[1161] Breaking Into The “Fort Knox” Gold Vault... Kinda.

  • Lewis Taylor
    Lewis Taylor

    As a kid I had one that looked just like the 2nd one, and I always opened it up the way LPL did with the first one..... ahhh memories.

  • Cornflake0750

    Me seeing a new LPL video: "Yay !" Lock companies seeing a new LPL video: "Oh crap !"

  • Moonbutters

    This video makes me especially happy for reasons I don't understand

  • Pyrothebored

    ....im visiting home right now, and i kinda wanna find my "Frontier safe" i got from god knows where, prolly some arcade or something? I know I got it in my old bedroom somewhere lol...

  • Robert Reynolds
    Robert Reynolds

    Cool mo dee

  • Chris Kirby
    Chris Kirby

    I had one of these safes as a kid, and still have it. I figured out even as a 10 year old how to crack it open.

  • krvnjrcbs

    Just steal my girlfriend already

  • Expanse Noir
    Expanse Noir

    if that's what i think it is, my sister had one. she forgot how to open it. i popped it with a screwdriver

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    These are dead easy

  • Nigel Nigel
    Nigel Nigel

    I had a similar one when i was little, i forgot the combo so used my dads flat head to pry it open. I still use it for my piggy bank today, memories!

  • Platypi007

    Pretty sure I had that same "Fort Knox" safe as a kid and figured out how to force the lock just like you did on the first one.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5230

  • gunnar Hassing
    gunnar Hassing

    LPL gets to the second lock. “Screw the lock. Remove the hinge pin”

  • Ruben Devereaux
    Ruben Devereaux

    That spring tool is the coolest thing I've seen

  • Male Drakh
    Male Drakh

    The cadence of your voice is remarkably similar to Robert Picardo (actor best known for playing the Hologram Medic on Star Trek Voyager). Does anybody ever ask you to say "Please state the nature of the medical emergency"?

  • Marvin Berry
    Marvin Berry

    THAT WAS CHEATING!! Did Fort Knox actually beat the LPL? 🤣

  • Nikolozka

    Seriously fort knox? seal that god damn hinge pin

  • edflinkinp

    When he used the spring on the "Fort Knox" safe, THE HUMILLIATION.

  • Harry Drew
    Harry Drew

    I used to have the black one and I used a pin to push out the hinge pin

  • RogueWraith909

    One of the engineers I worked with a few years back had a tool box that he claimed was "not cheap trash like mine" and basically insulted me to the point of mild annoyance... I used the hinge attack on his toolboxes two hinges and it was open within 30 seconds... he wasn't impressed when he looked at my cheaper one and realised the same thing could not be done to it. I thought it was hillarious! Don't think he got a refund on his toolbox either :)

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    Has anyone ever seen the LockPickingLawyer and the MouseTrapMonday guy in the same room together? I haven’t. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Owen the Slug
    Owen the Slug

    I had that Fort Knox safe as a kid & don't think I remembered the combo for more than a week, but I loved the safe enough that I used if for years. I just opened it like you opened the first one. I just figured that was a "feature" of the safe so us dumb kids who forgot could still get in.

  • Minalkra

    I was watching Ashens and he received a 1994 J.C. Penny toy catalogue that he was flipping through it when lo and behold, there it was. Fort Knox toy safe. Link for any interested: uzload.info/fun/Z2mXhWedw7GqtJs/video A bit different - gray instead of gold and with two hinges instead of one but in general, about the safe idea. So they were selling them into the 90's at least.

  • Henry

    0:46 made me crack up. LPL lowkey has great comic timing

  • Aegis Electric
    Aegis Electric

    There needs to be an effort to send you to the real Fort Knox. Besides maybe a tour, never going to happen, but it'd still be fun.

  • Spanky Harland
    Spanky Harland

    I love these little safes because they are so easy to open. they look impressive but I use them to store my contraband.....

  • Iamonepercent

    Could you recommend any good safes for use in the house? Doesn't have to be specific, but would like to look into some brands that cant be opened with a N52 magnet instantly.

  • CM Rosary
    CM Rosary

    I loved this thing as a kid. Sure wish I still had it, so I could give it to my son.

  • thejumperkin

    "we're just going to knock out this hinge pin" - That was the first thing I thought of, probably within a second, when I saw the thumbnail for this video. I was a little surprised you didn't lead with that approach I am curious exactly what you are able to see through the gap with the other lock, though; You didn't cover that!

