[1161] Breaking Into The “Fort Knox” Gold Vault... Kinda.

  • Tim

    LPL has more toys than Batman and 007 combined.

  • Jake_g_44

    A frontier safe was so easy to open with a screwdriver lol

  • Andrew Van Atta
    Andrew Van Atta

    When I was a kid I had one of those Fort Knox safes. You could open it by just spinning the dial in the same direction for about fifteen turns.


    The US Treasury was reportedly "compromised" already a couple of months ago. I haven't heard anything about the real Fort Kox. If Fort Knox was ever "picked", the US government would just order some (US) money from China to replace what was stolen.

  • Zachery Clark
    Zachery Clark

    I have/had a red Fort Knox. I have no idea where it went, but now I really need to know where it is.

  • bounchofbeaners


  • mastershake42019

    Just gonna casually pass over the amazing spring loaded punch he just used! I want one!

  • MrDhartz

    I used to open my brother's safe the same way, by pulling on the dial while turning it. 😂

  • Corey the Zebra
    Corey the Zebra

    Its payday fellas

  • G KP
    G KP

    its funny .. but i imagine the real fort knox vault also has exposed hinges

  • Kenboi_808

    Face Reveal?

  • NunyaBusiness

    you should be able to open that fort knox safe by just continually twisting to the right. I had a similar one as a kid.

  • Chase Curtin
    Chase Curtin

    I have the Fort Knox one in red

  • Cvejox games
    Cvejox games

    This must be one of his most wholesome videos and i love it

  • Murphy Bros
    Murphy Bros

    So, me and my brother had one of these and it broke when I stepped back onto it and it snapped.

  • Quiz UK
    Quiz UK

    I had one of those as a child and that's exactly how I opened it, I figured it was quicker than doing it the correct way, lol.

  • XexcellX

    I guess breaking into fort knox is easier than breaking out

  • Hey_You_Orange_Guy

    "Now is the time to share the loot with ms.lockpickinglawyer" That makes me have a flashback to the christmas outfit for her. 😂

  • shitpostatus


  • ダビスダグラス

    How much money are you getting from companies starting up in the lock business?

  • pikamaster1288

    This video randomly appeared in my recommendations, it's really weird cause I have that safe.

  • Mark Enfante
    Mark Enfante

    Hilarious 🤣

  • Gabriel Tobing
    Gabriel Tobing

    1:20 Lol, nice one.

  • jeffhreid

    LPL is video gold

  • Conner Dunford
    Conner Dunford

    I have one of those Fort Knox vaults and I didn't know the combo. Good thing I already knew figured out to just pull on it. Funny thing about it though, you can just turn in one direction since the dials on the back will keep spinning.

  • megaverner

    My grandma gave me a Frontier Safe filled with money when I was six years old, but she refused to tell me the combination. She said I had to do a bunch of chores before she gave me the code. I guess she was trying to teach me a lesson about patience and the value of hard work or something. I figured out the "pull and twist"- method in five minutes. She was shocked. Grandpa was amused and slightly proud.

  • Kim Rønhof
    Kim Rønhof

    I have a Safe-box with and old english dial lock - its a Chubbs Manifold Combination lock - I know that the system was used on an English destroyer (on the back was a label - Air Codes) and the number indicated, that it was an original British government manifold lock, with extra lead to make it impossible to read the combination with X-rays - can such locks be picked ?? and how - as all internal discs have to be lined up to open it .

  • Galactic Jewel
    Galactic Jewel

    lowkey all i did to break open into safes like that was to just twist the dial until it opened

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Does Mrs. LPL also pick locks?

  • D C
    D C

    Look at all those Bitcoins, lol

  • P0I8Y6R4W21

    Your voice gives me asmr

  • Tim Ypp
    Tim Ypp

    I remember having one when I was young in the 70s. I remember cracking the lock "feeling the click" as one slowly rotate the dial. Much fun..

  • theldrakis

    fans: break into "fort knox" lpl breaks a safe named fort knox. fans about to object but there is no way out of this one since technically lpl did as asked. me: ROFL

  • grndune

    Whoa! Blast to the past! I had that exact Fort Knox safe as a kid! It sat in storage and of course when I found it again years later I didn't know the combo. I did remember that it was full of coin rolls, so I busted into it the same way, (through the hinge, I think I used a wire hanger) but not before hammering, prying, and generally cussing that damn box! Funny the things we forget until an analog comes along to spark an old memory.

