[1125] Walsall 2000 Insurance Padlock Picked (5 Lever)

  • Adam Adamson
    Adam Adamson

    A lock that makes LPL reset? Blasphemy.

  • ashleelmb

    Dude, I've been watching a few of your videos this afternoon and your lock picking ability blows my mind. How and where on earth did you learn how to do this and how long did it take you to get to this level?

  • William Simmons
    William Simmons

    So I love these videos but dont know anything about it. What exactly is a false gate? Sort of like a fake pin hold I'm guessing?

  • Code-Tap

    Shout out to my Walsall family!!! Black country 4 life!!!

  • Jacob Ha
    Jacob Ha

    Is there any locks you have never been able to pick?

    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat

      Yes: uzload.info/fun/YnmLhGfA2o2fsmg/video

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Alaric Brann
    Alaric Brann

    We never should have stopped using skeleton key locks

  • Demi

    I will buy any lock who resist your picking for more that 30 secs

  • J !
    J !

    So rare seeng LPL not pick a lock in less than a couple seconds

  • Dogsavestheday Official
    Dogsavestheday Official

    what’s a gate?

  • Albert Rieder
    Albert Rieder

    LPL, i like this, when you pick Leverlocks. They are so nice and tricky. Good Job

  • CrazyJayBe

    ...................................why did I think he was Canadian...?

  • RWBHere

    Locks become tensioned when LPL thinks about entering the building.

  • antony bell
    antony bell

    damm i think this is the longest i have seen a standard looking lock survive lpl

  • Thunder V2
    Thunder V2

    Where did you learn this skill ?

  • Jonathan Schneider
    Jonathan Schneider

    Took you a minute or two so that’s a good lock in my book. Jon in the UK.

  • Яed

    Lock gets a 10/10

  • Devon Edick
    Devon Edick

    Can you tell where the “traps” in a lock are by looking at the key? And where the pins go?

  • Rob C
    Rob C


    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat

      What does that have to do with a lock picking video?

  • clickbate world
    clickbate world

    I'm in New Zealand

  • TheBossManBoss319

    If it took the picking god this long mere mortals stand no chance of opening it.

  • Jin Sakai
    Jin Sakai

    4 minute video?! From LPL? Must be picking the lock on the garden of Eden

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D

    I need to see Bill pick this also before investing.

  • DigitalDiabloUK

    I'm local to this company, and I'm very proud. We have a strong history of lock making in the Black Country so great to see the tradition continuing with quality locks. 👍

  • William Diaz
    William Diaz

    Do you have any videos gutting these level locks?

  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett

    I love your videos and it was kind of you to have given a shout out to us in the UK, so thank you. I hope that you had a great independence day. I'm new to lock picking so find your videos very helpful. I was pleasantly surprised by this video as Walsall is my home town where this lock was produced. Look forward to seeing more of your videos. Keep well and stay safe.

  • Random Duck
    Random Duck

    3 mins for lpl means best lock ever

  • Byorski

    LPL: If you spend a few minutes...the process becomes very manageable Me: *just goes for the C4*

  • Shakugan no Shana-tan
    Shakugan no Shana-tan

    I don't understand how he knows the way to pick it before the vid starts

  • Ebag3000

    He could probably make an extra buck testing security systems

  • Justin M
    Justin M

    I’d love to learn a bit more about locks like this with false gates requiring a reset. It looks like this lock can’t be disassembled without destructive means tho

  • Stanlyhalo

    "When I pick a lock like this"... wait a minute.

  • Karlpulford1

    Meanwhile master lock pops open using a strong gaze and half a red bull can

  • Deserter

    Funnily enough, I got a notification from this video in July 9th, which is my country's Independence Day, and I was very confused when LPL said "Happy Independence Day" before I checked the upload date.

  • enyakicat

    LPL getting trouble from the Brits. Yay

  • David Kearns
    David Kearns

    "if you have a few minutes" which means in the security world the lock did its job. Good security is not about and never has been about prevention of access, But its about discouraging unauthorized access. If someone has to take a few minutes to pick this they are likely to be seen, Or use destruction based methods that draw attention. Only takes one set of eyes to become a 911 call* *Disclaimer, In the land this lock comes from I believe the number is 999 instead of 911.

