[1184] ERA “Maximum Security” Padlock With Magnetic and Concentric Pins Picked and Gutted

  • jj nix
    jj nix

    next he'll pick a retinal scanner

  • Joe Lasota
    Joe Lasota

    Thoughts on this for a bike chain set-up?

  • h h
    h h

    *drops magnet at wrong spot*

  • tehj15

    It's 3am and I'm watching a friendly pair of talking hands pick a lock.

  • Dicer Gamez
    Dicer Gamez

    Great video!

  • ha Ja
    ha Ja

    Just curious, can you possibly imagine it is requiring a magnet parts without seeing the key? Normally lockpicking is needed when key is not there, and normal people might not notice that the key had magnetic parts.. In this video you noticed magnet is needed after seeing its key, but how about in real case?

  • •Kryll•

    imagine dropping all those magnets

  • Achille Broggi
    Achille Broggi

    To be able to pick this in the wild you'll have to know there's a magnetic pin, that it's a pin in pin core, and be experienced enough to be able to pick it!

  • TheSupremeOne

    god that bundle of magnets brought back memories when I was doing engineering competitions in high school we ended up having to buy 750 magnets for a project (just ceramic bar magnets) and we built a thing out of them and all was good when we cleaned up at the end of the year we only had about 680 for the next 3 years, we would open up drawers and boxes and toolkits and pull out magnets that were just covered in allen wrenches and razor blades and screwdrivers and keychains and shit and I swear to god every last one of them had at least 4 xacto blades stuck to it pointing outward from the magnet but the thing is we only recovered about half the missing magnets and we all know that in that high school there's like 30 magnets covered in razor blades and crap just waiting to be discovered by people in the back of drawers years later

  • sajber kurajber
    sajber kurajber

    superglue on a toothpick, push that in deeply, and brake it. they'll buy cheaper padlock next day.

  • lolrofl

    It's amazing how much better I've become at lock picking just by listening to you voice your thoughts as you pick the lock. Your videos are so helpful.

  • Emphasis213

    Lock pickinglawyer: posting this on youtube Era designer watching this on youtube: dammmn you lock picking lawyer!!!

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones

    Could you possibly show us how to put the lock back together???

  • Agent West
    Agent West

    How well is this lock going to hold up to a nut splitter on the retaining plate? Looks like if that plate is removed the core will come out without a key.

  • TheFuryHearted

    Lockpick 100 (Sorry, not sorry)

  • Jeff Higgins
    Jeff Higgins

    Yeah nice, but if they sent you this lock without the key so you didn't see the magnet or the weird key, could you still open it? It seems that they gave you the blueprint to the lock and all you had to do is follow along. I'd like to see you get a lock without the key that is difficult, and have a go at it. Thank you.

  • Lloyd Snyder
    Lloyd Snyder

    Is there a lock you can't pick?

  • Ding Ma
    Ding Ma

    It would take a lot longer if you don't look at the key first no?

  • James Monkevich
    James Monkevich

    I love the way he says shackle.

  • Scott

    1:18 - 2:30 was my last dentist visit

  • Paul Shermet
    Paul Shermet

    What is the purpose of inner & outer pins when the seem to move togther?

  • Aanthanur DC
    Aanthanur DC

    no clue why i watch these video, i just love em. i dont care about locks.

  • Nicholas Kaelber
    Nicholas Kaelber

    You know, I would be interested to see a lock that stumps you or that you struggle with, just to see the comparison of what seems so flipping easy for you to do, versus a real challange.

  • Roy Patton
    Roy Patton

    How long would it have taken you to pick this lock if you hadn't seen the key?

  • Mrblurr

    Is there a home lock/deadbolt equivalent to this? I feel like everything else gets picked by him so fast/easily that my dog could do it. lol

  • stan stanly
    stan stanly

    I could care less about locks but I watch your videos every day! Guy thing I guess.

  • Hamoudi

    ERA is juat a light versuon of IRA locks, which just blows up right away if you're attempting to pick it. 😂

  • Ibrahim El Archi
    Ibrahim El Archi

    LPL: "This is a lock I'd consider using." Me: "Take my money!"

  • Kiki Lang
    Kiki Lang

    I would've been nice, if you had a play list, of hard to pick locks.

  • Danny Jansen
    Danny Jansen

    Bob Ross of locks....

  • Twotone

    How much more difficult would it be if you don't see the key beforehand? Just asking...... for a friend.

  • Status Quo Fugitive
    Status Quo Fugitive

    This guy could pick Chuck Norris’ brain

  • Geronimo122

    If you didn't have the key, seems like it would be difficult to know which, if any, of the pin slots was magnetic... or are they always on number one? Might slow things down a bit.

  • Gopal G
    Gopal G

    I, for one, would like LPL to put them back together in these videos... I can dismantle as easily, but ....

