[1148] "Tapplock" Opened By Tapping Lock
[1068] Bypassing the $100 TappLock One+ Fingerprint Padlock uzload.info/fun/aIFuZ5rAmHGXvYE/video
NOTE- A few times in this video I incorrectly referred to the Tapplock Lite as the Tapplock Mini. I apologize for the mistake and any resulting confusion.

  • LockPickingLawyer

    A few times in this video I incorrectly referred to the Tapplock Lite as the Tapplock “Mini.” I apologize for the mistake and any resulting confusion.

    • REWIND

      imagine if someone got genuinely mad bc he called it mini

    • Luke Schroeder
      Luke Schroeder

      All good

    • Saul T. Knutz
      Saul T. Knutz

      I'm curious to know how many lock companies have gone back and tried to change their design after your videos. Do you have any idea?

    • George Griffin
      George Griffin

      That is unforgivable! I want the money I paid for this video back! 😜

    • Launch Dad
      Launch Dad

      Oh, sure. Show the lock is worthless, then add a disclaimer about the name...

  • BlossomOfThorns

    You mean its a technique known as bashing it with a hammer XD

  • dingdong

    There goes my dream of founding a lock company named "Shove It".

  • Rave Homard
    Rave Homard

    Today I learned LPL says buried like Cleveland Brown.

  • glen paul
    glen paul

    useless lock

  • James Burns
    James Burns

    Oh the irony

  • Steve W
    Steve W

    I hate the inflection in his voice when he says "please subscribe". It makes me want to punch a baby sometimes.

  • SaigesChannel

    who can that be knocking at my door, tapp tapp tapp tapp....

  • Quintus The Fifth
    Quintus The Fifth

    He thinks he’s tricking us by putting the tape over the scanner but in reality the scanner is set to open to the tape 🙄😒

  • Wright Lawn Care
    Wright Lawn Care

    Wow, junk!

  • tmarent

    If John Wick could kill 3 men with a pencil. LPL could destroy a company with a rubber hammer..... and as always, have a nice day.

  • Levi Leme
    Levi Leme

    English is not my first language, so I must say that the this man's voice tone, speed and pronunciation is great for everyone to understand. Good job.

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    The only problem with these videos is that they are too short to read the comments absolutely roasting the lock

  • Sid Ferreira
    Sid Ferreira

    So many trust issues thanks to this channel...

  • Sondre K. Jacobsen
    Sondre K. Jacobsen

    The Lockpicking PUNisher


    1:26 The little flashing light on the lock (after he hits it with a hammer) reminds me of cartoons after a character is concussed. :)

  • Douglas Hero
    Douglas Hero

    Christmas Day 2020 (yesterday) I needed to open a gate with a very big lock on it to get my friend who needed to go to the hospital through the gate. I like watching these videis but never tried to pick a lock and didn't have any tools anyway. But I thought maybe if I pushed hard enough the attachment points on the gate would break, so I pushed and pushed again and the lock was just pulled open because I was my whole body pushing on the gate then leveraging to the lock, it just pulled the lock apart...it was amazing.

  • Robert Hirsch
    Robert Hirsch

    call me naive...but how f-ing stupid are these lock companies that they don't know this...or they don't care.

  • Seraglio Borneo
    Seraglio Borneo

    So we might as well buy a cheap lock. At least, we will save money while buying it?

  • COL 1
    COL 1

    Well that's a pile of poo!

  • Samuel Schurman
    Samuel Schurman

    I don't know to me the lock just seems rather polite but maybe a little too trusting. You knocked and it opened to let you in.

  • XB10001

    The name gave it away.

  • DCVertigo

    All you have to do is tap it ... *pulls out a hammer*

  • Soumyajit Dutta
    Soumyajit Dutta

    I want that urathin hammer Anyonee plz..

  • Mr. Peterson
    Mr. Peterson

    So THAT'S why it's called tapplock

  • Armistice023

    More like Lock Tapping Lawyer

  • FluffyPinkFifi

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah...... hahahahahahahahahahahahahah ......... ...... hahahahahahahahahahahah hahahahah ..... ........ ha


    Shit its hilarius....

