[1206] They Said It Couldn’t Be Decoded... They Were Wrong (ASSA SRB36)

  • LockPickingLawyer

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    • Anders Estes Jacobsen
      Anders Estes Jacobsen

      Why arent you making LPL locks already?

    • Juju Gohard
      Juju Gohard

      So just solder the gaps and call it good.. assa could have had a good lock but they cheap out..

    • Genesis23OPB

      all it takes to fix it is a 2mm ridge on the body where the wheelplate comes in. this way you completely block entry for a lockpick.

    • Russell

      @Thumper the person providing educational stuff here is not responsible for the posible criminal actions of other. More over, LPL isnt unique. Their is a while genere on youtube of people doing lock pick videos. You can also find videos on how to make things like gun powder and C4. And much more. But the only people responsible for criminal actions is the criminal themselves.

    • Thumper

      Can you get in trouble over showing how to do this stuff? Then someone goes out and breaks into something from what they learned here?

  • keri Smith
    keri Smith

    Yes 1 question... HOW??

  • Reece Dillon
    Reece Dillon

    I thought it said Asda

  • MrWitchblade

    Here is the new and improved...... Oh..... You've opened it.... Damn.... lol. I swear, the list of locks to buy is shrinking. A man with a dog amd gun will be better security at this rate.

  • Roy Patton
    Roy Patton

    LPL, are you selling "old broken pick" sets?

  • HylianSW

    Why have I watched 4 hours of videos on lock picking? Also why am i compelled to watch more videos on lock picking!? I don't know how i got here but I'm fine with it.

  • tonkatoytruck

    I guess the real quesiton is, "What locks do YOU use?"

  • Johnny B.
    Johnny B.


  • Andy Burianek
    Andy Burianek

    You are good!!!

  • Jesse Tredway
    Jesse Tredway

    So honest question, what exactly stops someone from picking the keyhole to change the combo?

    • smievil

      he started by unlocking it before changing the combination, i guess it's not possible to change it without doing that.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    I want the LPL to exploit my sister.

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper

    Let us all agree, if this dude wants in your lock, forget about it - just give him the key. DAMN

  • Jamie Mortimer
    Jamie Mortimer

    Ever thought of designing a lock?

  • Peter Zenner
    Peter Zenner

    DId you take one apart? I'd love to see what's inside... and how it's different. Excellent video.

  • Kiki Lang
    Kiki Lang

    This is a hobby for you. The local church has been scooping up the homes of people moving away in their retirement. Now I have a dozen meth heads living in my neighborhood. They put there children out in the yards on a teether, to watch other people's homes. The moment they see some leave, they child tell their parents, and they run over like it's christmas. We try to watch each other's homes, but you have jobs. Everyone has cameras, but all you see is a guy in a hoodie. Can anyone recomend a lock, a meth head can't pick?

  • Mo Maatouk
    Mo Maatouk

    Wouldn’t them adding a quick weld around the rim solve this simple flaw?

  • Steve Thompson
    Steve Thompson

    You blow up peoples jobs with a 15 thousandths pick LOL

  • Si74l0rd

    Beautifully done sir. An entirely new exploit, just to poke other security professionals in the eye after they not only failed to exploit it, but had the temerity to recommend it as a good lock ;) I'm guessing my man Deviant Ollam was not among those recommending this lock, no doubt he'd had the tip of a probe in there too lol. You two make a right pair of naughty boys ;)

  • theshillito

    I am curious if there's an exploit involving the code change keyway. Presumably the main lock being closed blocks off the keyway somehow, or stops the key from turning, but having the keyway exposed on the outside of the lock body is surprising to me.


    Low key gave me anxiety when he changed the combo.

  • MegaPain Quest
    MegaPain Quest

    Lockmakers hate this guy

  • Old Smokie
    Old Smokie

    Shouldn't Assa just employ LPL ?

    • locklear308


  • Eat black angus
    Eat black angus

    Some days I’m certain you should stop doing these lock picking videos. I feel the worst security risk is exposing to all the thieves which are subscribed to you; the ways of which they can access all our most secure things

  • Explore NC
    Explore NC

    I bet these big security lock companies dread seeing these videos !! LOL

  • Nabsickle

    They fix the gap then LPH simply picks the code set keyhole and changes code to 1337

  • Zfast4y0u

    my locker is not safe anymore :/

  • dan hern
    dan hern

    The tall eight dfly practise because novel holoprosencephaly promise following a fluttering silk. whispering, harsh exhaust

  • Meme Sauce
    Meme Sauce

    When he pushed all the locks off the table... Moses vibes

  • Peli Mies
    Peli Mies

    Pettynyt ASSAan... Piti olla alansa paras...

