[1114] We Can Learn From This Old Soviet Padlock

  • Сергей Андреев
    Сергей Андреев

    I've found by the logo en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dagdizel_Plant

  • K.O.P. King of the Prints
    K.O.P. King of the Prints

    Has he ever met a like he liked? I.e. took for ever to open?

  • Benedek Szentgyörgyi
    Benedek Szentgyörgyi

    In Soviet Russia lock picks you

  • Manius Curius
    Manius Curius

    In Soviet Russia lock picks you.

  • philipborg

    Is not the problem with this design that there is nothing holding the other side of the shackle? (Still better than shimmable.)

  • Makujah

    The only other locks of this kind I could find on the internet were selling on Russian kind of ebay. Just a couple sellers, but both of them were situationed in Crimea.

  • 1 Stooge
    1 Stooge

    Highly radiated

  • CJ Hunt
    CJ Hunt

    Soviet engineers were great at designing things that worked well with minimal complexity. That sort of beautiful simplicity pops up al over the place in old Soviet products.

  • A.H.

    The soviets are kings of simplicity. See: AK47.

  • phorzer32

    KISS - Keep it simple and stupid

  • PtolemyJones

    I love that logo, does anyone know anything about it? It looks sort of like a bear trap to me.

  • Christine Cameron
    Christine Cameron

    OK so is there actually ANY lock that will actually work? I'm not being a jerk, I'm really asking, since you demolish all of them in like, 10 seconds or less, usually.

  • Egor Grebenkov
    Egor Grebenkov

    Аххх, советские замки - оплот надёжности и гарантия качества!

  • faisal

    LDL: obviously it's a weak lock. me: because you are over powered and you should be nerfed.

  • Teh Pigez
    Teh Pigez

    In Soviet Russia, lock teach capitalist American lock makers how to do job!

  • MaxMadV8

    Il give that lock...... 3.6 Not great. Not terrible

  • Miobius Crimson
    Miobius Crimson

    For a moment I zoned out into my thoughts and came back to a picked lock. What the fuck? I wasn't here for less than 10 seconds!!!

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    Man I would love to get a dozen of those with the interchangeable core standard...

  • Deloptin

    when the video is longer than two minutes it's either quite a good lock or quite a bad lock. No inbetween.

  • Light Mechanic
    Light Mechanic

    Is the LPL working his way up to designing the best lock in the world?

  • MRTech655

    He sounds like my dentist

  • 14725800369

    "Did you just say Soviet?" Bald and Bankrupt

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    Dude, you're genius

  • TheOddDiabetic

    So pair this design with a good core What's the resistance to cutting like?

  • diman play
    diman play

    Is not kopek is kopeek

  • Lock pickings Gal
    Lock pickings Gal

    Great video!!

  • 84Westy


  • Robert California
    Robert California

    Seemed like it had been a while since you used actual tools. I thought maybe you finally managed to lock yourself out of the garage.

  • Moricon

    Seriously good looking Lock, I like it! Can it be dismantled and the core upgraded or modded to make it more secure, may hunt around for one on Ebay

  • FelixOrion

    I think I remember seeing this lock on BosnianBill's channel.

  • Calum Fovargue
    Calum Fovargue

    this man gives away free R&D advice - has any manufacture listened to him?

  • sam emerson
    sam emerson

    Pick the hiplok bike lock

  • Dumb Person
    Dumb Person

    "WE can learn from this old Soviet padlock" Well said comrade

  • Russian Acorns
    Russian Acorns

    Put a medico in it!

  • nikolaneberemed

    "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


      @survivaltest 370 eh?

    • survivaltest 370
      survivaltest 370

      @SMOOTH JAZZZ leys build a bridge


      Kalashnikov be like

  • W Clark
    W Clark

    In Soviet Russia, lock picks YOU!

  • caleb Mcdowell
    caleb Mcdowell

    i wonder what an LPL designed lock would look like. What would he prioritize pick resistance? shackle security? body strength? size? functionality? how would he combine all these things and watever else he could think of into a lock?

  • brett stover
    brett stover

    I’d like to see you make a simple high secure lock

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne

    Would it be possible to re-pin that lock with security pins? It looks like the core can slide out pretty easy if you have access to whatever is retaining it.

  • Sean Havlin
    Sean Havlin

    How hard would it be to just turn that thing with a screwdriver though?

