[1099] A Design Blunder In The Revolutionary “U-Change” Lock

  • Rob Nelson
    Rob Nelson

    I own several franchises with high turnover. I was about to purchase the U-Change (yes, still around). Is there a rekeyable commercial lock that cannot be picked? Or, any commercial lock under $80 for that matter?

  • AA Locksmiths
    AA Locksmiths

    Where can you get the tools?

  • Byvägen

    I leased a building about 15 years ago had those locks. Had no idea about the bypass flaw. Thought that U Change a neat feature, but that huge easy to pick keyway, I said ”no way”. I could pick easy those with a paperclip. I went ahead changed to SFICs, changed it back when I left.

  • Yora

    So not only can you "pick" it with no skill, it also let's you do it without leaving any evidence of tempering?

  • Eric Goldman
    Eric Goldman

    Is it just me, or is that terrible warding as well? Seems like it's more for guiding/aligning the key than deterring picking attempts.

  • Nevir202

    Crazy to think the whole thing could’ve been avoided by making sure that rekeying hole was warded when in the locked position

  • Michael Hinkle
    Michael Hinkle

    "Unfortunately I just have this one" Referring to a key. Ironic and respectable.

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    Finely cut tools also cutting of fingers, which is why LPL has so many Elastoplast lol lol.

  • CaptnHampton22

    Your fingerprint is nuts. Love your videos.

  • ZeldaTheSwordsman

    That bypass tool was probably harder to pull off in the sixties

  • MalissinA

    KSC refers to the intended user of the lock. A retail space in a mall that might be hiring and firing people on a weekly basis and wasn't looking to pay a locksmith to rekey every single time. Originally the Kinney Shoe Corporation, they're now better known as Foot Locker.

  • phorzer32

    Please show how the rekey mechanism works

  • Normi

    "there is no anti-pick feature that i can tell" He is so used to picking locks, he can't tell if they have anti-pick features.

  • Bukui Zhao
    Bukui Zhao

    Kwikset ripoff?

  • Declan HasALife
    Declan HasALife

    Why does this look like stop motion?

  • BurnSurgery451

    What brand is your phillips screw driver set? looks awesome.

  • Jacob Story
    Jacob Story

    That's such a cool mechanism!!! Too bad it's easily bypassed...

  • Jcewazhere

    Kerbal Space Center really needs to beef up it's security :P

  • Joseph Bell
    Joseph Bell

    Just getting back into locksports thanks to you're incredibly interesting and insightful videos.

  • Valkyrie

    I wish he showed more on the pins

  • Jess Harriman
    Jess Harriman

    I'm just waiting for the locksmith that practices law on the side to start making vids

  • Scott Galloway
    Scott Galloway

    So once you do this, does it then rekey it the shallowest depths?

  • CyberCyborg 20XX
    CyberCyborg 20XX

    I love this channel but I do find it a bit silly. Most of these locks that you pick are fully acceptable to use. How many thieves actually carry around picks and know locks inside and out like you do? Not many I would think. Granted many of the locks you showcase are crap also but there have been many good locks, they just can't stand against you or the rare master locksmith.

  • Lauren Arndt
    Lauren Arndt

    I invented this tool when I was about 26 years old. I sold about 10 of my homemade versions to the VP of Security Solutions. The company knew about the flaw for some time. Anyway, I sat on the invention for about 15 years. A well respected tool manufacturer put his polishing touches on the design. It was only produced for about a year or so. I want to thank Locksmith Army for help making it happen. I haven't forgotten. I'll post a link. uzload.info/fun/pKqEoZvIxa1m0qM/video

    • Lauren Arndt
      Lauren Arndt

      The story goes even deeper. I was trying to get a part-time job as a locksmith when I was in my 20's. My potential employer gave me one of these U-Change cylinders to play with along with an article from Locksmith Ledger. The article described how a wire could be inserted in the change key hole and the lock bypassed. In reality, and what the article failed to mention, this simple technique would only work some of the time, based on wear and inconsistent manufacturing tolerances. When I got my practice lock, I quickly discovered a solution to improve bypassing success. I had used a similar method for opening a popular bicycle lock that was popular in the mid 1980's that I invented when was 13 years old. I used the same technique on the U-Change. The company that produced my invention saw flaws in my own design. This is why the key blank insertion tool has little teeth. This was implemented to produce more overlifting in order to insert the bypass tool. I think the final commercial product worked great on many locks, but it sometimes had issues when the lock was keyed to the deepest pin. The shoulder of the pin could overlift into the bible causing too much friction or denied access of the bypass tool. This was the primary reason why the commercial available version was made from thinner gauge material. So in the end, it took three people to produce the tool that you see in this video; the locksmith from Locksmith Ledger, me, and the final manufacturer. I want to stress something very important to me. Often, people do videos like this and the inventors never get credited. So much R and D is performed in people's garages before the commercial version is made available, while the history of the invention is lost. In addition, I have inventions lifted from my writings and videos where the next person failed to credit me. I am only now doing videos again, but I am cautious of what I am willing to share.

