[1173] I Can’t Believe This Is Sold As A Bike Lock: Master Lock 8361D

  • Tim

    I see these lying on the ground of bike racks cut to bits all the time here in Chicago. It’s criminal these kinds of locks are even sold to unassuming buyers.

  • Phil Gray
    Phil Gray

    Good to know one of these is securing our outboard motor. I shall not tell you where it is.

  • Senffabrik

    sometimes i need more time with a key than lpl picks locks open xD

  • Cathsaigh

    This type of locks aren't really used to protect expensive bikes that people would steal for the resale value. It's to prevent people from taking a less expensive bike for a joy ride and leaving it in a ditch somewhere and to mark ownership so that people can't just take it at a public place with people around.

  • VisuallyAmazing

    This is basically like buying a "This area is under video surveillance" sign without a camera in sight and hoping it deters away criminals

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze

    Master lock has a petition to shut this channel down.

  • L. cab
    L. cab

    With the right tools you can open any safe I mean bycicle 🔐

  • Fergus Fitzgerald
    Fergus Fitzgerald

    I am equally amazed that these kind of locks are still being made ! Maybe intended use is -you having a coffee on a bike stop ! You will be having your coffee while still sitting on the saddle !

  • Blurry Quickness
    Blurry Quickness

    He’s like, Let me show you how it’s done. WHAT AN A-HOLE!🤣



  • stevenp25100

    no one is going to pick a lock, they'll go to an unlocked bike. is there a better bike lock for $20?

  • Miles H
    Miles H

    Fun story, when I lived in Boston, I had a super old bike with U handle bars that sometimes wouldn't stay facing forward. If you hit a large enough bump, your forward weight was enough to rotate the handle bars facing down, almost surely making you fall hands first into the front wheel. Only fell a couple times once I figured out the flaw, which was not fixable without welding. Anyway, I locked that bike with this lock. When I moved away, I left bike next to the apt with the lock, with the key in the keyway, for anyone bold enough to steal the most dangerous bike to ride on pothole-ridden streets. Glad to know that whoever took that bike got an even crappier lock.

  • Ryan Stock
    Ryan Stock

    How do you determine which tools to use on each lock?

  • Olli Oittila
    Olli Oittila

    I think I have this kind of lock. The good news is that I hate the bike it is on. Anyone who steals it, is bound to return it after test drive.

  • Varun A
    Varun A

    I have zero lock picking experience but the LPL has convinced me that I can exploit a Master lock open 🔓🤣🔒

  • Dan C
    Dan C

    If it is a master lock or zip ties. It can be a $600 felony theft , or a bicycle worth $400 has committed a misdemeanor. I think we all know all locks can be defeated eventually.

  • Sh4dy

    That... doesn't sound too bad, actually? It requires specialized tools to open at least? Sure, the wire can easily be cut and isn't suited for high crime areas, but it seems pretty effective at keeping most people honest.

  • PJM410

    I'm curious if you can do a post about how to know which lock picking tools (disk detainer, rake, etc.) would work for different locks, or someone could point me to the video you've already done.

  • Travis Bieber
    Travis Bieber

    If it's so easy to cut it, than do it. You won't.

  • Hatim Salim
    Hatim Salim

    And as always have a safe lock… ⬅️ this is what you should say instead

  • Ale Rum
    Ale Rum

    Darn! The Lockpicking Lawyer...aka the guy *ya CAN'T KEEP OUT* ! Period 😒

  • Isaac Bailey
    Isaac Bailey

    So this is an "iron lock on a wooden door" situation: the lock mechanism itself at least provides a bit of protection against the average person trying to pick it, but the cable can just be cut through easier than trying to pick the lock itself.

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    Made in Gina.

