[1117] A Bicycle “Do Not Disturb” Sign: Uläc Brooklyn U-Lock Picked FAST
See more of the Panasonic lock I referenced in video 814:
Panasonic Bike Lock From Japan Picked (Model SAJ080B) uzload.info/fun/iX2jhKDUrXuh24E/video

  • ZMBY Minds
    ZMBY Minds

    99% of bike thieves aren't going to pick any locks.

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson

    Also watched a video with a panasonic AA battery demonstration and their batteries are pathetic

  • DSG

    Most people buying a bike and bike lock wouldn't research how easy it is to pick the lock.

  • Billy Calder
    Billy Calder

    The packaging actually has the nerve to advertise it as having the same level of protection as the Kryptonite lock LPL considers acceptable.

  • MadPandaGamer

    I have literally created a wave rake and tension bar out of paper clips and it took me 2 seconds to get into a door. Spent an hour to go get them because I was supposed to be there but the kid with a key was 5 hours late but still....

  • Lucas Rueda
    Lucas Rueda


  • Calthecool

    This lock is a “level 5”. Level 1 must just be the effort required to move the bike.

  • Robert Ross
    Robert Ross

    Great point but your average person doesn't carry a wave rake so.... But I do agree that for an average thief who has done some research, you're screwed.

  • Scratch-O

    LPL, please. Anyone with experience in psychology will tell you that there is, in fact, at least a little bit of power in a Do Not Disturb sign. Potential thieves see one of those and think that there's a higher chance that someone is inside that room, possibly screwing, and adjust their plans accordingly. Don't belittle the DND sign by comparing it to this.

  • Mike Val
    Mike Val

    I beg to differ on bicycle theft being rare in Japan. The frame-mounted locks here are laughable, but if you neglect to lock your bicycle someone *will* make off with it.

  • Carlos Reyes
    Carlos Reyes

    Thank you!!

  • Satoshi OGStrongHand Nakamoto
    Satoshi OGStrongHand Nakamoto

    Omg the funniest comment section on UZload award goes to: 🔐 LOCKPICKINGLAWYER

  • Aye Yuh
    Aye Yuh

    Whenever he says I’ll just take this wave rake you know the locks bad

  • varun chauhan
    varun chauhan

    What I wanna see is your keyring. Do you carry any keys at all ? I don't see why you would need to bother with multiple keys when you can just open anything in seconds.

  • Serg E
    Serg E

    Did I understand correctly that there are no bicycle locks resisted to opening? And it's imposible to find the best lock? But how to choose? Only by price?

  • That Lazy Girl
    That Lazy Girl

    In my country the Netherlands your bicycle gets stolen in 5 sec with this lock 😂

  • Jdj Dfg
    Jdj Dfg

    His titles sound like alternate dimension porn titles

  • Tommy Pickles
    Tommy Pickles

    777th comment 👍🏽

  • CommieIamewan

    What a pathetic lock

  • Rocco

    I think he just returns these after he picks them

  • James Hems
    James Hems

    Have you been approached by any cycling motorcycle body to help them setup a standard that would see ‘useless’ locks removed from sale?

    • John DoDo Doe
      John DoDo Doe

      The concept of an insurance lock comes to mind, to get money for your stolen bicycle, you need the certificate from the lock packaging with your bikes VIN number written in, and a receipt from the police that you reported that specific VIN number stolen. VIN numbers on bicycles indirectly reveal the year of manufacture, thus if the bicycle is so old it's practically worthless with $0 due from a valid insurance claim.

  • Rosella Rainbows
    Rosella Rainbows

    you know its bad when he busts out the wave rake

  • Daniel Naumann
    Daniel Naumann

    "Uläc"? More like "You lack" any security

  • Cat

    Can you do lockpicking without tools.

  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    Wave rake my gf

  • Sara Levine
    Sara Levine

    Does anyone believe the LockPickingLawyer is a lawyer? I'm thinking locksmith. Doesn't matter. "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog."

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes

    Uläc = you lack a bicycle.