  • Leon Preiler
    Leon Preiler

    I thought about the Fact you pick all These locks because you know the Keys damn well🤣 you have a Talent but maybe its harder if you doesnt have the Keys

  • Tom Zajac
    Tom Zajac

    Those types of locks seems to be harder to pick because you need specific tool. And you cant jiggle em

  • Marek K.
    Marek K.

    LPL said that after some research those false gates aren't much of a problem, but this lock still seems very impressive to me.


    These make me feel unsafe

  • Walsall Locks Ltd
    Walsall Locks Ltd

    Many thanks for the review LPL, it's much appreciated! This lock's lever mechanism was developed in 1999 and launched onto the market in 2000, with sales made only so far in the UK. However we're keen here at Walsall Locks to see this lock being distributed and sold in the USA and beyond, so please buy away! The lock is available from nichelocks.com or itsmadehere.co.uk and available ex-stock. Many thanks for all your positivity and comments. Regards......………...

    • David Leffew
      David Leffew

      Best ad possible right here. Seeing LPL going at it with a specialized toolset whose manufacturer is out of business, and having to start over because the anti-picking features tripped him up (even knowing he intentionally fell into them the first time to learn where they were) - if I need a lock, I know what I want.

  • ThePowerPlayer

    Wow, one of the rare occasions where LPL rates the lock as a tricky pick. I’ll buy 20

  • pyrosrockthisworld

    id love to see the mechanism behind this lock!

  • Bryce Hawken
    Bryce Hawken

    This is an incredibly good lock, it took him multiple minutes to open.... the more I watch this channel the more I do not trust any locks

  • Jo Vee
    Jo Vee

    Any lock that gives the LPL a bit of trouble is perhaps a device worthy of proprietorship.

  • Derek Snider
    Derek Snider

    It still takes me longer to pick my nose that it take LPL to pick a lock.

  • Daniel Noblett
    Daniel Noblett

    That’s a sweet old school style lock

  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos Cruz

    Wallsall stonks through the roof rn

  • x

    Those brits put up a good fight.

  • OO


  • BetterNameForMyChannel

    I know it's a long time ago, but I think his video number 45 was more difficult. [45] Picking the "Unpickable" Abus

  • Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper

    Walsall just got advertised to 180 thousand people

  • dave smith
    dave smith

    Those locks are good for sealing tool boxes 🤣

  • LM Ural
    LM Ural

    Sounds like a decent lock!

  • Zak Zaakk
    Zak Zaakk

    An area in Walsall known as Willenhall was knows for lock manufacturing in the Victorian period

  • vilotack

    im happy no ones complaining about the 4th of July on this video

  • Virt Ori
    Virt Ori

    if we spend a few minutes??? it took him a few.... where we at?

  • Wayne Blade
    Wayne Blade

    uk - best so far agreed?

  • Billbeaux

    I don't mean to be offensive or assuming in any way, but I kinda wish he would show that it's 100% locked before he started working on it. Noice little finger tug on it before he started working on it. Would be a neat touch, I guess.

  • Dave Klaus
    Dave Klaus

    Is this a skeleton lock? If it takes the LPL more than one try, you know its a good lock. Plus he used a special tool.

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee

    If he takes a long time to pick it I wonder if that means I should actually buy it

  • Dog Walker
    Dog Walker

    Wallsall make Industrial electrical fittings I did not know they made locks. But I am going to order one of these.

  • Martin E
    Martin E

    This is clearly the lock you should use to secure the vault that contains a tool designed by the lock picking lawyer and Bosnian bill

  • Gary Crispin
    Gary Crispin

    I want to see him pick some of these locks while locked on something so he can't move it around to suit his lockpicking. For example, put this on a storage locker door.

