[1105] Tiny Design Change Opens HUGE Vulnerability (Guard Security 365LS)

  • samothjtm16

    Could have shown with the old lock that it doesn't bypass as fast as with the new one ;-)

  • ZeldaTheSwordsman

    I suspect any product testers involved were overruled by the penny-pinchers

  • Zothaqqua

    Cheap (but official) copies made in China?

  • Zulin

    What is the difference between a bypass tool and other lock picking tools

  • Scorched Earth
    Scorched Earth

    LPL driving past a store where they sell locks, and slams the brakes. "I sensed a vulnerability..." Goes into store (Store clerks whispering to each other "It's the LPL!"). LPL: "Ah, yes... It's getting stronger. Big Vulnerabilities here..."

  • Harold Smith
    Harold Smith

    Great googamooga

  • Kilo

    LPL doing a lap around my house so he can sense which lock is weakest

  • Babayega

    How the hell did you "feel something bothering you" when the thing bothering you is an invisible internal part"??? 😂😂🤔🤔🤔. WTF? My dude, I SWEAR you're almost to the point where you will literally pick locks by looking at them and squinting your eyes.

  • Sake Rift
    Sake Rift

    That's just straight up quicker than using a key.

  • KP5

    Me binge watching a guy open locks

  • R T
    R T

    they should be hiring known felons in quality control rather than in the board room./

  • Thomas Pearce
    Thomas Pearce

    Hi, can I ask then... after watching your videos.. I am confused which lock I should buy. Can you advise which you would go for? (For a shed in the garden)

  • Michael0075

    Corporate scumbag CEO: "We need to cheapen the construction quality of our products to *MAXIMIZE* profit!! Money money money money money money,... (eyeballs pop out of skull), *GREED!!"* 🤑 Design team: "Whatever you say boss!" (gives a salute with tongue sticking out side of mouth with one eye angled upward and the other eye looking hard down and to the left) 🤪 Quality control and product testing department: "Are we a joke to you?" 🤨 Lock Picking Lawyer: "This is the Lock Picking Lawyer, and what I have for you today is a new lock I purchased that has a serious design flaw,... which I'll demonstrate for you now." [click] "And let's see that again,..." [click,.... click] "And again,..." [click,.... click] "So,... as you can see, one tiny design change can make a big difference." Quality control and testing department: "We quit!"🤬

  • princesscool69

    is it just me or are locks getting shittier as time goes by?

  • calhounvlogs

    When you get disappointed in locks when you buy them and they don’t put up much of a fight like this. Makes for a sad day.

  • Poipoi

    Normal human: Huh its just 2 same padlock *LPL: I FEEL A DISTURBANCE IN THE LOCKS*

  • Marko Mrvelj
    Marko Mrvelj

    After so many videos from LPL I still laughed like crazy when it happened. :)

  • Mack Mack
    Mack Mack


  • snipped tickets
    snipped tickets

    “very quick, lets do it a few more times” you already assaulted it once, why again

  • Ed Ayala
    Ed Ayala

    I need that tool

  • jac

    Nice padlock for an exit door.


    Did our boy notice an internal flaw without even touching it?

  • Wesley Hoke
    Wesley Hoke

    “Hold my beer” said the Masterlock Engineer

  • YoloXD69

    So he's like neo from the matrix, he just saw the code and notice something

  • LMacNeill

    Product testers? Plural? Nope. Just one product tester -- you! Every lock maker should watch all of your videos before releasing a new lock, then make it to your exacting standards and send it to you to try to pick it. If I owned a lock company, that's what I'd do.

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith

    I am unable to see where you inserted the bypass tool

  • Pedro

    After I started watching this channel I feel so woke that I think that locks are just a conspiracy designed to make us feel safe. I'm considering replacing all my locks for boobtraps.

  • Mysterious J.
    Mysterious J.

    Review the Motorola Smart Safe!

  • David Leffew
    David Leffew

    The older model was video 786: uzload.info/fun/l4uKhKDRxIyYsJ8/video

  • carpe dm
    carpe dm

    Are you. Are you telling. I mean. Ok I guess sensing changes withing inner mechanism and detecting weaknesses by holding them isnt TOO far off what we've seen of you. But damn you need to be nerfed.


    Product testers/ QC should consist of professional locksmiths or ex-criminals just like the gov used William Abignale jr

  • Anti-theist

    I like your concise vids, they are extremely interesting. I would really love to see you pick locks in situ. On doors, with chains on gates, with you hands poling through small holes to get to the lock. I assume this would be more challenging than the clinical presentations you have now. Thanks.

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    Why didn't they put an anti-bypass wafer in the back? Utterly inexcusable

  • Joshua Manasye
    Joshua Manasye

    "let's shame the lock a few more times" ah yes classic lpl

  • Marcus Bitsui
    Marcus Bitsui

    Since when has this guy allow ads?!??