  • Kieran Berryman
    Kieran Berryman

    Penn & Teller give him the trophy!

  • yazmat96

    It takes more time to scrumble that to open it

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller

    I watched one video of demolition ranch destroying a lock.......

  • 《THUMPER 》 》Lock Picking《
    《THUMPER 》 》Lock Picking《

    Very well thought out Mr.L.P.L.

  • Cloud Seeker
    Cloud Seeker

    How many people hire LPL to test locks I wonder. It must be annoying to design these locks and then have them broken this fast.

  • nickr0425

    This dude is lvl 100 lockpicking

  • Horny Step Mom - Videos
    Horny Step Mom - Videos

    manufacturers sending him locks must be heart wrenching when he cracks it in a minute

  • Thomas Laux
    Thomas Laux

    If this guy is a lawyer, what is he doing in a blue collar job?

  • g33dav3y

    So it seems to me that a medium-weight strike with a non marring hammer at the bottom of the lock body would pinch that gap shut and close off that exploit. Seems like a pretty simple fix.

  • Uni verse
    Uni verse

    So, you can just buy the changing key to change the combination of someone lock?

  • Techno Spyform1
    Techno Spyform1

    Hey LPL do you use Minecraft pistons for doors?

  • De Vinois Mathieu
    De Vinois Mathieu

    Number one rule of a safe lock seems to be “never have a straight gap”

  • Fragmented _Sins
    Fragmented _Sins

    Lpl to Mrs lpl "Time to scramble your lock wheels."

  • cheddy optimist
    cheddy optimist

    Me: sees hole LPL: sees loophole

  • Wire Frost
    Wire Frost

    Locker company: want a deal? we order 1m locks. Locker company Watching youtube at home: Never mind!

  • jimmy aber
    jimmy aber

    If you are a lock picking lawyer do you have to pass the Pry Bar Exam to get licensed?

  • Scatt2k7

    I bet they're all think well that's a pain in the ASSA.

  • Wouter Faes
    Wouter Faes

    Why doesnt LPL not create his own brand of locks ? I mean he knows what is the best way to do it right ? If not , he knows there is no actual way to make the perfect lock ? And that is what i believe , no lock or security system is unbreakable .

  • Robert Hirsch
    Robert Hirsch

    i don't understand how a company that specializes in locks can leave that weakness.

  • Brandon

    Like an election locks only keep out honest people

  • Bobby Brooks
    Bobby Brooks

    You still don't get it. And you never give the prices for the locks, unless someone buys it for you out of courtesy.... This lock was probably 2x the cost of the master

  • Blad

    You're actually free R&D for these lock companies xD

  • Vamsi Goutham
    Vamsi Goutham

    I am wondering what kind of lock he use for his home 🤔

  • transfactory

    calling a lock much better than master lock is like saying a tv show is worse that uk top gear with jeremy, richard and james

  • Azurel777

    So if someone were to solder that little gap, this would be an unpickable lock?

    • Sebastian Jost
      Sebastian Jost

      He would probably find another exploit but it would certainly help

  • joeskis

    The point is don't use a padlock to secure something very valuable.

  • History Recovered
    History Recovered

    Damn I would never have thought about that unless I knew what the guts of the lock looked like.

  • weeby deeby
    weeby deeby

    this guy can pick any lock oml

  • Theo GH
    Theo GH

    thieves looking at this :HMMMM YES LOCK

  • Bình Lê
    Bình Lê

    Most of the video's content is LPL scrambling the combination.

  • picramide

    My recollection (from being a lock nut as a kid) is that Sesamee had the first of this type of lock.

  • Hek Ter
    Hek Ter

    My question with these vids is yes they can be unlocked. But you are not putting into consideration the grip portion. As in depending how the lock is placed on the door/gate is their a way to grip it so it can be picked. Its easier to just have it on a table and grip it anyway you want to be able to pick it. But its tougher to grip and try to pick a lock where you don't have a solid grip.

