[1224] Soviet Lock Fails Because of Terrible Material Choice

  • ElJulioso

    Why lock anything up where everything is communal property anyway?

  • Kurt The Wicked
    Kurt The Wicked

    So after watching this, anyone care to speculate on why the Soviet Union no longer exists?

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Boosted Coyote
    Boosted Coyote

    What did you use for rust removal? Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) removes rust by converting it (iron III oxide) to a form which can be dissolved in water.

  • DahVoozel

    Even a brick is threatening to the untrained.

  • Fortunate Son
    Fortunate Son

    Try Electrolysis to loosen it up

  • Ilya Fenin
    Ilya Fenin

    Obviously that Rust remover wasn't very effective

  • please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن
    please use bitchute 共匪 五毛 ن

    LPL has become like Alexander the Great for locks: he weeps, because there are no more worlds to conquer

  • Sean Barton
    Sean Barton

    Wow, man, really? Fine I’ll do it: “In Soviet Russia, LOCK picks YOU!!!”


    This is the lock that keeps the door shut on the Soviet space missions to the space station.

  • Sami Khamis
    Sami Khamis

    This is because its a soviet lock so whats theirs is ours

  • ahmetsercan soydan
    ahmetsercan soydan

    What if it was rusted shut.

  • Hamster2000

    someone's going to Gulag right now because of this video

  • Bartholomew Price
    Bartholomew Price

    Cents? Cents are a tool of neoliberal capitalist pigs. A ruble is divided into 100 kopeks.

  • Dmitriy Loisander
    Dmitriy Loisander


  • UbenDaBear

    I want to see Odd Tinkering restore this lock.

  • Baron Of Hell
    Baron Of Hell

    Russia ruins everything especially America.

  • A P
    A P

    Maybe you will collaborate with someone from YT, how has restoration channel.

  • Dunk Master Darius
    Dunk Master Darius

    In Russia we choose to make Vodka priority, not Lock.

  • حسام 777
    حسام 777


  • Kyojima

    Indeed a lock against "kind people" (от добрых людей) as we called it in Russia. Just to make an image of protection.

  • Warrior Bug
    Warrior Bug

    those keys look cool

  • Justin Carroll
    Justin Carroll

    Part of me wonders if the cause was cheapness or material scarcity. There were many substandard products made in the Union out of a basically constant wartime scarcity level material shortage.

  • S R
    S R

    Jan 8, 2031: Folks, I have 100 locks from ten years ago made in China. As you can see I can pull the lock and they all open without much resistance....

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen

    Did you use aqueous oxalic acid to remove the rust? If that didn't work, I would be very surprised.

  • Dawid Dudzinski
    Dawid Dudzinski

    There was no choice of materials. In all likelihood the factory was told to produce so they did it using whatever was available. If they could not procure the materials they probably would raid a scrap metal yard and recycle metal food cans and into the levers.

  • Kalu Natt
    Kalu Natt

    Which brand makes best locks? Thanks

  • MapleGrill

    In Soviet Russia, the lock unlocks *you*

  • Shannon Fletcher
    Shannon Fletcher

    The locks are now coming in scared and already stay unlocked.

  • mumia76

    In soviet russia materials are chosen based on availability, not suitability.

  • Black Noir
    Black Noir

    lock opened with oxygen molecules

  • HairyBottom

    I’m assuming you used evapo-rust using new liquid. That will remove the rusted parts. I’ve used it with 100% success on parts with more rust that what’s in that lock.

  • dragade101

    This is more dangerous because it seems like it works as intended. Like you would never know until you put a probe in there

  • Higgs Boson
    Higgs Boson

    In Soviet Russia lock picks you

  • Fuhrious

    In Soviet Union locks pick you

  • Norm Kirkland
    Norm Kirkland

    Hey LPL, any chance you could do a show-n-tell on a traditional chastity lock? Asking for a friend.