  • G. Davies
    G. Davies

    Looks like I'm not the only one who tests blade sharpness by shaving the hair off their hand, lol.

  • RWBHere

    The question which comes to mind immediately is 'How long did it take before someone figured out how to defeat this type of lock?' Initially, the lock looked quite secure, as do most new lock types. But it only took one person to buy a lock, dismantle it, and figure out its main design flaw.

  • Warren McCrory
    Warren McCrory

    Cool. I run across these occasionally but haven't had an opportunity to need gain entry to a building they were on. Just simply changed them out & tossed them in my miscellaneous pile. Stuff that I might use later or play with later. Nice to know that I can pick one without a great deal of difficulty. I'll try to grab one tomorrow & give it a try.

  • 9Nails

    What does the totality of the lock collection look like!? It must be pretty significant. Maybe even museum quality, ranging form historical to brand new.

  • Roland Quentin
    Roland Quentin

    not only he bypassed it but he also picked it just for the fun

  • DemonaeTV

    Seems like a Red Bull can could defeat that.

  • P

    Why did they put the "key change" slot on the exterior facing? If you have a legit key then you have legit access to the (unlocked) interior facing. If you don't have a legit key then you shouldn't be able to stick anything into that slot.

  • --

    Where can we get those tools ??

  • Wisher

    This video almost had a stop motion look to it. Is your camera doing alright? Didn't try to lockpick it did you ;)

  • TheNotWalrus

    Could you make a playlist of some of the most pathetic or bad locks you've ever picked? I love watching you pick locks but my favorite part is seeing companies claim something is "high security" and it isn't.

  • David Barekzi
    David Barekzi

    Where did you get your screwdriver set from?

  • Anonymity Ix
    Anonymity Ix

    I think , if someone knows the exact type of lock on a door and the weakness this unique lock has and then leaves to create a specialized tool so he could come back and break in , then he deserves what's inside.

  • Seydou Dia
    Seydou Dia

    are you a lawyer actually?

  • Pierson

    kerbal space center

  • rpavlik1

    What do you mean, you only have one key? You've got a little bench top mill, don't you?

  • Nasser

    Can you do a video on how easy (or not) it is to bypass a smart lock like the Nest X Yale lock? I have one and I’m concerned that it can be bypassed and opened

  • a haunting sadness
    a haunting sadness

    I wish I had even 1/10th of the locks lpl has, I got into the hobby 6 months ago, quickly blew through everything at my local hardware stores, and I'm now learning just how expensive some of these more interesting locks from medeco and assa are. Thanks for getting me into the hobby lpl!

  • Sausprem

    Lol if having old security flaws in a lock kept them from future production, we'd have a lock shortage in America.

  • Rob Schofield
    Rob Schofield

    Fascinating idea - given the patent has expired, has no-one produced a more modern version with defeats built in?

  • Robert Slackware
    Robert Slackware

    Why do they put the tool hole on the face outside? The crook can rekey your lock and lock you out.

  • Paradox Valestein
    Paradox Valestein

    So the theft who broke in can rekey your lock and rub even more salt in your wound? Noice!

  • Zyurxi

    You sound like Modest Pelican Gaming.. am I the only one who thinks this?

  • Jetah

    it's a commercial lock, so i can see how convenient this would have been between tenants.

  • bllfrg777

    Fun fact: these are still being manufactured and sold and are in decently common use in mall stores in my part of the US (not particularly close to Oklahoma). I've gone on quite a few calls in my state to replace these with new ones when the store loses their keys or screws up the rekeying process (which happens a LOT).