  • Hakeem Zahardi
    Hakeem Zahardi

    when ASSA said it couldn't be decoded, they meant by a mere mortal

  • Archer Frost
    Archer Frost

    Assa: 0 Tiny bend on the pick: 1

  • Sgt. Rock
    Sgt. Rock

    I used to feel like lpl empowered criminals... now I see he is only making the industry up their ante. Good on you, dude

  • Shane Rhed Magbanua
    Shane Rhed Magbanua

    Thanks, Now i can go in and out to my neighbour's backyard to pet their dog :D

  • Randy D
    Randy D

    Those lock manufacturers really must hate you.

  • jacky koning
    jacky koning

    In other words... if you take a heat gun and some solder you can fix this lock to be unpickable. Or well you would have to guess out of 10000 combinations.

  • Zg4dNij

    lockPickingLawyer aka global lock quallity controller

  • Martijn Klijnstra
    Martijn Klijnstra

    Is there a video about the master lock he shows in the beginning?

  • Eleanor Barry Jhon Dersey
    Eleanor Barry Jhon Dersey

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  • Eleanor Barry Jhon Dersey
    Eleanor Barry Jhon Dersey

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  • Peter Markusic
    Peter Markusic

    Dude you are amazing

  • Chris Doyle
    Chris Doyle

    This UZload channel is a setup.Law enforcement knows who watches this channel.Then if you use any of these picks to gain entry to a building or property or steal anything in that veccinity or are a known felon.The computer will automatically cross match the content of videos with your identity, gps coordinates.Then they won't use any of that as evidence.They will get you some other way.And then your not only up for theft but your then facing federal charges for breaking the lock seal which is registered under the locksmiths guild.Nice trap though boys I like it.

  • Indy Custom Made
    Indy Custom Made

    This has me thinking. Do these lock companies even try and find people who pick locks to help them build a good lock? I understand that any lockout there can be picked by the right person. However, all you need to do is make one and have them pick it and then improve on that and do it again until you get the best lock. Am I missing something here?

  • Devin Ray
    Devin Ray

    Dude.... Chill out you making these locks seem worthless 😂

  • BM1x

    LockPickingLawyer, I’m interested to see what your house door lock looks like.

  • Sh4dy

    1) buy the lock 2) put a film of glue over the gap Sure, it won't hold forever, but if you get the intruder to waste another 30 seconds trying to get the pick in, it might already be enough.

  • Georgios Iason Konstantinou
    Georgios Iason Konstantinou

    Every episode I'm hoping a lock whould make him struggle but still haven't seen one

  • rougenaxela

    I find myself thinking, if one has some of these, maybe not the worst idea to plug that gap between the base and lock body. Maybe solder, maybe some jb-weld...

  • JT Petey
    JT Petey

    why is there a gap there? cant they just make a unibody lock?

  • DaBurntToaster

    Buy the lock, fill the gap with solder or job weld or whatever

  • Philip Yates
    Philip Yates

    I am beginning to think the only way to stop LPL is to give him an unlocked lock, tell him to pick it and hope he doesn't notice.

  • morrow

    some illustration depicting what's happening internally would have helped

  • kevin cahill
    kevin cahill

    A proper good heavy sledge does the trick too 😉

  • Ric K
    Ric K

    hmm shouldnt be a problem to fix it for ASSA, hope we got an update if something changed

  • med ben
    med ben

    The dude is so good that he gave up on locks and is challenging himself 😂😂😂

  • jep ulis
    jep ulis

    Next Sento?

  • TonyTheCat1

    I'd actually like to buy one of these, I need a link.

  • Marc Gyver
    Marc Gyver


  • Paul Mansfield
    Paul Mansfield

    Head of security at Fort Knox: "The lock picking lawyer is in the area, double the guard!"

  • Alan F
    Alan F

    Can't be decoded? Worst case scenario you'd go through the 10,000 combinations if you couldn't be arsed picking it like he did.

  • idiot

    bro i watched so many of these and now i just believe that there are no locks that work

  • Roger Larsson
    Roger Larsson

    Some epoxy glue around the plate, wouldn't that solve this issue?

  • Jay

    I wonder how many criminals are subbed to this channel for tips and tricks lmao

  • JeepinBoon

    This channel is exactly why I recommend Medico and Abloy Protec cores.

  • GummiSammi

    LPL Pick time is like the Nurburgring lap time of the lock manufacturer.

  • Derrick David
    Derrick David

    He made an ASSA out of that lock lol

  • abusethesun

    It took longer to set the code than to decode it... Which publication told you it couldn't be decoded? I need to know so I can never trust them...

  • El Eternauta
    El Eternauta


  • Deconstruction

    LPL is the Chuck Norris of the Lockpicking universe.

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