[1121] Abus No.150/50 Combination Lock Decoded

  • Jon B
    Jon B

    I was having a Scotch and it looked good to me!

  • MisterMunkki

    What kind of barbarian opens an envelope like this ?

  • DoctorX17

    Ohhh, that's a cool one... I've never seen a combo lock with levers

  • Last & First
    Last & First

    I bought a combination lock almost like this as a practice lock. The only thing I achieved is gumming up all the wheels so none of them would turn

  • The Young Republican
    The Young Republican

    22412 drops combination on table yup they match

  • GP1080HD

    Don't drink and drive your key

  • Mìnístry of Sound
    Mìnístry of Sound

    Can you explain that 2 2 4 1 2 please

  • Aqua Peet
    Aqua Peet

    At least you didn't get your rifle out to shoot the video!

  • Aaron Kuchma
    Aaron Kuchma

    "I swear, my client is in a cent!" "You mean innocent?" "Hey, whatever gets the cell unlocked and the shackles off."

  • Raul Marian
    Raul Marian

    You err once on a number ... happens, but twice and then name the SAME number again?! Come on, it's even bold to upload this clip, something is obviously not right with it.

  • John Lord
    John Lord

    The key to drinking is to pick the bottle

  • NRG sensation
    NRG sensation

    Can you potentially feel this with just your thumb????

  • elmadicine

    drunk lpl: f**k it let's cross one off the list, it's a decoder so I don't even need tools drunk me: oh my god this lava lamp has been on my amazon wish list for so long it's time to treat myself

  • John S
    John S

    What's your brand of Whiskey? :)

  • The Geezer
    The Geezer

    It doesn't matter what you _say_ it is, its what it _actually_ is that always matters. Vocals are just sounds like flatulence but actions, now actions _are_ this and _this_ is this.👍 You dig?

  • 2nd_place

    Me: There are four lights! LPL: 22412

  • Mr Joe
    Mr Joe

    The fact that he may be drinking during all those videos is pretty much a "This isn't even my final form yet" moment

  • James Durrant
    James Durrant

    LPL on the method of decoding the lock: "this is easier said than done" also LPL: drunkpicks the lock in less than a minute

  • Not Torres
    Not Torres

    it would be hilarious if he scratched the code when opening it

  • Alan Griffiths
    Alan Griffiths

    It would have been hilarious if you couldn't have opened the envelope !!

  • Glass

    If this is merely what drunk LPL acts like then I don't want to see him sober.

  • RWBHere

    So there are only 1,024 possible combinations for the lock, and it's unlikely that more than 3 digits are the same. That leaves only 900 sensible options. A 3-ring lock with 10-digits per ring, giving 990 sensible combinations, would be slightly less insecure than this one.

  • andhika bayu
    andhika bayu

    Comment?? Well, all I had to say to your videos is: HOW?????

  • Trevor Murphy
    Trevor Murphy

    Out of all the people I would love to take a master class from the lock picking lawyer should do one

  • Big boss stewie
    Big boss stewie

    What does it mean when a lock is binding

  • Al-ex Rusty Morales
    Al-ex Rusty Morales

    That lock should have just let him in if it was this easy

  • AngPur

    Aren't there only like 3,000 possible combos, way less on a 4 digit one. Seems like a vulnerability here might be running through the numbers.

  • Phakes

    So, what you're telling me is that, despite being drunk you can still picking lock just fine? Way to flex your skill there. I love it.

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Hahaha.... 90s long ago... fuck me.

  • PuLsar

    This is exceptional

  • Blauebiene

    Cheers mate. Vodka hurts quite a lot ;p

  • Perplexity

    I'm impressed by how sharp that knife is.

  • Volvox323

    3125 possible combinations. You are welcome btw: 625 for the 40 mm version.

  • Shrankai

    Nice video!

  • Mike Schlager
    Mike Schlager

    How do you miss read 4 two times

  • Clerical

    Hey LPL, I hope you read this! I was just wondering if you've ever tried to pick a lock using a bobby pin? I used to see it get brought up all the time in old novels I used to read, and I wonder if it's actually possible.

  • Dominic 96
    Dominic 96


  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones

    One of the very few ABUS locks that I MIGHT have a shot at picking.

  • Solar Spiker
    Solar Spiker

    Picking a lock with air. Make it happen.