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    The gold standard in user re-keyable locks is the SFIC system designed by Frank Best back in the 20s. Still almost unchanged and parts interchangeable since then! And high enough security that they use them in pharmacies and banks. I don't know why they aren't more common for residential use, they are very affordable and it's great to have a single key to open everything you own. There will never be an easier to use and more secure user rekeyable system.

  • Kris Sisk
    Kris Sisk

    I actually have one of these. I haven't ever taken it apart to see what's inside because I was worried about a repeat performance of the time - very early in my journey as a lock hobbyist - that I destroyed a SmartKey cylinder by losing track of which parts came from which spot. It's nice to see the insides of it. I knew about the bypass already, but I don't see the point in a specialized too for a lock that I can already pick in about 20 seconds with tools I already have.

  • Cole Keller
    Cole Keller

    @LockPickingLawyer if you read this or if anyone that is also into lock collecting can you help me get my hands on one of these "u-change" variants locks? I've been interested in locks for a while now and am a super novice picker but the tech in this lock intrigues me I'd like to try and modify one of these cores and make the bypass no longer work and also maybe put in some cool other stuff like a threaded bible and instead of standard driver pins maybe get some spools, t-pins, and serrated pins in there... maybe even make it a challenge lock??? who knows and i understand a collectors lock like this is rare and expensive but sometimes you gotta have fun!! haha message me over youtube if you can help me out

  • Hi you have polio
    Hi you have polio

    the most safest locks is the locks that he can't open

  • StageDiveBomb number 0
    StageDiveBomb number 0

    More gutting please :)

  • RT_Productions

    "Hello there, Lock picking lawyer here and I thought I would just break into area 51 for this new video, and trust me guys there are SO many security flaws"

  • Jonathan King
    Jonathan King

    Am I the only who thought there was something wrong with their computer when the frame rate kept dropping?

  • Almond

    He could very easily use this power for evil, im glad he doesnt

    • cellphonelightsaber

      An actual, physical whitehat.

  • job den dikken
    job den dikken

    Is there a lock he cant pick? If yes can someone give me the vid link, thx

  • Neil Edgar Caballes
    Neil Edgar Caballes

    i bet hes from elder scrolls and he have 100 in lockpicking

  • Arich Henneman
    Arich Henneman

    How many people, even locksmiths are going to have that specialized tool? If someone did have it they probably could pick it anyhow....

  • Arnas Youtube
    Arnas Youtube

    Can you lock pick hause alarm

  • David Bray
    David Bray

    Is there a lock that is recommended by the LockPickingLawyer? I bought a new electric bike recently, and the city I live in is notorious for thieves. I would take any recommendation from him, or a lock that can't be opened with a lego figure. Something that takes over two minutes for him to pick with specialized tools.

  • Andrew The YouTube Noob
    Andrew The YouTube Noob

    I cannot believe that this channel has 1.67 million subscribers... this seems very niche

  • germimonte

    there's plenty of reasons why user re-keyable locks aren't a common thing -it makes it more expensive -normal ppl don't need that much convenience when changing locks -most ppl don't even bother re-keying, they just change the whole lock

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
    Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

    What about newer "rekeyable" locks that use a similar lock system???

  • Ken Nixon
    Ken Nixon

    LPL QUESTION -- Did you make those tools, OR were they commercially made? Nice that you have them in addition to U-Change Lock. Some comments suggested that this lock is still made today? I'll have to check on that. I see a new video on same lock from Lock Noob Edited -- I see Peterson used to make these designed in the past by Laurence I think it was

  • Bigg Gee
    Bigg Gee

    You should design an unpickable lock!!

  • l YourRoyalFoxy l
    l YourRoyalFoxy l

    The LockPickingLawyer: exists Criminals: Write that down, write that down!

  • azcardsfitz1

    Lmao. You’re using incredibly specialized tools that almost no one has access to, or wouldn’t know that those are exactly the tools necessary to defeat the lock unless having some extensive knowledge of that particular core. Which would also need for them to have it physically in front of them. Egregious? Hmm no. Bad? Yes.

  • J M
    J M

    To make it better, could you replace the driver pins with ones that have better anti-pick features on them?

  • ezraindustries

    stopboxusa.com/products/stopbox?gclid=Cj0KCQjwzZj2BRDVARIsABs3l9L_cEczXQeoCD0JrKZ0u3jYxSEHDIJ41J0XPA8JQSKCdrRYEtNZePAaAlbcEALw_wcB This looked like it was probably poorly designed

  • Lightning 78
    Lightning 78

    Why dont you just make a lock yourself. You have picked and gotten tons of locks to the point where if anyone can make a good lock its you.

