[1221] Heavyweight Padlock: ERA “Big Six” Insurance Lock Picked

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Kalu Natt
    Kalu Natt

    I wonder, Is there any lock in the world that you can't open?

  • Dos_Van_Gough

    Bruh he picks these locks in like a couple seconds, he’s on another level

  • Solrac Mustache Man
    Solrac Mustache Man

    After watching one of your videos for the first time I got intrigued and wanted to try picking a lock for myself not expecting it to be easy and after opening my first lock with a broken hair clip in less than 30 seconds, I realized that security is just an illusion and now I open locks just for fun.

  • Alex Rowland
    Alex Rowland

    If it requires tools already more specialized than general lock picking tools already are, I'd feel perfectly safe using it to secure my valuables. The locks that scare me are the ones that can be opened with easily obtainable/makeable tools. Video 1222 is pretty much a perfect example of a worst-case scenario; all you need is a blunt object to hit it with.

  • ravens corner
    ravens corner

    Do you ever wonder how many people you are helping to break into things?

  • Nonameguzzi

    I Onec Picked an Doorlock that i suspect is an Leaver Lock its like one of those: cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/654080363852726333/797107519038029874/20210108_151937.jpg I Put an normal L Shaped Hex Drive in and turned it with an Pair of Pliers while wobbeling it....

  • Misha

    Gets Big Six insurance pad lock. Gets everything stolen. "LOCK PICKING LAWYERRRRRRR!!!!"

  • R Braz
    R Braz

    Heavyweight against the Heavyweight

  • Jonathan R.
    Jonathan R.

    Where did you get that from? Davey Jones Locker?

  • RWBHere

    Masterlock will be complaining that they didn't get a mention in this video!

  • DynVec

    In 50 episodes, LPL will be lockpicking wooden pin locks.

  • Legendendear

    Am I the only one who wants him to try open the lackless box? I mean not even Kvothe could open it...

  • BRAINS!!

    Thank you lock picking lawyer for getting the truth out that I was innocent in that d.u.i. I was charged with in Baltimore county and Ron Parker says hello! Lol

  • bertvdlast

    Free advise for Joe Biden. Hire Bosnian Bill and the LPL to check all of the entrances of the Capitol.

  • Ken Carpenter
    Ken Carpenter

    LOL So, you should be just fine as long as the LPL isn't after your stuff.

  • Uli Schmidt
    Uli Schmidt

    only 2 pounds? that’s cheap


    When are we gonna see a "pick that BosnianBill and I made" for that custom tool?

  • J4 F0ST
    J4 F0ST

    Hi, do you lock pick cars ?( Door locks, ignition cannon) Think about that, its new content for your channel and the users can find if the cars are safe. Great channel have a nice year

  • doomham100

    Well shit...i have one of these

  • Minma

    Oh wow, I'm the thousandth comment

  • Colin Richardson
    Colin Richardson

    I recognise that lock. My dad has one.. "Only in the UK".. (That checks out, we live in the UK). Whoop Whoop. Though, my dads seems very much BIGGER and Heavier.. but I assume exact same problem.

  • TBH148

    This is my second video watched, but can I say that I greatly appreciate this content. It identifies security issues plainly and simply for the average user without condescending those less knowledgeable like myself. Watching these simply as a curiosity and to learn trivia will likely be a fun little jaunt. Thank you very much for your work on this series, Mr. Lawyer!

  • Jorge Rangel
    Jorge Rangel

    Looks so easy

  • NuttyBuddy

    This man will break into a home, pick all the locks, replace the locks with betters ones, then leave with nothing

  • Someone

    Ramset Vs this? That'd be good

  • David Rodriguez
    David Rodriguez

    Would love to see you defeat "The Barnacle" hope you can try it

  • Charles Latham
    Charles Latham

    security through obscurity

  • mtorngren15

    DIBS! I CALL DIBS! When the apocalypse hits, you're on my team!

  • Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee

    Oh 2 why do you never click?

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Love these old lock videos.

  • sashablueperson

    LPL and his cohorts innovate WAY faster than any of the lock companies out there.

  • Mr Rinor
    Mr Rinor

    Imagine going to the fridge at night and all you can hear behind the door is click out of five, click out at 4

  • Loneman

    This antiquated British practice will soon be redundant in the UK, as with most padlocks and many other locks, due to the realities of Brexit and all of its "benefits" kicking in soon as most of us will no longer have much of anything that's actually _worth_ locking up!

  • DikoMan

    The tools are fairly uncommon until LPL starts selling them in order to make a fortune while people are getting robbed.

  • saxxen17

    ive come to the conclusion after seeing these videos that I am better off hiding my valuables rather than lock them up

  • Pirelli

    I love the place where he says "please subscriii ...." 🥰

  • Navid Pey
    Navid Pey

    Can you upgrade the levers?

