[1111] They Missed The Point: Guard Security “Armored” Shutter Lock

  • scowlistic

    LPL codename: Violator


    Does an ideal LPL lock exist

  • Goldfish Empire
    Goldfish Empire

    You know what they say, "You can trap someone in a cage, but you can't trap someone out of one."

  • Shared Knowledge
    Shared Knowledge

    My experience with Guard locks is they’re generally roughly similar to equivalent Master products, which isn’t saying much, but at least they’re usually cheaper than Master which spends more money on marketing than real R&D. Generally you’re better off with anything other than the major brands seen in box box stores as those have the most widely published and known exploits.

  • Sam Osteen
    Sam Osteen

    Do you have any data on how many locks are picked vs how many are destroyed?

  • Paolo Giordano
    Paolo Giordano

    In Italy we use those locks mostly for closing shops or public parks during the night. Rarely you can find them as a way to secure chains around motorcycles or bicycles

  • Vic Jang
    Vic Jang

    “I’d consider this only for low security applications.” LPL sure knows how to insult a lock company with the best choice of words 😂😂

  • Tony Hunt
    Tony Hunt

    It's 'what'able?

  • Defcon zero
    Defcon zero

    Haha nice digits

  • Bob Kaster
    Bob Kaster

    Lock maker marketing: Oh.. inspire confidence. Put maximum security on the label! LPL: We'll see about that.

  • Porkinz 3663
    Porkinz 3663

    genuinely thought he said he was gonna rape the lock, glad he didn’t

  • Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper

    This is a lock. In any case, that's all I have for you today.

  • LM Ural
    LM Ural

    What is your favorite shutter lock?

  • Salim_Alfaruq [TN!Kuhorizki]
    Salim_Alfaruq [TN!Kuhorizki]

    How About using A Magnet?

  • BRB 321
    BRB 321

    Soz dude but u just showing the criminals how to do it

  • The Captain's Quarters
    The Captain's Quarters

    But what if it was a fluke? :)

  • DavidFrat123

    That could've been a fluke. He should rake it open again!

  • anythingorz

    1111 your wish is granted

  • Brandon Wagar
    Brandon Wagar

    Very low quality lock

  • Throne dude
    Throne dude

    Wonder what locks he uses 🤔

  • lollllloro

    "Commercial Grade" Well, at least that doesn't give any false hope :)

    • lollllloro

      I mean, that gives the vibe of calling it "The cheap version".

  • Erik Cnating
    Erik Cnating

    I'm a simple man. I see a LPL video, I pay a homeless person to take a dump on my chest.


    The people who dislikes these videos are either the owner of the lock company or someone who owns a lock like it

  • Zero_ Gtrlover145
    Zero_ Gtrlover145

    Netflix: Are you still watching Someone’s daughter: 1:25

  • Vlad the magnificent
    Vlad the magnificent

    please delete my credit card's pin code from the title of the video thank you

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes

    Wave rake. O O F

  • CantUnderstandNormalThinking Richard Cranium
    CantUnderstandNormalThinking Richard Cranium

    I was at my local lock shop yesterday getting new car keys and I struck up a conversation about you. We were swapping stories of picks we done when we circled back to you and he mentioned the fear you've instilled in the older community about lock safety. He mentioned how many times a week his phone rings with question people have after finding you on youtube and he always has the same response. His response goes as follows. "That man you found on youtube is an animal with lock picks. Most to all of the local degenerates can not do that and are to lazy to try, but yes I can recommend a lock that will make you feel more safe."


    Breaking news, lock lawyer molesting a poor lock!

  • Robert Gunn
    Robert Gunn

    So it's probably good enough to lock up your garbage cans to keep out small animals.

  • El Hopper
    El Hopper

    When he reaches for the wave rake you know it’s all over

  • 《THUMPER》 Lock Picking
    《THUMPER》 Lock Picking

    Nicely done

  • 3ICE

    Shouldn't brass be on the outer shell though? Weather resistant core...

  • mojo

    i love how there are different types and variations of a “lock attack”

  • itsmezed

    Three. Seconds. Of. Raking.

  • anthony smithson
    anthony smithson

    At the beginning I was like “why don’t you just drill it.” Then 5 seconds later I was like “oh :( “

  • Nitro Zeus
    Nitro Zeus


  • defaultuser0

    Aw shit dat boi gonna steal mah tesla charger

  • Jake Niedenstein
    Jake Niedenstein

    Is it shielded? If it’s anything like the master lock version it can prob be bypassed with a shank style tool

  • Hyad3s

    I really need to stop watching your channel. All you are doing is showing me how utterly pointless locks are. It will probably take you longer to cut open cable-ties/zip-ties than to pick a lock. Really need to find a pad-lock to lock my motorbike up with a chain, but every time I come here to see which lock to buy, and realise it's pointless. haha

  • Luke Reeves
    Luke Reeves

    I'm glad to see more picking videos, I love the bypass videos- but there was a pretty long string of them for awhile

  • Liberty4Ever

    Good enough to be a MasterLock.

  • Andy Plater
    Andy Plater

    Hold on to your papers! Send this video to two minute papers

  • Hayden W. Ramberg
    Hayden W. Ramberg

    LPL: has a very calm voice and demeanor Also LPL as soon as he starts picking a lock: rrrrrrrreeeEeeEeeeEeeEEEEEEE

  • Hayden W. Ramberg
    Hayden W. Ramberg

    You could make a fortune making your own locks. Just think about it. You know every flaw and exactly how they work. Reverse engineer then and you can make the highest quality locks ever.

