[1146] Squire Valiant HSV Insurance Padlock Picked (5/6 Levers)
[838] Squire “Defiant” Insurance Padlock Picked uzload.info/fun/bqWfp33L2KyEm2g/video

  • VicariousReality7

    Not a chance this is insurance approved here in Sweden

  • Carl Antaya
    Carl Antaya

    I laughed when he said " and pick resistance which we will look at in just a moment."

  • Shadow61616

    I wonder how many times lpl practices before making speed demon runs.

  • BrokenHeart4K

    Are you Sponsored by *UK Lockpickers?*

  • That Guy over there
    That Guy over there

    To give it credit, when it would have been used not everyone had access to lockpicking tools more advanced than a flat head screw driver and a bent nail.

  • Akib knows it
    Akib knows it

    Give the Link to buy that tension tool

  • Slippery_ Gecko
    Slippery_ Gecko

    Who would win? Lock trusted by insurance companies. One wire boi.

  • Pirelli

    You have created as many videos as you can easily open. It would be interesting what you think is safe by showing some very, very good padlocks that you can recommend yourself. I myself think that the BOWLEY 543 model will definitely be there ?!

  • a dorito
    a dorito

    So at any time anyone can get robbed but they just dont bother wow

  • exlibrisas

    He probably manages to undo women's bra! In the dark. With one hand.

  • Aidan Chappelle
    Aidan Chappelle

    "Depending on how you count" *sweats nervously*

  • Nathan Holt
    Nathan Holt

    The look of that lock gave me a thought could you give a rudimentary lockpick resistance by making the key require enough force to break most “particularly cheap” lock picks?.

  • Cpt_Vodka

    “For those unfamiliar with the term England is a place in Europe”

    • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

      @Games With Nic LOL, geographically it is but not economically.

    • Games With Nic
      Games With Nic

      Not anymore

  • No You
    No You

    *Big Fan.. but if you know so much about lock picking..why don't you make your own LOCK which cannot be picked by anyone* 😶

  • Canaan

    To be fair most thieves don't have a clue how to pick a lock. It just needs to be something that would be hard to hammer, hacksaw, or bolt cutter their way into, or at least take enough time so that someone would be likely to notice the theif before they got it open.

  • Chaotik

    The trekkie in me finds the names of those locks interesting

    • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

      Picard : Engage LPL : Disengage.

  • Alright

    holy shit this lock got bodied

  • Joel R G Gizmo
    Joel R G Gizmo

    I already have a nice lock pick set but I've never seen that particular one before where do I find one!

  • Arseniy Pogozhelskiy
    Arseniy Pogozhelskiy

    0:35 left lock: Dude, it's LPL, we're doomed

  • Barbeqdbrwniez

    I swear with every video I watch I'm closer and closer too just welding my doors shut and cutting through them every day!

  • himura kenshin
    himura kenshin

    Who taught LPL?

  • DosLosMango

    Insurance fraud has never been so easy

  • Brian Anglin
    Brian Anglin

    How do you know to skip the 4 pin?

  • Ry P
    Ry P

    Hey are ignition barrels easy to pick on bikes or cars.?????? If you don't know how to hot wire of course

  • Jon YBoy
    Jon YBoy

    Have you ever been able to pick an Abloy protec 2?

  • PapiEverett Requiem
    PapiEverett Requiem

    Now it’s just Skyrim

  • RealTaiter

    I’m confused, I thought we all counted the same. This guy really is the lock guru.

  • dvd nunley
    dvd nunley

    This is not related to video directly. I'm subscribed for awhile and never get any of your videos in my "new videos". Is this normal for your videos or do they (UZload) just don't provide your content when first available. I just got a notification for this video 18:05 Aug 12 Central Time.

  • Humty 2000
    Humty 2000

    How do you know you can skip lever 4?

  • Joel Robinson
    Joel Robinson

    i go to a jewish school so security is high so the locks on the doors are impossible to pick because it uses a programable chip inside the key. idk maybe you could review it

  • countryside_guy

    Next Squire Insurance lock - The Ezpick.