  • Tabitha M
    Tabitha M


  • Mohammed Rahman
    Mohammed Rahman

    Do you have a video showing locks/pad locks that can't be hacked or broken in to?

  • youtube user
    youtube user

    This one is for the history books. Speedrun lock picking

  • Arjay Cruz
    Arjay Cruz

    It is really a tap lock

  • Bob Man
    Bob Man

    The equivilant of making your password "password"

  • Salah S
    Salah S

    This lock taping lawyer and today ....

  • Jonathan Vandagriff
    Jonathan Vandagriff

    Oh how I would give anything to see those manufacturers react to these videos...

  • Bryan Tint
    Bryan Tint

    Is the hammer made in the USA?

  • patrick pat
    patrick pat

    I usually open lock without key with a CADEX TREMOR .50 BMG . It go through a 1 1/2 inch steel plate so a lock didn’t resist a second ...

  • Tony Murro
    Tony Murro

    After your videos I put table behind my door

  • ChefBilly Baroo
    ChefBilly Baroo

    Your funny!!!

  • Mainak Sanyal
    Mainak Sanyal

    Just wanted to say this for a long time. "I feel insecure watching your videos."

  • Tomo

    Intro, description, comparison, opens the lock 3 times, then outro - 1min 50sec

  • michael tristan
    michael tristan

    A one hit wonder...

  • Luck

    In Russian language we have a phrase "a lock against honest people". For cases like this. I know a house where a lock doesn't even block the door from opening, but it is still there, to convey a message "this door is locked, and if you'll go there without permission, it will count as breaking in".

  • lookronjon

    Cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • Aha Ha
    Aha Ha

    No comment shoutout by manufacturer this time that with a tap it is open??? :DD

  • Unified Horizons
    Unified Horizons

    Benefits of not cutting the lock most people will assume they forgot to lock it... if cut clearly someone broke in and you will begin looking for something stolen and if so the cops will put a black list of a item matching those items descriptions

  • Axewel

    You should make a video where you do your intro, not the explanation of the lock, open the easiest and fastest lock to pic then do your Outro

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith

    It’s never a fluke!

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez

    The more I watch his videos the more I’m convinced there’s no secure way to lock anything

    • Lead Paintchips
      Lead Paintchips

      One thing that I've learned is that locks are a deterrent. Is it going to be more of a pita and/or put the thief at risk for getting caught doing so? Is the lock mechanism more of a pita than just brute forcing your way through? What are the consequences for just smashing your way through and grabbing stuff? Locks are just there to make it not worth the time and/or the risk to get through.

    • Death

      LPL also opens them non-destrucively, it's very easy to break most of these locks too. So now you should feel doubley unsafe

  • Gustavo Mota
    Gustavo Mota

    Eventually his videos will have only 10 seconds and 5 will be greeting and saying goodbye

  • crowonthepowerlines

    1:00 LPL knows how toxic the UZload community is...

  • Med Tec67
    Med Tec67

    That dull thud you heard was the CEO of tapp lock taking the one step shortcut to the lobby

  • User name
    User name

    Can you do a video on what is the most secure lock

  • Hmf, Good memes
    Hmf, Good memes

    I saw the title and was like No way

  • David O Donovan
    David O Donovan

    You are awesome

  • berbandis

    I was hoping to see a comment from Tapplock like they did with the larger version but I don't see it here.

  • smhily ツ
    smhily ツ

    Should be called "TappUnlock"

  • Buff Glitchtrap FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit Sorry Dawko
    Buff Glitchtrap FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit Sorry Dawko

    The fapp lock

  • Bert Blankenstein
    Bert Blankenstein

    Welli guess the lock is named appropriately: Tapplock. Tap it to open it.

  • Kaj Yakuzonik
    Kaj Yakuzonik

    Anybody else expecting more like a little tappy tap tap? ;)

  • Clayton Sanders
    Clayton Sanders

    Nothing feels secure any more

  • Violet Scarelli
    Violet Scarelli

    Instructions unclear, broke table.

  • Ken Fullman
    Ken Fullman

    The instructions should have been on a separate piece of paper. Not right there on the lock.


    Well it says tapp lock 😂

  • Recurring Nightmare
    Recurring Nightmare

    🤗 LPL when his wife tells him she's got something he can tap right in the bedroom.

