[1192] Cuban Cigars Secured In An Electronic Smartphone Locker

  • DrunkTruck

    lol the dude probably sent you that so he could pick that at home when someone locks his sigars for his own good

  • ItsOnlyGenjutsu

    Everybody but Brian gets to ask questions XD

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Christian Peters
    Christian Peters

    Good thing Cuban cigars aren't worth smoking anyways, makes breaking into this not really worth it.

  • Foxtrot Bravo
    Foxtrot Bravo

    Nice. Those look like $1 cigars though.

  • Kaiimei

    "So, how many screwdrivers do you have?" Most people: "Oh I dunno, like 5?" LockPickingLawyer: "Yes."

  • Pearl of the Internet
    Pearl of the Internet

    For the 1% people who see this, god bless you and stay safe. You are a smart and awesome person.

  • Rok Mun
    Rok Mun

    Get a mask a smoking jacket and a butterfly knife and you'll be saying "Mentlegen" in no time

  • smash rc
    smash rc

    "Yelo I.T." "have you tried turning it off and back on again" *HANGS UP*

  • cheeta

    Everyone gangsta till you hear “this is the lockpickinglawyer” outside your door

  • Jake Man
    Jake Man

    I was bouta say chainsaw then he said non-destructively

  • Khristoffer Smith
    Khristoffer Smith

    LPL needs to make some audiobooks.

  • ミィルク・チ[MiilkT]

    This is the lock picking lawyer............ And it's open This is stolen

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    Why can I get a package like that🤣🤣🤣

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard

    LPL: "Send me a case of Jim Beam that can't be opened."

  • Eric da' MAJ
    Eric da' MAJ

    My rule of thumb is that if it takes more than a 3 minute video for the LPL to open, it's probably a pretty good lock. Too bad I don't smoke enough cigars to make owning one of these worthwhile.

  • awful

    bruh you weren’t supposed to unplug it because obviously there’s no onboard memory/storage to remember the time.

  • Hound

    is he going to return those cigars to the sender?

  • Metalliquide

    If the battery was disconnected that means the countdown was reset and that's cheating

  • Metalliquide

    Inserts screwdriver in "it feels like the first screw is binding"

  • insert name here 2
    insert name here 2

    How to defeat technology: Just turn the dude on and off again

  • Zachary Rosenfeld
    Zachary Rosenfeld

    Whats the significance of [1192] in the title?

  • däytäräytätää tunturuntututuu
    däytäräytätää tunturuntututuu

    he had no time left when he opened the box :/

  • Brian Hiles
    Brian Hiles

    You are using your jeweller´s screwdriver incorrectly, _uh,_ suboptimally. Put an index finger on top of it, and use the remaining fingers to turn. Sounds like a small thing -- _and it is_ -- but once you break the muscle memory of your old ways, _you'll see._

  • Justin Kunkel
    Justin Kunkel

    "Sometimes it is good to be thr lockpicking lawyer." Heck yeah man.

    • xXtobster playzXx
      xXtobster playzXx

      I read this as he said this like i thought i was following a book as audio read for me

    • Logan True
      Logan True

      Unless you hate Lung Cancer.

  • Nuclear

    Goddamit, I watched the whole video to see you smoke one of those cigars...

  • Gabriel Santos
    Gabriel Santos

    Seriously? You just had to turn it off and on again for it to open? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I guess that IS the solution to everything!

  • Augustinus

    This plastic smartphone locker has better picking security than some gun cases XD That's somewhat sad.

  • Borj Burgos
    Borj Burgos

    i Love the precision screw drivers...

  • the noob king
    the noob king

    U arent a computer part lockpicker ur the normal lockpicker

  • Andrew Cruz
    Andrew Cruz

    Those cigars made my mouth water .

  • Lawn Bear
    Lawn Bear

    I would just comment that I appreciate the fact that you didn't try to "pick" the lock. You found a weakness and used it to your advantage. Fmart, very Fmart.

