[1173] I Can’t Believe This Is Sold As A Bike Lock: Master Lock 8361D

  • Tyler Schmidt
    Tyler Schmidt

    When you return it to the store leave it apart with the key still attached to the factory cable tie to confuse the retail workers as to how it got open

  • Formbi


  • Dieter Gerding
    Dieter Gerding

    The real shame is a 1000 Dollar Bike and expecting, that a Lock for 20 Bucks will do the job. What can possibly go wrong with this setting?

  • gpgrocker

    I'd say that this lock's security factor is similar to how triwing screws work, where the security is based off of how rare the tools are for it

  • Steve 'o
    Steve 'o

    Can the lockpicking lawyer design a lock that can't be picked? Because if he can't then his whole channel is pointless.

  • Emanuel Gonçalves Santos
    Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

    there's some espensive bikes out there...

  • pho3nixmatt

    So what IS a good bike lock then?

  • One Girl
    One Girl

    Me, crying because I just discovered LPL and this is the second lock I use that he's absolutely destroyed:

  • Vivian Stimpson
    Vivian Stimpson

    Just put a big sticker on your bike : SMILE YOU"RE ON CAMERA

  • omegakrest

    LPL:...if you like this video and would like to see more like it, please subscribe... Master Lock: We DON’T like these videos, and we DIDN’T subscribe, and yet WE STILL SEE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THAT!!😠

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy

    “Single pin picking only be accomplished with more specialized picks and skills” so it’s better than most masterlocks...

  • Ron Simons
    Ron Simons

    lol 2 ways to defeat this bad boy! The only hard part is choosing the method of opening lol.

  • Chris Parto's Bro
    Chris Parto's Bro

    He picked this quicker and safer than most would have got the keys off that tie wrap.

  • TexRobNC

    I love the videos, but I've said it before, I think you should take the time to show how quickly it can be cut. Some people will shrug this off and say, "Well, most people won't have a tool to cut that", not knowing just how easy it is. Just my 2c

  • Too Sense Wirth
    Too Sense Wirth

    Shoots, I thought we were going to see LockCuttingLawyer. But yes, Walmart will take it back!

  • Rajen Mistry
    Rajen Mistry

    Do you think you can pick the bunker safe in Nova Scotia?

  • Evan Barnes
    Evan Barnes

    I would love for you to consult on the design of a bike lock

  • Roy Batty
    Roy Batty

    The only purpose of cable locks is to prevent casual walk away thefts.

  • DangerZone

    In fairness I use a shitty 2 euro lock like this if I'm running into a shop for a minute and not arsed unlocking my padlock & chain and unwinding it. That's the only use for this, aside from it slowing down a thief for maybe 10 seconds

  • Ivo Trausch
    Ivo Trausch

    In Germany, we call these things gift ribbons

  • MaximKat

    Some thief’s: We need a good lock pick... Lock Picking Lawyer:

  • replica9000

    So you're telling me Masterlock bumps up security ever so slightly on one of their cores, then pairs it with a metal shoe string?

  • Trogdor

    What is the best bike lock on the market? I have always been told to get D-locks with circular keys.

  • RWBHere

    Master Lock sell you the zip tie holding the key. The lock is a giveaway.

  • TheWhiteMamba3000

    2 types of people: those who protect their bikes and those who prank people with these protections. Knowing how to quickly undo any prank bike locks would be useful.

  • LowKey LowKey
    LowKey LowKey

    It is to prevent casual petty theft. In other words. Keeping the average douche out of your hair. Besides which. It would be pretty obvious if you had chained up your ride in some heavy traffic area, when the dude with huge bolt cutters starts taking off after chomping that cable. Picking the lock is also kinda obvious too. Rdprcially in a high camera area like a train station.

    • LowKey LowKey
      LowKey LowKey

      @Sakara123 My point is still valid. these things stop the average douche from taking your ride. The douche with tools is doing it for a living and they dont care either way.

    • Sakara123

      people really don't care if it doesn't affect them. a few years ago I had a pretty nice Gary Fisher bike that I took great care of. I had it chained up with 2 kryptonite locks in a high traffic area with cameras. at some point someone walked up with a pretty large variety of tools, unbolted literally everything from the chassis & snapped the 3 joints holding the suspension, leaving literally just the points that had been enclosed by welds. TLDR ; bike security doesn't really matter because people won't intervene anyway.

  • Sam Bromley
    Sam Bromley

    You could probably cut that with a decently sharp pair of kitchen shears 😂

  • AGamingChannel

    i love how masterlock keeps accidentally making their locks harder to pick but then make like 20 other design flaws in the process

  • IB Freely
    IB Freely

    Masterlock: exists. LPL: I'm about to end this man's entire career

  • thegrafxguy1

    Haven't seen the black flags recently in your dimple videos unless I missed it. There a reason? I'm close to pulling the trigger on those as pin tumblers are starting to be too easy.

  • Zeke770

    I really wish he ‘opened’ the packaging by cutting the cable instead of the zip tie.

