[1140] $110 Alarmed Motorcycle Lock Picked & Disarmed (Oxford Boss)
The video referenced in the introduction: [1134] Oxford “Boss” Motorcycle Lock Picked uzload.info/fun/rJ56h3yYxpyunIk/video

  • Darren Wall
    Darren Wall

    I have one of these and position it so that you have to move it significantly before you can unlock it, this means you wouldn't have time to pic it before the alarm goes off. Even practiced I sometimes am not quick enough with the key.

  • iWillK95

    I used to do warehouse work for Oxford Products in England. Occasionally someone would drop one of these locks and set off the alarm. It was so bloody loud 😂

  • ImLovingThis One
    ImLovingThis One

    Anti theft companies should hire this man to make them a bullet proof Motorcycle Anti Lock System and i'm pretty sure every criminal on planet earth is going to hate this man for giving us motorcyclist such a beautiful gift, but no lets hire smart people with no common sense to make our locks.

  • Andrew Shuman
    Andrew Shuman

    The alarm's to prevent your bike from just being lifted up and stuffed into a work van as easily, not sure it's anything to do with picking the lock.

  • Photo Hope
    Photo Hope

    Normal mortal thief walking around the street will not pick this open unless he come back in purpose with the correct tools and training then maybe he will get through. Also trying to pick a lock at office desk in a quiet secure environment is some easier than been sitting on the floor in a busy street ... some pedestrian would not care even if the thief shout load "I'm a thief and would steal this motorcycle" I guess rarely some one will stop by and react.... A friend had his bike stolen in Barcelona in a very busy street , the thief only used a chain saw maybe a disk saw not sure and apparemtly took all the time he need no one stopped him. We asked a guy from the pizzeria he did not see anything ...

  • jacob artazo
    jacob artazo

    thieves watching this so they can break in to a house

  • WikiWiki109

    This lock is secure against most mere mortals, given it's alarm and the fact that it required special tools to be opened, but nothing can stand up to LPL.

  • Talbot Solenberger
    Talbot Solenberger

    I own this lock. I used it on my bike before I got into a wreck. The first thing that made me go "damn, this thing sucks" is when he first inserted the key to show that it works. The key they gave me with my lock was so shitty, that it would often take upwards of 30 seconds to get it to unlock WITH the key. The other thing that made me think bad things was that his lock didnt randomly start making noise when it was just laying there still. The alarm on mine would often set off while there was nothing touching it or the bike. I would set it, walk away, and after I was about 20 feet away, the incredibly loud alarm would go off. Combine that with the shitty key, and it often meant that I would set it in the non-alarm side just so it wouldn't scream for no reason. I'm sure my neighbors loved that one.

  • shifty24

    Thing is, lockpicking isn’t really a common thing in motorcycle theft, big van and big tools need big steel and time delay

  • Mauro Smid
    Mauro Smid

    Does this mean the abus is better?

  • Lazy Otaku Gamer
    Lazy Otaku Gamer

    Your the man Bravo!!! from Finland Subscribed !!!

  • Omari

    I have a special set of skills and tools and i will find you and will pick you

  • Allan Vlogs
    Allan Vlogs

    I literally have two of these on my motorcycle outside right now while I'm watching this in a cafe. Shit. 😂

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    Do you sell picking kits???????????????? Lol

  • Chris

    That pick was alarming

  • Michael Studio Films
    Michael Studio Films

    You should create a unpickable lock

  • luke nochance
    luke nochance

    That should of been of the ground not flat to see if the alarm would go of

  • David Mason
    David Mason

    How can i get this tool

  • Keith Segovia
    Keith Segovia

    Wow he managed to open that with specialized picking equipment unreal

  • Spaceshuttle 536
    Spaceshuttle 536

    Make a lock what has a lock picking lawyer alarm

  • Vikas Ds
    Vikas Ds

    LPL should have intentionally triggered the alarm first to show that the lock he's going to pick is functioning as normally as expected.

  • Anmol Bhati
    Anmol Bhati

    Damn, first time seeing a lock I actually used... Great video!

  • ES

    Bike thieves have never studied anything more intensely than that tool

  • DJ토끼

    What is binding and gate?

  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull

    Every lock within a 100 mile radius of LPL: Why do I hear boss music?

  • xenonplus

    If it was me i'll just put an explosive on my vehicle so when it's gone i'll remotely detonate it

  • Dio Script
    Dio Script


  • JudgeyJudgeyable

    You know a lock is good when LPL makes a custom tool for it

  • Rhys Aqs
    Rhys Aqs

    Im glad that few humans are this good

  • Marcin F
    Marcin F

    That alarm would be much better feature, if it wasn't clearly indicated on the lock. Disguised as regular padlock and it should do the job, at least once.

  • Dick McCarthy
    Dick McCarthy

    I bet there is a lot of thiefs watching these videos lol. :P

  • Itz_Galaxy

    This man is truly a man of his craft.