  • Mateo Ayala
    Mateo Ayala

    “Everything feels like it’s on a true gate rn” Me: impossible 😮

  • Andy Mac
    Andy Mac

    Lovely lock to pick one of my favourite 👍

  • Walsall Locks Ltd
    Walsall Locks Ltd

    Many thanks for the review LPL, it's much appreciated! This lock's lever mechanism was developed in 1999 and launched onto the market in 2000, with sales made only so far in the UK. However we're keen here at Walsall Locks to see this lock being distributed and sold in the USA and beyond, so please buy away! The lock is available from nichelocks.com or itsmadehere.co.uk and available ex-stock. Many thanks for all your positivity and comments. Regards......………...

  • Platycqb

    Replacing all my fancy schmancy door locks today by this lock!

  • Daniele Iozzino
    Daniele Iozzino

    What is crazy about this lock is that the key seems so simple and low quality. When I saw it first I assumed this was going to be an easy one.

  • GigglySam Entz
    GigglySam Entz

    If you too were confused about how a lever works and how it gets picked: uzload.info/fun/hpx8nWTFlpN-yHE/video

  • Collin

    what if LPL was actually using only 1 percent of his power instead to make the americans feel better?

  • Julio de Cassovia
    Julio de Cassovia

    Let's take a specialized tool, that Bosnian Bill and I didn't make...

  • Tengou

    I like to imagine that if LPL's kid ever wants a snack, he has to pick the three padlocks on the candy cabinet.

  • Thejack 00
    Thejack 00

    Companies to other UZloadrs: Take my money and make a video about my product. Companies to LockPickingLawyer: Take my money and NEVER make a video of my products.

  • Demandred1957

    LPL, this lock is a little bit tricky. 99.9% of lock pickers...I give up.

  • Flamingo808

    UrbanAlps Stealth Padlock please 😆

  • Natasa Zivic
    Natasa Zivic

    How long are you lock picking ?

  • Some stuff I thought you might like
    Some stuff I thought you might like

    Sooo, why aren’t we still using these things?

  • Leeroy

    Lock Hillary Up for independence day

  • Darijus Uosis
    Darijus Uosis

    LPL : Teaching us how to open locks in case of emergencies, or testing locks to see their quality Me, about to commit mass burglary : h e h

  • Devin Bayless
    Devin Bayless

    I don't know why but I feel you should collab with Donut Operator.

  • Kelvin Knudson
    Kelvin Knudson

    I love you man. Great video.

  • Radim Cernej
    Radim Cernej

    Any Urban Alps locks upcoming?

  • julian hobrough
    julian hobrough

    Tell your subscribers a lock you cannot pick. Or go to hell.

  • hib3032

    Pity the boarder gates in the uk aren’t as difficult to open 🤦‍♂️

  • Richard Sweetman
    Richard Sweetman

    I wish you could do your videos under a X-ray ... stupid radiation

  • PlasmaExe

    A minute or two of pick time by LPL? Id say thats a pretty decent lock. Give me your entire stock please.

  • TheOddDiabetic

    How am I supposed to choose a good lock when you show yourself picking them all?

  • David Boson
    David Boson

    arrr the false gates - avoid the false gates - thank you Mr LPL

  • Stewart Campbell
    Stewart Campbell

    Klickide-Klik ; Luv the Show , YYZ , Mohawk-Planker !

  • Mark Greatrix
    Mark Greatrix

    wow, I was born in Walsall Hospital.. never expected to see it mentioned on LPL!

  • ferengiprophet

    I want this lock now.

  • D Y
    D Y

    As when breaking free from Britain, it takes time to pick our way through all the false gates.

  • BigPAPA69

    Imagine your in the bathroom and you hear click on 1 nothing on 2

  • S.K.

    Could you share the most secure lock for you?

  • Rollinoverthehill

    I live in Walsall in the uk. Never thought I would see anything from here on this channel!

  • selske23

    I wonder what LPL does with his bicycle collection. I'm sure it's not related

  • John Mraz
    John Mraz

    "Tricky little lock" -takes 2 minutes to crack-

  • James Blenkinsopp
    James Blenkinsopp

    It's a shame these companies can't even brag about how long it took LPL to pick their lock, 3 minutes to anyone unfamiliar with the channel sounds awful but in reality it's one of the best locks he's picked.

  • Alex Ritter
    Alex Ritter

    I would love to see you pick a lock that you know nothing about and have never seen the key.