[1148] "Tapplock" Opened By Tapping Lock
[1068] Bypassing the $100 TappLock One+ Fingerprint Padlock uzload.info/fun/aIFuZ5rAmHGXvYE/video
NOTE- A few times in this video I incorrectly referred to the Tapplock Lite as the Tapplock Mini. I apologize for the mistake and any resulting confusion.

  • LockPickingLawyer

    A few times in this video I incorrectly referred to the Tapplock Lite as the Tapplock “Mini.” I apologize for the mistake and any resulting confusion.

    • colinsthebestest

      Get that BREAD

    • ITGuru42

      Looking at the previous video, it looks like the original Tapplock might be vulnerable to this same attack while pulling on the shackle? Especially since the blocking lug enters a circular rather than triangular indentation, and it looks like there might be some space within which the cam can move side to side?

    • BlackSoap361

      You are polite, almost to a fault.

    • Brian Haygood
      Brian Haygood

      Yes, because hoards of people now heading out to buy a lock you can open with a soft hammer in two seconds need to have the right name in mind. Thanks. Ha.

    • MaskedInferno81

      Where to buy pee hammer

  • Timothy Hall
    Timothy Hall

    Hence the name "tap" lock

  • Alpha Chan
    Alpha Chan

    Holy shit. This actually worked on a random Chinese brand bluetooth lock. These locks were used at my workplace. Now we're bloody changing them all. Glad I saw this vid randomly. 🙏 Thx so much.

  • James Jones II
    James Jones II

    I don't think that's the 'tapp'ing they thinking about when they named this lock. Lmao. 😂

  • SignatureStampsFan

    This demi-god makes me want to be a locksmith.

  • Ron Simons
    Ron Simons

    So the lock comes with a hammer key? Interesting. So the finger sensor is there to fool possible thieves? Also interesting.

  • Eric Eller
    Eric Eller

    Ho Li Smoke

  • Eric Shutter
    Eric Shutter

    ROFL oh this channel is such FUN! and knowledge which locks NOT to buy ;-)

  • D L
    D L

    Shows the lock. Shows another lock. References another video. Describes the vulnerability of this lock. Opens it three times. Requests subs. Says have a nice day. All in less than two minutes.

  • DSG

    Good to see they are leaving instructions for thieves.

  • Zerog41612

    Lock spanked open

  • soundspark

    A lock with opening instructions!

  • Tim C
    Tim C

    "I'll do it again, so you don't think it's a fluke." It's never a fluke.

  • Jose armando Rivera midence
    Jose armando Rivera midence

    Hi what is your name bro beach

  • telescopereplicator

    This lock is never gonna 'be a hit'................

  • lamp007

    Imagine picking this up from a store shelf and locking it, then you accidentally drop it, and it opens itself up...put it back quietly and walk away

  • Steven Tapp
    Steven Tapp

    If you can’t open something with a hammer, you’re not using a big enough hammer.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5131

  • Russ Glove
    Russ Glove

    You make me never want to buy another lock again 😆

  • Skyimp

    Well, company is not lie, LPL just tap this lock and it's open

  • jason mewhinney
    jason mewhinney

    Isn’t that why they call it the tapp lock

  • mstly4lg

    Addalock review please

  • Nayan Nbg
    Nayan Nbg

    By looking at this, as a good marketing perspective I would make a blast lock instead of tapp lock

  • Izunundara Ixnuvarism
    Izunundara Ixnuvarism

    Being fair to the lock, many other locks can be picked with sufficient application of hammer

  • ChronoXShadow

    Man, LPL is like the Bob Ross of locks. So entertaining to watch them perform magic.

  • Paul Bartley
    Paul Bartley

    Jeeeezus. Might as well give it to them

  • 00 00
    00 00

    It literally tells you how to unlock it.

  • Kalle Klæp
    Kalle Klæp

    That's why it's named "Tapplock" one tap from a hammer and it's open.

  • FestiveType

    I always casually have a hammer in my pocket.