  • deeez00

    You should have cut it!

  • Majora de Mayhem
    Majora de Mayhem

    Firstly, why didn't you cut the cable? Secondly, when are you picking your way into Master Lock's HQ? "This is the Lockpicking Lawyer, and today we're in the office of Master Lock's CEO. I have come with a very long list of questions, which I'll be leaving in this locked drawer. One is binding-"

  • Rachel Perry
    Rachel Perry

    Lock picking lawyer, what lock do you recommend for an ebike? Thanks!

  • Peter S. Fam
    Peter S. Fam

    Further cements my opinion master locks as a brand aren't worth the scrap metal value of their locks.

  • Kittsuera

    basically, a lock is only as good as what it's secured to.

  • Sebastián Perez
    Sebastián Perez

    One day we are just gonna open the video trying not to blick out of fear for have fast he opens this locks

  • 俾你搬

    Master Lock = Sucker Lock you master sucker

  • karl haxthausen
    karl haxthausen

    this is not for a 2000 dollar racer, this is for your everyday to and fro bike, and not against polish dudes with powertools, but against drunk people not wanting to walk from the trainstation..

  • Tyler Snyder
    Tyler Snyder

    Every time I see you take on a bike lock it reminds me of how dumb I was as a kid / teenager. I always thought the thick looking Bell and master cable locks and cheap U locks were the good stuff. I suppose that's probably because I grew up dirt poor and we couldn't afford a name brand bike lock like this.

  • Veronica Starre
    Veronica Starre

    I think he picked the lock faster than someone could cut the cable or possibly find and use the key given it’s on a key ring

  • DenarianLord

    Well, if the lock requires special tools and skills to open, that knocks out your average bike thief. I'd imagine. But the cord is definitely an issue. You can have a lock so good it can't be picked open by anybody, doesn't matter if you can just go around the lock somehow.

  • Sean U
    Sean U

    When commenting on the unacceptable thinness of a bike lock cable, could you please show us you cutting it after picking the lock in the future.

  • whatthefuckiswrongwithyou? asshole
    whatthefuckiswrongwithyou? asshole

    Master lock is just full of fail aren't they

  • GarbageDidUdirty

    I wanted to see you cut it

  • ondank

    Did you hurt the chief executive of master lock as a child and these shitty locks are just the fulfilment of his vengeance pact in the most roundabout way possible

  • Mike Feddersen
    Mike Feddersen

    *Looks at my keychain for bike lock as it is very similar key. "Oh good, it's not a Master lock!" Oh wait, it's an Onguard, probably a Master lock knock off. :/

  • Paper Axes
    Paper Axes

    Bought one of these, but only because it was the best bike lock a major retailer had on the shelf. Sigh.

  • Orias X
    Orias X

    You should return it unlocked

  • SshanIcsS

    As always a Video on Point👍

  • Frankestein01nl

    I've always believed having bicycle bags on the back takes away the appeal for the bike thief..... but now that i've jinxed myself, have a nice day.

  • Malcolm in the Middle
    Malcolm in the Middle

    They say you should spend 20% of your bike's price on the lock. For half this price, you can get a Kryptonite combination lock.

  • Jamokai

    a lock is only a deterrent for honest people...

  • nimrod126

    I do so enjoy your videos and trying to catch up on them. But with this cable bike lock one would not be able to cut it with side cuts. One does not have the strength nor the leverage to cut a cable this thick. I tried to cut one similar that is smaller in diameter at 3/16” and side cuts will not do the job. This one is thicker at 5/16”. Cables are just to hard and flexible to be cut with side cuts. Great videos!

  • Felipe Guzman
    Felipe Guzman

    El brayan:messirve

  • Paul Reeves
    Paul Reeves

    I think you missed the 'tough under fire' at the top right hand corner. This lock is obviously intended for use in a war zone where no one would have time to pick it, or even whip out their snips.

  • Bálint Keszthelyi
    Bálint Keszthelyi

    Just imagine the next Masterlock video being filmed inside the shop because LPL is going to open the lock just by looking at it.

  • Ian Clegg
    Ian Clegg

    land of a billion bicycle locks they have no longer any use for and us next best markup

  • Andrei Bogorodski
    Andrei Bogorodski

    There should be an organization like the FDA, but for locks, and with LockPickingLawyer as their CEO lock companies use the fact that most people are ignorant to that matter, and they sell them garbage, this should be illegal

  • JL O'Cain
    JL O'Cain

    Just got an ad for the altor apex ti, can we get a review

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5161

  • Jürgen Ebert
    Jürgen Ebert

    You know, there are bikes one only needs to protect against drunks and people who "find" stuff and not against professional thieves. A cable lock is good enough for that. You are right that those are bad locks but they still fit a purpose.