  • Tony Gonzales
    Tony Gonzales

    There comes a point where in the end for the vast majority of people it doesn’t matter what you choose because in reality 99% of criminals don’t know how to pick locks or go around picking locks, that doesn’t mean these lock designs arent stupid however or that one could buy a more secure one for peace of mind

  • Senor Spaghette
    Senor Spaghette

    Wonder if he returned it opened with the keys still zip tied to the packaging, as if to say 'yeah, this lock is shit...ill have my money back thanks' 😂😂

  • ZekeITS

    Master Lock is the Red Delicious of bike locks...

  • Harry McGuiver
    Harry McGuiver

    imho nothing can stop a professional thief from stealing a bike. So this lock does what it's built for: Stopping drunk people from taking the bike, just because it is there and they are to lazy to walk home.

  • Pennington J Knickernacker
    Pennington J Knickernacker

    this is ridiculous lol

  • Joshua Gano
    Joshua Gano

    Ya know what would be a great use of this Lock? Put it onto something MEANT to be Stolen... cause the Bike has a hidden GPS in it for the Police to follow right to the Thieves Den... :P

  • Neurochaotic

    These "locks" are ridiculous. You don't even need cable cutters or anything, just a good ol' stick (or the bike's own kickstand) will do. Wrap the cable around the stick and twist until it breaks. I live in a city where people steal bikes just for the sake of it; look anywhere and you will see discarded stolen bikes lying around. Most of them are missing the kickstand for that exact reason.

  • Fatty McFart
    Fatty McFart

    I think most locks are mainly visual deterrents. I have a "bike lock" that's just dummy locked I leave in the back of my truck so when I'm running in the store or something it seems locked but it's not. It's literally just a cable with carabiner on one end and a pad lock on the other

  • Mike B
    Mike B

    Cable isn't actually easy to cut compared to a solid steel bar

  • howtofixbrand

    Ittle stop the kids at a park, library, or anywhere els in rural America from riding off with it being unlocked

  • Invention Reviews
    Invention Reviews

    Where did you get that dimple pick? Looks very well made

  • Paul Britton
    Paul Britton

    working in bicycle shops, we had to remove locks people lost keys to. I could snip a 3/8" cable in 3 cuts using a 6" pair of side cutters

  • Skywayz Zarthic
    Skywayz Zarthic

    In my opinion, bike locks in many places do not need to be incredibly secure. Many bike thefts are crimes of opportunity, meaning that even if the lock is easy to cut, the mere presence of the lock would deter many prospective bike thieves. Alternatively, just remove the saddle; nobody is going to steal a bike with no seat.

  • Simon R
    Simon R

    This type of cable lock is fairly common where I live. I feel bad for newbie cyclists who get their bikes stolen... but I also like to know that my bike and my u-lock are unlikely to be targeted when thieves have access to such low-hanging fruit.

  • Frankie Mendoza
    Frankie Mendoza

    Can’t wait to visit new York tonight ! I’m 24 min away from downtown......

  • mzs112000

    What do you think is the best bike lock available today?

  • madiantin

    Has LPL ever given a thumbs up to any bike lock?

  • Nippi Taboy
    Nippi Taboy

    It is worth only for the helmet.

  • Steffen Mitic-Maria
    Steffen Mitic-Maria

    You should ***never*** use a cable lock for a bicycle. ALWAYS use a U-bar lock.

  • kokopelli121123

    My college had a free bike program, where if you didn't have a car at school, and showed proof that you owned a helmet and a bike lock you could get borrow a bike for free for two years from the school, and if you still didn't have a car your third year you got to keep the bike. I didn't have any money, and this bike lock was the cheapest one at Walmart, so I bought it. I brought it to the bike guy at my university and he rolled his eyes and told me not to leave my bike in stupid/ unsafe places. He almost didn't give me a bike actually, but in the end, he did :) I got to do a lot of biking and did a 140-mile bike trip from Nashville to Chattanooga. It was stolen a couple years later, but I don't remember if the lock was on it or not 🤷‍♂️ . It's a crappy lock, but it got me a free bike and a lot of good times. A few years later, it seems like it got someone else a free bike too.