  • Like Bot
    Like Bot

    Sounds like the older "better" version was still a piece o' junk. 1:05 "On the old lock I find it so hard to get a bypass tool in, it's *almost always going to be faster for me to pick it open".*

  • Christopher Wlezien
    Christopher Wlezien

    LPL: Mom, can I have Guard Security 365LS? Mom: No, we have Guard Security 365LS at home. LPL bypass tool

  • Kuraeshin

    Slightly off-topic: Watching your video's has made me curious in learning lock picking. Ordered a set of tools & clear plastic lock today off Amazon.

  • Mark Ivanowich
    Mark Ivanowich

    LPL: *opens lock* "Very quick. Lets do it a few more times" Guard Security: "Rub it in, why don't ya!"

  • John S
    John S

    One of the cardinal rules of engineering is: there are no small changes. Even what looks like a small change can have huge effects. Every change must be tested fully.

  • Leandro Doroche
    Leandro Doroche

    It's never a fluke



  • Dave Klaus
    Dave Klaus

    This lock looks different. Ah, maybe moved production to he other side of the world? Just a guess

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Some companies practice this sort of despicable behavior... first they put out the great product than they put out some chinese knockoff... same brand exact same product... this happened to me recently with some bluetooth headphones... the second ones i got had cheaper plastic on them and the battery had much smaller capacity

  • yonas kurnia
    yonas kurnia

    It's evolving. Just backwards.

  • M D
    M D

    "Just watch for yourself" Oh no, this is the end

  • Yeetatron 9001
    Yeetatron 9001

    do you know how to solve a rubix cube, your good with your hands so im sure you know how to solve "other problems too"

  • Max Clough
    Max Clough

    At this point is there any lock that is safe? 😂😂

  • Lucifer Kapadia
    Lucifer Kapadia

    Im not gonna buy that lock for sure🤣😆

  • BangDroid

    The shackle is also different, at least the _HARDENED_ printing. It'd be good to see a hardness test with a file in comparison to the previous version. Could you do an extended comparison video of the differences - the details you didn't want to bore us with - perhaps; please? 😁

  • Incinerate

    Opened in 0.75 seconds. With a single movement. Some locks manage to be outright ridiculous.

  • Keldor314

    Hrmm - could that be a counterfeit?

  • Wagonman5900

    "But on the new one well, just watch for yourself." Red flag.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones

    Here is a lock for you to pick facebook.com/JerryRigEverything/videos/2451382788417033/?d=null&vh=e

  • Laurie Jenson
    Laurie Jenson

    Please bore us with minute details

  • Glenn Hamblin
    Glenn Hamblin

    I love it. New less secure lock! Duh I don't know Bob, what do you think.

  • JJ Picks Locks
    JJ Picks Locks

    Wow! Just wow!!

  • Zibok ZP
    Zibok ZP

    hello, is it possible to open door lock, that required "lever wrench" key just with pick? without using universal key? thanks) i hope i named it right, and you could understand me)

  • JeepinBoon

    Just... wow. A crow (yes the bird) could pick that lock open. That's a worse design flaw than the fuel tank location on a Pinto.

  • Tommy Petraglia
    Tommy Petraglia

    The lock saw the LPL checking it out in the store and just ( _shit_ ) unlocked itself

  • duck that Scots on scooter
    duck that Scots on scooter

    His voice is so calming

  • Bob Chapman
    Bob Chapman

    Actual "oh sh**!" reaction when he popped that open. LPL back to embarrassing locks

  • James Pilgrim
    James Pilgrim

    When everybody is saying that he "sensed" the change He could've just noticed a sound while picking it up and realized it was from a looser spring

  • hello everybody
    hello everybody

    the next video will be called "How to pick a bank vault with a pack of dirt" 100% it will happen

  • Петър Донов
    Петър Донов

    I've been watching LPL for a year now and I just realised I'm not even subscribed. WTF?!

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Gotta have a healthy hobby. :)

  • Daniel Brooker
    Daniel Brooker

    God help everyone if you ever turn to the dark side and become a thief 🤣

  • K Kern
    K Kern

    LPL now has X-ray vision! .... Damn!

  • Ducati SupersportS
    Ducati SupersportS

    Once again these lock manufactures are pulling the wool over our eyes, why are trading standards not looking into all the bullshit marketing we are fed.

  • yeet dawg
    yeet dawg

    You should take a look at Level lock!

  • Bora Fatih Keskin
    Bora Fatih Keskin

    After 1000, I was expecting LPL videos to spin off... such as a prison break: "This is a Chinese prison so, I'm out in two minutes"

  • noredine

    It's not a bypass tool, it's a master key for Guard locks

  • Prince Gaming
    Prince Gaming

    he can pick every single lock in the world

  • Eric Goldman
    Eric Goldman

    Similar to a comb pick, unless you're close to, and paying close attention to, the person performing the attack, this would just look like someone using a key.