  • freedustin

    "sold only in the UK..." *Gives weight in pounds* Me: HAHA! Gottem!

    • —————-—————-

      @Loneman I measure time in lightmeters.

    • Loneman

      Many, many of us still use the nonsensical system of stones, pounds and ounces _as well as_ kilo's & grams. Just as with weather we'll use Farenheight for hot weather but Celcius for cold weather. We'll also give distances in miles yet measure for blinds, etc in meters. We buy milk in 4-pint bottles but sodas in 2-litre bottles. Go figure.

  • Kevin May
    Kevin May

    This is the lock picking lawyer.

  • The Program
    The Program

    What does "Big Six" stand for you may ask? The number of seconds it takes LPL to open our lock. He is a gentleman and a damned good scholar when it comes to locks😂

  • Fucking Lizard
    Fucking Lizard

    What lock is acceptable cause from what I can see no lock made can be secure apart from that one you shot at 100 times with guns

  • uzzie88

    Legend has it that LPL doesn't use keys when entering his house.

  • Fsbo Dever
    Fsbo Dever

    Can we just set the standard security scale for locks based on seconds of LPL picking effort? At ~40 seconds, this bugger would be top tier, then we just go through 1,220 other videos and rate the rest.

  • Erickkach

    Surprised not to see the best locks of 2020/ the worst locks of 2020 type videos on this channel

  • The Aeronaut
    The Aeronaut

    I love being so old no one knows how to break it open it an option for locks and even computers

  • Stephen111110

    This lock is a perfect example of why a lot of people call the pin side of the lock in the UK bottom of lock when referring to tensioning positions, it's just how our locks have always usually been made so to a lot of us its how we imagine a standard lock position especially as it's how a lot of our doorway locks are fitted too

  • littlejason99

    MasterLock: Oh thank god....

  • vickrant chouhan
    vickrant chouhan

    Imagine you're sitting in your locked house and you hear "nothing on 2, 1 is binding, nice click out of 1" from outside

  • rob wulz
    rob wulz

    Little tear of pride , as a Brit , and this lock lasting nearly a whole minute before LPL cracks it.

  • Althea Gubatayao
    Althea Gubatayao

    Big Six....That's familiar.... * Thinking of the Six Wives of Henry the VIII intensifies *

  • SegaDisneyUniverse

    "Don't worry about it, this door could withstand a nuclear blast! Nothing's getting in here! Wait... what's that sound?" "Nice click out of 2" "Oh no..." 😂

  • Jay

    How secure are the Globe Pad locks, Its used in India a lot. Searched your channel for anything similar, couldn't find any. Here is a link to see the type it is www.amazon.in/Pressing-Padlock-Keys-1-5-Recommended-Suitcase/dp/B074P1H9BC/ref=asc_df_B074P1H9BC/?tag=googleshopdes-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=396986063421&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=6055790583252489686&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=1007804&hvtargid=pla-836337600134&psc=1&ext_vrnc=hi

  • 千葉一千花

    The lock looks half rendered

  • Hrithik Jain
    Hrithik Jain

    Eagerly waiting for " stuff made here" lock to be picked

    • —————-—————-

      Its probably not even finished!

  • Sad Oldgit
    Sad Oldgit

    It takes investment in both tools time and skill to use these picks! Not something a break and enter burglar is going to bother with! Crowbar, angle grinder or just go someplace easier is the preferred method of entry!

  • Matthieu Vanden Neucker
    Matthieu Vanden Neucker

    I'm scared of this man

  • NJR 1
    NJR 1

    Where's the. Stuff made here lock. Keen to see that video.

  • mart Väljamäe
    mart Väljamäe

    Is there a lock you can't pick.

  • Mxrtin X
    Mxrtin X

    When are you going to try to open Shanes lock?

  • zhevox

    I keep getting that infuriating asmr ad when warching LPL's videos. so damn annoying.

  • Jack Luminous
    Jack Luminous

    The majority of the locks you are picking are the cylindrical locks or padlocks - does it mean that lever tumbler ones are more difficult to pick, or may be the opposite - that they are so simple that they don't even have the chance to stand the picking ?

  • RotatingMagnetGuy

    Hey, quick question. How effective do you think a bobbytrapped locking mechanism would be? Like one rigged to explode if the pins are pushed too high or the core is subject to tension without the key in place? I'm doing a bit of writing and am interested in how secure you could make something if you didn't have to care about safety

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat

    Why would the tools and skills required be LESS common in the future and not MORE?

  • Jordan Teem
    Jordan Teem

    Will you be picking the "unpickable" lock pick from stuff?

  • Shinji

    Imagine if your like a drug lord and your hiding yourself in a vault with giant locks and you just here click at a 1 at a 2

  • Joe Ees
    Joe Ees

    Security through obscurity then?

