[1178] A Security Bargain? OKG Bike Lock & Chain Set Picked

  • zedddddful

    Picked in ten seconds by LPL = absolutely impenetrable to bozo bike thieves.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    Who the fuck is Bosnian Bill? He sounds like a real gangster.

  • AKASPEEDY cubley
    AKASPEEDY cubley

    Hello I've just started to get into your channel really enjoying it very educational and very easy to understand, I was just wondering the tool that you are using in this video you said that you made it yourself is it possible to buy one from you and if so could you ship it to the UK many thanks hope to hear from you soon.

  • Chupa Cabrah
    Chupa Cabrah

    So what's the best bike lock then?

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson

    Price is now 2x on amazon. But I'll still order one since LPL said it does the job as well as something 2x its price. Also, it ships out faster than the kryptonite lock i want.

  • Jack Zhao
    Jack Zhao

    welcome to our online store on Amazon to choose our bike chain lock.

  • Martin Hong
    Martin Hong

    lol after your review the price actually went up..

  • Adara Yasharal
    Adara Yasharal

    Is any lock good? I mean, unpickable? lol

  • Frederick Mulder
    Frederick Mulder

    Thanks! Found this video while looking for lock information. This morning at 4am I caught a thief trying to cut my lock with a cordless angle grinder. I heard a strange noise and looked out my window and saw a cloud of smoke and sparks! I yelled at him and he ran off, but I got lucky. Now I need a new lock bc my Kryptonite Evo is hanging by a thread! The lesson I learned is never ever ever lock your bike outside overnight on a city street. My Achilles heal is actually a nagging rotator cuff injury that makes me lazy about picking up my bike and carrying it up to my apartment. Now that I understand my habits better I’m going to make the necessary adjustments. As for the new lock I plan to buy, I’m actually going with two locks: a top of the line u-lock and either a chain or cable that requires an alternative method of attack.

  • Lukas

    I had two bike stolen (one wasnt even worth a hundred bucks) both times somebody in a high visibility vest just walked out of a van, used a angle grinder to cut the locks, put the bikes in his van and drove of. Since he was wearing a high visibility vest apparently everyone thought it was OK. I bet this lock would take to long to grind of :)

  • Joe Bruce
    Joe Bruce

    I like when LPL destroys things

  • Steve

    Nobody is gonna use that lock just to carry around a hefty weighted thick chain defeats the purpose of portability

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood

    Am I missing the video where you recommend a lock 😅

  • Matthew Borbon
    Matthew Borbon

    Whats the lock picking tool called? Where may i purchase one?

  • Martin Hibbert
    Martin Hibbert

    What a great little tool... You should sell this to the lock picking community

  • Michael DiSalvo
    Michael DiSalvo

    7,6,5,4,3 open!!!

  • Jack Zhao
    Jack Zhao

    We suddenly saw this video recently from customer's comment.. haha 😂😂😂😂 Thanks for Lock Picking Lawyer's "attack" review. we know there are still lots of spaces to improve(e.g. locking mechanism, heavy weight but secure, etc...). it rather brought some traffics to our product.and we are really proud of our product's quality - SOLD SECURE Golden Bicycle Test. It's worth having it.😂😂

  • Steven Seagal Weeaboo King
    Steven Seagal Weeaboo King

    I'm actually impressed with this lock. That's a first.

  • Gilbert S
    Gilbert S

    Please tell me that the lock pick tools are FOR SALE ! If so where?

  • Jesse Sanchez
    Jesse Sanchez

    Any recommendations on a good lock that's actually tough to pick?

  • Aleksandra Biocanin
    Aleksandra Biocanin

    Nothing without mentioning that pick that Bb and you made.....

  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox

    Its 108$ now, thanks LPL.

  • hesterd2

    "The pick that Bosnian Bill and I"... have almost single-handedly destroyed the vast majority of major companies' names with...

  • H T
    H T

    It's 100 now v.v

  • systemmax2000

    What is the tool you use to turn the discs clockwise?

  • Zeke770

    Aaaannnd it’s sold out.....

  • jliebs89

    Can you do one on the Ottolock Sidekick U-Lock?

  • Albert Lebel
    Albert Lebel

    Not bad for the price point. I would use it. I still find these DD locks very secure. Many people bought the Sparrows disc tool thinking they would open these locks as you do just to be shocked as to how much skill it takes.

  • Trogdor

    LPL always telling us to ask questions in the comments below, but he has yet to answer any of my questions.