  • Downtown Indy
    Downtown Indy

    I had one only it was labelled 'Diebold' and was grey.

  • joeconsumer

    More gold than the real Fort Knox, as President Rragan's Gold Commission discovered. That gold was given to the (privately owned) Federal Reserve Bank as payment on the interest of the national debt.

  • Brochtune

    Sweet Delicious GOOOOOLLLDDDDD!

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams

    I had the Fort Knox safe as a kid

  • Eric Woytasek
    Eric Woytasek

    You should have used explosives.

  • Jonathan K
    Jonathan K

    So he is Jewish?! Aha!

  • MrErichonda30

    I had one of these as a kid. Wish my mom saved it.

  • Navoii Gamer
    Navoii Gamer

    goddamn kyle

  • Bart Massey
    Bart Massey

    I had one of those safes as a kid. I was frustrated with the lack of security, and somehow talked my sainted Grandfather into knocking the lock off it and replacing it with a hasp and a keyed padlock. I still have it somewhere; guess I need to break in now using LPL MasterLock wizardry and see what I left in there.

  • Patriot1776

    Those gold chocolate coins probably have more gold in them than the actual Fort Knox lol

  • DecrepitOrigin888

    Where can i find one of them tools that knocks out hinge pins?

  • Live at the Auction
    Live at the Auction

    Growing up, my grandpa had a green version of that Fort Knox box that my siblings and I could open with the first method until we accidentally ripped the knob off. If only we’d thought of the second method; we could’ve retrieved our precious McDonald’s toys and shiny pennies...

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 deved

    heres an idea you make a video opening an acual bank vault maby a vault thats no longer in service or somthin idk

  • rick

    Somebody needs to " break " into Fort Knox . Expose the truth . Betcha the gold is gone .

  • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

    I haven't seen those gold coins in yeeeears. I used to get them at Christmas in my stocking when I was a kid.

  • The Point
    The Point

    You every notice his strategy is just like hitting things or wiggling around until he hears a click

  • Nick Lin
    Nick Lin

    Hey thats how i opened my high school pe locker lol

  • joekenorer

    This reminds me of the old Gold Coin condoms that came individually sealed in a tiny gold tin the shape of a half dollar. You had to fold the coin in half and the condom would come out. Thanks for the, uh, memories.

  • missyd0g2

    LBL well we left out keys to our fire safe box in AZ. Came back and needed to open it. Then I remembered some of your tips and tricks. In less than 15 minutes I open it. Gave my wife her birth certificate and our marriage license. Our son was staying at this home while we winter in AZ so there was emergency funds of $120 in it. He had the second key and moved for his internship. She took the emergency money for a dinner out.

  • Kevin2382

    I used a butter knife to pry on it then spin the dial back and forth back in 80’s

  • Mitch Addams
    Mitch Addams

    I have a gun lock idea it’s called the Zore X-gun lock it locks the slide itself and it’s chamber specific

  • iJennJenn

    “We’re just going to knock out this hinge pin....” literally how I open most “locked” things 😂😂😂

    • Vladimir Arnost
      Vladimir Arnost

      Judging by the scratches above and below the hinge on the Fort Knox box, the pin went out and back in multiple times...

  • Aidas Baranauskas
    Aidas Baranauskas

    he broke into the real fort Knox to dismantle and steal their locks

  • GenFox 1G
    GenFox 1G

    Sometimes lock picking isn't about the locks like what he did with the hinges

  • Kago Bonestalker
    Kago Bonestalker

    Wow, I didn't think a number click on anything could be louder than the ones on college gym lockers.

  • Carson Fujita-Turnbull
    Carson Fujita-Turnbull

    I saw the hinges and I knew exactly what he was gonna do

  • gut holz
    gut holz

    Gold? No. Chocolate. Even better. Gold can buy lots of chocolate. Doh!

  • BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    That has to be the most devious way to get into a child's piggy bank, removing the pin.

  • demonpride1975

    honestly the second one, kinda sounded a bit like cheating, i was hoping to see you actualy get into it the normal way. even if these locks were a bit basic.

