[1103] NOVICE-LEVEL Attack On ULÄC “Magnum Force” Bike Lock

  • Braxton’s Life
    Braxton’s Life

    My grades are 0:13

  • MrEhimsel

    This is the scariest channel I've ever seen.

  • Nick Fury
    Nick Fury

    When the wave rake comes out you know the lock is crap


    1 minutes and 40 of talking, 3 seconds of actual picking

  • Tsuki Igarashi
    Tsuki Igarashi

    ULAC hmmmm...deja vu

  • Waterdust

    I do not approve of ads just after I gave appreciation for the lack OF them. Contemplate your ways.. do not follow the path of many others.. or else I fear your channel too will become like so many before & after you.

  • Hemanga Regmi
    Hemanga Regmi

    This lock is good I’m buying it I don’t care how easy or hard it is to pick as no theif would be botherd to pick a lock in public and all theirs are practically dumb as they have nothing else in there life to do so they decide to steal bike

  • all hail the cheeseball
    all hail the cheeseball

    anyone else misread the title as attack on titan

  • b li
    b li

    Novice? I think you mean a 3 year old baby.

  • Tess Brink
    Tess Brink

    You know it’s bad when “a novice picker” could get into it.

  • Abby Liu
    Abby Liu

    bad lock, 5/7

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan

    Are you able to pick the lock of marriage. The one lock no man can escape

  • Brad Chervel
    Brad Chervel

    "ULAC" proper security if you buy this lock.

  • PelDaddy

    Thanks for exposing this garbage.

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen

    The shackle design looks great on first sight. It should BE thick PA so most cutting tools might slide off. Thick and slick.

  • Cheshire Cheese
    Cheshire Cheese

    ULÄC a secure lock indeed.

  • The surreal McCoy
    The surreal McCoy

    Ironically, if you pronounce "ULÄC" in German, it sounds 'u lack'. nomen est omen.

  • Michael Wagner-Diggs
    Michael Wagner-Diggs

    FAST!!! Bad lock.... 🔑

  • Oscar


  • camelll7777 77
    camelll7777 77

    "5" means seconds to break in! Duh! It did what it was supposed to do!

  • GodEndByBlood

    My house key's are with dimples. And I've been told that's more secure than normal key's. It's also a lot more expensive to replicate these keys. Why are these not secure like 'advertised' and why are they so much more expensive to replicate? It can't be all marketing , can it?

  • Danny Cobham
    Danny Cobham

    Great vid LPL keep up the great vids. :)

  • Billys Corner
    Billys Corner

    but it looks beefy so that will be enough to put off more opportunist thieves

  • Brad Mamalis
    Brad Mamalis

    I can always tell how bad a lock is before watching by seeing how long the video is. This one must be awful.

  • evilution

    Clicks video, sees run time. This is gonna be bad!

  • Jason Terry
    Jason Terry

    Burned.🔓🔥 HA! Thanks for the review.

  • Giulio Rossi
    Giulio Rossi

    Alright- he’s mad. He’s not gently putting down his tools like he usually do, he’s literally gently throwing them on his desk- he mad

  • elsullo2

    ANOTHER revelation of shameless corporate GREED! It would add to my fun if you would mention the prices of these lemons?.......................elsullo

  • Zac Stone
    Zac Stone

    I was eating ice cream, looked down to take a scoop and it's already opened when I looked up....

  • D1yt

    I just thought about going into a super market and picking all the bad locks, so the thieves don't have to.

  • mark kravig
    mark kravig

    I hope you return most of these pieces of junk after you make the videos. Otherwise the lock company and the retail seller are making a profit from you.

  • Jiro Etens
    Jiro Etens

    It's almost the same video as [1097]. ULÄC needs to change something, I guess.

  • KJ6EPL

    Could you do some videos on locks you would recommend?

  • Joey Marino
    Joey Marino

    I love these videos, but I wonder if there are ever any locks that LPL recommends?

  • bonkybonk _ow
    bonkybonk _ow

    novice lockpicking: pick novice level locks 20% easier

  • Jimmy Olano
    Jimmy Olano


  • Jakub Badełek
    Jakub Badełek

    I thought "pf! aluminum, it's gonna be faster to break it than pick it". I was wrong...

  • Lasse

    Opened faster than he could say“On the bottom and in the top“

  • Knightwing's Nerfworks
    Knightwing's Nerfworks

    If this is level 5, I wonder if level 7 is any better?