  • Gabriel Gustavo Cardoso
    Gabriel Gustavo Cardoso

    i would like to see a list of good secure locks to buy

  • phill -Don
    phill -Don

    LPL "drumming up custom(for the court system)😉 since starting his channel. Only kidding I'm sure nothing you show increases the systems workload, not nowadays anyhow. Keep the channel great. Your videos must help alot of folks secure their things especially when you come against some of your hard "picks/workarounds"..

  • SilentRoses Music
    SilentRoses Music

    In russia padlock unlock you!

  • snowbars76

    Махачкала производитель) Или Каспийск)

  • konaya

    “Corrosion resistant aluminium lock body” _laughs in hydrochloric acid_

  • Carl Helter
    Carl Helter

    Бфогу то мотчегфаиь

  • Ikantspell4

    Who are you and how did you get in here? I'm the Lockpicking Lawyer and I'm the Lock picking Lawyer.

  • Ricky Buchanan
    Ricky Buchanan

    You should pick another car lock, perhaps the key used on the 1990's Lexus door and ignition. Quite an interesting key and lock.

  • Oi Meu Chapa
    Oi Meu Chapa

    I really want a video of Lockpicking lawyer cursing someone out in a calm tone it would be hilarious

  • Neglected Retard
    Neglected Retard

    I always beat my wife with a soviet lock always handy great review

  • DarkNinja0615

    I'm still curious of what this man deems the best lock. Since every one he finds he just picks easily

  • Ray Rous
    Ray Rous

    I would have enjoyed watching you take it apart.

  • Edwin Bevis
    Edwin Bevis

    You need to build your own lock !! I would love to see what it looks like.


    Is a wiper core from a windshield wiper blade?

  • arnaud33200

    Do you think you can open / gut this lock? I'm curious to see what's inside

  • Richard Hale
    Richard Hale

    Here is one that I think you might like to show the flaws of. stopboxusa.com/products/stopbox?variant=32142586773552

  • Pulko

    It took me longer to read few comments than to watch the video

  • TheMAXHOify

    “Weak core” does not sound very convincing, coming from man who picked around 1100 locks.

  • Luka Altunashvili
    Luka Altunashvili

    Just a friendly suggestion on the pronunciation of kopek its pronounced more like kapeyek stressed on a only. If you are using an English name then it is kopeks in plural like you say 1 dollar 20 cents instead of cent.

  • Ali asiri
    Ali asiri

    Those who say, ‘God is the Messiah, the son of Mary,’ are defying the truth. Say, ‘If it had been God’s will, could anyone have prevented Him from destroying the Messiah, son of Mary, together with his mother and everyone else on earth? Control of the heavens and earth and all that is between them belongs to God: He creates whatever He will. God has power over everything.’

  • Mike Jaz
    Mike Jaz

    You should design and have manufactured a padlock which you can endorse . If only 10% of your subscribers bought the lock you would still make a fortune.

  • Lit3 Plumber
    Lit3 Plumber

    I tried to come up with a Master Lock joke but this lock is too good to compare it to a masterlock.

  • BeneB

    So, I've been watching a lot of LPL lately. While loosening the bolts on a 6-bolt flange, I found myself saying "1 is loose, 2 is loose, nothing on 3, a click on 4..." I got the flanges apart in only 14s with just an ordinary wrench. Not on video, so it does not count.

  • Michael Mickelsen
    Michael Mickelsen

    Why is lock pick training made for kids? Something is wrong. I want notifications when new videos come out.

  • Joshua Dixon
    Joshua Dixon

    Can one use mild steel or other materials for the pins? I wanna practice making my own pins etc but brass is hard to get where I am.

  • Narwhall

    Where can i get these lockpickers thingy

  • Riotlight

    My old D lock used the same design as this.

  • spraynpray

    Do they make it in bluetooth?

  • Cesar Congo
    Cesar Congo

    Is there a lock that it was complicated for the pl to pick?

  • Ted Dek
    Ted Dek

    Soviet locks are good at some point, they are thick and stay long . For instance, mine is older than me, it is dual lock with triangle and circle on keys.

  • Icy

    What kind of safe would you recommend?

  • odd_Rj 5675
    odd_Rj 5675

    Have you ever had a lock you couldn’t pick?

  • dpvng

    it looks like it was rust as hell and then was grinded or sandblasted before selling

  • Careless Lad
    Careless Lad

    Instructions unclear, nuclear countdown sequence initiated.

  • Tony

    Still took longer then a master lock

  • Fiona Cleary
    Fiona Cleary

    i would love to see a lock that thelockpickinglawyer woulf design

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown

    You have probably gotten recommendations for this already, but i saw an ad for the “STOPBOX” gun box advertised as an “Inverted tumbler lock”. I figured it would have unique weaknesses for you. Keep up with the great content please!