  • Anubis

    So what about this lock made it posable to do that? Is this tapping issue something other locks have?

    • Anubis

      @Gummiel What are you talking about? He almost always goes into detail about these types of things. In a lot of his videos, he opens the locks and talks about everything going on and what is happening every step of the way and explains exactly why something is in issue. Here he just said that he can tap on it and it opens and there are a few other locks with the same issue. By "a few", does he mean two or three other locks that I've never heard of or is this in issue with many of the big name locks out there also? I wasn't so much asking if there are other locks with the issue but was asking for him to go into more detail about it.

    • Gummiel

      @Anubis Well you had 2 questions in your OP, and that does answer your 2nd question quite clearly and right after he does sort of explain how it works too(0:43 - 0:54), but not in great details (he rarely if ever does that tbh)

    • Anubis

      ​@Gummiel At least that was an attempt to be helpful, which is better than before, but that doesn't answer my question about WHY that works. Why does tapping on it cause it to open. What about this type of lock is different than some other lock where tapping wouldn't work? That is my question, and the video doesn't address it.

    • Gummiel

      @Anubis 0:36

    • Anubis

      @Gummiel I've watched the video and I didn't understand it. Your comment was in every way unhelpful. You could have said absolutely nothing, and I would have gotten just as much out of it.

  • Joe DiGiovanni IV
    Joe DiGiovanni IV

    Sure is a "taplock"

  • icedrinker8

    wonder how the lock makers feel about your videos?, hehehe

  • qAdriaNp

    im going to steel so many things. just kidding.

  • Tony32

    Does it come with the hammer?

  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson

    Hahaha, these lock companies must hate you 😂😂

  • Adam Hoisington
    Adam Hoisington

    Nobody thinks it’s a fluke...

  • andrew bridgefoot
    andrew bridgefoot

    Gaffers ??

  • PushyPawn

    I started giggling when I saw this video was under 2 min long.

  • Hazarth

    This lock comes with a tutorial on how to open it integrated into it's name. Clever

  • Megan Shaw
    Megan Shaw

    Achievement unlocked: Read the instructions

  • Great Value Bleach
    Great Value Bleach

    Honest marketing is half the battle.

  • kkostas86

    The name speaks for the lock

  • Mike TheMemest
    Mike TheMemest

    Ohh , The Irony

  • De Windhazen
    De Windhazen

    Well, he did open the lock by tapping it. Can't argue with that.

  • ComeAtMeBro

    That’s a shame. Locks are worthless

  • ComeAtMeBro


  • Los Santos City
    Los Santos City

    I feel like this guy is payed by the Banks so he can fuck locks and make people store their money in the bank instead.

  • polski tygrys
    polski tygrys

    That moment your company name says how to open something

  • Eek


  • CC&Z

    Truth in advertising.....tapping the tapplock will open it....

  • Jeff L Wadford Jr.
    Jeff L Wadford Jr.

    Smooth as always.

  • cosmin carp
    cosmin carp

    LockPikcingLawer- "so you see folks it only takes a tapp to open this lock." *brings a bowling ball

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  • Iordaniss Googlis
    Iordaniss Googlis

    great sense of humor

  • AlphaSeagull

    This man really just flexing

  • 何正尹

    every time I was humiliated or had a bad day at work, I come here and instantly felt better when I see someone roasted more thoroughly.

  • Greg Hunt
    Greg Hunt


  • LiquidBlackWolf

    When watching this channel: why are all locks so shit

  • veranet

    How do these products get to market? I mean... Good grief!

  • Nuke Tube
    Nuke Tube

    Are there any locks that you recommend which do not pick easily? Your videos just make me feel a bit worried lol, although very entertaining!

  • benton r.p.
    benton r.p.

    "I opened it by just tapping it." "That's the beauty of our Tapplock products!" "But I opened it by just tapping it." "That's our feature; Convenient, easy unlocking at your fingertips!" "No, but I opened it by JUST tapping it!" "...oh."

  • James Doakes
    James Doakes

    "How can I open this lock without a key?" - "There's an tapp for that."

  • Jandy

    Tapplock needs just a few ... taps.

  • Morgan Sinclair
    Morgan Sinclair

    I'd tap that.