  • Robbie Goldman
    Robbie Goldman

    They made it out of solid vodka

  • Tyler Nutter
    Tyler Nutter

    Haha communist bad lol

  • Johnny Grace
    Johnny Grace

    Best youtuber put here. Legit skills 👌

  • Thumba - Umba
    Thumba - Umba

    This is actually a very soviet thing to do. In USSR, the engineers were always trying to replace literally any non-ferrous metals with ferrous ones, because cheap.

  • Dennis

    LPL will find a way to roast you even if it's 50 years later.

  • RemingMcGamer

    the power of stalinium

  • ATGaming

    Damn this lock easier to bypass than the US Capitol security

  • GoTheHighlanders

    Hey LPL, can you make a video explaining what false gates/ disc retainers/ security pins etc are, love the vids but don't understand much of your picking lingo, cheers Jase

  • Shaykh Playz
    Shaykh Playz

    All theives are subscribed to this channel

  • notEcliptic

    Easier to break into than Capitol

  • Christian Hale
    Christian Hale

    We have all fallen short of the glory of God because we have broken His law. have you lied or stolen? Looked with lust which is adultery in Gods eyes, or used God's name in vain? because we have broken His law we deserve justice but God is so gracious that He came to earth as Jesus and died on the cross to pay for our sin and transgressions, His final words were " it is finished" He paid our fine, and then He raised Himself up from the grave because not even death could hold Him. Repent and trust in Jesus, and God's justice will be paid for in full.

  • James Rochon
    James Rochon

    Could have been a fluke!

  • Otto Middleton
    Otto Middleton

    The AR-15 lock is still the worst.



  • Dtr146

    I wonder what he thinks about the whole 3D printing lock picks scene

  • Keegan Gallagher
    Keegan Gallagher

    When we gonna get the “STUFF” Lock?

  • Tokarev Won't miss
    Tokarev Won't miss

    Lawyer old buddy. Are Yale locks similar in mechanisms as Master licks ? Can your techniques on Master work on Yale ? stupouya@hotmail.com

  • Kuzhi

    I wanna see you make yoyr own lock

  • Nicholas Johnson
    Nicholas Johnson

    When are you going to try to pick stuff made here's look?

  • Ole Nilsen
    Ole Nilsen

    I would love to see you and Bosnian Bill do some challenge locks together. Preferrably with some Scotch influence. And both of your comments on the gutting.

  • Pookie games
    Pookie games

    In soviet Russia locks pick you

  • Jamie ellul bonici
    Jamie ellul bonici

    can you please unlock stuff made here's ''unpickable lock''??

  • erro

    Dude the people need your help how to lock pick a chastity cock belt

  • Han

    Try the stealth key loser

  • Tyler McGriff
    Tyler McGriff

    Pretty new to the channel, are there any locks LPL can’t open?

  • Crunch Dog
    Crunch Dog

    Have you ever picked a gun safe that matches British Standards? eg Brattonsound. It’s quite a heavy mechanism to turn.

  • My

    If I ever feel bad, I come here and see the lpl roast looks. Then I feel better

  • Mi Ku
    Mi Ku

    i can't stop watching these videos helppppp

  • Martin Tries
    Martin Tries

    *nuke shelter* Don’t worry it’s a nuke proof door lpl: I got 1 now binding to 2

  • Zero X
    Zero X

    He kind of talks like jerryrigseverything but a little deeper lol

  • Lunliment

    If LPL ever goes to prison they'll just let him out, he would probably break every lock otherwise.

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27

    Do you keep bringing up ms lpl becuase of episode 1208

  • Teenage Gamer
    Teenage Gamer

    I'd love to see how this guy secures his stuff. Like he knows the fault to every lock on the planet which one does he use?

  • Sabi1234567890Asdf

    Try a sonic bath

  • Joel Acosta
    Joel Acosta


  • Joseph Ahner
    Joseph Ahner

    It makes sense that a Soviet lock would be shit. Everyone is too poor to have much worth protecting.

  • Paul van Dinther
    Paul van Dinther

    You need your own website Mr lock picker. One of these days youtube will even shut you up. Cat videos only. On your own website you can feature every lock you tested and rate their security. All information in one place. Pretty sure you can monetize that easily.

