[1184] ERA “Maximum Security” Padlock With Magnetic and Concentric Pins Picked and Gutted

  • Konner Donovan
    Konner Donovan

    LPL: "Let's give it a little tap with the mallet" Proceeds to hit the lock hard. Ah yes little tap

  • corvettes Recent
    corvettes Recent

    Will you be able to reassemble that lock?

  • Ron Farmer
    Ron Farmer

    Really impressive video would be him putting the lock back together in working order.

  • TurboFlush

    More complicated than a home lock

  • TaterCat

    Picking the lock sounds like the dentist. You don’t know what they mean, you just take their word for it.

  • J. Thomas Serrano
    J. Thomas Serrano

    "We'll set aside a small magnet from the collection of magnets I keep." , then proceeds to pull out a collection of tiny magnets... that made my day

  • Kaapo Holmi
    Kaapo Holmi

    1:27 this really reminds me of going to the dentist .

  • Black Water
    Black Water

    He's like a dentist for padlocks. Lol

  • Aircraft Overviewer
    Aircraft Overviewer

    Anyone else feel like him talking to himself while picking the lock sounds like the random crap the dentists say while checking your teeth?

  • Shoddy Peasant
    Shoddy Peasant

    “Iittle tap with the mallet” *HULK SMASH*

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    I have this lock on my storage container and now feeling a whole lot happier. Confident there not many people out there with this level of skill breaking into storage units.

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Would a Tunston drill bit (something harder than steel) drill through that? Just wondering.

  • no yes
    no yes

    "this is a lock that I would consider using" This is the ultimate endorsement that company should be proud lol

  • Throttle 13
    Throttle 13

    "Requires 3 tools and almost 2 minutes for LPL to pick" is a stunning marketing slogan for this lock.

  • ZildjianGuy Man
    ZildjianGuy Man

    Translation at the end: sure, I picked it fairly quickly, but I'm the man with picking locks and only a handful of people can pick this, so definitely consider this lock because it's pretty good.

  • ZildjianGuy Man
    ZildjianGuy Man

    I've watched many vids from this channel and I've figured something out. This guy is legitimately one of the best lock pickers on the planet. Like maybe THE best?

  • Poodle -Pig
    Poodle -Pig

    Tiny magnets give me immense joy

  • Larunaax The Mischievous
    Larunaax The Mischievous

    I wonder if ERA makes just lock cores cause i would want to put those as a deterrent on important containers in my house

  • gary murphy
    gary murphy

    The way this guy picks these locks is amazing BUT having 2 motorcycles stolen with very good padlocks cut off like cheese with a grinder picking seems a pick pointless??????


    If it’s good enough for you then it’s good enough for all of us. Thanks

  • Jack the Rabbit
    Jack the Rabbit

    Whoa 8 mins

  • Ario RW
    Ario RW

    8 minutes.. i thought he had a hard times picking the lock. i've been mistaken

    • Justin Center
      Justin Center

      He did take a long time. It took him about 1 full minute, which is longer than most other locks on here.

  • Chain Jail
    Chain Jail

    That's an interesting lock using magnet mechanism

  • Jared Dory
    Jared Dory

    Starts picking 1:29 3:00 opened

  • uluwatu77

    Would it make a difference if the magnet pin were deeper inside, say in slot 5?

  • Gdjnx Gdk
    Gdjnx Gdk

    "We'll set aside a small magnet from the collection of magnets I keep." Proceeds to pull out what looks like Cthulhu. That collection of magnets is one of the creepiest, most chaotic things I've ever seen. I love it! :)

    • Leader of Communist China
      Leader of Communist China

      Why'd you copy someone elses comment? Are you a child?

  • Zachary Clarke
    Zachary Clarke

    what bit driver is that? it's beautiful

  • GaryNumeroUno

    3.33 enter the autopsy table for the gathering of the body parts!

  • railpwn

    "This is a lock i would consider using" He would only consider this. What locks does he use for his valuable items???

  • Richard C
    Richard C

    High praise indeed: ".. I would *consider* using.."

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott

    " I don't even know what it's for " a locksmith somewhere just died a little inside. That was his top secret, baby project to fool LPL.


    I have this!!

  • Wreqt

    How much business do you think ERA is going to get off of this video? I can't even think of a purpose for one in my life and I went and looked it up.

  • PillsWontHelpYouNow

    You should've put this lock on your wall.

  • Gems David
    Gems David

    What is the lock that the Lockpicking Lawyer use

  • Ah Tim
    Ah Tim

    can you show how to bypass with the lock on a door ?

  • Hugo Wu
    Hugo Wu

    You can be a very good dentist

  • Detested Individual
    Detested Individual

    Thieves guild in Skyrim

  • Matt Otis
    Matt Otis

    I bet these lock companies hate you. Incredible.