  • XttR 160
    XttR 160

    Apart from death, the ability of the pick that BosnianBill and him made to open a disc detainer lock is the only certainty in life.

  • Pratik Pramanik
    Pratik Pramanik

    Welp, it is now double the cost!

  • Kyle B.
    Kyle B.

    Have watched since this came out and this lock is no longer $55 and now $120. So it better be better than locks twice its price as it is now more than twice the price. That jump in price is the largest "LPL bump" I've seen.

  • Marc Luca
    Marc Luca

    Just found my favourite new pass time, reading master lock cable bike lock reviews on Amazon about how everyone's bike got stolen 🤣 poor sods

  • Kurt B
    Kurt B

    “As always, have a nice day”. That sounds like FPS Russia

  • Dustin Tunis
    Dustin Tunis

    LPL... If you even see this, how do you know what direction to turn a lock? The key for my front doorknob and deadbolt turn opposite directions and they came together, yet you always (in the videos I've watched) turn the correct way the first time.

  • KamoGaming

    Every locks gangster til you being out the pick Bosnian bill and I made

  • Patches M
    Patches M

    The Bosnian Pick = automatically a 7/10 minimum if there's no other weaknesses

  • aqib2000

    Why are these videos getting longer?

  • Sasha the Slasher
    Sasha the Slasher

    Say the line LPL! "The pick that Bosnian Bill and I made..." Yaaaayyyy!!!! (Children throw hands in the air). (You need to be a Simpsons fan to understand this).

  • rbee269

    I would like to know a little more about that pick.

  • D C
    D C

    You should do the Brady SafeKey Lockout Padlock - Steel Shackle Vertical Clearance www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07RFT5GD2?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title

  • aachucko-Charlie

    Love me some Boz Nien Billeneye tool.

  • Thomas Riley
    Thomas Riley

    The real shock here is that OKG isn't even a lock company/brand primarily

  • Dima Stefantsov
    Dima Stefantsov

    "Picks a lock within 20 seconds" - this is a security bargain! yeah...

  • Peter Kelley
    Peter Kelley

    Found this a bit more informational than he's past postings. Because of this it felt well rounded in presentation. May the LPL continue this style of presentation in the future.

  • Gangster Pig
    Gangster Pig

    Great video please make more

  • ChicTokSpy io
    ChicTokSpy io

    "This required specialized tools and skills."

  • World of Skills
    World of Skills

    For no reason

  • theChotkiyOne

    can you test Abus granit extreme 59 chain?

  • Tachibana Kyosuke
    Tachibana Kyosuke

    Incoming on Amazon page “Required the pick that Bosnian Bill and him made”

  • maximus

    can't wait for a video of you picking the vault at fort knox

  • The reverend
    The reverend

    all bike locks are deterrent. this may be better than most. i will stick withe the Brompton method fold it and take it with you.

  • madnut666

    The lock price has already jumped up to 110

  • Allurade

    Man, imagine you're in a horror movie and you lock yourself in a room from the slasher, and all of a sudden you just hear "Hmmm. Nothing out of one... two is binding.... Annnnnd done." And then the door flies open.

  • daves1412

    You make that look soooo easy!

  • supfool

    "The Pick that Bosnian Bill and I Made" is pure ASMR

  • tavious90tallica

    I think more videos on locks you DO recommend would be great! I'm thinking about getting an anchor mounted to walk but I don't know what lock set up to get.

  • Jimmy Yu
    Jimmy Yu

    Why do I get the impression, that "The Tool That Bosnian Bill and I Made" is like or akin to seeing 007? People comment on it, women faint, guys go nuts, crowds cheer like it's Pele or Ronaldo, or Lebron. If that is the case, then any lock that requires "T.T.T.B.B.I.M", is a buy. =)))

  • Aldo Andrade
    Aldo Andrade

    uzload.info/fun/eXqtdoOd2WmhvWQ/video. This is your ultimate challenge!

  • Stan Brown
    Stan Brown

    Have you ever looked into KIRK key locks? These are mutual exclusion locks used in electrical systems.

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy

    Have a nice day Mr. LPL!

  • Joseph Brady
    Joseph Brady

    Give this guy a wipe blade insert and Fort Knox is toast.

  • Aggermor

    I'd like to see a chastity lock picked please.

  • Tom Clarke
    Tom Clarke

    "Security bargain", still picks the lock faster than I can my keys out of my pocket. 🙄

  • Jon C
    Jon C

    That thing just screams "HYDRAULIC BOLT CUTTER!!! RAMSET!!!!!"