  • SqueakyKnees

    their is a god of war, god of sea, there is a god for alot of things LPL is the god of locks. this man can pick up a lock and just tell it has a security flaw. i can only imagine in the middle of whatever he is doing, LPL stops, stares off into the distance, and just says a name of a lock. That is the next lock he will destroy.

  • Lorenzo Blz
    Lorenzo Blz

    @LockPickingLawyer or anyone. Hi, sorry, not about this video, but I was wondering if this makes sense: a lock where you need to push a button at the bottom of the key tunnel to be able to rotate the cylinder. So you cannot apply any torque to feel the pins unless you push this button first. The button(s) may be something very difficult to push like a free rotating sphere with a strong spring (but easy to push for the tip of the key). So you need one special tool to keep the sphere pushed, one to apply torque and a third one to set the pins: it seems quite difficult to pick, but quite easy to build.

  • Phuck Ewe
    Phuck Ewe

    FYI: That is a CHAMFER around the periphery of the lock body and not a bevel.

  • A Dev
    A Dev

    Great video but I wish you had tried this approach with the other lock as well, just to demonstrate the difference.


    I think it's a rip off of the original lock

  • Game Czar
    Game Czar

    Are we sure this is a design change and not just one bad spring? Just curious.

  • Ismael S
    Ismael S

    This definitely counts as an Eye open

  • Joe Altmaier
    Joe Altmaier

    Probably all those changes were related to reducing cost. Maybe the product got bought and the new owner is running down the customer loyalty for quick profit.

  • Owen Cooper
    Owen Cooper

    They probably knew about this when making the design change. I bet the lock is cheaper to produce

  • Ed

    LPL: Lock Product Lester. Almost there. Soon they'll get it...


    Lol it's all about the money. 😎

  • Aftab Noujash Chowdhury
    Aftab Noujash Chowdhury

    im done

  • Ocean Strat
    Ocean Strat

    Why doesn't a lock company, or every lock company, hire you as a design consultant? I'm positive you can design a lock which is extremely difficult if not impossible to pick.

  • Charvi Kripalani
    Charvi Kripalani

    Hey LPL, I have a challenge for you, get in touch with demolition ranch and try picking one of these liberty safes after they suffer a tank round! 😂 uzload.info/fun/nqR5ZZywsJ1-z3U/video

  • JamesG

    I've done design of consumer products that required high standards for safety and reliability among other considerations. I know what it is to work towards a truly good product. It really is bizarre and irrational to me that ANY lock maker would not routinely employ lock-picking experts to evaluate its products before they go to market. It should be alarming to anyone who thinks in terms of professional standards and high-quality products. But what a _terrible_ industry to employ such irresponsible practices!: One that impacts the security of millions.

  • Andrew Zheng
    Andrew Zheng

    I was kind of hoping you would bypass and pick both locks. It would have been nice to see the difference in the time it takes to bypass the lock caused by the spring change, even if it isn't the most scientific comparison. It would also give those of us who aren't very familiar with lockpicking a better idea of how long bypassing takes vs picking the lock.

  • MrFmiller

    I’m still waiting for one he blows on and it opens.

  • amojak

    I sense a disturbance in the force ... applied to the core...

  • John Rich
    John Rich

    There's a 5 star review on Amazon for this lock but still stares, "The core can easily be bypassed if you know how and have the right tool, but there’s an easy fix for that", what would the easy fix be anyone know?

    • floorpizza

      An anti-bypass wafer. Backstory to that little part: Years ago, American made a change to their padlocks, which made them easily bypassed. American did the right thing by announcing this, and offering customers one of two solutions. 1. Exchange your lock for a new one. 2. They would send you a small disc that is then placed at the back of the cylinder, preventing the bypass tool from working. This American style lock mechanism is still very popular among a lot of lock makers, however most of them now include at least one (and sometimes two) anti-bypass wafers factory installed. Using two anti-bypass wafers is more secure, as there are bypass tools that are meant to be driven through one anti-bypass wafer.

  • Elli P
    Elli P

    Hmm. I've always found that the best security for my old shopping bike [current value = £35] is to leave Bootsie, my 385 lb mastiff in the front basket, chewing on a dead mastodon. Your security solutions, dimensional constraints and chronological variables may differ.

  • Loopmootin

    Mate that's not a bypass tool, it's clearly the right key for the lock...

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE

    LPL Should make a lock company

  • deffstar69

    Lpl in the near future. He coughs all locks instantly spring open.

  • Trooperandcooper Ale
    Trooperandcooper Ale

    I shall be checking for looseness tomorrow. And why was this video so long?

  • Archangeblandin

    Would love to see the actual difference when disassembled.

    • LockPickingLawyer

      You wouldn’t be able to see without a caliper.

  • Gavin Hooper
    Gavin Hooper

    Im sorry, I sneezed, what happened?