  • High Owl Lord
    High Owl Lord

    I just came back from him picking Squire’s 9 pound lock, and he literally sounds like he wants to banish that lock from existence here

  • J H
    J H

    Another abuse of the letter Ä (and no, the concept "Umlaut" is a grammatical feature, in German. It means a word changes it's vowel in a different form. The dotted letters are stand-alone letters present in many languages (including German) and do what letters do: they describe a specific sound)

  • Kristian Jörgensen
    Kristian Jörgensen

    The umlaut in ”Uläc” means it’s pronounced “uleuc”, sort of like the sound you make while barfing.

  • Juices Vault
    Juices Vault

    I’ll just glue my bike somewhere

  • Danny Sullivan Music
    Danny Sullivan Music


  • Nilajit Sinha
    Nilajit Sinha

    Use flex tape to flex on the bike thieves Bois.

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    "Banking on the hope that we don't know any better". You've just described the entire consumer grade lock market.

  • Erwin Pommel
    Erwin Pommel

    "You bought this lock, and now Ulac a bike"

  • OtakuUnitedStudio

    It says it's 5 out of 10, which seems accurate if you consider a 1 to be a note asking nicely not to steal and 10 to be an actual pick resistant lock with hardened steel shackle. Basically, halfway between "hope no one takes it" and "too inconvenient for most bike thieves."

  • Blake Weed
    Blake Weed

    Didnr even have to take the tag off

  • Tudor Daraban
    Tudor Daraban

    Everybody gangsta until the LockPickingLawyer video is less than 2 minutes

  • Trash Bin
    Trash Bin

    "Thinking we don't know any better" AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO PANICKED I REALLY DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER

  • Ben Dixon
    Ben Dixon

    Didn't even take it out of the packaging.

  • Nightcore Craft
    Nightcore Craft

    I really love his tone when making fun of bad locks lmao

  • Warlight

    i guess if anything, this is more useful as a weapon...or a really big paperweight

  • Alessandro Berbenni
    Alessandro Berbenni

    What do you think about the skunklock the lock that fights back? www.skunklock.com

  • Pogo Kilogramm
    Pogo Kilogramm

    Hello! I wonder if there any bike locks you can recommend? If so maybe a top 5 video recap possible? All best!

  • bluephreakr

    U put this lock on bike, soon Uläc bike.

  • Andrew

    Bike theft is not that rare in Japan

  • George S
    George S

    "Brooklyn"...? There's a reason the New York Lock exists.

  • Sam54

    Yep, it's trash.

  • Rvedoss 0.76
    Rvedoss 0.76


  • Didley Dee
    Didley Dee

    You made it look like a Magic 8 Ball that always answers Open.

  • Lemonmentos



    this guy has lockpicking: 101

  • Gabor Szedlak
    Gabor Szedlak

    Me: This lock looks pretty robust Lpl: This lock is just borderline insulting Me: This lock is just borderline insulting

    • kallewirsch2263

      Me: This is not the lock you are locking for. You: This is not the lock I am looking for. :-)

  • Kenneth Stover
    Kenneth Stover

    So, I've seen a lot of your videos, and I have to ask dispite being sure that its been asked before... What lock for the sake of security would you reccommend above all else. Something that even your talents would just not see opening?

  • LMacNeill

    1:25 "...presumably banking on the hope that we don't know any better." And that's why we watch this channel, so we *do* know better. :-)

  • Michael Jimenez
    Michael Jimenez

    I use to know a crackhead that would break these types of locks open with a wooden two by four.

  • max c
    max c

    What bicycle lock would you recommend

  • Clarino I
    Clarino I

    According to the packaging this is a level 5 lock in terms of security. Level one presumably being a plastic cable tie with a quick release button.

  • sweer potato
    sweer potato

    novice you say... ill take your entire stock

  • Rose Ville
    Rose Ville

    Hello. Can you do a video on the Bitlock, please?

  • fhfr436

    Well, it is overmolded with silicon, rather than the more common silicone, so it's got that going for it.

  • Lensy

    Judging by how america's doing right now even the best lock won't help much

  • BILL S
    BILL S

    I think a security level scale on the package is a sign that you don't want that lock.

  • Joshua Cooke
    Joshua Cooke

    Havent watched it yet as im sat on toilet in work. But comments tell me this gonna be good

  • Samuel Carter
    Samuel Carter

    Getting out the wave rake = this lock is absurdly easy to pick.

