[1093] “Lobster Lock” Opened With Red Bull Can

  • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

    75 bucks for that utter pile of crap.

  • Darren Z
    Darren Z

    Before discovering this video series: "Locks are a good way to secure your belongings." After discovering this video series: "Locks don't do shit."

  • Joseph Szydlowski
    Joseph Szydlowski

    This lock is pathetic. wow. Public service. Thanks.

  • avinotion

    For the love of god, please stop drinking caffeinated cough medicine!

  • UnknownGamer40464

    Good things lobsters don't have hands.

  • the zimra
    the zimra

    thx my new bike is great

  • macadamia1966

    Marketing at work... $75 lock with a $0.35 core...

  • Andreas Fønss
    Andreas Fønss

    Lock is so trash it is opened by trash. ;)

  • joel750

    Thanks to this video and now I’m deciding to keep on using my kryptonite U-Locks because it can’t be easily picked like this! This video saved me from spending $75.00 for this flimsy easy-to-pick bike lock.

  • martindude

    Scandinavian here, literally never heard of that lock or brand.

  • Anifco67

    So it removes the space where you need to have your water bottle. What moron designed this?

  • Sherry

    I’m not sure why they don’t just send you the lock to test it. I saw an ad for this just now and thought, “wow, that looks pretty flimsy” so I came to UZload and all of my suspicions were confirmed. Thanks for saving me money.

  • Thug Nasty
    Thug Nasty

    This is a red bull commercial.

  • ahegao waifu
    ahegao waifu

    everybody gangsta untill the bikrthief finishes his redbull can

  • Vance Leland
    Vance Leland

    I would love to be in that meeting after they see this video 🤣

  • M Rifqy S
    M Rifqy S


    • Gilang Muharam
      Gilang Muharam


    • M Rifqy S
      M Rifqy S

      @Gilang Muharam (^o^)/

    • M Rifqy S
      M Rifqy S

      @Gilang Muharam hai gilang

    • M Rifqy S
      M Rifqy S


    • Gilang Muharam
      Gilang Muharam


  • barry bigballs
    barry bigballs

    they should be ashamed of themselves for make that.


    After this video Red Bull shares go up and Lobster Lock shares go down 😆

  • _ NEGAN _
    _ NEGAN _

    The video is always over before I even notice. This guy fully captures my attention.

  • jose Coronel
    jose Coronel

    Has there been a lock that you haven’t been able to pick open ?

  • 1977BangBang

    But would it work with a beer can...

  • Dillon Alexander
    Dillon Alexander

    Tbh I was expecting you to just brute force the lock with a whole ass can

  • J Dicky
    J Dicky

    I sit down open my new lobster lock and start the video...now I'm at ups returning my lobster lock ....

  • Ch Kh
    Ch Kh

    Another piece of pain for lobsters after cooking them alive, shame on red bull. 🙏🇮🇪🍀

  • Tru Quality
    Tru Quality

    This is why I never really buy anything (especially new). I refuse to give my money for absolute crap, to complete d*ck of a owner of a company, that sells bullsh*t.

  • AshenShards1 _
    AshenShards1 _


  • heisenberg heisenberg
    heisenberg heisenberg

    I’m torn.. half of me wants to rip you a new one for sharing this with the bad people of the world but the other half is thankful I watched so I don’t purchase

  • Rifque Andiqha
    Rifque Andiqha

    Lobster Lock Engineers : WTF?? Lobster Lock CEO : WTH??!! CEO to his engineers : I swear to God! You guys are sleeping with the lobsters from now on!!

  • Eriq HochHimmel
    Eriq HochHimmel

    He becoming more and more dangerous to be kept alive

  • teonice57 '-'
    teonice57 '-'

    your voice look's like vinesauce

  • ユイ

    So, mind if I ask how much Red Bull gave you? XD (Just curious)

  • space man
    space man

    I took 5 bikes thank u.

  • Raul Marquez
    Raul Marquez

    I emailed you about this lock. Thank you for the video. Makes me glad I went with a different lock.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith

    The designer for Lobster Lock should be tied down and beaten with rocks. If I owned the company and some engineer cost me my business because of a bad design, I would strip them naked and set them in fire.

  • Jesse Says
    Jesse Says

    That's worse than a dollar store level lock.

  • Trap 1017
    Trap 1017


  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Well that’s embarrassing😂

  • Jack Roche
    Jack Roche

    Any lock: *exists* Red Bull Cans: finally, a challenge

  • Astro Boom
    Astro Boom


  • Robert story
    Robert story

    It’s a KHPH lock . In other words it’s only good as a slight deterrent to keep honest people honest

  • Cres A
    Cres A

    I suspect the same people that make these locks are the same ones stealing your shit.

  • Mystic_

    *video fades in and introduces product* Lock Picking Lawyer: all I need is three strips of aluminum and three minutes to steal your bike.

  • Im Just A Simp
    Im Just A Simp

    Imagine working weeks no , Months and your whole career is ruins by a damn soda can and a lock picker😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Andre Bowling
    Andre Bowling


  • Robsterlobster14


  • peregrinegrace

    Shocking Another expensive piece o crap !

  • Ashish Baidya
    Ashish Baidya

    Man makes me wonder if he ever brought a lock he couldn't pick.

  • Hamish Evans
    Hamish Evans

    Noooo I just invested all my money in Lobster Lock!

  • Blue Cross
    Blue Cross

    Lobster lock creators:" Wooo, we got 2 minutes!"