  • ArdentShadow

    Where do u even learn these skills?

  • Cole Emmanuel
    Cole Emmanuel

    Rip headphone users

  • Capsule guy
    Capsule guy

    Dude. You actually look like a God of lock picking

  • Jim Kennedy
    Jim Kennedy

    Imagine him livestreaming

  • TheUnarmedMan CanoArtist
    TheUnarmedMan CanoArtist

    Is there any padlock You can't pick? Or could you design an unpickable lock?

  • Jeong-hun Sin
    Jeong-hun Sin

    Why not make it sound the alarm when a single disc is rotated? The real key wouldn't rotate one disc at a time, but all at once. so, if only a single disk is rotated, that means that the lock is being picked.

  • Sod Almighty
    Sod Almighty

    He has a very specialised set of skills....

  • William Huang
    William Huang

    Oxford Loss

  • Tarushdei

    Other than the cost, this might be a decent training tool for advanced pickers to use to tighten up their finesse skills, if it really does trigger the alarm with only slight movement. But 100dB is not something you would want to have going off in your home or around pets or children. >85dB sustained is hearing loss territory.

  • murderdogg

    Maybe make a fault alarm go off when the lock is overturned, clockwise. Rotating the discs all the way clockwise seems to be a starting theme in the lock picking game. Cheers

  • yo

    pouring water in it would probably kill the alarm

  • Mark Orwa
    Mark Orwa

    Sending this video to someone with this lock... They won't believe it 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Jazza BigHits
    Jazza BigHits

    If you think about it, high winds could set the lock alarm off, so could disturbance from someone putting their bike next to yours, or bumping your bike. Not the best design but i can see the appeal

  • Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones

    That's the thing with lock picking looks easy but it truly isn't great video 👍

  • Joseph Spaz
    Joseph Spaz

    First time I have even seen LPL use a key

  • Dino Nucci
    Dino Nucci

    I'd cover the lock so peeps can't see it has an "alarm"

  • thesethmedlin

    Oxford: makes a smaller keyway so that lockpicks won't fit inside LPL: modifies lockpick to be smaller Oxford: listen here you little shit

  • Leo Smith
    Leo Smith

    When you put all your points into lockpick.

  • Ihtesham Emon
    Ihtesham Emon

    Still this is a better choice Bcs no one else is lockpickinglawyer 😀

  • Zwick Flix Productions
    Zwick Flix Productions

    Thankfully, most motorcycle thieves don’t make picks with BosnianBill in their spare time

  • o Rebelo
    o Rebelo

    Im in a market for a lock is there a brand or model u can’t open. .?. A thousand humans can design it one human opens it

  • Brown Boy
    Brown Boy

    Why don’t you make your own lock and sell?$

  • cheeseman

    I wanna see you set it off though.

  • Druggie Plays
    Druggie Plays

    4 a.m. and im in youtube rabbit hole again

  • MegaMagicbeans

    It would be interesting to see a few videos with the lock actually in a position for normal use, for example the above lock when its tight up against the disc, does this add more of difficulty or does it not really matter when you have the skill level to do it if you get my drift ?

  • Andrew Pacheco
    Andrew Pacheco

    Ud think there would be some sort of tamper alarm

  • Himura Kenshin
    Himura Kenshin

    Should have set off the alarm before you started picking I think

  • Johannes Nilsen
    Johannes Nilsen

    that sensor has to be more sensitive, that's horrible.

    • Johannes Nilsen
      Johannes Nilsen

      @Leo Thompson Bordo alarm is more sensitive o think, atleast mine seems to be also 100dp. I dont know the laws in Norway about this, but loud lock alarm is a good thing, it's not my fault if someone starts to fiddle with my bike, that's the thief's fault. But yes wind could move it if wind is strong enough, but that depends where you park it and take wind into account., not a problem for me. Unless paring I. Exposed are, where you get direct wind. Like a corn field, but then there are not many ppl ærend apart from path over a field.

    • Leo Thompson
      Leo Thompson

      Not really. There's a balance here, and noise pollution laws exist! Considering these are meant for outdoor use, to hang freely from a disc break, and outdoors there is such a thing as wind.... You see where this is going I'm sure. I'd also rather people weren't targeting my motorbike because the lock ruins their right to peace and quiet on the regular, if it's all the same with you.

  • CBRider

    110$??? It's like 50£ in the UK how does that work

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    he sounds like a dentist when he picks it

  • Steam Condenser
    Steam Condenser

    I'd be interested to see you perform this pick in a more simulated environment. Regardless of specialised tools, you also had a stable surface for the lock to rest on, and most noteably a stable surface for your hands to rest on while you manipulated the tool. With the lock at sub-knee height where it's likely going to be hanging from a motorbike disc brake, with you crouched down beside it, there's so much more potential for errant movement and vibrations to set off the alarm...

  • raynebc

    If they really wanted to beef up the security, it should sound the alarm if anything is detected in the keyway without the real key being detected (ie. via RFID).

