[1128] A Design Flaw That Can Make an Easy Lock Hard To Pick (Master Lock M187)

  • George L.
    George L.

    I think a better way to understand it would be to say the spring is too long or comes down too far and enters the core, rather than saying the driver pin is too short - for me anyway, it describes it better because otherwise I imagine the pin being short the other way and therefore effectively being set already and thus not being a problem - maybe I'm being weird but I understood the problem when I viewed it this way...

  • Di M
    Di M

    Bringing a graphic will not help me understand

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    That’s insane

  • Osama Al-Khanchi
    Osama Al-Khanchi

    I wish if he could show us how did he identify that the problem is from pin 4 😕

  • baylinkdashyt

    Sure but how did you get from "probably a short driver, lift first" to "the short pin *is #4*"?

  • Quirsten Jethro
    Quirsten Jethro


  • Gdawg 0331
    Gdawg 0331

    Secretly one of the most important video to watch as a beginning lock picker.

  • Gabriel Q.
    Gabriel Q.

    I remember my dad had one of these and forgot his key so he just had it opened in a few minutes with a hammer 😂

  • Demistic

    More Mastercrap. It's sad that screw ups are their best features.

  • Seraptin

    Wouldnt it be a good idea to insert two of these on purpose? Two makes it hard to push them um before tensioning...

  • Inpaintballwetrust

    Fallout lockpick level 100

  • 1984

    LOL, amazing how easy that was for LPL to open. When I was a kid my dad used this exact lock to lock our waveruners to our dock. Me being 12 at the time I of course dropped the keys in the water, and my dads friend had to come over with a huge pair of 48 in bolt cutters to cut the lock off, If only LPL was our neighbors.

  • MoonJelly

    now i can get the twizzlers in that cabinet

  • DoctorX17

    Can you end up with multiple short driver pins in a lock? If so, how would you combat that?

  • Lettu The Goat
    Lettu The Goat

    Hey LPL, i feel like i have the same issue with one of my locks but even worse, it has 3 out of 5 pins stuck when given tension. The pins wont go down unless the tension is let go completely. What do??

  • Aloro Mot
    Aloro Mot

    FIRST DAY picking. 1:40 to pick this lock. I raked another master lock in 7 SECONDS. I also picked a dead bolt and door knob. Why are they all so easy? I no longer feel safe. So far I have unlocked everything I tried relatively easy.

  • Jagielski Gaming
    Jagielski Gaming

    If a design flaw makes a lock harder to pick, it's not a design flaw.

  • wojtekpolska

    LPL: Level 100 Mafia Boss Justin: Level 10 Crook Justin: **Watches Video** Justin: Level 90 Mafia Boss

  • NRG sensation
    NRG sensation

    God tier level technique bro 👏🏻👏🏻

  • OldFartUK

    Of course it's a master lock 😂🤣🤣😂

  • Nate_o_ Potato
    Nate_o_ Potato

    He sounds similar to Daily Dose of Internet

  • Comrade Spots
    Comrade Spots

    Task failed successfully?

  • Stinkyfinger

    Just flexin' on Dustin

  • Mike O'Dell
    Mike O'Dell

    Crazy fast

  • itsthatfox

    I finally saw your face and I'm so pleased.

  • Soul_ Dude
    Soul_ Dude

    Yoo, that’s the same lock my work uses for their outside stuff...

  • n00bspanker

    0:37 face reveal

  • Damitsall

    Will you be my dad?

  • Jalawi Alotaibi
    Jalawi Alotaibi

    I have same lock , glad there’s something wrong that might be in my advantage 😄

  • magufuli locksmith
    magufuli locksmith

    following from kenya

  • Rick Saffery
    Rick Saffery

    Is it a design flaw or build defect? Regardless, it's fun to know that their lock is only pick 'resistant' because of the defect. The marketing team at MasterLock should start putting LPL ratings on their products. 99% of their product line-up will get returned to the manufacturer and hopefully recycled in to useful things. The remaining 1% will sell like hotcakes because they work as locks - for at least 30 seconds.