  • R H
    R H

    I want to thank you for teaching everyone how to rob people blind. We really need this in our society right now. You are a professional lock picker teaching everyone how to be just a little more shady. You should be ashamed.

  • melonbobful

    Use it to protect a bike that falls apart when ridden.

  • Tritan Master
    Tritan Master

    What a lock

  • Pilau BEAN Flicker
    Pilau BEAN Flicker

    Thought this were a charging handle for an ar-15.

  • Jeff Thurber
    Jeff Thurber

    Hello, I some of us here that find your videos mesmerizing, came up with a contest you and your Subscribers my love...

  • J Z
    J Z

    So what lock do you use for your bike

  • J Z
    J Z

    Woe woe wtf you can’t just say that’s all for today after that.

  • Wilverine99

    Pick with lobster claw

  • Tony Vigil
    Tony Vigil

    Huh I finally get a notification for this video 6 days after its release

  • wtfbbqbye

    I looked down to answer a text. When I looked up the lock was open...... wtf is this real life? and at $75 dollars

  • Jack Epley
    Jack Epley


  • lliw lxas
    lliw lxas

    What's stopping you from just picking it up and bringing it somewhere

  • J H
    J H

    A lot of bikes made in the 70-s and 80-s and early 90-shere in Sweden, often came from the factory with a lock welded to the frame. The locks are usually relatively high quality with a hardened steel bolt of about 15 mm thickness. The lock sits quite high up under the saddle in a position that makes it really tricky to saw or grind in to without doing structural damage to the bike frame and/or the wheel. It is not uncommon to see these bikes, with the original lock, still in use today.

  • munapää

    Where's abloy

  • Mak G
    Mak G

    218 lobster locks are now angry they won't be brought!

  • Geen Naam
    Geen Naam

    Dude Holland most populair cycle land in the world

  • TwodaysTuesdays

    Funny thing is people that steal bikes are watching this so I’ll go for a different lock thanks

  • GG Allin
    GG Allin

    now I can steal that kids bike

  • knee ger
    knee ger

    All the dislikes are from bike thieves

  • Demon Speeding
    Demon Speeding

    The number one video I would like or series of videos is the top products you would "use" hypothetically. Gun locks, bike locks, door locks ect. What would the lock picking lawyer feel comfortable putting on his own handgun with children in the home? I think your content is invaluable for bringing these common flaws to the surface. A lot of major companies will invest in super industrial steel with crazy designs but then secure it with a wafer lock or something like a roll dial combination lock. Either way I thank you for all the content.

  • evilwatermelon99

    This man has guaranteed been recruited by some top secret government program and/or an elite criminal organization and we’ll never have any proof

  • Tsel One
    Tsel One

    Damn, when he opened it up...I thought he was really stealing from me...I got sad! 👀☹️

  • Blake Weed
    Blake Weed

    When you get paid to pick locks by red bull.

  • Qiyuan Su
    Qiyuan Su

    The lock company is punching air somewhere now

  • screeechbud

    great exposition, but can you expose where my dad went after he said he was stepping out to get another pack of cigarettes.

  • Benzi LZK
    Benzi LZK

    Imagine if a theif watch LPL videos just before he broke into someone house......

  • Mysterie

    well proof enough with that I wouldn't spend $5 on that lock

  • Gwizdo

    oh yes, ofc, totally what I want to see, thank you youtube recommendation. but I don't own a bike lol

  • hey you
    hey you

    Would keying it with deeper cuts make any difference? Looking at the key there seems little depth to any of the cuts.

  • werthz

    This guy should design locks so that people know you can’t get into them

  • Hesmond


  • Galvanic Rah22
    Galvanic Rah22

    In Chicago if you con lock up both wheels with the bike you’ll come back to a missing wheel

  • Ben Finny
    Ben Finny

    Well it's time to Ban redbull, it's far to easy for it to be misused

  • Adam

    And just that quick lobster lock went from obscurity to continued obscurity!

  • g2macs

    And yet another head of marketing heads for the window!

  • TCG-MasterNub

    "today ill be busting open a lock with a lock"

  • E M
    E M

    I love this series, there is absolutely no question that a lock is garbage when it can be easily bypassed with garbage.... LOL

  • Syl von Braun
    Syl von Braun

    He showed me how to pick a lock, which I don't even understand how it actually works.

  • J G
    J G

    Dildo one open next please. Thank you.

  • Cl0ckcl0ck

    Attachable bikelocks are standard included with 99% of all non-sport bikes sold here in the Netherlands. AXA ringslot Defender Art is pretty much the default.

  • Deady DeadSh0t
    Deady DeadSh0t

    It’s confirmed .... this guy gets off at unlocked locks Someone call lock protective services these locks are being molested

  • Ariff WM
    Ariff WM

    If you drink enough red bull you'll be able to rip it open with your bare hands

  • zadinal

    I am impressed and slightly scared now. Thanks

  • Baldavier

    but the red bull jiggler looks nothing like normal jiggler keys? are all the bumps on them irrelivent ?

  • Timbo Slice
    Timbo Slice

    Is their in locks he likes

  • unnamed715

    It was a lock, lobster LOCK LOBSTER LOCK LOBSTER

  • DON Wall
    DON Wall

    man companies are really shit these days

  • Aleksander Ndoni
    Aleksander Ndoni

    Next : a lock picked by only starring at it

  • Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S.

    Last line stolen from FPSRussia :)

  • bruh

    Is there a lock you haven't got through?

  • Lev Makarushkin
    Lev Makarushkin

    Thanks I can now steal my neighbours bike