  • Steven Senlacere
    Steven Senlacere

    we now know how many people master lock corp employs. 109

  • Francisco Velazquez
    Francisco Velazquez

    Nadie absolutamente nadie El brayan Buen video crack desde que te sigo Eh mejorado mucho

  • johnbay123

    I just got an add for a “unbreakable-bike lock”....yeah right...looks like a knock off of the one from video “1023”

  • spim randsley
    spim randsley

    You have dozens of 'don't' videos... let's hear some of the locks you think are maybe the most resistant to theft, a nice list, all in one video.

  • That Guy Brody
    That Guy Brody

    we have thinner bike locks where i live as nobody really steals bikes like they do in big cities. i see kids leave their bikes on the front lawn for days. granted i live in a small rural city.

  • bruh b
    bruh b

    imagine you sitting at home and you hear “click out of one, two is binding” from your front door

  • SpyzerX


  • Eight Miles Upwind
    Eight Miles Upwind

    This is how my bike was stolen. Really.

  • PXCharon

    I'd even contest the "specialized tools" statement. A half diamond does a pretty okay job of mimicking a dimple flag.

  • Jari

    The pupil who escaped the learing facility named Masterlock still amazes me.

  • DSG

    Are there any locks that are safe ?

  • Maxi Ruiz
    Maxi Ruiz

    Este video se tendría que llamar como robar bicicletas

  • Filipe Santos de Almeida
    Filipe Santos de Almeida

    I had a friend at highschool who open this kind of lock with a slap. He made it with my lock when i lost my key

  • wolfgang loll
    wolfgang loll

    Locks worth 10% of the bike, we have bicycles at home that are about 50€, to spend more than 5€ for the lock would be a waste. in the cases the lock is only there for the drunken partygoers to find another bike to ride home.

  • Tu sabes
    Tu sabes


    • Samuel Hernandez pulecio
      Samuel Hernandez pulecio


  • ModHunter42

    You should really show the cut cable so we can see how Tiny the cable is when not Lensed by the plastic.

  • Blame USA
    Blame USA

    might a well just leave the key in the lock, people will wonder what is up and maybe avoid it!

  • iris

    the result of these videos is going to be an uptick in the sale of locks that cost more than the bikes theyre protecting.

  • Warp Gate
    Warp Gate

    Master Lock? Faster Picklock

  • wowsers

    Why would you not cut it!? Its not you're going to use it! Ooohhh I think I get it, you're gonna return it...smart.

  • Mark Earl
    Mark Earl

    these locks were made for thieves and you have all the tools to steal the bike on the bike its great take the saddle of put it inbetween and twist

  • Corgitronics

    Picked in seconds! But, I was hoping to see you cut the cable as well.

  • Markus Sather
    Markus Sather

    this is like taping a fancy brick that says "go away" to a bike. The brick is hard to break but is pointless in the end

  • Bob Sum
    Bob Sum

    I have a dream, one day we 'll hear; Sorry guys, I can't open this lock.. Anybody got a key?

  • welltell

    Ha ha ha 5 seconds needed to open that lock... i cant stop laughing ...ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa *welltell dies from laughing too much.*

  • Zoey

    LPL: *Walking through the shop, sees this lock* LPL: My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

  • Mr.Rocket

    “Needs more specialized tools and skills” proceeds to pick it open perfectly

  • Meelek Edits
    Meelek Edits

    The Intro had me laughing, it feels like, the absence of MasterLock destruction videos in the last couple weeks made em look for attention my LPL ^^

  • wowfanatic100

    I use this exact lock for my bike which I always lock it up in highly trafficked/well lit areas. If someone really wants to risk getting caught for my ~$150 bike, go for it.

  • Thomas Tarkington
    Thomas Tarkington

    What do you expect from a sub $12 lock?

  • Jurien Dekter
    Jurien Dekter

    Master Lock is not in the business of making things secure. They are in the business to make money. That a lock is crappy is irrelevant if it makes money. But I'll bet their money is secured by someone else's product.

  • Tim Slagle
    Tim Slagle

    @LockPickingLawyer, I am about to buy a new home. Would you do a video on locks that YOU would ACTUALLY use around your home? That would be so awesome I think to understand the locks that someone as critical as you would recommend to people to actually use! :)

  • Louis Cirignano
    Louis Cirignano

    Doesn’t it make sense to make a lock with such a small keyway that it’s too small to fit any standard tools in? It seems like a cheap way to create a kind of decent lock. Maybe something similar to this core with a chain?

  • Marcus Lintault
    Marcus Lintault

    How many locks do you have in your collection? Do you have a room with all your locks? A video profiling your collection would be great, thanks!

  • fastmongrel

    Lock Shaped Object.

  • Ben Price
    Ben Price

    As soon as you see masterlock you know it's carnage time. I heard that the lpl once brought a masterlock product and was satisfied with it in every aspect except from security, construction,cost,packaging,aesthetics and other than that an excellent paper weight.🔓🔓🔓🔓🔓

  • EnergeticWaves

    if you ever get sick of locks and lawyering you could always take up dentistry.

  • RazielTheBoo

    LPL has convinced me that we should start picking bike locks to put a plastic tag on the lock that says "Get a better lock" then close it back up.