[1205] Rare Tool For Picking “Giraffe Key” Locks

  • Banana Guns
    Banana Guns

    Who thought he was going to say “this is tool BosnianBill and I made”

  • Ali Rashid
    Ali Rashid

    Review stuff made here lock please

  • James Nekechuk
    James Nekechuk

    I believe HPC makes a tool. www.hudsonlock.com/product/guard/

  • Brayden Walker
    Brayden Walker

    It took an extra 15 seconds, sorry it’s extremely slow

  • Ethan Latorre
    Ethan Latorre

    Is it just me or should they make a lock picking ASMR

  • Ember

    A lot of the most secure mechanisms out there don't rely on just esoteric bitting or complex mechanisms, just things to make actually getting tension and a pick into the thing a royal pain in the neck. Making obscurely shaped locks and keys can help, but that only lasts so long as the picks to get through them remain rare. Security through obscurity.

  • Espen Enget
    Espen Enget

    where can ibuy that?

  • Jonathan a.
    Jonathan a.

    Hi, i am watching your video since quite a while now, and i was wondering, i feel like buying a lock picking toolkit now. Because of you lol. From you knowledge, what would be a nice kit to get for a beginner ? Thanks.

  • Markos Verdhi
    Markos Verdhi

    Pick the “stuff made here” lock but without watching the video on how it was made!!

  • M TPA
    M TPA

    would be cool if you could do a comparison video with a schema or drawing to keep the more uncommon lock types apart. theres a lot on classic security locks, but i find it hard to imagine how all the others work just from the outside.

  • Lukus Carter
    Lukus Carter

    What gives? 99% of the entire lock industry is flawed. While 98% of the population think they are getting a strong, secure lock at Home Depot when they pay $30 instead of $19 for that Master Padlock. Locks need a huge makeover, or reinvention. This is what happens when your UZload channel exposes an entire industry! And that’s a good thing.

  • Spectarium

    trial and error works

  • Eek

    Damn it! Out of stock. 😢🐼

  • William Helms
    William Helms

    That was slow?

  • Justin Bush
    Justin Bush

    Hey lawyer can you do an in-depth on the mechanisms behind the pick I don't understand what it's doing

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy

    Leave it to LPL to have an obscure, super rare, collector’s grade pick.

  • Demi-Katt

    Dear LPL, my partner is a local locksmith in the area we live. His name is jake, and you are his favorite channel and he loves watching your videos, his birthday is today (12/13) and I think it would be amazing if you could shout him out on one of your videos! We love watching your videos and even if you don’t do a shout out we will still be subscribers lol have an awesome day

  • Ron Hernandez
    Ron Hernandez

    those locks feel violated

  • w00tw3g0t

    LockPickingLawyer are you guys going to start making them ?

  • greenaum

    So how does it work? Just looked like you wiggled it about a bit, it's not as instructive as seeing a normal picking would be.

  • JT Smith
    JT Smith

    "it isn't nearly as fast as modern picks". 10 seconds later:

  • 58 mph
    58 mph

    idea: four-pin giraffe lock. a with this design would be pick-costly, as the thief would need to create the one-of-a-kind tool themselves (combining the two scarcity factors that make tubular locks potentially viable). At that point, it will likely scare away potential thieves, or just compel them to cut the lock/bike rack. Don't use it on high-profile or long term targets, though, as the tool itself is possible to make, just not with great ease.

  • thomasthemtman

    I bought the covert companion, and you should make a video using each of the 20 picks in the set. And explain what locks each pick works with

  • Experimental Army
    Experimental Army

    wondering where you find all those tools

  • Homade

    So what if they made an offset with hardened steel bubble kwikset type key lock with a giraffe key. Instead of a tubular lock, would' t that be hard to pick?

  • jbichl

    Can you pick it without squeezing the slides?

  • Waterdust

    will we be seeing a remake of this tool?

  • KorilD

    Damn, I need one of these. Tired of paying so much for laundry.

  • MartinStangMan

    How does it work

    • Jacob Williams
      Jacob Williams

      It's pretty obvious.