  • Owen Mallison
    Owen Mallison

    he seems like a dentist

  • Rex Jolles
    Rex Jolles

    I picked a lock yesterday with a Yankee screwdriver by jamming it in there and turning it and it opened. I didn't even have a tension wrench

  • Dj Overtoom
    Dj Overtoom

    hey, i have found a new lock. are u albe to pick it ?? uzload.info/fun/ZY1-d2e2tp2Y3JM/video

  • Chacobo

    Every single LPL video: Me: Oh Oh but how about if I... LPL: In any case, that's all I have for you today. Me: Okay:(

  • Emmanuel Hewett
    Emmanuel Hewett

    #HoneyBadgers #MastersofMayhem #BBC Stoffle, the Badger that can escape from anywhere! | Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem Please do a collaboration

  • dave200204

    I think he was rather disappointed in Squire. They seem to have a better reputation than a lot of their competitors.

  • ClawingBear Wade
    ClawingBear Wade

    i am wanting to build a tool set that can work on cylinder locks and standard types. I want to buy the best I can get my hands on rather than replacing them later yet I do not want to get ripped off either. I was wondering what you would recommend. Thanks for your work. Its strangely lethargic to watch you chew thru locks.

  • Vane H.
    Vane H.

    He may call it disappointing... But it's been a while since he last needed a full minute to pick one Conclusion: pretty good lock

  • bob often
    bob often

    Hang On No Number Combinations Were Changed In The Performance Of Opening This Lock . Nope No Ramset Gun . No Electrical Wires With Special Powers To Melt The Locking Bar . No Spinning Magnetic Forces To Induce The Lock To Open . What Witch Craft Do We Have Here Then . Telekinesis And Jigglery . ?

  • One man band
    One man band

    I always hold my breath when you're picking, that's how much I trust you.

  • Cadde

    That is the claimants worst nightmare by the way, if someone picks their insurance lock open then there's no evidence of a break in and the insurance company will assume it's the claimants fault for not locking up or giving the key to the thief in some way. In other words, no insurance will be paid out if the lock is picked open. Where i live, most households have 7 lever door locks with false gates and locksmiths in the area simply say "No, we cannot open these locks. We just don't know how" so they always bring a grinding wheel to grind the deadbolts. Some doors though have hardened steel shielding making it much harder to even get to the deadbolt to grind them off. So it makes a helluva ruckus every time someone lost their only key to their front door. It takes at least 15 minutes to get the door open. The easiest (and quite possibly the least expensive for the customer) way is to simply smash a window to gain entry if the apartment can be reached from the outside. Yep, locksmiths charge ludicrous amounts to even grind a door open. Something in the order of 500 euro. While a balcony door window can be replaced for as little as 200 euro.

  • bob often
    bob often

    1:09 Tenision Bar Inserted 1:59 Opened

  • bob often
    bob often

    Does It Raise Insurance Company Standards ?

  • Felipe Aguayo Bravo
    Felipe Aguayo Bravo

    Is there any video to understand what mean all the terms he uses? Like gates, false gates, when a pin is binding, etc.

  • Daniel Lueke
    Daniel Lueke

    How many damn locks does this guy have???

  • S T
    S T

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the great videos!. Spending allot of time at home these days allows me to watch your excellent picking and opinions on various locks. This has influenced me on what locks to purchase for better security and resistance to physical attacks. Look forward to watching new videos as soon as they are uploaded within in hours of that time. Take care and be safe.

  • Lyxles

    Imagine getting robbed by this guy.

    • U.V. S.
      U.V. S.

      He is a lawyer. You just need to hire him, and it's done!

  • Alax Martin
    Alax Martin

    Lock you would recommend for storage unit???

  • RWBHere

    There is method to the madness of 'Insurance Locks'. Most crooks don't know how to pick locks, so they try to break them instead. And the classification is the bare minimum acceptable standard, so lock manufacturers oblige by making them to that minimum standard, because that's what customers will ask for. Market forces. Our home insurance policy stipulates that locks on doors need to have 5 levers and need to be bump resistant. So I fit anti-snap, anti-drill, bump-resistant locks with 11 levers and 4 sliders instead; slightly more resistant to intrusion. The door frames are the weakest link, but breaking them is very noisy.

  • RWBHere

    It's an English lock, so it doesn't use 'levvers'. It has 'leavers' instead. jk

  • dannne88

    You'll need to make a video about this "game" dimbulbgames.itch.io/museum-of-mechanics-lockpicking

  • bach nguyen
    bach nguyen

    Your lock collection is in the thousands and are mostly worthless nowadays due to mass production With the exception of the pre 1980s military locks and vintage lock

  • Jake Williamson
    Jake Williamson

    Lever locks are the worst security

  • GhostRider2224

    I could watch this man pick locks forever

  • willy

    your sill is great

  • Dino F
    Dino F

    Imagine a 6 lever lock with 3 tensioning levers that activate two separate locking mechanisms and one requires precise offset engagement of two levers to allow movement 🤔

  • Drives to Work
    Drives to Work

    Those antique style locks are still viable locks in use in England and Europe today! My nephew is stationed in Italy... (of all freaking places at this time!!) The house he rented has several antique style skeleton keys to various locks.