  • trevor law
    trevor law

    How many companies have responded to your channel?

  • madjh

    Level 5? So level 1 is a pice of tape? Funny label, Chinese and his sense of humor ...

  • Bjorn Roesbeke
    Bjorn Roesbeke

    Don't manufacturers test the pick resistance of their locks themselves?

  • Gavin Booth
    Gavin Booth

    Woah woah woah. Guys. What if it was a fluke? He didn’t check... (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

  • beeble2003

    "It would be hard to understate just how bad I think it is." You mean *overstate*. To understate how bad it is means to make it sound better than it is. If it's hard to understate, that means it's hard to come up with words to make it sound better, which implies that the lock is really good -- it's easy to say that the lock is awesome, so the lock must be better than awesome, for example. In contrast, "hard to overstate" means that you can't think of words that would describe a lock worse than this one, i.e., that the lock is very very bad.

  • Daz The Man
    Daz The Man

    Wiper insert? Make one on a video, my wiper insert is nothing like yours, neighbours why do the wipers dissappear off my car !

  • CraniumOnEmpty

    If LPL pulls out the pick and single pins it, it's at least ok. If he rakes it easy, don't buy it. I can rake, and I suck.

  • Deranged Chicken
    Deranged Chicken

    WTF - you raked it with its clothes on, have you no shame!!!

  • Andre P
    Andre P

    holy shit

  • Renan da Silveira Santos
    Renan da Silveira Santos

    Please test Decathlon locks! They are available in dozens of countries, so should be pretty popular worldwide.

  • Cronhauer

    Would love to see a LPLs top 5 bike locks :D

  • Jean-Louis Bourgeois
    Jean-Louis Bourgeois

    I facepalmed as soon as you said that the shackle is made of an aluminium and magnesium alloy... Why not make it out of Swiss cheese while at it, at least your have a delicious snack. Can't wait to see you cut it half with a child toy plastic saw.

  • LaJohnny

    So Mr Lawyer, which bike ULock do you recommend please? Could you please tell me? I am purchasing a bike and need a great ULock for the rear tire and the frame. Your help would greatly appreciated!

  • LordPadriac

    What we really need to see is a few locks you actually RECOMMEND or even one that defeats you that is commercially available. Right now I'm of the opinion that the only reason to keep my shed padlocked and my home doors locked is to cover the legal technicality to charge a thief or other intruder with breaking AND entering which Massachusetts state law won't allow unless the dwelling was locked. It seems to me that leaving my doors completely unlocked would be just as effective as locking them from what I've seen on this channel.

  • kilroy987

    Don't these lock manufacturers have any people who can test them against the usual methods of lockpicking? Yeesh.

  • Daniel Lukic
    Daniel Lukic

    I give this a 5/7. That's bad, this one time.

  • Rnyll Vega
    Rnyll Vega

    PLEASE put Amazon Affiliate Links 👍 I don't personally live where Amazon is the most accessible and convenient online shopping website but I'd like to see you supported more because of how legit you are 😁👍

    • Rnyll Vega
      Rnyll Vega

      You can just put it on locks where you can probably suggest it enough for us for the price and other variables 😁👍

  • superjugy

    Security level 1 is leaving the bike unattended and playing mind tricks. What if this bike is a bomb and they want me to steal it? What if it is a prank and I'm being taped?

  • oyze

    ok and one, t..... and done tbf their name is `you lack` ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Nenhuma idéia
    Nenhuma idéia

    0:11 "and the ugly"

  • elorz007

    Every single time I see how easy they open I cannot avoid physically doing the "pinching the bridge of the nose" gesture...

  • Michael Gill
    Michael Gill

    "I've picked up a few more..." Translation: I am going to show you that any thief with access to a bread knife now has access to any bike secured with this lock."

  • Andrew Leavitt
    Andrew Leavitt

    At least the lock is a pretty shade of blue. Very attractive garbage

  • P0T4T0 Computer
    P0T4T0 Computer

    imagine a thief watching this video trying to steal your bike

  • Phillip Sindel
    Phillip Sindel

    Dear LPL, At 0:17 you meant "hard to OVERstate".

  • The Texan
    The Texan

    My fbi agent is very interested in my veiw history.

  • GryphonBrokewing

    Sorry, I blinked. Where's my bike?