    • Purple Sweater Boi
      Purple Sweater Boi

      You misspelt the word “Kmart”. Dummi.

  • Niyath Jain
    Niyath Jain

    Gear box go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • louie renault
    louie renault

    does this count as a "cuban embargo"

  • Trevor S
    Trevor S

    Wonder if those Cubans where dry?

  • Ardent Drops
    Ardent Drops

    All of LPL's gifts are twice as expensive because the wrapping paper always ends up having mechanical parts.

  • Kevin Navitas
    Kevin Navitas

    With the wee little motor in the plastic housing, I'm surprised you didn't use your spinning magnet to turn the motor.

  • CompHjuler

    i had a solution allready at the start lul

  • Litibu

    why am I here?

  • AJ-89 Explore
    AJ-89 Explore

    How were the cigars and were they real Cubans ????

  • Leaf

    Cuban Cigars is technically illegal, but who in their right mind is going to enforce such an arbitrary & meaningless law.

    • Bit Bitch
      Bit Bitch

      No, the sale and distribution is. It’s perfectly legal to bring them home from a holiday.

  • Technology Worldtok
    Technology Worldtok

    인터넷방송 수위중에 수위 젤높은거 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI는 예전부터 유명했고 갑자기 로즈ㅌIㅂI 어서오고 그냥 둘다 보면 존슨헤드뱅잉함ㅇㅇ

  • Bachelors Gaming
    Bachelors Gaming

    ㅇㅇ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 믿거 광고인줄알고 안봤었는데 한번 보고나니까 댓글쓰면서도 옆에 창띄워놓고 보고있음

  • अच्छी बातें
    अच्छी बातें

    일단 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 무료인게 혜자줌마도 무릎꿇을정도임

  • FUNtastic Entertainer
    FUNtastic Entertainer

    ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 여캠들중에 내 이상형 bj고양이라고있는데 오늘 고백하러간다 응원해주라

  • Kang Valderama
    Kang Valderama

    하 진짜 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI에 빠져산다고 내 할일을 잘 못하네 끊어야하는데 안끊어진다 마약인가 싯팔

  • akhmad faisal
    akhmad faisal

    유튜브 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI치니까 진짜 좋은거 개많노 BJ고양이때문에 불면증 걸렸네 야발ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Think smart by SB
    Think smart by SB

    ㄹㅇㅋㅋ 요새 누가 vpn써가면서 야한거찾냐 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI보면되는걸

  • Princess L
    Princess L

    ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI가 뭐임 좀 같이알자 이럴땐 돕고 사는거라했다 ^^ㅣ발

  • Zaeby

    개ㅈ같은 군대 중대장한테 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 알려주니까 3박4일 포상휴가 주더라 개씹꿀딱

  • Unique Tanisha
    Unique Tanisha

    와 무슨 야도ㅇ도아니고 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 여캠들은 왜 항상 탈의하는걸 좋아하는거지? 노출증 있나

  • Farman Gamer
    Farman Gamer

    낚시터 갔는데 낚시하는 아저씨들 한손에 낚싯대 잡고 한손에 휴대폰들면서 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 둘다보면서 흐에엨 거리고 있던데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Doraemon Ajaib'
    Doraemon Ajaib'

    스님들도 사과TV랑 로즈TV 보고 타락해서 목탁 던지고 휴대폰 잡고 흐뭇하게 보고계시더라ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ도랏맨

  • Gamer VR Gamer Ritesh
    Gamer VR Gamer Ritesh

    야 너두 사과띠비 로즈띠비? 둘다봄? 야 나두^^

  • FactBoosterz

    솔직히 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 이거 ㄹㅇ 개별론지 알았어 근데 아니야 진짜 나믿어봐 내 부랄한짝 건다

  • Room Slayer
    Room Slayer

    LockPick: 100

  • romancandlefight

    Gotta say I'm also a fan of Bryan's package

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith

    LockPickingLawyer helping thieves since 2015

  • Jamil Bhageloe
    Jamil Bhageloe

    I would just brake that fucking thing🤣

  • G1zzG4zz

    I would just brake the hinges

  • aManCalledDavid

    Question. How were the cigars?