  • Andrew Shelton
    Andrew Shelton

    LPL: *clears throat* Lock: *opens*

  • jahwerx

    Funny, when I saw the title I thought "DAMN, we are going to see a good lock". (ie. Do NOT Disturb, you WON'T pick THIS!). Then reality kicked in.

  • luis fernando
    luis fernando


  • Andrew Rogers
    Andrew Rogers

    How many hours per day do you spend picking locks?

  • CheapShotFail

    You know the video is gonna be a banger when it starts with "the bike lock equivalent of a do-not-disturb sign"

  • Teuton

    but it has umlauts in the brand name

  • RWBHere

    I want to see a few more good locks picked by LPL. Please.

  • Thomas

    You should bring a security rating to the market, where companies can get their locks tested by you and are allowed to slap your rating on the package. Hopefully this will cause them to improve their locks to get a higher rating on a scale they didn't come up with themselves.

  • Karashote

    wow the 600th raking attack video...

  • OwOcat

    Your like jerryrigeverything but with locks

  • Valkthiem

    Imagine being in an escape room with this dude like "hold up let me just open this lock with my fingernail aaaand its open. Wouls not reccomend."

  • Dmanthepowerful

    The 5 on the packaging indicates how many seconds it takes to pick it open

  • Sergio Sergiyenko
    Sergio Sergiyenko

    Hi! I found this video on Instagram just now, and don’t have the ability to believe that this is real. Could you try this? Thanks! instagram.com/tv/CBlVwiTDFvv/?igshid=13iuwq1d8dux5

  • J4ger. aus
    J4ger. aus

    LPL needs to do a review on lock picking mechanics in video games

  • Mista Mase
    Mista Mase

    When he breaks out the wave-rake you know it's game over

  • Pavel the Fabulous
    Pavel the Fabulous

    I thought it would be pronounced "Youlaych".

  • LordCarpenter

    It's bad enough that companies put poorly designed locks on the market. It's even worse when you consider most people apparently "don't know any better."

  • Legion

    All locks should be sold with a LPL security scale, Lock Picking Lawyer seconds to open rating.

  • fryrear technology
    fryrear technology

    The trust was strong with this one

  • David Yue
    David Yue

    Hey LPL, I have a genius idea. Have you ever considered just not using a lock? Since there are so many locks that are easy to pick, why not just not have a lock in the first place! Can't pick the lock if there isn't a lock!

  • ahegao waifu
    ahegao waifu

    this man so fast in lockpicking he never gonna hit the 10-min mark

  • Dany F
    Dany F

    Security manufacturers must cringe each time they launch something new, knowing LPL will prove their product wrong. Love it.

  • WhereWhatHuh

    Lock company advisor: "Beware -- do not offend the LPL with an unworthy lock."

  • Iduun9

    Would be fun seeing lpl showing a lock that he recommends for different appliances. Just do we know which type to go for

  • Edward Hammond
    Edward Hammond

    I'm surprised these giant lock companies haven't banded together and got the lpl hit by now. This guy is the man, it's awesome that he saves us all from crooked companies.

  • Sean MacLennan
    Sean MacLennan

    That was level 5. Level 1 must be a bungee cord.

  • That Filthy Weeaboo
    That Filthy Weeaboo

    LPL has his own entry in the SCP wiki, under "The Rake".

  • Germ X
    Germ X

    Has any lock company used you for a consultant?


    They shouldn't be allowed to sell this rubbish

  • k1mgy

    The packaging does give this lock a rating of 5. Unfortunately the scale is logarithmic.

  • Pio Antonio Yap
    Pio Antonio Yap

    I opened this video and he immediately said, "that's it for today"

  • Adam Curry
    Adam Curry

    Hey LPL, any chance you could take a shot at the locks on mechanic's tool boxes, like the ones made by Snap-On, Matco, etc...? Because I'm a rookie picker and I feel like I could pick the lock on my toolbox at work without any trouble, I just haven't tried because I'm afraid of damaging it.

  • AMRN

    It takes longer to make my hair than to pick that lock.

  • _Jackthelittle1

    I just got an ad for the Altor SAF Lock- you should do that one

  • Zom Bie
    Zom Bie

    Sadly, the vast majority of potential buyers do not know better, and don't want to know better.