  • XPNDBLhero

    Holy Shit LPL, You fucken killed Justin¡! LoL 😂😂😂

  • Damian Clarke
    Damian Clarke

    Same lock, same problem. Thanks for the tip.

  • scott sykora
    scott sykora

    Hooty hoo, I just wanted to say my name's Scott and you're a great teacher. I would never use this knowledge you've taught me for illegal purposes (just reassure you). ,!!! I feel pretty good about myself every time that tesioner rotate's to open the lock. It's a great self-esteem booster! Thanks from Scott out of Wa. state

  • Srivatsa

    Impressive 👌🏻

  • Outer Galaxy Lounge
    Outer Galaxy Lounge

    Now, with that out of the way let's get to ... aw, I'm done already...

  • Draconian Ghost
    Draconian Ghost

    8 minutes ago, 12k likes

  • SevuCK

    Uhh, a little educational. I really liked that, thank you!

  • Wayland Smith
    Wayland Smith

    LPL - Design Flaw Master Lock - Engineered Security Feature

  • 蓮司

    Pretty cheap lock I give the lock a.... 2.6/10

  • Grant Harlor
    Grant Harlor

    Of you made 2 pins short like that would that make the lock unpickable?

  • Chad Pinion
    Chad Pinion

    Get rekted Dustin ggez

  • OS10100

    How long did it take you to open this lock the first time before practicing on it? Just curious as to how long it would take someone skilled to open it without knowing anything about the lock.

  • Null Point
    Null Point

    Ah yes, the one counter to a decent lockpicker, a cheap lock.

  • L M
    L M


  • Ömer Can Vural
    Ömer Can Vural

    Did you ever try picking a stealth key brand? I couldn't find if you did else, can you try that and let us know how safe out is?

  • Riek The Rocker
    Riek The Rocker

    How do you solve this problem if the short pin is in position one rather than 4? I am constantly oversetting the first pin while trying to reach those in the back. 😅

  • Sebastián Vroom
    Sebastián Vroom

    Jesus, masterlock are getting so bad it's coming full circle into being hard to pick, how?

  • SoCalCycling

    I destroyed a cheap lock trying to pick it and had no idea why... now I know thanks!

  • TheBossManBoss319

    What a shit lock

  • Melody -Mellybyte-
    Melody -Mellybyte-

    The Irony

  • Kenneth Dougall
    Kenneth Dougall

    There is a virus crisis we are ment to stay away from hospitals and your burning this guy that bad

  • TurboPutt03

    Thanks for the diagram of the lock, it really helps me visualize it!

  • John Reichard
    John Reichard

    I get it now. LPL is a lawyer teaching future clients. Brilliant

  • AppleEx

    This Is Very Annoying To Read

  • Jarvis Gaming
    Jarvis Gaming

    You weren't able to pick the lock due to design flaws, Designers watching this: now we're gonna end this man's whole carrier

  • Syd Barret
    Syd Barret

    Dustin, Doh!!!!! Just stick to picking yer nose bro......

  • Lauro Neto
    Lauro Neto

    What about the Alps Stealth? www.urbanalps.com

  • MobileDecay

    Teaching people how to be a thief. 🤔

  • MyRegardsToTheDodo

    Master Lock: The only company that actually improves their products by f***ing up.

  • Keyless Entry
    Keyless Entry

    I discovered this problem or security feature while picking a Yale Y300SS/63 padlock. Pin 4 is a really short key pin and the spool driver sits flush on the shear line, the problem is pin 2 is a zero lift and the lock contains 1 serrated and 5 spool drivers. Not a fun pick once you're in false set and pin 4 is seized stopping access to pins 5 and 6.

  • Four Snail
    Four Snail

    Really helpful useful when in the run

  • Alklazaris

    I had one of those when I went to high school. I prefer them over the masterlock spinners and I figured they couldn't easily cut it off.

  • Peanut the Lion
    Peanut the Lion

    He makes this easy enough to understand that it makes sense while inebriated.