  • Abidus Sadat Ruddro
    Abidus Sadat Ruddro

    LPL be like : "I've killed your father now I've come for you"

  • MK Ultra
    MK Ultra

    The definition of irony . . . . . . . .Tapp-lock: Pun Intended

  • Alucard Moon
    Alucard Moon

    You are the man

  • DreamScape

    bethesda should put lpl into the new elder scrolls as a master you pay 500gp to level lockpicking skill

  • pohmakas33

    Lol that taplock is such a piece of crap. The inventors should just disband the company and go into exile

  • Henry

    That’s hilarious

  • Shado Grimwell
    Shado Grimwell

    Your probably the number one thief in the entire world.

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from seeing your videos it’s that literally all locks are terrible

  • U.V. S.
    U.V. S.

    MASTER lock opened by mastering!

  • Russell

    Gaffer's tape? Oh, that must be what yanks call hockey tape.

  • joshtp1234

    Sometimes I think you make these videos so you can have more business as a defense lawyer

  • Cesar Queti
    Cesar Queti

    instructions clear, tap with the hammer

  • Frog guy
    Frog guy

    You pick everything, why... so this means i need a lock that have a Syren or make lots of sound...

  • balluumm1

    Just ruined thousands of dollars worth of marketing in a couple of minutes. Brilliant!!!

  • me-me 100
    me-me 100

    Im convinced... liked and subscribed

  • TheRokkis

    After seeing a number (which is too high for my own good) of your videos I cracked finally. I managed to open my first padlock couple of days ago and I'm midst of making my own lockpicks. Now I just need more locks to practise with. I don't even know why, probably because I'm just hella bored outside of work and achieving something feels nice for every now and then. Maybe one day it will prove useful, maybe not. Anyway thank you for all the videos and effort! They're educating and entertaining, latter being the most important to me at the moment to be honest =P

  • kumaran Balaji
    kumaran Balaji

    And next he will pick a lock,by locking the lock,after he locks the lock ,he has to lock

  • H ε z я o и
    H ε z я o и


  • Doug Gotley
    Doug Gotley

    I bet lock companies sweat their ass off when they see their new product on this page

  • Meep Changeling
    Meep Changeling

    I dont' get why he's reviewing locks. Locks are pointless. If somone wants to get past a lock, they can buy low grade explosives from any sporting goods store, either black powder or Tannerite, and just blow the lock up or off. Or they could buy a crowbar... or bolt cutters. If you want something to be secure, bar it from the inside and reinforce the door frame. Also, like, don't have windows.

  • Maverick Walker
    Maverick Walker

    We can open this by tapping it with a hammer **proceeds to abuse lock until its light starts to flash**

  • LanceAtlas

    Davie504 should watch this

  • Major Skies
    Major Skies

    The cheap finger print scanner locks aren't really meant for high security more for convenience. I use one for my gym bag at the lockers at the gym. It only contains by cheap tattered bag and dirty/clean clothes. Since frequent access is needed and carrying keys can be a pain at the gym.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    so basically dont get any lock

  • Dreams baseball coach
    Dreams baseball coach

    Get this comment 1k dislikes

  • Dregoth

    I once opened Kensington laptop locks with a folded thick envelope. We tested about 10, then returned them to the seller and told them the 'good' news. And i am no locksmith lol

  • Dregoth

    Oh the irony.....


    Huh? Locks are for

  • FanofDocumentaries

    That lock is a piece of junk.

  • aris gemino
    aris gemino

    Lets try it again Translation do it one more time so the viedeo at least reaches 2 mins

  • David

    And once again, manufacturers and consumers weep and thieves file this away for future reference.

  • Joseph Walker
    Joseph Walker

    Bruh it took him 1 second

  • Joe Baldwin
    Joe Baldwin

    Love the lack of fluff in your videos. Explanation, back story, demonstration x2 to 3 times, and a thank you. ADAs must have loved your style.

