[994] $300 Fingerprint Safe JIGGLED Open (Verifi S5000)

  • Mason Antram
    Mason Antram

    I know the display will show that the key was used and the alarm will beep, but do those clear when the batteries are removed and reinserted? Not sure that everyone will check the event log.

  • Bob Citizen
    Bob Citizen

    I think I'd be afraid to design/manufacture a lock knowing that you're here, LPL. It seems like most of these things aren't really so great, at every price point. In fact, one of the locks that took you longer than usual was a $4, 1982 Soviet-made padlock, as I recall. (It had four plastic knobs with six symbols each.)

  • 69indigoblue

    Amazing.....I am astonished, that this channel has not already been banned by some company...?!

  • Алексей Прасол
    Алексей Прасол

    **G U N**

  • Alvis Hui
    Alvis Hui

    Legend has it that it's still beeping.

  • Trucked

    What's the point of that soft beep anyway? ''To let you know the safe has been tampered with''...kay, you can see that yourself by looking inside lol

  • Scotty Smith
    Scotty Smith

    I’ve got a better method. Dynamite.

  • stranger 12
    stranger 12

    The more you watch his videos. You get to conclusion that *there is nothing like to be called secure lock*. So just buy a cheap lock to keep normal people away.

  • Un Named Channel
    Un Named Channel

    I tried to use the giggle technique on my girlfriends cross lock, she was not impressed

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson

    LPL's super villain name: The Jiggler

  • tre bushett
    tre bushett

    You'd be better off fitting an ordinary house mortice lock - 3 or 5 lever.

  • David Plug
    David Plug

    What is a better type of gun safe?

  • Maciej Załucki
    Maciej Załucki

    The biggest problem with such devices is that you always need a second lock in case of electrical mechanism failure. Do you? Surely battery operated devices can have exposed charging or backup power port, it's not that uncommon. If the design is just right, I would just do one more thing in such device. Those usually will have some shielded electromagnet to unlock it and electric motor to operate. Magnet is not likely to fail but if we are really worried about failing electric motor, then simply add one more slot to insert just a regular allen wrench or something to open it if electric motor failed. In fact, high security safes quite often have electric motor that opens it but it is directly connected to big, metal wheel you can turn by hand as well. Or here is cheaper alternative. Just make this keyhole closed by thick metal plate which unlocks only after an hour or so and makes a beep every minute. This way you have one hour before someone even gets to the keyhole. This way you still have mechanical lock in case you lost your fingertips, someone made a joke and changed it or simply electronics broke down. Change of both mechanisms failing at once is pretty low and if that happens then... Well, you have angle grinder.

  • Alex Valenti
    Alex Valenti

    Everyone loves an all caps JIGGLE

  • promontorium

    Make safe with no key entry. Battery only. Set up text and facebook, etc. messaging system that alerts when battery is low or door has been opened. Put in heat sensors, vibration sensors, etc. Text if anything registers. Have house security cams in cloud. If the door and window security is somehow breached without notice, be able to bring up live video of safe instantly. Pick, burn, smash, the criminal can do whatever they want, the cops are called within seconds of touching the safe.

  • David O Brien
    David O Brien

    "The CrossLock Jigglers" sounds like a very good band name

  • Arno Nühm
    Arno Nühm

    The only time this "alarm" is usefull is when the bad guy manipulates the documents inside.

  • PushyPawn

    If YT was a newspaper then LPL's videos would be those small funny comics.

  • john raines
    john raines

    Like closing the door after the barn is gone!

  • Jarred Stevens
    Jarred Stevens

    Cut the wires and then unlock it they will never know untill they unlock it again with would be for quite a while useally

  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly

    It has such a cute beep. I'm sorry Daddy I could not keep the bad man out

  • NK Cubed
    NK Cubed

    While it may have a high price point for being so easy to open, it's better than having a standard keyway that more people would have the tools to pick.

  • A Human I Swear
    A Human I Swear

    big oops

  • Darc Devel
    Darc Devel

    While it's true it's not a great lock, you can just do something to render the keyhole unusable. So not the end of the world there.

  • bangupjobasusual

    commence the jigglin.

  • Hannes Altenfelder
    Hannes Altenfelder

    I think if a safe askes a thief to "please finger" it, he might be disabled by laughter...

  • Zeldagigafan

    Only quiet beeps? The thing should have blanks to fire off, alerting everyone in a quarter mile radius that something is deadly wrong.

  • somi park
    somi park


  • Dani

    Next up: I opened this safe by asking kindly.

  • tukamoton1312

    Anyone else catch that "FBI" certified label on the opened door? FBI must mean Frivolously Built Invention.


    "Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

  • Lex DT
    Lex DT

    I breath louder than that alarm...