  • Kirk Wagner
    Kirk Wagner

    Do NOT destroy my childhood!

  • Flamermage

    If I'm ever gonna steal something of value I want you in my heist team LockPickingLawyer!!!

  • Ahad

    Solo the Pacific standard hiest.

  • Tymzr Achangin
    Tymzr Achangin

    Hmmm well I dont think you broke into anything here ... you just dialed the combination on the one bank and then simply pushed the hinge pin out on the other bank

  • Kristian Fagerström
    Kristian Fagerström

    Little known fact: Fort knox has filed a restraining order vs LPL

  • Silly Kitty
    Silly Kitty

    I had a yellow safe similar to the fort Knox one and it only needed 1 number so I litterly just pulled and twisted till it poped open

  • terrablade boss
    terrablade boss

    I had one of these, you can just turn it randomly to get in, no skills needed

  • MadmanMortonYT

    I have one of these things filled with coins and such. If they don't have the time to pry it open and carry it instead, it's going to make a lot of noise

  • Alejandro Díaz carranco
    Alejandro Díaz carranco

    Next one out: Breaking into Gringots.

  • dayton_ marsh
    dayton_ marsh

    The one person who you don't want to rob you

  • Ramba Ral
    Ramba Ral

    You've been chosen to break into fort knoxs You'll do fine in the end

  • benmisu

    The loot lord is coming :))))

  • 先生CherryPepsi

    I used to have the frontier safe as a kid lmao Mine was so cheap that the entire faceplate (including the door) would just come off if you pulled it

  • Phoenix Cheetah
    Phoenix Cheetah

    He finally broke into Fort Knox!!!

  • Mad Scientific
    Mad Scientific

    Had one of these as a kid. The pull and turn method is indeed right quick lol

  • Robert Casko
    Robert Casko

    My older brother had a green one like these in the 1980's. I figured out the first attack in my early teens, as I rifled through his wallet.....

  • vasantos2171

    Ok, this video is just straight up gangsta. 2 min, 2 locks, mic drop. Who needs UZload monetization?

  • David Reali
    David Reali

    I want to see your face and u should open a bank safe of your that good

  • matthew banta
    matthew banta

    I had a safe like the "Fort Knox" one when I was a kid. I don't think I ever remembered the combination. I think I thought spinning the dial slowly while pulling on the knob was how you were supposed to open it.

  • John Lawrence
    John Lawrence

    How many had those Fort Knox safes as kids?

  • big yikes
    big yikes

    that’s how i would open my brothers 😂

  • cody collins
    cody collins

    I won 5 dollars of a buddy openings one of those as a kid

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    F.B.I. gonna keep a closer eye on you now.

  • d'edsi

    Just look at the label at the bottom that tells u the combination :)

  • Dana W
    Dana W

    I have one of those. Various banks gave them out to kids to teach them to save. Mine is grey and has the pseudo hammered style finish.

  • j loos
    j loos

    vintage fort knox, this the one i owned.....nice

  • j loos
    j loos

    even i picked this as a kid too funny............

  • bombatomba77

    I had one of those Fort Knox banks when I was a kid. It used metal wheels with a notch cut in for each number in the combo (three numbers for three wheels) only the numbers started on the outside, so all you had to do was pull on the lock while spinning it and it would just pop out. No wonder I could never save money.

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris

    He didn't mention sharing the scotch or vodka with the Mrs... 😂 😂

  • barryb3940

    all the ones I've seen had the same combination 3-16 or 16-3

  • Valaha

    This dude is completely SAVAGE with this fort crap 😀🤙

  • Ismael Mundo
    Ismael Mundo


  • OptimusPhillip

    Wait a minute. The pins holding together joints on my Transformers action figures have a cross-hatched texture on them to keep them in place, which means that customizers have to strike pins multiple times to knock them out. You're telling me that real security devices, where the hinge is the only thing keeping your valuables from being stolen, just use standard smooth pins that only take one hit to knock out? The security industry is a joke.

  • Jean Lemay
    Jean Lemay


  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    So.. The Toy Safe took longer to open compared to the Original Safe?!

  • Spanky Harland
    Spanky Harland

    I hope the federal agents don't watch this video....