  • Juhan Rodrik
    Juhan Rodrik

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :) (y) Good one ! :) Fort Knox more like Fort Knocks :) :D

  • A Castro
    A Castro

    The first lock I picked was a lock on one of these safes

  • Ian Rajkumar
    Ian Rajkumar

    came for the lock picking knowledge, stayed for the laughs

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown

    i had that yellow safe as a kid, if i was to guess id say its from 1984

  • MythicalLazySans gosh
    MythicalLazySans gosh

    This dude just broke into fort Knox and no one noticed

  • John Jones
    John Jones

    I had that exact yellow safe as a kid.

  • Guy Smith
    Guy Smith

    The Fort Knox safe I had as a kid was simply to open. You just pulled on the dial while spinning it back and forth.

  • Delight

    keep up the great content

  • hazmat unit
    hazmat unit

    Sledge hammer go crunch

  • Duckman1616

    That's actually pretty cool that the guy sent him all those chocolate coins. xD

  • Isaac_

    I've had this safe since I was a kid! It holds all my coins that I've collected. Used to hold my "special" stuff too so my parents wouldn't find it lol.

  • sg1aprophis

    next thing for LPL to do: Break into the White House or Pentagon!

  • Alex Blackburn
    Alex Blackburn

    That Fort Knox looks vintage!

  • Sidwirb

    This is surprisingly wholesome

  • Scotland Rhainds
    Scotland Rhainds

    This man could break into the real fort knox with those skills

  • Cloel

    That guy was brave sending chocolates out of Texas

  • Tim Sadtler
    Tim Sadtler

    Well I can open safes! Huh? Closing?? Let’s ignore that... heh...

  • Dj Waltzz
    Dj Waltzz

    hit 2 mil!

  • Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe
    Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe

    Woo hoo!!! I guessed the gold was chocolate!!!!

  • Deivid Rock DEV_TIDM
    Deivid Rock DEV_TIDM

    I challenge you to do that at the real Fort Knox in a live stream

  • Bokkie Sokkie
    Bokkie Sokkie

    My 6 year old is crying right now

  • Luckless

    Chocolate, my favorite type of treasure

  • snoop doggy dog
    snoop doggy dog

    Break into fort knox and pretend or don't think this is a suggestion

  • Mike

    I used to have one of these! And I learned to pick it by feel :)

  • ucity metalhead
    ucity metalhead

    I know I've watched a lot of his videos when I looked at the hinge before he even said it.

  • Boss None
    Boss None

    it’s good

  • I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first
    I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first

    what i wouldn't do for LPL to open his own shop where he sells tools that he personally uses to lockpick, as well as locks that he thinks are the most secure. it doesn't even have to be a shop, just some tier list of all the best locks perhaps.

  • Brass Mountain
    Brass Mountain

    Dang why would the hinges be outside

  • Fiasshole

    a lockpicking lawyer would have enough gold for that thumbnail...

  • H u y K i m l e n g
    H u y K i m l e n g

    wait it all golden chocolate coin?

  • KushFriendlyXeX

    No point in breaking into the real Fort Knox, theirs nothing in it.

  • votekyle3000

    I sent you something?

  • dodgeplow

    there were common 40+ years ago. I recall several of them in my youth

  • warlockd

    I had, and still have, that Fort Knox safe. It was my first piggy bank as a kid. If anything it got me into lock picking. The safe mechanism is exposed so even as a kid you understand why you have to turn the dials in a safe the way you do.

  • Christopher Snyder
    Christopher Snyder

    chocolate to me is way more valuable than gold.

  • Todd Teagarden
    Todd Teagarden

    I had this as a kid! You can open it by pulling the dial and feeling the clicks!

  • Nick Wenzel
    Nick Wenzel

    Figures LPL has gold chocolate coins

  • Kip does Stuff
    Kip does Stuff

    We had a toy safe like that when I was a kid, never knew the combination, never needed it, lol.

  • Luiz Alex Phoenix
    Luiz Alex Phoenix

    One of these days: "Alright, guys. Today we are at the National Reserve's hidden vault and there are, frankly, some unforgivable errors just from looking at it."

  • phoenix6969zerotwo onlyonpsn
    phoenix6969zerotwo onlyonpsn

    Ohhh these are easy, I was opening these at 8

  • SpieleMaus HD
    SpieleMaus HD

    What's that thing he used there?

  • Demistic

    Honestly, if you can use a hinge pin exploit, I wouldn't consider it a "seriour" security device. Frankly, those toy safes seem more secure than most of the gun locks you've shown... Wait, were they made by MasterLock?