smart

    • james yeung
      james yeung

      he did mention in an episode that he got a lock from his uncle as a child that made him interested in them so it's likely a life-long passion project

  • SuperAWaC

    I would be interested in seeing more videos about locks you have trouble with, and why. It can be a bit hard to stay motivated to watch when the result is a foregone conclusion.

  • IMBlakeley

    I worked for a couple of different telcos that used Ingersoll locks, I think those were the 10 lever ones, they were liked because they were believed secure, defo were tough as hell to cut and they had a hierarchical key system. A key would open only lock, sub-master a key that would open the locks in an area and a master key that would open all the locks in a range.

  • malthex larsen
    malthex larsen

    What does the 18000th mean?

    • John Davis
      John Davis

      Thickness of the pick is 18/1000 of an inch. It's a pretty standard size.

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    Guns and roses should watch this so they can stop knockin'

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    Man that's a cliffhanger if i ever heard one

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    Menachem David

    Wow, nothing bad to say about the lock. Three passes over the pins to pick it open. It’s not unpick-able but it looks like a good quality lock.

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    Try to use a core puller on it, or an older one if you like

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    Christopher Vibert

    How did you get the pin out?

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    I always look forward to these videos, even if I'm not talented enough to pick these locks yet. It's very cathartic and relaxing to keep these videos up on autoplay for some reason

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    His ex-girlfriend must of let him get in her back door again, his videos are much more tame lately

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    I’d like to see this man’s front door locks.

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      LPL video 527. uzload.info/fun/bH2imnypt6qupmA/video

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    Dude why are you picking locks dude go rob someone or a bank god dang you can pick almost anything df

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    Expert of Lizard Corrugation

    I'm not particularly knowledgeable on lever locks, but i'm curious if it would be accurate to think of them a bit like a disc lock?

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    LPL - seems Big Clive's muscling in on your territory :-D uzload.info/fun/jGyDh6uqrK2gy6M/video&lc=UgyjSrd7TmibVkNjffB4AaABAg.990lkDsVxjH990pAGQ3MZW You may need to "lawyer-up" to fend off the opposition (or alternatively start dismantling interesting though dangerous Chinese electronics!)

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    That's a really brilliant design. Thanks for showing it to us.

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    I live in Poland. I wanted to buy a gun. I cannot. So I wanted to buy a crossbow instead. I cannot. All right I thought I would buy a knuckle duster but I cannot too! I gave up. Finally I found this channel and I decided to buy lock pick and ultimately have some fun. BUT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO BUY EVEN LOCK PICK!!! WTF!!!

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    The box claims 5000 key differs. I don't really understand how that's the case. If we assume that there are 4 positions for each of the six levers, that's 4096 differs. If there are 5 positions for each of the six levers, that's 15625 differs. Neither of those numbers is particularly close to 5000. Maybe one lever has 5 positions and the others have 4? That would be 5120 differs.

  • Laird Cummings
    Laird Cummings

    I very much recall the *old* ten lever Ingersoll locks from my time in the Nav. Weapons and ammunition lockers, magazines, and pyro storage lockers, especially, had these monsters on them; usually in a blind shackle housing that made a direct attack on the shackle... *difficult.* If you *had* to brute-force the lock, bring an industrial angle grinder or a torch. And hope you don't set off the contents.

    • Dan Powell
      Dan Powell

      what did they do for drill resistance?

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    ok 3 mins plus, it must be good

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    Yes I like the video and I really like this lock. They went above and beyond to design something great here. 👍👍👍👍👍

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    A Friendly Wizard who likes collecting heads on MC

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    Now I can lock pick the guns my family hides and shoot stuff yay 😀

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    I wonder if he knows that many heavy machinery are using the same lock for example STILL and LINDE is using 802 locks on pallet trucks, diggers and excavators usually have the same lock too and the keys are available online for just couple bucks

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    Defaultz Enabled

    You should start ranking the locks you pick "easy intermediate hard"

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    Very done done, great feeling when they do pop. Great video 📹

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    I would love to see how to pick a type of lock called a "Реечные замки". It's a type of lock mainly used in heavy duty situations in mostly russia. In english it translates to "rack locks" and it opens and closes with the key acting as a gear where the teeth fit together and the other side is attached with a spring... It's hard to explain. A guy made a video about it already but he wasnt able to pick it. but if you google "Реечные замки" it is easy to see the mechanisms... i'm just rambling now... I'll stop now

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    Doggie San

    Do you have a video of the locks you recommend?

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    Leo Smith on Bass

    AND this is the first time I've seen him actually using an actual key!

  • Leo Smith on Bass
    Leo Smith on Bass

    OMG IT TOOK HIM 50 SECONDS TO OPEN THIS ONE!!!!! This must be a GOOD lock!!

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    Hey, I found a "lock" for you to pick! :P uzload.info/fun/loaipqW20oKLknU/video A commenter even mentioned you on the video. lol

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