  • Szymon Krasuski
    Szymon Krasuski

    Vsio geñalna prosta

  • Keldor314

    With the shackle held in place directly by the lock core, pulling on it will make the core want to rotate. This means the only thing preventing it from being forced open are the 4 or 5 little key pins inside the core holding it locked. It's hard to imagine they'd stand up to even a crowbar, much less a hammer. But even if the key pins don't outright break, just a bit of deformation will prevent them from sliding and cause the mechanism to jam, and now you have a lock that cannot be opened attached to your door. The lock core is easily the weakest part of the lock. That's why in a normal lock it's buried deep inside with an indirect linkage mechanism that prevents force applied on the shackle from being transmitted into the core itself.

    • nerd1000ify

      I think the way they made this lock prevents the shackle from applying any significant torque to the lock core. When the shackle is retained by the rotated core the cutout in the shackle will essentially act as a ramp that transfers a sideways force to the core when the shackle is pulled, not rotation. That sideways force probably causes enough friction between the core and its housing to prevent it from turning while the shackle is being pulled, even if the pins were removed completely. That being said you could defeat this lock by drilling the core out, or by drilling a pair of holes in the front of the core so it can be forcibly turned with a face spanner, shearing the pins. This fault could in turn be overcome by hardening the core (you'll note that the core appears to be made of steel, not brass) such that it cannot be cut with a standard drill.

  • Keldor314

    I wonder if a downside to this lock design is physical resistance to attack. It doesn't look like there's a whole lot of metal locking the shackle down, and since it's part of the core which of course has pin holes drilled in it, maybe all it would take to crack or sheer the core and liberate the shackle is a good tap with a small hammer? The pins themselves could also sheer, since they would be under a decent amount of torque.

  • Kantnklaar

    Rumor has it that Lockpickinglawyer's house has no doors whatsoever

  • Where's Wally
    Where's Wally

    Wouldnt locks be unpickable if instead of having a pin system and a turning system, it would be an electric lock which only unlocked when all pins were up at the same time transfering the current. this means no tension which means lock picks cant keep the pins up to create the current

  • Trav Pots
    Trav Pots

    Good job

  • 14gramps

    "I've examined thousands of locks...bankrupted hundreds of lock making companies....and broken the hearts of two former partners"

  • Adam Radcliffe
    Adam Radcliffe

    In Soviet Russia, lock picks you!

  • MrFmiller

    It looks bullet proof but it certainly is not pick proof.

  • JamesG

    I too am a fan of elegant design. "Simple" is a POWERFUL concept! When well applied of course.

  • Sir Richard
    Sir Richard

    Come here from the skate video. Very cool shit!

  • Abubakr Bhyat
    Abubakr Bhyat

    Is every core a weak core, or are you just too much of a professional lock pick?

  • MK Ultra
    MK Ultra

    I Love Russia.

  • Tysen P
    Tysen P

    I feel like the main reason we don't see this design more these days is that it must have been a lot harder to assemble the pinning on locks like these, rather than the standard core/pin combos we see today. Why they don't just make extra-long cores in these setups that have cutouts on the ends might be due to space restrictions.

  • Selmokk

    I imagine LPL picking his nose... "Nothing on one, two is sticky, click out of three"

  • Sadashiv


  • David Kearns
    David Kearns

    So basically find an old soviet lock cheap on Ebay rather than a Master Lock at the Walmart. ;)

  • Wayne Morris
    Wayne Morris

    Great lock. It has always been a source of amusement to me how the Soviets seem to build everything to withstand a nuclear holocaust. I bought a surplus electrical tester in about 1973. It was super tough itself but housed in 1/4" plate water sealed carry box. I still have it and it still works.

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Really love seeing locks from the past and other nations! :D

  • Christopher

    I know the core isn't that impressive, but at least he didn't rake it open

  • jTempVids

    Now we just need a lock with this design but with a good core.

  • Anthony Guzzi
    Anthony Guzzi

    I like to see locks from other countries

  • TW Johnson
    TW Johnson

    Episode 16 "Someone's breaking into the house." "We've got a Russian lock. They can't open it unless they can pick in Russian." «Это клик из одного, два обязательны, ничего не три ...»

    • TW Johnson
      TW Johnson

      @MrPaukann "You hear two, is mandatory. You click or go Siberia, lock door on outhouse."

    • MrPaukann

      That's the most broken Russian I've ever seen. "This is a click (in a computer sense) from the one, two are mandatory, nothing is three"