  • Daniel Hildebrand
    Daniel Hildebrand

    I feel a bit embarrassed for this. But finally got a decent set of picks. (Praxis Dangerfield) and I've been playing with a Master #3. I can take it open about 90% of the time with a worm. I cannot for the life of me SPP the dang thing. I think #2 is a super low cut and even with the .015 I can't seem to SPP the dang thing. Only complaint so far on the pics is the 2 supplied top of keyway tensioners are still too thick for the master. But I'll keep trying or I'll mail it to you with the challenge to use the same picks. And probably be embarrassed in 10 seconds. Lol. Just love to know what I'm doing wrong. I've tried all sorts of tension, bullying is totally out with this one. My other 2 #3s I can pop open in seconds. I've had the one I can't open well for 20+ years.of that makes any difference.

  • LordCarpenter

    LOL! That's funny right there. Great video.

  • Sirongame

    Lock picking lawyer There’s this thing called a stop box I have seen it been advertised for a few days now it’s gun lock box Wanted to see if you could pick it !!! Also if you read my comment I’m a big fan of seeing you give honest reviews on locks thanks agin!

  • Nathan Loveridge
    Nathan Loveridge

    Would a shim work to open this type of lock?

  • Past Due
    Past Due

    Well lpl at least you have skill to pick into your house drunk. Wait um sorry you picked my house! you sir clearly can tell I use only the best Masterbrand locks on the market!!

  • Michael

    Videos are Always quick and to the point! This is what most people have lost over the years. Thank you!

  • D Mentia
    D Mentia

    I'm under the impression that he immediately realized his mistake when he saw it on paper, but his lawyer instincts kicked in and he stuck with his story

  • Saito Hiraga
    Saito Hiraga

    it says 22414.... not 22412,... but good skill

  • Josh

    Aloha! I absolutely love your videos And I now own a lock pick kit because of you. I just moved into a new house and I was wondering if you could tell me a good budget-friendly keypad entry lock that I can install on my front door? I would really appreciate it I know you have reviewed a lot of them but just looking for something that would be good enough to stop the average person. Thanks in advance and I really hope I hear back from you!!

  • Aru

    I have one of these exact locks I was given back in highschool and find them very useful for the blind/visually impaired. Would you happen to know of any other locks that might also be helpful for someone with vision issues?

  • Greg Gerba
    Greg Gerba

    Hey I've been trying my hand at lockpicking because of your videos but I'm realizing it's not as easy as you make it look can you recommend a good starter practice locks based off how you reference the master lock 3 it seems a good one but any suggestions would be great also love your videos

  • ke17h

    lots of dad jokes in the comments

  • Jayden Chamberlain
    Jayden Chamberlain

    He should make a series of videos titled “how to pick a lock” in which he teaches us how to pick locks

  • Russian-bot 01101010
    Russian-bot 01101010

    Another drunk lawyer on youtube, that explains the reccomendation

  • Max Garascia
    Max Garascia

    Dyslexia is a real problem for a some of us. In my phonebook I have a phone number where some of the numbers are transposed but every time I call he's on the line !

  • TheNasaDude

    "This combination won't stop me, because I can't read"

  • Olli P. M.
    Olli P. M.

    Id realy like to see you picking an BKS Janus 46 Euro Cyl...

  • Seemore Butts
    Seemore Butts

    0:42 I think what you meant was, "easier done that said."

  • bigtonka82

    You better get a lawyer for the charges brought against you sir, drinking while decoding lol.

  • Ryan Laver
    Ryan Laver


  • WildVolare500

    Bring back the redbull can!

  • The Niwo
    The Niwo

    This should also be easily bruteforced

  • Ninja Baiano
    Ninja Baiano

    I decoded my first combination lock, it is a cheap one i used to put on my bike. i got really amazed that learned something even tho those videos are 2 to 5 minutes at most. Thank You

  • Ash Alopex
    Ash Alopex

    You can tell how drunk he is because he opened the envelope like a lunatic.

  • Chris Ball
    Chris Ball

    This was one of the first locks I ever decoded and I still have it to this day ... great video as always 👍

  • MetyleneVideo

    Oh no ! A locked paper ! I must open the lock without the code because it's easier than the paper

  • Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe
    Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe


  • Ozzy

    Wow i just noticed you edited your videos in imovie 😫

  • Uncreative Process
    Uncreative Process

    Never seen a man use a breaker bar to tension a lock before.

  • ubaid ullah
    ubaid ullah

    The combination was 22414 and he said it twice 22412.

  • Superkot695

    The man, who can't talk correct while drunk, but can pick up any lock

  • Elijah Perrin
    Elijah Perrin

    Considering your show is unscripted tho well planned it is astonishing your minor mistakes are so rare, ever try safes?