  • Tylor Miranda
    Tylor Miranda

    PLEASE do a video in an escape room!

  • S.G.

    His girl must be happy because he can easily find her G-spot

  • NamelessMinion Veinreaver
    NamelessMinion Veinreaver

    So... what we're seeing here is that a thief in the UK only needs one tool to make a solid living out of it. What is that lock coated with? Is that just decorative?

  • Restoration Australia
    Restoration Australia

    Very cool pick.

  • Omegaplayer1

    Thieves in the UK: hmm interesting

  • Andrew Galliano
    Andrew Galliano

    I was going through your old videos and in episode 150 you picked multiple disc locks. But the fourth, an Abus 20/70 with Abus+ core, you said that you couldn't pick it because weren't able to. Just wondering if your skills have improved to where you can now pick that fourth lock? If so, can you do an update video?

  • Carsen Stewart
    Carsen Stewart

    Stuff lock!!!

  • Fritz Freund
    Fritz Freund

    I've been watching a lot if LPL's videos lately. But I don't hear and mention of good picking sets to get. Other than their own. But theirs are out of stock. I also want to know if anyone recommends a pin sets to get too.

  • Sewer Glizzy
    Sewer Glizzy

    Pray to god this guy dose not become a Criminal

  • colten dixon
    colten dixon

    So all locks can be picked.. does the guy every recommend the best locks that are hardest to pick?

  • crazygeorgelincoln

    Great. Been waiting to see a Chubb opened, pleased that it's sutably difficult,

  • Slacker1967

    "This is the lock picking lawyer. In any case that's all I have for you today..."

  • mike perez
    mike perez

    It should be a lock standard to say on the package if it is "LPL approved".... if not I don't want it

  • Ham

    another year, another april fools LPL video coming soon


    The original Chubb is better

  • Andrew Holden
    Andrew Holden

    28 seconds to open. "It may not be all that bad an option." Sounds legit.

  • Lewis

    I under stand how normal keys work (the numbs push some pins up) but how do car keys work? And could u pick a car door lock?

  • theyayoranges

    Feeding the algorithm via likes/sub/bell/etc, keep it up 😁. PSA: make a hotkey to help for free👌

  • CarvedBubble233

    Am I the only one that's really happy that he shaved his fingers. No offence ❤️

  • tinkmarshino

    I have seen many of these.. are there locks you can not open? I think this is really interesting.. especially the challenge ones.. say did you ever find out if that fella that cut the bike lock and told the customer he would pay him back the 75 dollars if you could open it faster than he cut it ever pay that fellow back?

  • Adam Faust
    Adam Faust

    Hey you probably won’t see this but I’m looking into getting into lockpicks I’ve already picked a couple locks (master locks) with Bobby pins and home tools was wondering what you recomendable as a great start up kit looking to do lockpicking as a side hobby

  • dognajack

    Much, much better than a masterlock.

  • electronicsNmore

    You mastered the YT algorithm. I remember way back in 2017 when you complained about a big lack of views on your videos. Short videos, that are well done, was the trick. You end up with high retention time. A+

    • DatOneCommie IronGEAR
      DatOneCommie IronGEAR

      Shame the algorithm work like this.. Throw people with long, highly detailled, high effort videos, or just a slowish posting time straight under the bus.

    • Diako Unknown 12
      Diako Unknown 12

      Practical 100%.

    • Fernando Fonseca
      Fernando Fonseca

      @Serious Business That's because back in the day, 10min was the minimun time for you to play 2 ads in one video. Many videos still have about 0:15 of silence in the end to make up for this

    • Serious Business
      Serious Business

      It used to be 10 minutes was the golden number every youtuber was aiming for.

    • iWatchWithNoAds

      @Austin Parkes ikr. He didn't change. UZload did.

  • Pat Bubba
    Pat Bubba

    Insurance R&D:Oy mate, I've got seven levers. LPL: ..click on two..

  • John Michael
    John Michael

    I have a similar one on my rear gates. It has been out side for at least 30 years and is much older than me at 72. but it still works and provides adequate security as any villain would early climb over the fence!

  • theigloo

    show us a lock you cant open please

  • Ice Cold
    Ice Cold

    Gotta say, the sound it made once open was super satisfying. 1:24 - 1:28

  • bud prepper
    bud prepper

    Is there a lock you actually have trouble with?

  • Tommy McMillen
    Tommy McMillen

    Where is the Stuff lock?

  • The Niwo
    The Niwo

    If it is insured, it is insured.

  • Demistic

    "It may not be that bad an option" Translates: "You should get your full insurance check when it's stolen."

  • Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia

    When are you going to pick the Stuff Lock?

  • Semih Yıldız
    Semih Yıldız

    hi..is there a padlock you cant't open????

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