  • Darian

    lol just smash it open

  • Kiji 08
    Kiji 08

    Face revel

  • Kiji 08
    Kiji 08

    you could blow a lock up

  • Christopher Toole
    Christopher Toole

    Boy you got some ugly hands

  • DinaussarGaming

    "Sent in by Brian from Florida" Me: IS THIS BRIAN GLYNN FROM CIGAR OBSESSION?"

  • logan jenkins
    logan jenkins

    Are you gonna smoke the cigars?

  • soldier3335

    😆😆😆😆 that was hilarious

  • Nayeem Sheikh
    Nayeem Sheikh

    Dude, you messed up someone's self control... LOL

  • Oh Tassos
    Oh Tassos

    wouldnt a hammer also work?

  • Luna Is Sleepy :3
    Luna Is Sleepy :3

    This gives a whole new meaning to turn it off and turn it back on.

  • Axel

    Crazy how a novelty lock has better security and anti-pick measures than actual locks

  • harry Allen
    harry Allen

    If you still have those Cubans don’t smoke there fake

  • shaqtus 69
    shaqtus 69

    Those aint even real cubans

  • vmortyRB

    He gave him 42 hours and got it open in 3 minutes

  • zeheero

    LockPickingLawyer already fail the challenge, he said he wasn't going to use destructive force on the item but yet removes the rubber stickers at the bottom. lol

  • Okibdoki

    Technically, the timer ran out before you opened it. Or at least at the exact same time you opened it.

  • UnDeaDCyBorg

    😲 But by resetting the timer, he did NOT manage to open it before the timer ran out, didn't he?

  • Huey Jun
    Huey Jun

    Why can’t you just smash it with a hammer

  • Little Jonathorn
    Little Jonathorn

    Where the cigars real?

  • Gary Moore
    Gary Moore

    at first the gearbox was binding?

  • BryanSpencer7

    How about getting a pin of a needle in a hat stack.

  • Ted Parkes
    Ted Parkes

    Am I the only one who thinks the cigars would probably be dry and gross after spending x days in the mail?

  • Luke Schroeder
    Luke Schroeder

    I’ll do it non destructively... proceeds to pry off feet on the bottom

  • Vindikator A
    Vindikator A

    *puts security locker in pocket and walks away*

  • MrJustinpatrick16

    Need more videos like these verry cool

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez

    Anyone know the set of mini drivers he used?

  • Floppin N
    Floppin N

    Those Cuban cigars look a little fake but idk

  • R4zor's SlaughterHous3
    R4zor's SlaughterHous3

    This is how I imagine valve's developers created Valve anti cheat

  • Pistolated

    and then theres fucking Vy FUCKING Qwaint saying iM LoCk PiCkIng eXpErT

  • WolfWould

    Nuclear missile silo can't be overridden after launch code initiated. LPL - Turn in off and back on again Saves world. 🌎 🔐

  • Hunter Massey
    Hunter Massey

    oooooo them look like some good cigars

  • Bnate8

    “Sometimes it pays to be the LockPickingLawyer”... please, it always does

  • Joel Correa4108
    Joel Correa4108

    starts smoking the cigars after opening it

  • Raccoon

    *smash it*

  • Mauro y los Pichiruchis
    Mauro y los Pichiruchis

    those are PARTAGAS, my man...

  • o

    cigars, more like cigars ahahahahahhaha im funny

  • VorTeX RoBiN
    VorTeX RoBiN

    Your voice reminds me of johnny gargano

  • CocoREMA

    Me: *HAMMARS BOX OPEN* Also me: World record baby

    • Nurutomo


  • Wojciech D
    Wojciech D

    I'm sad to say that you have failed! You unplugged the power which caused the timer to go to 0 and that's why it opened. So technically you didn't open it before timer ran out.