  • Zoë MacGregor
    Zoë MacGregor

    Is there a single lock in the world that isn't shit?

  • ObsidianParis

    What if I place some duct tape before the keyway entry ?

  • Nat Wolins
    Nat Wolins

    There are few things that are hard with the right skills and tools.

  • Colin Knop
    Colin Knop

    Is there anyway to contact LPL? Like email or PO Box?

  • Pasquale Galante
    Pasquale Galante

    Why don't you start a Lock company of locks that can't be picked? Or can't be picked in less than 10 minutes.

  • TheTestCrew


  • Davidsmith smith
    Davidsmith smith

    Dear Lockpickinglawyer: I enjoy watching your videos, but I have never actually attempted these methods in real life, until today. My neighbor got locked out of their apartment, it was a secure door which didn't allow side card access, so I used the key method and it worked. Thank you.

  • Pirelli

    I buy a "Kryptonite Evolution 4" it ist mutch better and harder to pick! (see vid in this channel)

  • Curiosity Seeker
    Curiosity Seeker

    uzload.info/fun/eXqtdoOd2WmhvWQ/video This has your name all over it !

  • Abdulaziz Ahmed
    Abdulaziz Ahmed


  • wayan nurlangga
    wayan nurlangga

    it's good to see the pick bosnian bill and him made.

  • osito021

    This could be for you if you are interested. uzload.info/fun/eXqtdoOd2WmhvWQ/video

  • Rajen Mistry
    Rajen Mistry

    Do you think you can pick the bunker safe in Nova Scotia?

  • Greg Downer
    Greg Downer

    There is a bomb shelter in Nova Scotia and they need a safe picked uzload.info/fun/eXqtdoOd2WmhvWQ/video

  • JustKevin

    Imagine calling someone a bitch on xbox live, and the next thing you hear is “click out of 3, 4 is binding“ behind your door.

  • Aarontsu

    uzload.info/fun/eXqtdoOd2WmhvWQ/video Thought this would be right up your alley

  • Nathan Schamp
    Nathan Schamp

    I just had an idea there are some picks and lock sets available from wish and video's exploring categoric items from there seem to do good view wise so maybe try that I'd love to see it don't know if anyone else would doh

  • King High School wrestling
    King High School wrestling

    Mr. lock picking lawyer I am very good at raking open locks I can open 95% of the locks wath reaking no mater security pnd spools I can rek them open but I cannot Single pin pick locks even a regular 5 pin kwekset please do you have any idea how can I Improve single pin picking

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Man if you say its good then its good enough for my bike i recon!

  • Carson Townsend
    Carson Townsend

    You should Do a series that’s called “learning with the lawyer” where your teach people to lock pick

    • Peter Kelley
      Peter Kelley

      And this series does not?

  • SuperSid06

    I want to know what was the hardest lock you have ever picked.

  • Bo of the Fifth Appendage
    Bo of the Fifth Appendage

    Think of the calories you'll burn hauling it around.

  • Menace2Sobriety


  • C0vex

    Bosnian bill and I made 🤨

  • Blair Robinson
    Blair Robinson

    Guess they caught wind of your video. It's now $64. Your reviews control the lock market. Need some advance notice to purchase locks before you drive the price up.

  • Cash Hew
    Cash Hew


  • Don Cooper
    Don Cooper

    I bought one after seeing this review. Plan to use it to keep my bike attached to my rack. I don’t think anyone coveting my bike is likely to have the skills or tools to pick it. Hopefully!!

  • Donald Eaton
    Donald Eaton

    Interesting how now you give a thumbs up to a lock you picked in 32 seconds. Not long ago you would have torn it apart for that.

  • Jerome Davies
    Jerome Davies

    Uh oh only 2:25 long... Oh! actually not bad for the money.

  • dedude

    have a great day LPL, and one more thing, i am having a blast at my new apartment.

  • iatsd

    So unless the LPL or BosnianBill start a bike stealing business, the lock is ....fine? After all, we have zero idea how hard it is to pick *without* The Tool That BosnianBill & I Made.

  • Tharxis

    I like ya lock G

  • app0the

    LPL: Hey waiter, bring me something I never tried before Waiter: *actually decent cheap bike lock*

  • N Carbon
    N Carbon

    Can you test the Welmark motorcycle handle bar lock?

  • megalexantros

    This feels like we stepped into a different universe. Lpl is actually saying locks work in the past few videos.

    • Peter Kelley
      Peter Kelley

      Who Is he, and whom kidnapped him?

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