  • Psyco_Wrestler 1876
    Psyco_Wrestler 1876

    I know that this is real but i think the second and third ones didn't lock properly before closing but i could be wrong and stay awesome and keep up the amazing content

  • Chiron Chandler
    Chiron Chandler

    I love it when he says so you don't think it's a fluke, it's like nah man, you Good

  • M G
    M G

    LPL is gonna open a lock by asking it politely

  • Fried Mule
    Fried Mule

    LPL, I think you misunderstand, Tapp is not the name but the instruction on how to use it. :-)

  • Clarke Fire
    Clarke Fire

    In any case, I love all of your videos. Keep up the good work!

  • Switch ninja
    Switch ninja

    Customer : I can't find the instruction manual in here . Shopkeeper : It's all in the name .

  • The Sethioz Project
    The Sethioz Project

    Again, i'd like to see it done in real environment. the way you're holding the lock, gives you huge advantage, try doing this when lock is in use and not so easy to hold it the way you like. I'm sure it's possible, just saying i'd rather see it being done in real environment.

  • Tenki no Ko
    Tenki no Ko

    Well it is a tap lock ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Solonduin

    that hammer looks like a giant urinal cake

  • Supervandal

    Someone please start a locking company called “Fart Locks”.

  • MegaTime01

    Can you do a teardown of that lock

  • LeatherNeck 1833
    LeatherNeck 1833

    "On the next episode of LPL, I will unlock two locks simultaneously using ONLY those two locks."

  • Mr Soda
    Mr Soda


  • 38911bytefree

    It is not a Fluke .... there is no place to connect the test probes.

  • Ziggonat

    If you call that tapping, please never tap me on the shoulder


    Normal locks: **super safe keypad** This noob: *T A P P and open*

  • Naiver Miigon
    Naiver Miigon

    When it comes to advertising, they do much better in this regard compared to MasterLock, which doesnt take a master to open

  • Shsgagag Shegsgsgsg
    Shsgagag Shegsgsgsg

    They put a secret backdoor because they didn't expect LPL to get their lock.

  • kay oss
    kay oss

    There’s a girl who asked me if I can help her open a similar lock that her ex used to lock a file cabinet. I couldn’t do it so she said, “I will make you the happiest man if you can open it.” That was 4 months ago. I’m heading over to her house now with a hammer and this video. Update y’all later.

  • Luca D'Agostini
    Luca D'Agostini

    Next video: How to get into Fort Knox with a bobby pin and a nail clipper.

  • sycoticpsycho

    Well, they didn't lie.

  • albinoman13bt

    I would love to watch reaction videos from the engineers and locksmiths from anything LPL touches, the cold sweat when they see their lock come up in a new video.

  • DinoFren

    How to tell if he can unlock it: the video is 30 seconds long

  • Raven

    "Gaffers tape" 🤣 dude it's "Gaffa tape"

  • vitali

    "can be opened by tapping the lock" 🤣🤣 no pun at all there 😂

  • Ulamøg exe
    Ulamøg exe

    Would tapping the lock with another tapplock open it if you put enough strenght? That would be "tapplock opened by tapplock"

  • CrossjacklΞ

    Hope he dosent turn evil

  • rat illecebrasque dubitantium
    rat illecebrasque dubitantium

    I've picked bike locks with a stubby flat head screw driver heaps of times. It's hilarious

  • Scratch Luka
    Scratch Luka

    You’re the man! Going to sub to ya. Cheers

  • Naoufel Farid
    Naoufel Farid

    Why don’t you make a lock and sell it?

  • Mordekai

    ‘Have a nice day - AND tapp lock I can also represent you in court.. DM me for details’ 🤣🤣 Seriously though, I bet these lock companies hate him

  • J. Mig
    J. Mig

    This should be catalogued as a comedy channel

  • patman0250

    Houses company not gone bankrupt yet why you got to do is flick their lock and it opens.

  • DeltaOne

    Imagine if LPL designs a lock himself!

  • Brian J. Medina
    Brian J. Medina

    Dammit, all the good comments are taken! Guess I'll just tap out.

  • therealx401

    1:20 It is a one hit wonder! 😆

  • Bryan Bello
    Bryan Bello

    *LPL watches Top Gear once*

  • Kreuzass

    He should have used another "Tapplock" Lock zu tapp against the first Lock and open it :)

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