  • cokie cokester
    cokie cokester

    I had a fort knox safe as a kid, we used it for our club that we never had any money to put in it 😄

  • Ender Wiggin
    Ender Wiggin

    Lmao every time I see unprotected external hinges

  • Schuyler Hupp
    Schuyler Hupp


  • DougGlendower

    Re: The Fort Knox safe: NOW MY MONEY ISN'T SAFE!

  • Vincent Beers
    Vincent Beers

    I had the same fort Knox toy bank, but mine was in blue. I don't think I ever knew that combination, id open it the same way you did the first one by feeling for it. I used to keep the gold chocolate coins in it too. That had to be at least 40 years ago.

  • PsyMongazoid

    He didn't defeat the Fort Knox lock. He was scared and went for the easy option. Tsk tsk.

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams

    Wahoo! Chocolate!!

  • Chris Doyle
    Chris Doyle

    Please can you tell me how to pick every lock in the jail except the outer door lock so after I get time for breaking the gold safe I can pick my way out to almost freedom and have an extra 5 years added to my sentence.Thsnkyou LPL bye bye got to go got a meeting with my lawyer about the Master lock pick I did with a shive thanks for everything Deputy.

  • Hans Moleman Productions
    Hans Moleman Productions

    I had one of these and I buried it in my backyard filled with coins in a plastic trash bag, it is still there gaining value to this very day. Someday I will dig it up and be rich, going by my nine year old logic that is.

  • msamour

    Breaks into Fort Knox with a toothpick. McGiver waiting for him in the vault. "Man you are just as good as me! All I needed was a paper clip and some chewing gum."

  • SlayerofFiction

    I have a fort knox safe from when I was a child in the 70s. Friends would come over and open it just as you did the first one. They are good for show only. Have you read Alan Pinkertons "Thirty years a detective?" If not, please do, lots of lock picking and safe breaking from the 19th century.

  • Furrilicious101

    hey, I had one of these as a kid too. mine was blue and I pretty sure i did the same thing to open it XD

  • Pierre.W

    First vault i opened when i was child. Super easy at young age to figure it out even :p

  • Bobby Brooks
    Bobby Brooks

    Those toys don't deserve to be on this show....in life they are used either as toys or in places that REQUIRE a lip service type of compliance with laws and situations that are BUKJFHT from The start , for example laws requiring things that you would otherwise just store in a drawer or closet to be locked up. It's no different than signing a dozen legal papers you never read waiving your rights to this or that or agreeing to this or that rule.....it's as I've said before, lawyer doesn't understand the difference between ENFORCEMENT and over ENFORCEMENT or security and excessive security

  • Samuel Plyler
    Samuel Plyler

    I need to buy a child's safe like that so that I can say I broke into Fort Knox! :D

  • C B
    C B

    As a kid, I would open my safe by holding it by the dial (with the dial facing the ceiling) and then twisting the safe under it. First one direction until the safe dropped a 1/8 of an inch, and the the other direction until it opened.

  • themadwizard

    I had that same Fort Knox safe as a kid.

  • LilacDoe

    Good thing you opened it first or she would have used a destructive entry 😉

  • Rich M
    Rich M

    That was like taking candy from a kid!

  • Wayne McCuen
    Wayne McCuen

    Ummmmm, did breaking into Fort Knox take longer than opening a Master Lock?

  • Magicman8508

    In case your an IT guy and know your users often write their passwords on their displays, it could be worth a try to just look under the vault :D

  • Trooper Jaxon Walker
    Trooper Jaxon Walker

    That one that says frontier safe i have

  • Sean ¿
    Sean ¿


  • Jason

    Cool video

  • Furat Al-Samaraie
    Furat Al-Samaraie

    Going for the hinge isn't technically lockpicking though... I love your videos, and sharing the chocolate with Mrs LPL is classy. Thanks for your videos!

  • Sparkyplug Clean
    Sparkyplug Clean

    LPL is always the best two minutes of my week....

  • Wuhan Clan
    Wuhan Clan

    We know that isn't the real Fort Knox because it actually has gold in it, unlike the real Fort Knox, which is empty (or, at the very least, almost empty).

  • glidercoach

    Look at all that chocolate. It's good to be the lock picking lawyer!

  • Frontier Settler
    Frontier Settler

    I had one of these but in blue! I just twisted until it came open.

    • Frontier Settler
      Frontier Settler

      Oh, I just watched him do exactly that.


    Mine was gray, came from an old school dime store when I was 8.