  • Peter Fox
    Peter Fox

    Greenwald made many of those coin boxes. I think those Picks are still made and sold by "Thepickmasters" thepickmasters.net/view-products/ols/products/the-pickmaster-professional-tubular-lock-pick

  • Ketamine Head Patrick
    Ketamine Head Patrick

    Glad I heard about this now I can start a money launder- I mean laundry mat.

  • Doktaah Who?
    Doktaah Who?

    Ok the bigger question is where can we get one?????

  • Olivercool 2
    Olivercool 2


  • Olivercool 2
    Olivercool 2


  • Olivercool 2
    Olivercool 2


  • Les Ismore
    Les Ismore

    I love that LPL doesn't care that his videos are 2 minutes long. Ad revenue be damned... Respect.

  • Trillion Dollar Man
    Trillion Dollar Man

    I've got a lock you CAN'T pick. And that's the bottom line.

  • Rocky Locc Garage
    Rocky Locc Garage

    What those alen keys do?

  • GCL Guilherme
    GCL Guilherme

    I was expecting more... This did not look easy in any way. This special pick looks very difficult to make.

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim

    Master please pick the youtube STUFF MADE HERE Unpickable lock

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim

    Master please pick the youtube STUFF MADE HERE Unpickable lock

  • Owen Townsend
    Owen Townsend

    Can this pick a normal tubular lock? Why is it slower? Why is it way smaller?

  • Rafael Lozano
    Rafael Lozano

    why not see with a tubular pick? to see the comparasen?

  • Daniel Edge
    Daniel Edge

    Can anyone explain how this works? i can't see how he is manipulating the lock other than jiggling a little??

    • Jameson York
      Jameson York

      From what I can piece together, you turn the key to the side, binding the key against the tightest pin, then you push it in to set those key bits correctly, do it again the other direction (bind, push in order to set those) and so on until the bitting is correct, then the lock opens. At that point the key is effectively just the correct key. I don't know how the bitting changes, perhaps the bits are spring loaded and on a slight angle so the pushing causes them to advance to the next position? I'm not familiar with the innards of either the lock or the key so I'm struggling too. The set pins on the back are so you can lock the key in position for other locks with the same pinning (as fast as having a key, rather than picking it each time), and so you could take the key out with the correct bits and duplicate it if necessary. (I went to the website of the company that makes this pick to see if they had more information, but beyond a slightly better direction on how to use it and this part about the set screws, I didn't find out much.)

  • C YY
    C YY

    please explain how it works?

  • I Watch Everything
    I Watch Everything

    LPL definition of slow is really hilarious In that time, I'm still looking for the key in my bag

  • ooglek

    What?!? You aren't selling these on www.covertinstruments.com/?affiliateid=youtube-ooglek ??!?!?!?

  • djSpinege

    i was hoping for some close ups. the handle is interesting with what looks like many screws.

  • chris smoove
    chris smoove

    1:23 is me trying to open my door with a regular key

  • MysteryFyre

    Now I need to install a coin op laundry machine in my bedroom to house my panties to stop my weird brother from sniffing them

  • Jonathan Mayer
    Jonathan Mayer

    How does this pick work?

  • Dalrae

    I am wondering if you could just cut the newer ones and add a neck to them then weld it together

  • Justin Lumpkin
    Justin Lumpkin

    Stuffmadehere, you watching? Put a bubble on that mess and offset the key hole

  • Tthomas Sims
    Tthomas Sims

    uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video somebody wants to send you a chalange lock

  • davekaza

    Picking: only takes 25 seconds to pick 2 positions LPL: "It is on the slow side" Me: "sheesh, 25 seconds, as an observer, I wouldn't have known the difference from this and using the actual key on a sticky lock." Cool stuff though!

  • BattleAxel

    Why did the tools look really similar to the ones in mission impossible when Ethan recruited Nyah when she was stealing the necklace. Just watched it a few days ago and it looks really similar.

  • Kingk0brajfs

    “Although it is on the slow side”- still opens it faster than I could with the key

  • Miguel Fernandez
    Miguel Fernandez

    How can covertinstruments be sold out of every single product they sell?