  • Ески Акаунт
    Ески Акаунт

    Салам с Казакстана

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson

    This mans next job has got to be Bomb Disposal Lawyer and that,s all I have for you today

  • HSishi

    If it just had a RRID Key Reader similar to building locks ...

  • Shubham Desai
    Shubham Desai

    ABUS Granit Detecto SmartX 8078 uses smartphone as your key, try picking up that lock LPL !

  • Tsar Alexander II
    Tsar Alexander II

    Half the fun of watching LPL is the comments. Keep it up guys

  • Pat Bubba
    Pat Bubba

    This lock can't be picked. LOCKPICKINGLAWYER - "Hold my beer. "

  • WillieRants

    How weak. The alarm should also be connected to the locking mechanism so if it's opened without the key the alarm sounds. Of if the shackle is cut the alarm sounds.

  • Locutus

    0:58 When he said that he will barely need to touch the lock, I was thinking the lock would just open by itself at the sight of LPL.

  • Vilsvisan O
    Vilsvisan O

    This was easier to disarm then my grandfather's life Support

  • Jean Lemay
    Jean Lemay

    The tool looks like its coming from a david cronenberg movie,,,

  • Alexander Green
    Alexander Green

    Shame you didn't try to pick the lock with it facing down as if it was locked to a break disk. It would have made it more "real case scenario" and would have added the difficulty of having to pick it from upside down without moving it too much to sound the alarm. ;)

  • Paul Inman
    Paul Inman

    Is the alarm louder than a cordless angle grinder?

  • Gregory Kitchens
    Gregory Kitchens

    In my opinion locks like this are absolutely the best. Sure pick resistance is great, but if you have a lock that takes a modified version of an already specialized tool, you're already way ahead of statistics.

  • The professor
    The professor

    Noob lock, go back to being a zip lock

  • Kendall Doer
    Kendall Doer

    Did anyone else go into *alarm* when lpl used a key to arm the lock instead of just picking it ?

  • Mushroom

    You make some great tutorials! Keep it up!

  • ABW941

    I wonder why the alarm would only go off from movement and not, for example, through a metal object making contact with isolated parts of the lock itself? Seeing all these expensive locks with all those flaws makes me believe that even i as layman could design a safer lock, the best thing to do would be to simply remove the whole locking process from acess by having to insert a "key" in a slot in a drawer, push the whole thing inside the lock and then turn a knob on the outside of the lock.

  • taiiat

    hm, so the Alarm is active depending on the orientation of the Shackle - i'm curious then as to how it differentiates the orientation. the Shackle appears to be Mirrored at a glance, so what is the physical difference that makes it activate or stay passive?

    • dngrmousey

      @taiiat it's either a magnet or RFID, there like a little cap embedded in the arm

    • taiiat

      @dngrmousey if that is the case, wow, even that is disappointing.

    • dngrmousey

      There's a magnet embedded in one of the lock arms

  • Oliver Hearn
    Oliver Hearn

    You know it’s gonna be a good video if it has “disarmed” in the title 😂

  • That's not my department
    That's not my department

    How does it know which way the shackle is? As far as I could tell the bevels and cuts looked identical on both sides. Are they slightly angled to one side (I can't tell on camera)? Or is there something else?

  • Rob T
    Rob T

    would you still recommend this lock?

  • Roy Sammons
    Roy Sammons

    So a decent lock then considering you need a specialised tool to open it. The alarm is a bonus.

  • AL

    Who are the idiots that dislike your videos??? Must be the haters, but never mind, your videos are awesome!!!

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Jupiterninja95

    I feel like it would be much harder to keep the lock still if it was freely hanging. (I mean obviously you could still pick it, you’re you)

  • Goric

    Of course! The Oxford keyways! You'll open anything with those 😉 (sarcasm)

  • StriKe jk
    StriKe jk

    the alarm is not to protect vs picking but to protect against destructive methods.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Am I the only one who was expecting him to activate the alarm on purpose for demonstration?

  • liteand fluffy
    liteand fluffy

    If he had to customise his lockpick I'd say that lock is not too shabby

  • J Harkenreader
    J Harkenreader

    Curious. Why do people still challenge your skill set? If I send you a lock it's only to see how quickly it can be defeated and in how many ways.

  • Jim F
    Jim F

    And for my next feat, I'm going to pick this $1000 lock while handcuffed and submerged into this tank of water. 😃

  • MrFixBroken

    I really wanted to hear the alarm. I am leaving impressed, though somewhat disappointed.

  • Plantman Whoreticulture
    Plantman Whoreticulture

    The Steve 1989 of lockpicking

  • Keto McKetoface
    Keto McKetoface

    Very Good

  • NanoChann

    I feel like if u ever use this lock, you should cover up the alarm stickers. If you're just using it with those revealed then a thief will no not to jostle it too much.

  • Harry Baskets
    Harry Baskets

    If you were designing a lock, what would you do differently that might present more of a problem for a professional picker such as yourself?