  • James Galvin
    James Galvin

    Hey LPL, I just watched your nastiest keyways video and I would love it if you made another one, more than 600 episodes later!

  • Jallil Humarang
    Jallil Humarang

    Locks should be made by locksmiths so that they know the vulnerabilities and avoid them

  • flyguyee

    Hi LPL, Can you start making videos where you discuss the best lock in a category? Like the best padlock or bike lock. It seems like all of the locks are vulnerable that you feature, which is cool, but it is good to know which ones are good. Thanks

  • Heiko Laur
    Heiko Laur

    Imagine going to a store and picking the bottom part off, and taking it

  • Anton Helsgaun
    Anton Helsgaun

    I can't open my lock that quickly with the key

  • Sitting Duc
    Sitting Duc

    He didn't even pick it twice to show the first time wasn't an accident! (it is never an accident)

  • Frederick

    usually we "roast" someone, this guy roast a lock and their whole company

  • thatcheeseguy

    not even a "click out of 1, click out of 2, and..." oh my

  • Ramel34

    You need to change the name of your channel from "the lock picking lawyer" to "your lock ain't shit and here's why".

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    LPL, please at least try keeping us entertained longer than 2min. Don’t get me wrong, I find it hilarious that you (or in this case, a novice) could easily “pick” this lock, and it’s entertaining as hell. But the gap between “yay an LPL video is here”, and the “Aah it’s finished” is too short. I find myself watching them several times, to get some extra “yay”, but it’s not the same when you already know the verdict. Maybe do 2-3 in a sitting?

  • Gary Gary
    Gary Gary

    I see the fifty people that built and invested in these locks gave a thumbs down

  • 1wvin

    Please do another redbull video

  • Brandon Reyes
    Brandon Reyes

    I need recommendations for a good bike lock thats also not TOO expensive

  • Jason Ostergaard
    Jason Ostergaard

    Did he mean "hard to overstate"?

  • fred rum
    fred rum

    Gotta love this channel, only the Lock Picking Lawyer can make a 1 and a half minute video and still get 200,000 views

  • Dominik Lorenz
    Dominik Lorenz

    I'm sure that was a fluke!

  • Darrell Hart
    Darrell Hart

    With this lock it should say open says me. You know LPL maybe it fainted before you 🤣

  • Crimson Halo
    Crimson Halo

    100% of R&D went into picking the colour of the silicone coating for this lock.

  • npeq93

    Despite the umlaut, this company is apparently based in Taiwan.

  • Taylen Seeley
    Taylen Seeley

    Jesus! I looked away to send a text and it was open!

  • Patrick Ward
    Patrick Ward


  • 1stoddart

    i'm new to picking locks but i've noticed if you shut your eyes you can feel the pins better, no one has mentioned it.

  • maximiliano perez
    maximiliano perez

    hello my dad has a steering wheel locker with a cross key i mean so i can try to get one

  • Inotamira Orani
    Inotamira Orani

    Serious question, are any of these less than a minute? It seems like we keep getting closer and closer.

  • JD

    the graveyard of bad bike locks has to be massive

  • thegreendank1

    It's because people see those keys and think "wow, that's new" and trust because it looks crazy that it's safe.

  • Peter Hatch
    Peter Hatch

    Is there any data that suggests the frequency of destructive attacks vs picking in bike theft? I would think most theft is opportunistic to the point that a person who would gladly ride off on a bike that was completely unprotected probably wouldn't even look twice at a bike that has a lock at all. Even if they did have some appetite for foul play after they saw the lock, my experience seeing busted locks around my city makes me think destructive is the go-to method for a thief to get through a lock over even rudimentary picking techniques.

  • DaddyBeanDaddyBean

    Still better than some Masterlocks - you have to rake it *twice*.

  • Yegor Svirsky
    Yegor Svirsky

    Advertiser: Not only is it very light, but also exceptionally soft and weak!! Won't resist any cutting or sawing attacks!

  • Bob England
    Bob England

    ULAC, U Lack any kind of design skills.

  • Martin

    This is the lockpickinglawyer here i hav- *click* That is everything i have for you today

  • Joseph Waddell
    Joseph Waddell

    Ulac means "Ulac any security"

  • Martin

    Please show really strong locks!

  • Troll 1122
    Troll 1122

    Hey have you tried opening locks with air?

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