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M.

    Task failed successfully

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    This guy can literally bankrupt a lock making company

  • StarChaser

    Everybody gangsta till LPL takes out the colorful drawing to explain how a lock works.

  • Kris

    I think I wrecked a Brinks lock due to this. I can't even get the spool to false set anymore

  • DeviantOllam

    Neat... There would appear to be some sort of interlocking gear system connecting the tail of the plug and the articulating shackle? They appear to turn in contrarotating directions from one another.

  • Randy Robinson
    Randy Robinson


  • Hussain Alhammadi
    Hussain Alhammadi

    How did you lift the pin?

  • Adam Kaye
    Adam Kaye

    Where did you get that teaching aid?

  • vikki luo
    vikki luo

    LPL just have a model of lock internal workings, why?

  • Ɗɾσ𐌶ҽყ

    Hell yeah Milwaukee Wisconsin 😎

  • Daevaa27

    Pick a stealth lock

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    What about if there are two pins like that? Say like 1 and 4 so you can't just lift both at the same time.

  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z

    Lock Company: "We finally have our final product.... Now its about how to make an ad for it !!" LPL: "This is the Law Picking Lawyer and we will pick this lock today, with nothing buy a twig !!!" Company: "Well that's our answer !!"

  • Mohammad Norouzi
    Mohammad Norouzi

    Hi I'm living in Iran I've been following your channel for a while, how can I have your Picking tool?

  • VivAtreyu

    When Masterlock becomes so bad it maked them ironically a bit better...

  • Ain The Idot
    Ain The Idot

    It’s literally so bad it’s good.

  • Spirtulluminati

    This man can make any lock looking bad 😂

  • AWZool

    How do you identify a short pin?

  • William Bell
    William Bell

    It says something that the company's only secure lock is a mistake....

  • xfire7

    Can we have a motorcycle u lock special. I'm trying to buy the best lock but all the standards are so confusing. Abus say the're x key is unlockable, do they know about you ? Lol.

  • VideoGameSplatter

    Hey guys LPL, today we have a bank vault, click out of one, two is binding, click out of three and we're in with 2 minutes to spare before the police get here, that's all I have for you today but next time I'll show you how to pick the lock on a jail cell.

  • Tyrion

    187 on an undercover cop 🎵

  • Lewis Heasman
    Lewis Heasman

    Dustin, I'm sorry to say this, but, you're not a good lock picker.

  • Wah A
    Wah A

    uzload.info/fun/lGWPlWHFt36IuHU/video Mr LockPickingLawyer, there is a new lock in town called 'Urban Alps Stealth Padlock', can you pick it? Mr Bosnianbill a youtuber had trouble picking it

  • J S
    J S

    Hey LPL you're the coolest guy on UZload. Thanks for the amazing entertainment

  • Sage The Mage
    Sage The Mage

    Just imagine the police asking what he does for a living and he says he picks locks.

  • Serban C. Musca
    Serban C. Musca

    So to sum up, the lock is so badly manufactured that is offers some unintended kind of picking resistance?! Is this the Masterlock equivalent of a movie that's so bad that it's good? :p

  • MobCat

    The moment when your lock is soo shit it became almost ok again..

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    That is funny and sad...

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern

    Sees Master lock and thinks "this'll be a sub 2 minute video". Checks run time. Confirmed!

  • Alexandru Dogarel
    Alexandru Dogarel

    Please do the Urban Alps Stealth Key

  • Ionic_Atom

    I would love to see this demonstrated if you didn't lift the pin before hand.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    I just bought a master lock with what I’m assuming is a very similar core and couldn’t crack it! This is exactly what I needed to hear

  • 1AmGroot

    It's not a bug, it's a feature!

  • Medway Fishing Rambler
    Medway Fishing Rambler

    Ur videos made my purchase a lock pick set a year ago, I was teaching my wife how to open a lock yesterday.

  • TheCurryMan

    **Saw tests LPL** LPL: **already out of the trap** I am already 4 parallel universes ahead of you

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