  • Guardian

    Is it possible to bypass the alert by programming in a new fingerprint after picking in

  • Randy Geen
    Randy Geen

    So you pay tripple just to know sooner your gun is gone? Cool

  • Hannah

    Wha If they can tell when it was picked, why would it open? What in the world

  • Herman Brown
    Herman Brown

    I love your videos that show weak locks, but in this case, this is not a weak system. Most average theaves or kids (kids are the ones who you are really trying to keep away from your guns) will not have your special lock picking tools. with all that I still love your videos.

  • Deimos Barret
    Deimos Barret

    How I decide to buy a locking device: "Did LPL's video on it last more than 2 minutes?" (not including a mummy package or a teardown)

  • David Bauer
    David Bauer

    And he even hacked the display (or is really good at Photoshop)!

  • An Huỳnh
    An Huỳnh

    All locks should now have the text "unlocked by lpl"

  • Dustin

    The alert feature reminds me of that one commercial: "Oh, I'm not a security guard I'm a security monitor. I don't stop robberies, I just alert you if there's a robbery." **Beat** "...There's a robbery."

  • Joshua Gano
    Joshua Gano

    I saw accessible Screws anywhere on the front of the Door & knew that this Safe was inevitably gonna turn out to be a disgrace. Also having a badass Fingerprint Security as the Main Security then having a disgrace of a Lock as backup is like having a badass Reinforced Door locked with a Squire Stronghold Lock for a Front Entry & a crappy frail Back Door with a Master Lock on it... then what was even the point in trying with all the Front Door effort...?

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard

    "Hello." "This is the FBI. We need your gun for an investigation." "How can I help?" "Put your gun on the porch, and we'll pick it up." "But it's in a Verifi gun safe." "No problem."

  • Wretched

    so much for $300

  • mininuch

    Will removing/disconnecting the battery cause the beeping to stop when the battery is reconnected?

  • Egon2k

    "FBI certified" xD

  • Harrick V Harrick
    Harrick V Harrick

    I like that barn door analogy.

  • Vimpy

    그래서 너네만 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 본다고? 좋은건 좀 나눠보자 이 정없는 샛기들아


    요새 유튜브댓글만보면 사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 하앜하앜 거리던데 ㄹㅇ좋음?

  • Ray TV
    Ray TV

    그래서 사과티비랑 로즈티비가 대체 뭔데 ^^ㅣ발 것들아

  • Gam 7
    Gam 7

    사과Tv랑 로즈Tv 둘다 개오지던데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너네봤냐?

  • ChulyYT

    ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 진짜 쌉인정이지 그중에서도 bj고양이가 지리더라 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • * Walkzin
    * Walkzin

    귀여운애 섹시한애 예쁜애 다모아놨는데 그중에서도 bj고양이가 몸매도좋아 근데 또 보여주기도해 이정도면 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 노벨상감 아니냐?

  • funtertain tv
    funtertain tv

    ㄹㅇ ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 운영자 미친듯 수위조절을안함 뭐 안하면 내가 더 좋긴한데 데헷!!

  • Relax With Nature
    Relax With Nature

    bj고양이년 1년만 기다려라 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI .. 진짜 20살되면 혼내준다 미성년자라서 못보는게 너무아쉽다 ... 하 !!

  • Cook And Culture
    Cook And Culture

    플레이스토어에 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI치면되나? 아니면 그냥 구글에침 ?? 좀 알려주ㅏㅓ봐

  • mici tube
    mici tube

    하 맨날 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 유튜브만 보다가 라이브는 첨봤는데 라이브가 더좋누

  • sacred family
    sacred family

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 우리 싱글 삼촌들도 보고있드라

  • JMJ Tamil Tech
    JMJ Tamil Tech

    유튜브 댓글에 뭐만하면 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI나 로즈ㅌIㅂI길래 쳐다보니까 왜 그런지알겠다

  • Orestas

    역시 너도 남자구나 ㅋㅋㅋ ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 역시 국룰이지 골라보는 맛이 있단말이야


    뭐 맨날 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI 아니면 로즈ㅌIㅂI래 ㅡㅡ 댓글보고 봤는데 진짜 너무야해서 좋던데 나는 ㅋㅋ루삥뽕

  • David Bartz
    David Bartz

    In fairness to the safe, how often do burgers carry cross lock jigglers in the chance of encountering this safe? Part of the ease and speed seems sometimes attributable to knowing the lock you're encountering.

  • idkwuisp 76
    idkwuisp 76

    Why bother with a secondary access when it literally renders the safe useless?

  • Ross

    Safe: "You've been robbed." Owner: "Yeah I kind of figured that one out for myself thanks!"

  • David V
    David V

    Where do you get all these lock picking tools? Seem like you have everything.