  • F_Sleek

    Note to self - never buy a lock off of Amazon

  • executive

    what is the best bike U-lock for under $100 ?

  • discod mod
    discod mod

    Imagine coming home and finding a robber struggling to get in so he just sits there watching this dude

  • Check Mate
    Check Mate

    One critisim, you have a curtailed tool set built over years of pratice. I think a metric for "low skill novice attacks" includes a cheap bottom of barrel lockpick set.

  • E. R. H.
    E. R. H.

    Why is there a channel with only videos of lockpicking and how did I get here?

  • OS10100

    Just by looking at the key, you can tell this lock can be opened using a paper clip in less than 3 seconds.

  • HëKtik

    I was hoping to see him cut it open tbh

  • Blök Möp
    Blök Möp

    Okay, time to shake it and it opens. Next time on LPL: Opening lock by staring angrily at it!!!

  • Bernardo Horn
    Bernardo Horn

    I always wondered, are you actually a lawyer?

  • Jairad Emmery
    Jairad Emmery


  • David Kearns
    David Kearns

    It says Maximum Security on it, Thanks to watching this channel I know that tends to be a red flag and that its probably minimally secure in reality.

  • Avasam

    When "security" is so well guarded it doesn't ship with the product.

  • Paul Schless
    Paul Schless

    Anybody else developing an eye for when seeing the mating key, knowing it is going to be a worthless lock? I could see this one would be extremely weak just from the key quality. But sometimes even a quality looking key has a mediocre cylinder.

  • Anariodin

    Can you do a few videos on what kinds of locks for different things. Like door locks, storage locks, bike locks,and such

  • Venturi Life
    Venturi Life

    When I'm looking for a cheap, somewhat weather-proof shackle.. I'll just take this lock.

  • mason92bs

    Actually is there a lock that you can’t open?

  • TMan BonkenBills
    TMan BonkenBills

    Happy 1111st Lock showcase!

  • smartnfinal

    off the list... check

  • action kamen
    action kamen

    9gag brought me here

  • Olehka

    Ruko Garant Plus welcome to picking from you) really want to see how hard it is to picking)

  • Quirsten Jethro
    Quirsten Jethro


  • StrokeMahEgo

    LPL: "I had high hopes, unfortunately..." Me: "Oh no"

  • Depleted

    If a lock has the words "grade" on it, be it commercial industrial, police or military, you know it's going to be GARBAGE!

  • Davtwan

    This is like a cheap lock you get out of a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

  • Nermash

    Can you please test Cisa 21810 armoured lock?

  • RogueStar_1

    I want to see you pick the mako that Bosnianbill had so much trouble with

  • Giggy Giggy
    Giggy Giggy

    What does "low security applications" actually mean ?

  • Random Someone
    Random Someone

    Lmao. 1 second raking. Add in the ability to be drilled in seconds. Useless at best

  • Bubba Walter
    Bubba Walter

    Hope was a bad idea. Hope always leads to disappointment.

  • Argantonis

    Maybe that raking was a fluke.

  • Brendo

    Security guard brutally raked.

  • S.S.E-4


  • Thomas B
    Thomas B

    Hey LPL, I discovered your channel about a year ago and have been a regular viewer ever since. You actually got me into lock picking. I've actually got a quick question for you. In your videos showing electronic locks, a lot of them use the magnetic system, which you override with external magnets. What's the best place to buy these magnets?

  • Dry Rain
    Dry Rain

    please try the motorcycle litelok??

  • Sully09

    I can only hope to be this good at ANYTHING one day.

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Are there any good locks to conceal a key anymore?

  • KentaYoui

    I wonder if he could design a very secure lock which even he can't pick/open without force. Would be cool if he could collaborate with an lock manufacture/someone who creates locks

  • TheCaptNoname

    Allow me to introduce a better video title: *_[1111] They Missed The Point: "Guard" "Security" "Armored" Shutter "Lock"_*

  • Jundas

    As a security officer I must say the name fits. We are living scarecrows.

  • AlexChannel

    please make longer video. I love your content!

  • Matthew Lynch
    Matthew Lynch

    What pick set would you recommend for a beginners?

  • Scott Cappleman
    Scott Cappleman

    "This is the Lock Picking Lawyer" *click* "Thanks for watching."

  • remy5405

    Came to the comments for 1 minute and missed the entire video. You so fast

  • Vezna12

    What lock does he want us to use? I’m so confused cuz he just trashes every lock 😂 I don’t feel safe anymore

  • Elijah Perrin
    Elijah Perrin

    1111, wow where has the time gone.

  • N V
    N V

    Another one bites the dust.

  • welltell

    LPL "I can rake and i can wave this lock good bye bye!!"

  • Yalçın Can Altınöz
    Yalçın Can Altınöz

    I come here, watch your videos. If you had a video about one or two hours, douesn't matter, I would watch. I think u should think about dubbing of a documentary.

  • Edward Cullen
    Edward Cullen

    You show what locks can be broken into. But why not give a list of locks that can't or can't easily be broken into?!

  • PoshJeck

    Can you review some of the abus motorcycle disk locks?

  • Adam Zahn
    Adam Zahn

    Would love to see the other attack methods you mentioned in this video

  • Nexud

    Great "Last video before sleep"

  • Chris Dark
    Chris Dark

    Whips out the wave rake. You may as well stop watching then :)

  • Melaine White
    Melaine White

    With Amazon embracing racial discrimination, you should find a new source for products. #imwithmarcynotjeff #everylifemattersexcepttoracists

  • Jordan Lewis
    Jordan Lewis

    What's a "security pin"?

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire

    It's the armour of illusion apparently.