  • Brandon Strasser
    Brandon Strasser

    You need an "LPL Approved" sticker for locks you'd recommend using like Oprah with her book stickers

  • Dave

    Do you defend bank robbers? "It's hardly my clients fault your honour, they barely even locked it... look".

  • Joel Martin
    Joel Martin

    I want to see him put a lock back together sometime, that looks hard!

  • Ryteu Lopki
    Ryteu Lopki

    Jan 2021 Amazon sells it for 85gbp but other smaller shops got if for 65-70gbp! Just a remainder - on the day this video was published this lock was out for 55gbp!!

  • Smoking Tough
    Smoking Tough

    Did you go to school to pick locks or is this all knowledge you have picked up over the years? You are damn good at what you do sir. I've been binge watching your channel for a couple days now and I finally subbed.

  • The Geezer
    The Geezer

    LPL you did exceedingly well to pick that mono-lock. I have an ERA and with all those pin-in-pins and magnets I wouldn't even attempt it. Well Done, great lockpick!

  • Graham Rice
    Graham Rice

    Small spring inside big spring - how on earth are you going to put that back together??

  • OneWireOne

    did LPL just say I would consider using @ 7:45 no freaking way

  • Dr. Jay
    Dr. Jay

    "This is a lock I'd consider using. - The Lock Picking Lawyer" This should be on the packaging for these locks.

  • Steven Faulkner
    Steven Faulkner

    Is there any videos where you put the locks back together?

  • KingGrio

    The good thing about this lock apparently is that if someone picks it and steals your stuff you can tell the police who the 5 possible culprits in the world are.

  • louis p constant
    louis p constant

    After 4000hrs plus, I think I am ready to get into my local bank. Thanks. If all fails, are you an actual lawyer?

  • Andreas Kipper
    Andreas Kipper

    An LPL Video over 8 Minutes? This must be the safest lock ever. Oh wait...

  • Brian Kent
    Brian Kent

    The Eddie Van Halen of lock picking.

  • Benny Gundlach
    Benny Gundlach

    Me: I will invent a lock that uses many magnets of various sizes! No picker will think to bring them! LPL: Let me select a small magnet from my collection of 300 small magnets. Me: Nvm.

  • jay4sizzle

    A truly eedaleet lock?

  • Archie Bunker
    Archie Bunker

    This lock is a pin in the a**

  • - 42 -
    - 42 -

    Just out of curiosity, how long did it take to reassemble the lock?

  • Cole Dedhand
    Cole Dedhand

    0:55 A truly yuly lock? I listened to that 20 times and that's all I hear...

    • Balazs Jakabffy
      Balazs Jakabffy

      Truly elite

  • Sentient Engine
    Sentient Engine

    LPL: "This is a lock that I would consider using." Me: "Sold."

  • Bloody Mobile
    Bloody Mobile

    Only LPL videos over 3min: unpacking a lock sent in and/or taking one apart

  • Oat lord
    Oat lord

    Oh God, the tear down would be a nightmare for me. So many little pieces that are ready to go flying at the slightest noise.

  • RTM

    WOW a video over 2 minutes 🍿

  • Михаил Ы
    Михаил Ы

    Extra security? And what prevents you from drilling the pin through shackle?

  • swayme67

    Who else clicks the like button within the first two seconds of the video? These are all brilliant, thank you LPL for these fantastic productions.

  • David Brown
    David Brown

    Is he just built different for lock picking

  • Dominik Samek
    Dominik Samek

    He sounds like a dentist as he speaks bout pins

  • Darius As
    Darius As

    What if the magnetic pin was the last one?

  • LeYeetusFeetus

    this guy should do lock picking asmr

  • Konner Donovan
    Konner Donovan

    LPL: "Let's give it a little tap with the mallet" Proceeds to hit the lock hard. Ah yes little tap

  • corvettes Recent
    corvettes Recent

    Will you be able to reassemble that lock?

  • Ron Farmer
    Ron Farmer

    Really impressive video would be him putting the lock back together in working order.

  • TurboFlush

    More complicated than a home lock

  • TaterCat

    Picking the lock sounds like the dentist. You don’t know what they mean, you just take their word for it.

  • J. Thomas Serrano
    J. Thomas Serrano

    "We'll set aside a small magnet from the collection of magnets I keep." , then proceeds to pull out a collection of tiny magnets... that made my day

  • Kaapo Holmi
    Kaapo Holmi

    1:27 this really reminds me of going to the dentist .

  • Black Water
    Black Water

    He's like a dentist for padlocks. Lol

  • Aircraft Overviewer
    Aircraft Overviewer

    Anyone else feel like him talking to himself while picking the lock sounds like the random crap the dentists say while checking your teeth?