    Why are they in business?

  • boolie g
    boolie g

    You dont even need to pick those locks... One strong yank and they break... well so ive been told

  • Thunder Wolf
    Thunder Wolf

    Save your tools. Ill get the bolt cutters.

  • bland man
    bland man

    The cable is easy to cut with a side cutter.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Also the lock itself is made of diecast metal like a hot wheels car, they break easy

  • email1008065

    do you get take-downs or cease-and-desists from lock makers?

  • jffry sith
    jffry sith

    wow, you make master locks look like novice locks in skyrim

  • Realmdarkness

    He could have ended at :31, but he wasn't done yet...

  • lotayx

    I have this one -_-

  • Dean J
    Dean J

    If man can make it,man can break it...I got told this as a child by an old timer..fifty years on it still rings true.

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    was you on a promise??

  • Philippe Vigier
    Philippe Vigier

    Could you, at least, take your time instead breaking in in a few seconds, just to have a little drama? ;)

  • Genta• SP
    Genta• SP

    In my country we just need a wire to unlock that, and sell it to it's owner 😂

  • Sebastián López Liscano
    Sebastián López Liscano

    I don't trust in any lock now after watch this channel

  • rithm747

    Are there actually locks that are NOT easy to pick?? Watching this channel I would assume they do not exist...


    "How to take ANTIFA FLAIL off safety."

  • Geckomayhem

    It's just too sad. That cable could almost be cut through with pliers, lol.

  • Spherify

    You still need two special tools to open it. So it's not THAT bad, right?

  • Debbiebabe69

    Pick resistance is of little importance to bike security, VERY few bike thefts involve picking the lock, its usually side cutters, bolt croppers, recip saws, and more and more commonly battery powered angle grinders - usually with an accomplice standing nearby with a knife ready to plunge the knife into anyone that challenges them. Thats why there are so many videos showing thieves grinding bike locks off and people just ignoring it and walking by - they know if they intervene they probably will end up with a knife plunged into their stomach.

  • Dani

    It depends what country you live in and which area. If you live in a Norwegian village getting your bike tolen while its fixed to a fence with this lock is as likely as being struck by lightning.. So I guess that needs to be taken in account. If you come to the shop here and you start to secure your bike with a massive beefy lock people will probably look a bit strange at you..

  • PtolemyJones

    I was hoping he would cut it, just to show us.

  • marco haase
    marco haase

    I OWN THAT LOCK!!!!!! 😦😮😳😲😱🤯

  • Hollow Frost
    Hollow Frost

    No better insult than returning that with the lock open 😂

  • Pete Atkinson
    Pete Atkinson

    The cable holding the keys to the chain is probably only slightly thinner than the chain itself.

  • Tyler Schmidt
    Tyler Schmidt

    When you return it to the store leave it apart with the key still attached to the factory cable tie to confuse the retail workers as to how it got open

  • Formbi


  • Dieter Gerding
    Dieter Gerding

    The real shame is a 1000 Dollar Bike and expecting, that a Lock for 20 Bucks will do the job. What can possibly go wrong with this setting?

  • gpgrocker

    I'd say that this lock's security factor is similar to how triwing screws work, where the security is based off of how rare the tools are for it

  • Emanuel Gonçalves Santos
    Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

    there's some espensive bikes out there...

  • pho3nixmatt

    So what IS a good bike lock then?

  • one girl
    one girl

    Me, crying because I just discovered LPL and this is the second lock I use that he's absolutely destroyed:

  • omegakrest

    LPL:...if you like this video and would like to see more like it, please subscribe... Master Lock: We DON’T like these videos, and we DIDN’T subscribe, and yet WE STILL SEE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THAT!!😠

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy

    “Single pin picking only be accomplished with more specialized picks and skills” so it’s better than most masterlocks...

  • Ron Simons
    Ron Simons

    lol 2 ways to defeat this bad boy! The only hard part is choosing the method of opening lol.