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Joshua Mcfarlane
    Joshua Mcfarlane

    Hi work with these on a daily bases and have the problem of people loosing the keys, there is no possible way to get new keys made up so the only option I’m left with is to replace the whole cash box. The problem is getting the old box out without a key, this has proven to be a tiresome task, a key like this would be a huge help do you know where I could buy one?

  • SaladMeister

    We need you to pick the unpickable lock

  • Planet Jigobot TV
    Planet Jigobot TV

    His father was D.B Cooper.

  • Elias Rekonius
    Elias Rekonius

    Tried picking/bypassing a Yale Doorman? Its VERY popular in Sweden so i would like to see if i should consider it.

  • popded

    1:13 "it isn't as fast (proceeds to open lock in 20 seconds)

  • Paul Mansfield
    Paul Mansfield

    It still takes longer to read a bunch of the top comments than it takes him to pick the lock.

  • 2815Juan

    Cool tool

  • TheJooomes

    Please do how to pick a computer lock screen.

  • Ryan Byrnes
    Ryan Byrnes

    Slow? Relative to a “high security pick proof lock” yeah it was kinda slow 😂🗝

  • Solomon Willington
    Solomon Willington

    Please do a colab with stuff made here and see how his unpickable lock is

  • Shart Bake
    Shart Bake

    That bubble could probably be peeled open pretty easy, even if it is hardened steel. As well the box itself.

  • Volts

    I have a question, what do you store in the metal box? Or what's the box used for?

  • Ndoki Hasaki
    Ndoki Hasaki

    I wanna know how it works...

  • Black Polished Chrome
    Black Polished Chrome

    It is so rare, you should probably lock it up in that exact tray. And don't forget to swallow the original key!

  • Danil Borisov
    Danil Borisov

    Stuff made here


    I would like to see you pick a bank safety deposit box.

  • Rand0mFriend

    This. uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video

  • aqib2000

    Where are the Chinese remakes?

  • statinskill

    Always keep in mind that you can discourage the use of certain locks you don't like simply by squirting glue into them.

  • Gonk Droid
    Gonk Droid

    Can the lock picking lawyer unlock GONK?

  • DjResR

    What kind of garbage ads was before the video? Sweet Satan._

  • Stephen French
    Stephen French

    you also have a nice day sir.

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    Nitro Zeus


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    Nhat Nam Dao


  • familyguy4901

    uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video from the youtube channel "stuff made here" would love to see you try to pick this open. Called unpickable. They even want you to test their new unpickable lock.

  • Vibe Tribe
    Vibe Tribe

    can you pick security measures of a voting machine? ;)

  • Sprout

    Could you demonstrate the modern one?

  • ASFALT21

    LPL experiences time differently, the 18 seconds it took for him to pick it, was more like an hour to him.

  • Car Lover Photography
    Car Lover Photography

    Im heading to the laundromat

  • Raj P
    Raj P

    we would love to see you picking this lock - uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video

  • Elliott Killingbeck
    Elliott Killingbeck

    Just FYI, the Gi on the key isnt for Giraffe. Its Greenwald Industries - the coin box manufacturer. I'm an ex-laundry engineer and worked with these a lot. :)

  • Ankush Rajput
    Ankush Rajput

    We want video of the lock from"stuff made here"

  • Andrej Prenkelushaj
    Andrej Prenkelushaj

    Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.Stuff Made Here has an unpickable lock.

  • YHamnane

    I was about to fall asleep, three or four days ago, when i thought, "Wait.. Did he ever opened a "Giraffe Key Locks"? I bet he ain't." Then, this. Absolute mindf*ck.

  • Legion Of The Damned
    Legion Of The Damned


  • VividVG

    Hmm. I wonder what lock he uses for his house 🤔

  • Venturi Life
    Venturi Life

    A man never short of spare change...

  • Nicco Saur
    Nicco Saur

    But how does it work

  • cheeta

    Everyone gangsta till you hear “this is the lockpickinglawyer” outside your door

  • Speckled Jim
    Speckled Jim

    18 seconds is slow.....i did not know that

  • Shmitty

    “on the slow side” took like a minute

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418 ming