  • My Kung Fu1
    My Kung Fu1

    I bet most of your subs are thieves and they love you.

  • droxina

    I have a movie pitch: Close up - a man’s face, tense, sweating, eyes scrunched closed, desperately trying to make no sound. As the camera draws back, we see he is hiding in some kind of small bunker. A voice drifts through the door, barely audible. “This is the Lock Picking Lawyer, and today I’m going to show you how some inexcusable design flaws render this panic room locking mechanism all but useless.” Roll title: “Lock Picking Lawyer - Rogue Attorney”

  • bara7331

    Is there a lock out there that you can't pick? Have you developed your own "pick proof" lock?

  • Kevin

    Can you do some videos on laptop cable locks? Looking to buy a laptop for the first time in 5 years and want a lock that you CAN'T get into in under 10 seconds. Though knowing you you'll still be able to get into any laptop cable lock in under 30 seconds.

  • beartastic

    .. still kept the bears out!

  • Artizap

    Help how did I get addicted to watching a guy pick locks

  • ondank

    Because of the accent I heard "lever" as "leather" and was super confused. Thankfully LPL is so concise and to the point that this confusion was dispelled by context after a minute or two

  • Planeswalker

    Remember. Locks are only there to keep honest people out.

  • elorz007

    But that only happened because it rusted with the key in, right? If it would rust without it the levers would be stuck in a closed position and then it would be unpickable!

  • Jack Of All Trades
    Jack Of All Trades

    is eanything secure ? :O xD

  • Old Son Gun
    Old Son Gun

    To be fair. I could do what LPL does. Actually I could do it even faster too. Just need some C4, some thermite, and an AR. C'mon. Let's race.

  • Joshua Wiedekopf
    Joshua Wiedekopf

    Given how Soviet locks seem to often have the price stamped into the body, it'd be interesting to know how this lock compares to some other Soviet padlocks in your collection!

  • Maitry Das
    Maitry Das

    Hey please pick the godrej scorpio padlock . The company says its pick proof and I just buy that one

  • Krishnakumar

    I think you are seeing it the wrong way... No one dares to rob a Russian... So, locks are just a door ornament..

  • Jeshua Adams
    Jeshua Adams

    You've really peaked my interest in lockpicking over the last few years, so much so that I decided to take it up. This morning I picked my first lock, it was a circle master lock, and I picked it with a bent paper clip. I wanted to know if you had any advice on what sort of materials I would need or that you would recommend, for a beginner lkke me to pick up. Your content is extremely relaxing, and you are an amazing creator and picker. Thank you so much for all of your videos, and keep up the wonderful work.

  • Alan Harris
    Alan Harris

    what we need at this point is more complicated locks for him, otherwise he will go mad.

  • Gh0st620

    Random but, bitting looks like a middle finger

  • Montablan64

    Next video... lock pick the actual motorcycle or car lol

  • Sterling Pental
    Sterling Pental

    Will the lock picking lawyer break the code of how to get Mrs lock-picking lawyer on the show

  • The Paradox
    The Paradox


  • CrazyJayBe

    "...but obviously, it didn't work. This one is now a brick. I'm the LPL and you'd better bury your treasures next to the elephant foot in Chernobyl and as always...have a nice day. Thank you.

  • unknown profile
    unknown profile

    I'll be honest, at this point i have so many locks on the don't buy category i honestly don't know if there's anything good. Are there any videos where he covers locks he thinks are good?

  • Jazzierubel K
    Jazzierubel K

    classic soviets

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke

    Where`s Ididathing`s unpickable lock?? I wanna see that

  • hank risemberg
    hank risemberg

    Could you unlock a Cellmate Chastity Cage? Asking for a friend...

  • Thresher

    So... I got bored and started to wonder... Just who is the lock picking lawyer? And so i may have just found him. If i have indeed discovered his secret identity... I must say his day job sounds unbelievably dull... but i guess fighting the government has its risks... I wonder if that is actually how he and bosnianbill first met.....

  • Albert Ibanez
    Albert Ibanez

    Can still recycle as paper weight :-)

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