  • Chris Walter
    Chris Walter

    Not seen today unless your one of the many specific store name in Minnesota or Virginia(Bosnian Bill reference) that still use these. I'm in Minnesota and see these on new stores all the time. Would love to show the manager how vulnerable their stores actually are.

  • Beau Medas
    Beau Medas

    What would you do recommend, if you witnessed an ongoing attack.. because I know cops arent always present, or close enough... I saw someone breaking into a car yest, and she and her partner scared me off

    • Beau Medas
      Beau Medas

      I live in NYC, and calling the cops doesn't always do much, (no offense)

  • Cory Pride
    Cory Pride

    specialized tools required means the design 'flaw' is not there

  • CowyC

    Hello mr lock picking lawyer can you make a video where you do an escape room with your friends and you snuck in your lock picking kit so you proceed to cheat your way out Please. Id pay to see! After coronavirus!

  • Tabitha Johnson
    Tabitha Johnson

    Got my pick set today. Have picked all four practice locks once, and two of them twice. First picking took me just 30s or so... very proud of myself! The rest took longer but I see myself going far. Tomorrow I’m going to practice on my bedroom door.

  • mako man
    mako man

    I know that you have exceptional skills with locks, I hope that your lawyer skills are just as good, the huddled masses sure could use you .

  • Hernanta Dian P.
    Hernanta Dian P.

    In the future he is the master of lock picking

  • Corn Man
    Corn Man

    You must be a thief’s favorite channel

  • Adam Babylonian
    Adam Babylonian

    Hello, do you know that PewDiePie watches your videos and loves them??

  • Taylor Simpson
    Taylor Simpson

    Just imagine how secure this guys house is

  • Che Johnson
    Che Johnson

    I wonder what he does with all these locks

  • Martijn Holland
    Martijn Holland

    You know those "love locks" people put on bridges?? "Honey! Now our love will last forever!" "Nothing on one, two is binding. A click out of three aaaand the lock is open."

  • Jesper

    Lockpickinglawyer face reveal...

  • Emilis Dubovicius
    Emilis Dubovicius

    What transparent lock set would you suggest buying for learning? I looked up your previous transparent lock review, but its not sold anymore

  • Casper Arpe Christensen
    Casper Arpe Christensen

    Kinda sad to see that locks are not made for securing anything today but rather to make sure you can get help from your insurance company (I live in Denmark and if anything gets stolen and we have a broken lock to prove it with we get help otherwise No help Will Come your way most of the time when takling about bikes) :D

  • Marton L
    Marton L

    Could anyone tell me what bit holder is he using at 3:00?

  • Christian Mous
    Christian Mous

    I always like watching your video's and looks fun starting to pick locks for fun. I have one question wich i can't figure out. Can you explain in a video how cylinders work when key a fits lock 1 and 2, key b fits lock 1 and 3 and a master key wich fit every lock. I believe it's called a masterkey system. Thanks in advance....

  • Chevy

    So it could be like physically syskeying someone. Epic.

  • Knights Multi-Media
    Knights Multi-Media

    how would you fix that lock so that the bypass thing doesn't work?

  • Jack Kenny
    Jack Kenny

    I wonder how many thieves are subscribers 🕴

  • UnDeaDCyBorg

    I know it's essentially a bit random and time is not a function of effort, I've seen locks 30 years younger be picked by him notably faster.

  • Alan Jurena
    Alan Jurena

    Do you have any videos about picking with hair pins and other household materials?

  • Rocky West
    Rocky West

    I love watching your videos, very interesting.

  • J G
    J G

    Dildo one open next please. Thank you.

  • pvic

    "no anti pick features i can tell" coming from him this isnt much because i can see the company being like "we put all security pins, etc, and he _still_ didnt feel them??" this man is too good at what he does lol

  • Kris Tucker
    Kris Tucker

    I know it sounds evil but i'd love to see one of these companies send you a lock that's superglued shut!

  • mcshaney D
    mcshaney D

    You should do a face reveal at 2 million subscribers.

  • hawkamania

    hmmm... this is why i prefer our european locks. espescially in germany we have simply often the better ones. in america mostly cheap locks that´s esy to jiggle

  • Chris Solace
    Chris Solace

    Maybe if the rekeying side is inside the house it would be more useful?

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