    • E_M_E_T

      To be fair, the dentist is saying the names given to each tooth in human anatomy and they're basically just in alphanumeric order

  • Shoddy Peasant
    Shoddy Peasant

    “Iittle tap with the mallet” *HULK SMASH*

    • JenIsDaUncle

      how weak s you think the hulk is??

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    I have this lock on my storage container and now feeling a whole lot happier. Confident there not many people out there with this level of skill breaking into storage units.

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Would a Tunston drill bit (something harder than steel) drill through that? Just wondering.

  • no yes
    no yes

    "this is a lock that I would consider using" This is the ultimate endorsement that company should be proud lol

  • Throttle 13
    Throttle 13

    "Requires 3 tools and almost 2 minutes for LPL to pick" is a stunning marketing slogan for this lock.

  • 2020 Subaru WRX 6spd Manual
    2020 Subaru WRX 6spd Manual

    Translation at the end: sure, I picked it fairly quickly, but I'm the man with picking locks and only a handful of people can pick this, so definitely consider this lock because it's pretty good.

  • 2020 Subaru WRX 6spd Manual
    2020 Subaru WRX 6spd Manual

    I've watched many vids from this channel and I've figured something out. This guy is legitimately one of the best lock pickers on the planet. Like maybe THE best?

  • Poodle -Pig
    Poodle -Pig

    Tiny magnets give me immense joy

  • Larunaax The Mischievous
    Larunaax The Mischievous

    I wonder if ERA makes just lock cores cause i would want to put those as a deterrent on important containers in my house

  • gary murphy
    gary murphy

    The way this guy picks these locks is amazing BUT having 2 motorcycles stolen with very good padlocks cut off like cheese with a grinder picking seems a pick pointless??????


    If it’s good enough for you then it’s good enough for all of us. Thanks

  • Jack the Rabbit
    Jack the Rabbit

    Whoa 8 mins

  • Ario RW
    Ario RW

    8 minutes.. i thought he had a hard times picking the lock. i've been mistaken

    • Justin Center
      Justin Center

      He did take a long time. It took him about 1 full minute, which is longer than most other locks on here.

  • Chain Jail
    Chain Jail

    That's an interesting lock using magnet mechanism

  • Jared Dory
    Jared Dory

    Starts picking 1:29 3:00 opened

  • uluwatu77

    Would it make a difference if the magnet pin were deeper inside, say in slot 5?

  • Gdjnx Gdk
    Gdjnx Gdk

    "We'll set aside a small magnet from the collection of magnets I keep." Proceeds to pull out what looks like Cthulhu. That collection of magnets is one of the creepiest, most chaotic things I've ever seen. I love it! :)

    • Leader of Communist China
      Leader of Communist China

      Why'd you copy someone elses comment? Are you a child?

  • Zachary Clarke
    Zachary Clarke

    what bit driver is that? it's beautiful

  • GaryNumeroUno

    3.33 enter the autopsy table for the gathering of the body parts!

  • railpwn

    "This is a lock i would consider using" He would only consider this. What locks does he use for his valuable items???

    • Alecia Carpenter
      Alecia Carpenter

      @Colin Povey The video U linked to is the Bowley cylinder lock. It has a one-sided warded key. The 543 has a 2-sided warded key. I have seen NO evidence of the Bowley 543 padlock picked. Anywhere. Ever. Until I see video of it being done then it hasn't been done. PS also look at the pinned comment from Bowley locks that explains why huxleypig69 was able to accomplish the EPG pick. If it was that easy why hasn't he done it on the 543? Hmmm?

    • Colin Povey
      Colin Povey

      @Alecia Carpenter Actually, and sadly, wrong. See: uzload.info/fun/gIZmeYTgw6aJ35M/video

    • Alecia Carpenter
      Alecia Carpenter

      @Menuki You are CORRECT Sir/Ma'am! The Bowley 543 is UNPICKABLE!

    • Menuki

      The Bowley padlock I suppose

    • TJ Jones
      TJ Jones

      “This is a lock I made with Bosnian Bill, we used adimantiam for the casing, kryptonite and vibranium pins, dylithium crystal security discs with a flux capacitor in the keyway, and a bolt milled from the remains of molnijr.”

  • Richard C
    Richard C

    High praise indeed: ".. I would *consider* using.."

  • Jason Scott
    Jason Scott

    " I don't even know what it's for " a locksmith somewhere just died a little inside. That was his top secret, baby project to fool LPL.


    I have this!!

  • Wreqt

    How much business do you think ERA is going to get off of this video? I can't even think of a purpose for one in my life and I went and looked it up.

  • PillsWontHelpYouNow

    You should've put this lock on your wall.

  • Gems David
    Gems David

    What is the lock that the Lockpicking Lawyer use

  • Ah Tim
    Ah Tim

    can you show how to bypass with the lock on a door ?

  • Hugo Wu
    Hugo Wu

    You can be a very good dentist