  • Chris Parto's Bro
    Chris Parto's Bro

    He picked this quicker and safer than most would have got the keys off that tie wrap.

  • TexRobNC

    I love the videos, but I've said it before, I think you should take the time to show how quickly it can be cut. Some people will shrug this off and say, "Well, most people won't have a tool to cut that", not knowing just how easy it is. Just my 2c

  • Rajen Mistry
    Rajen Mistry

    Do you think you can pick the bunker safe in Nova Scotia?

  • Evan Barnes
    Evan Barnes

    I would love for you to consult on the design of a bike lock

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty

    The only purpose of cable locks is to prevent casual walk away thefts.

  • DangerZone

    In fairness I use a shitty 2 euro lock like this if I'm running into a shop for a minute and not arsed unlocking my padlock & chain and unwinding it. That's the only use for this, aside from it slowing down a thief for maybe 10 seconds

  • Ivo Trausch
    Ivo Trausch

    In Germany, we call these things gift ribbons

  • MaximKat

    Some thief’s: We need a good lock pick... Lock Picking Lawyer:

  • replica9000

    So you're telling me Masterlock bumps up security ever so slightly on one of their cores, then pairs it with a metal shoe string?

  • Trogdor

    What is the best bike lock on the market? I have always been told to get D-locks with circular keys.

  • RWBHere

    Master Lock sell you the zip tie holding the key. The lock is a giveaway.

  • TheWhiteMamba3000

    2 types of people: those who protect their bikes and those who prank people with these protections. Knowing how to quickly undo any prank bike locks would be useful.

  • LowKey LowKey
    LowKey LowKey

    It is to prevent casual petty theft. In other words. Keeping the average douche out of your hair. Besides which. It would be pretty obvious if you had chained up your ride in some heavy traffic area, when the dude with huge bolt cutters starts taking off after chomping that cable. Picking the lock is also kinda obvious too. Rdprcially in a high camera area like a train station.

    • LowKey LowKey
      LowKey LowKey

      @Sakara123 My point is still valid. these things stop the average douche from taking your ride. The douche with tools is doing it for a living and they dont care either way.

    • Sakara123

      people really don't care if it doesn't affect them. a few years ago I had a pretty nice Gary Fisher bike that I took great care of. I had it chained up with 2 kryptonite locks in a high traffic area with cameras. at some point someone walked up with a pretty large variety of tools, unbolted literally everything from the chassis & snapped the 3 joints holding the suspension, leaving literally just the points that had been enclosed by welds. TLDR ; bike security doesn't really matter because people won't intervene anyway.

  • Sam Bromley
    Sam Bromley

    You could probably cut that with a decently sharp pair of kitchen shears 😂

  • AGamingChannel

    i love how masterlock keeps accidentally making their locks harder to pick but then make like 20 other design flaws in the process

  • IB Freely
    IB Freely

    Masterlock: exists. LPL: I'm about to end this man's entire career

  • thegrafxguy1

    Haven't seen the black flags recently in your dimple videos unless I missed it. There a reason? I'm close to pulling the trigger on those as pin tumblers are starting to be too easy.

  • Zeke770

    I really wish he ‘opened’ the packaging by cutting the cable instead of the zip tie.

  • deeez00

    You should have cut it!

  • Majora de Mayhem
    Majora de Mayhem

    Firstly, why didn't you cut the cable? Secondly, when are you picking your way into Master Lock's HQ? "This is the Lockpicking Lawyer, and today we're in the office of Master Lock's CEO. I have come with a very long list of questions, which I'll be leaving in this locked drawer. One is binding-"

  • Rachel Perry
    Rachel Perry

    Lock picking lawyer, what lock do you recommend for an ebike? Thanks!

  • Peter S. Fam
    Peter S. Fam

    Further cements my opinion master locks as a brand aren't worth the scrap metal value of their locks.

  • Kittsuera

    basically, a lock is only as good as what it's secured to.

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