  • YouTube Snagz-
    YouTube Snagz-

    ima jus use wiring now picks cant hold this dude back

  • LuniZZs

    just wow

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy

    I want to see how many random locks you can pick without professional tools. Lets assume for a moment you've been kidnapped and gotta get out of a cage, but all you have is a fork and a paper clip.

  • Neal Americana
    Neal Americana

    I think this used to be a good lock, but now it's fucked because every respectable thief in UK knows how to pick it open in 60 seconds all thanks to LPL.

  • _Lixn__JB

    Me explaining myself after getting caught picking my nose

  • Brennan Wheeler
    Brennan Wheeler

    He gets the locks, deconstructs them first, figures out their weaknesses. Then puts them back together and picks them. It’s simple science

  • jeb jed
    jeb jed

    I want to see you pick a lock that is actually on a locker or in a real life situation .. dark.. cold.. hard to access.

  • Derek Liu
    Derek Liu

    We now know the time for an S-tier lock to pick would be around 1 minute and 45 seconds for LPL. :)

  • YamiPoyo

    Can you put it back together?

  • Dave Pierce
    Dave Pierce

    Another great one

  • kam kam
    kam kam

    i need you on a downtown job.

  • Peter Vikeskär
    Peter Vikeskär

    is there any lock that u have get ? or one thats the hardest to pick ?

  • Pears R Tasty
    Pears R Tasty

    Can you do vaults? (wiiiiiinky face) ;)

  • Andrea Hood
    Andrea Hood

    I want to see you put one of those locks back together lol.

  • Bart

    Can we get a list of LPL "approved" locks? You could make a chart/list for size, type, price etc.

  • Mike Dugan
    Mike Dugan

    LPL: "This is a lock I'd consider using." That's an endorsement of epic proportions!

  • Stanisław K
    Stanisław K

    clever boy ;-)

  • Gustavo Valiente
    Gustavo Valiente

    Dont know what to do with this information. Thanks anyway

  • David Acero
    David Acero

    When you put it like that, I'm definitely buying that.

  • Si74l0rd

    "It's just a little shy of what I'd consider truly elite lock." And "It's a lock I might consider using myself". That's some seriously high praise from LPL. I don't understand why the locksmith who watched this had doubts. LPL spends much of his free time picking and exploiting locks, he has a fearsome reputation from others in the know and now has a first place competitive win in his first ever competition. (Though I pity the fools who turned up that day to compete!) This one is actually harder to open than the one he later sent that was supposed to be a challenge! People have to accept that when you truly find your niche you can work miracles and make it look like magic. Just as a stage magician does, and just the same it's skill, experience, talent and perhaps an exceptional sense of touch. Like Jeff Sitar proved to have when they tried to define it on Superhumans. I have no doubt LPL would have a similar sense of touch, that's well beyond what most of us could feel.

  • Crisps

    I really liked being able to see inside the lock in such detail. I’m interested in seeing another video where you do this again (with a different kind of lock), or reassemble a lock.

  • Kurt Conyngham
    Kurt Conyngham

    As this is the type of lock used in the lock box of a shipping container I'd like to see it picked when there is only enough length between the lock and the lock box for the key so long pick tools can't be used and its difficult to see what's going on

  • Green MarineFive-O
    Green MarineFive-O

    The last statement was what I was thinking. The LPL has a high level of expertise, knowledge and experience with respect to the many different types of locking devices that most people will never achieve without a strong interest and plenty of study and practice time. I'm totally new to this fascinating subject matter, but right away found it intriguing enough to buy a couple books and a couple training tools. After I feel my skill level is worthy of it, I'll be adding the really nice compact pick set to my tool collection.

  • Green MarineFive-O
    Green MarineFive-O

    LPL needs to offer that specialized disassembly tray for purchase on his webstore.

  • notsosilentmajority1

    If the LPL says this is a lock he would consider using, it's time to find out if they will sell them in the US...... at least one anyway, lol.

  • jojo reference puppo
    jojo reference puppo

    My fallout new vegas character after i max lockpick skill:

  • Nicholas Stygles
    Nicholas Stygles

    Wait, so taking the lock apart needs the allen screw exposed? if so, why not drill through the shackle in that spot to directly access the screw and breach the lock there? seems very vulnerable.

    • newstarcadefan

      Drills and other power tools are very loud, and would cause unwanted attention.

  • Zarin M
    Zarin M

    LPL.......what if they cut the sides of the pins and implemented a system where if u PUT TENSION on the core....then pins are inable to move AT ALL. ALL ur attacks are baised on the same flaw....u need tention to keep the pins firm....but if they did it where they locked in place if tension in applied without the key in place. i think they do this so that no lock is UNPICKABLE so lawenforcment cant be shut out.