  • Don McCoy
    Don McCoy

    Could you remove the battery to stop the notification of the safe being opened with a key? Replace with a dead battery so the owner wouldn’t be suspicious?

  • Charlie Clancy
    Charlie Clancy

    what are the jigglier things for ?

  • Jubi

    that's one of the most silent alarm I've ever heard.

  • MrSchuetzendorf

    It's a totally crazy idea to manufacture or buy a safe with two acess systems. It always means half the safety for the prize.

  • ugly moe
    ugly moe

    Dont do this ,expect all this criminals out here to learn from you man be smart enough save others

  • Krismont

    the horse is gone..... 😂🤣🤣😂

  • Meeker Extreme
    Meeker Extreme

    I'm guessing not everyone is walking around with a Jiggler set of keys just by the off chance they need to use one...LOL Plus a small screw driver to remove a plate. Most people breaking into homes don't have the skill let alone the thought process or time to figure that out assuming the safe is hidden or mounted to a fixed object or both.

  • Galimantis

    You can just cover the safe in a blanket and the noise will be gone, that's really quiet

  • MGL Videoservices
    MGL Videoservices

    hi. is there a single safe that works as expected?

  • ramses bams
    ramses bams

    is the audio altered? that beeping sounds pretty weak

  • Dan Holio
    Dan Holio

    WTF? I can barely hear the alarm, my 12 year old cat meows louder than that

  • SleepyMongoose

    Remove the battery from the inside after opening, replace with a dead battery. The safe owner will go to open it and find the battery is dead and will then open the safe with the key. After replacing the battery they will see an alert saying the safe was opened with a key, it is likely they will think that alert was them.

    • Michael Frey
      Michael Frey

      place a death battery? too much effort. use the jigglers to short circuit the battery while you sort the content of the box. You can not take everything, otherwise the owner will know that he has been stolen, not just misplaced some key items.

  • Josh

    Thinks about a smart safe watches this video rethinks life itself 🤨 wonders how the car is still in the driveway

  • Vladamir Priboi
    Vladamir Priboi

    This is like picking with another set of keys

  • calvinthedestroyer

    Some say, the safe is still out there, beeping...

  • Chilly Dawgg
    Chilly Dawgg

    Commence the jigglin', y'all!

  • Mustafa Şahintürk
    Mustafa Şahintürk

    I guess people can understand the fact that they are robbed. So, no alert needed.

  • usama shahbaz
    usama shahbaz

    Verified biometric gunsafe. LPL : So anyways i started jiggling....

  • Matt Logue
    Matt Logue

    Cost excessive. Period. A fingerprint reader is ten bucks, that lcd is four. How bout a sim800l module that calls you with notifications?!

  • Isaac Santiago
    Isaac Santiago

    Just add a recharable battery and charging port.

  • Aaron Wild
    Aaron Wild

    At least they hid the backup lock behind that plate. Still, for the money it should be harder than that.

  • Youcef Zaouali
    Youcef Zaouali

    Is there any lock he can't open...?

  • Christopher Johns
    Christopher Johns

    So, this safe is no better than a barn door...

  • Per Bakker
    Per Bakker

    Sooooooooo just an idea why not use the keys to get acces to the batteries 🤷

  • Robert Tucker
    Robert Tucker

    Locks only keep honest people honest.

  • The Sethioz Project
    The Sethioz Project

    it says "F.B.I Certified" HAHAHAHHAHAH .... but then again with the current stupidity level in the world, I wouldn't expect anything more. FBI has become a joke. I don't understand these tho, why does a fingerprint safe has a KEY??? Isn't the entire idea of fingerprint scanner so that it can ONLY be opened by your fingerprint? If they're worried that battery might go flat, why not include a charging port somewhere? not like you can jiggle it open from a charging port lol

  • Bob Dobbs
    Bob Dobbs

    Commence a jigglin', huh?

  • Юрий Харламов
    Юрий Харламов


  • joblessalex

    What if you pull the battery and reset? Would it clear the beep? If not, pulling the battery and relocking also defeats this 100% since even if it does beep, the user just used the key.

  • Lucas Galli
    Lucas Galli

    "F.B.I. Certified"

  • Romen Balladarez
    Romen Balladarez

    I thought he was just gonna pick it up and shake it

  • Jibran Abbasi
    Jibran Abbasi

    how does it alert the owner? Just through that soft beeping?

  • Noe Horowitz
    Noe Horowitz

    I don't understand, if the lock is able to detect that it's not the key and that it's being picked, then why does it unlock it if it knows it's being picked

  • Patrick the union pipefitter
    Patrick the union pipefitter

    What I’ve learned from this guy is always have the right tool for the job.

  • Masoud

    Just take out the battery when you open it. no beeping

  • L . C
    L . C

    Thanks, for the tip

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