  • Kev

    This is the lock pickled law- ... ok take 2... this is the pick locking... wait I got this ... ok 3 2 1 ... This is the lawyer picking ... oh shoot... ok let's try again ... this is the lucky pick ... wait.. hey Bosnian Bill, pour me another shot... ok 3,2,1 ... this is the lock pick .. um... where's my script ...

  • gg ez
    gg ez

    Drinking and a lack of a description. Tsk tsk.

  • Bernie Sandles
    Bernie Sandles

    But officer I thought the sign said 22412 mph.

  • Abheek Kaushal
    Abheek Kaushal

    Never drink and shot kids 😂

  • SufStrain

    Whatever he drank to get drunk must be worse than the security of his locks

  • Codlogic

    I love this channel its so simple yet so entertaining

  • SuperDestroyer

    This man needs to be put in jail, but then he can pick the lock, GUYS WE ARE DOOMED

  • Marcel Germann
    Marcel Germann

    The "Made in West-Germany" wasn't mandatory, some still printed "Made in Germany". Both were used parallel. The thing with "Made in West-Germany" was that this was introduced in 1973 with a ruling of the german Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof). In East-Germany they used "Made in GDR" or "Made in Germany". And some manufacturers in West-Germany were really upset about the GDR using the "Made in Germany". The said this would damage the reputation of it by making crap products, and they sued them. But actually they lost. So they switched over to "Made in West-Germany" to distinguish between East- and West-Germany. So you won't find it on products made before 1973 (to be more precisely: March 23rd 1973). And some manufacturers still use the "Made in West-Germany" up to today. For example Feuerhand kerosene lanterns. They switched back to "Made in Germany" as one of the first manufacturers after the reunification. But some people thought that these were knock-off lanterns due to the new label, and the manufacturer switched back to West-Germany. The ruling from that time, I used Google translator for this: A German product is regularly expected to be manufactured by a German company in Germany. It is crucial that the properties or components of the goods which, in the eyes of the public, make up their value, are based on a German service. "It is true that" the fact that now in the Federal Republic of Germany comes from both the Federal Republic and the GDR Goods with the designation 'Made in Germany' or 'Germany' are distributed, lead to… that the customer - unless additional information rules out any doubts - remains unclear about which of the two German states the goods come from and so far is subject to misconceptions. This danger of erroneous ideas of origin arising from the political division of the former German Reich must be accepted

  • MrRedsjack

    "This is the lock picking lawyer and today we have the 7 seals of the apocalypse." -last video of LPL.

  • Ciborium

    With all the sub-Masterlock grade locks and gun un-safes that can be opened with tableware, it makes sense the LPL has taken to the bottle to cope.

  • Ciborium

    MADLP (Mothers Against Drunk Lock Picking) enters the room

  • Dan Keller
    Dan Keller

    At least you were consistent when misreading the last number.

  • Tom Flew
    Tom Flew


  • Junglist Movement
    Junglist Movement

    I have the same lock! I've had it for nearly 20 years. Interesting to see it on yoir channel now.

  • hAnNaH

    I saw an Instagram post about your channel and I’m glad you’re still at it

  • Ed

    hahaha old man they going to crack jokes on you for years

  • Pierre R.
    Pierre R.

    I once opened the 4 digit modell. I just did brutforce. With only 256 total combinations it took only like 5 Minutes.


    DrunkPickingLawyer still a better picker than all of us. Numbers? Nah. Opens? Yup!

  • 0SIPR

    Alright we get it ..u unlock locks without they keys -_- got any other content?

  • Micah

    You should do a lockpicking terminology video

  • Danjb

    This is the Lockpicking Lawyer, and what I have for you today is this sealed envelope...

  • ThiccNicc

    Breaking: Local drunk man can’t read or open letter. Decodes lock without tools instead.

  • Carlos Yáñez Fernández
    Carlos Yáñez Fernández

    Two, two, four, one, two?????

  • NetAndyCz

    2:38 Confirmation bias in action:p

  • Nitro Zeus
    Nitro Zeus


  • JamesG

    As far as I can recall, I'm better at everything when I drink.

  • CarpeDiem601

    What’s the lock picking drink of choice?!

  • joseph crosby mecham
    joseph crosby mecham

    If we start calling you the Drunken Lock Picking Lawyer will you promise to pick some Drunken Locks?

  • Razinhail Sharp
    Razinhail Sharp

    Huh. I must be drinking the wrong thing then because when I drink and shoot videos, all I get are cringeworthy moments captured on video that I don't remember.

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