    • Mechalith

      My understanding is that this is exactly what spool and serrated pins are designed to do. When you hear LPL or BosnianBill (or any other skilled lockpicker) talking about a false set, they're dealing with a pin that it partway in place but was designed with a feature that catches the edge of the keyway and can't move while there's pressure on it. You have to keep in mind that if the pins are immobile, you can't get the key into the lock, so successfully designing one where any tension at all locked the pins in place perfectly would result in a lock that is extremely hard to even get the correct key into. That isn't even getting into the subject of how expensive it would be, because the manufacturing tolerances required to make that work would only be possible with extremely high quality tools and a very skilled locksmith. Essentially, what you're focusing on here isn't a deliberate design flaw, it's just a consequence of how locks have to be put together in order to function. Also, even if there was somehow a regulation worldwide that locks have to be pickable for the cops (and there isn't), there's only a tiny number of them with any skill at it. In the event of a forced entry they just break down the door, because it's much faster and generally also safer.

  • Crus Russ
    Crus Russ

    Me: Didnt know small magnets existed LPL: "My collection of small magnets"

    • Bill Cipher
      Bill Cipher

      Oh yeah. A lot of modellers and Miniature Wargamers use them to make their models interchangable, especially when you want to change what weapons or gear a model has. I am... learning this art.

  • Dominic Modderman
    Dominic Modderman

    How do those telescoping pins work?

  • SKrawn

    Could you post a link to the screwdriver set you're using please.

  • key thing
    key thing

    thank you, always very informative ..and to hear you would use this lock, is high praise.

  • Feno Droide
    Feno Droide

    LPL: This is a lock I would consider using. ERA: STONKS

  • poperaymond

    Wait, an 8 minute LPL video?? Finally, a solid contender. Update: never mind he picked it in like 3 minutes & the rest of the time he was being nice showing us how it works

  • Evan Gelist
    Evan Gelist

    LPL please let me know when you design an unpickable lock...until then I guess it's a Bowley for me

  • Qazi Sahab
    Qazi Sahab

    You should rename channel to lock picking GOD

  • Suraj Vaishnav
    Suraj Vaishnav

    I don't think I will be able to trust any lock ever.

  • MisterYes.

    these videos are kinda like asmr, with the calm talking and the lock picking noises except when he gets loud...

  • mtacoustic1

    With a padlock that good; just cut through the door parts...

  • Legin77

    Does the strength of the magnet you used to pick it matter? Would a strong magnet work for setting regular pins during picking? Is the spring on the magnetic pin weaker (responds more to force) to allow for a magnet to set it?

  • Robert McGarry
    Robert McGarry

    Ok, so line up a row of progressively harder to pick locks, add a few you haven't mastered and a few you haven't opened. Give us a LONG video. Heck, just take a ton of super cuts and string them together in the same fashion. Cheers, good luck on the kit!

  • David Wilman
    David Wilman

    142 locksmiths who couldn’t pick that lock.

  • firmak2

    What is a truly elite lock for the LPL?

  • Mark Mundschau
    Mark Mundschau

    Out of curiosity, I searched for this lock on Amazon, and on Amazon.uk the only review is for 5 stars and says "I haven't bought this but the lock picking lawyer has and he rates it highly"

    • Paul Warner
      Paul Warner

      Lockpicking Lawyer: 5 stars. This is a lock that I would consider using.

  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson

    I just got caught picking locks! I need a lawyer! WAIT?!?

  • Anonymous 1
    Anonymous 1

    E R A??

  • Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
    Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago

    They sell and ship this lock to America www.randrsecurity.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=Era%20padlock&description=true

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva

    Welp, I guess it's time to go buy some stonks.

  • Dominic Eusemann
    Dominic Eusemann

    Since I watch LPL I made a playlist called "usable locks" if I ever want to buy a good lock... so far this is only the second video that made onto this list

    • Dominic Eusemann
      Dominic Eusemann

      @Sniper Venom video number 958

    • Sniper Venom
      Sniper Venom

      What's the first ?

  • Poison Empress
    Poison Empress

    If this lock gets the seal of approval I'm using it

  • Maito Gai
    Maito Gai

    ERA Owner: Why are our stocks booming all of a sudden? Internet: some guy on yt picked our lock under 2 min ERA owner in a JJJ fashion: you serious? Lmao

  • Yaroon-

    How would you pick this open if you don't know what the key looks like?

  • Cahrl Lööw
    Cahrl Lööw

    Wow you are stupid to even showing how to pick locks idiot!

  • Stephan Schmidt
    Stephan Schmidt

    Nothing on two, three ... sounds like my dentist.

  • MJ

    A Master in his craft...

  • James Harkness
    James Harkness

    I put my key in my door and hear, "nothing on 1, 2 is binding..."

  • SilentSam69

    How can 130 people not like this video?

  • Robert Stanley
    Robert Stanley

    Do you have any list on diff types of locks you recommend videos?

  • Wes B
    Wes B

    What happens if the company were to put the magnet at the back? Or, made all or a portion of the cylinder from a ferrous alloy? Losing the magnet at the back somewhere seems like it would be a huuuuge time waster. This lock is insane!

  • Sarthak Chandra
    Sarthak Chandra

    Hands like those, you would have made a Brilliant surgeon.