  • eddiebruv

    I believe that ‘leever’ is pronounced ‘lever’... And the best film ever made was ‘Saturday Night Fever’. (Thanks to Not The Nine O’clock News)


    I love how consistently classy your videos always are. Long enough to binge watch in succession without too much time spent, informative and to the point about its contents and the salutations at the end is the icing on the perfect UZload video. I love your channel ❤️.

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    And.... stolen!

  • Chance Kearns
    Chance Kearns

    You should try and pick a lock with an action figure

  • Amir Bloomenfeld
    Amir Bloomenfeld

    Imagine LockPickingLawyer is your friend and you find yourself in a bind where an obscure lock needs to be picked, and he totally McGyver's out of the situation using little but a hairpin and some gum or whatever, and meanwhile he's making his annotations while picking "Nothing on one... a little binding out of two..... there's a nice click. A wiggle out of three"....

  • twistedsith

    i wish i had seen this video BEFORE the herpes....

  • Steve F.M.
    Steve F.M.

    Nice LPL ,Do you LPL represent a lock in court as a lawyer yeh

  • Not Available
    Not Available

    there would be no legal bank boxes in all the world if they let LPL and BB be the testers. or they would be 60-80 levers w false gates and have to be put on with forklifts

  • ben rollins
    ben rollins

    Instagram brought me here and I am pleased

  • Roger Weiss
    Roger Weiss

    Can it be shimmed?

  • afn29129 David
    afn29129 David

    Here use this lock, we insist, says insurance underwriter ! But it really isn't all that secure a lock says average man. We still insist says insurance Co. Okay says aveage man, I'll use your (bleeping) lock but I'll also use a much better lock as backup.

  • Dzenis

    Is there any video where this guy failed to pick a lock?

  • Patrick Burke
    Patrick Burke

    The lock equivalent of a shower, not a grower

  • mattikaki

    I’d like you to try to pick the Finnish security door lock BODA 428 which is the most common one used here. My dad installed hundreds of those in the 70’s. It was the only lock the Finnish insurance companies approved those days. It has similar key to safe.

  • ACoustaDC

    Hello LPL, I doubt you will read this but could we have some more destructive attacks? Your picking, while admirable, is not common. We would like to see how tuff some of these locks are... especially bike and motorcycle locks.

  • Baughbe

    Looking at the indentations on the shackle (whatever the term for that is) That looks like it might be shimmable.

    • Tyson Jensen
      Tyson Jensen

      Baughbe Lever locks are not shimmable because the gates block the bolt from moving at all. A shimmable lock is one that you can lock without the key, and you cannot lock a lever lock without turning the key the opposite way that you turn it to unlock it.

  • TheQuark6789

    Why does the shackle have two notches in it?

  • Fabricio Goulart
    Fabricio Goulart

    Videogames' studios should contact you to build a passable lock picking mini-game, when there's one. Consult on how should it feel and emulate on controllers, I mean, something like GH is passable for playing a guitar...

  • Minkster50

    its designed to resist no-skill brute force attacks, lockpicking is good and all, but still quicker to get into with a cordless angle grinder and diamond disc. Most thieves want speed of entry, not stealth

  • BlackDolphin90

    Still a excellent padlock for use.

  • AlienBattle 5
    AlienBattle 5

    this is so interesting and i like the explanation for the locks history

  • akopocxishvili ako
    akopocxishvili ako

    I am so used to his intro now, that it took me a second to realise I had the sound muted. I just heard him in my head... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • aCivilServant

    Poor old lever 4. Not part of the security mechanism, so totally ignored.

  • 4k8t

    I would not be surprised at the "security" or relative lack of it in an insurance lock. The insurer is concerned with having an acceptable level of security for the risk being insured. If one does not, at least, match the required level of security, then premiums will be higher when the policy is put into place or claims might be denied.

  • Shizbazki2

    Still took the master 1 minute 6 seconds to pick. Much better than most other locks.

  • Mark Phillips
    Mark Phillips

    Really want to see you open locks on actual things to see if it changes anything

  • Wynn Wicked
    Wynn Wicked

    I'm going to be honest. I'm getting into lock picking just so I can eventually learn how to defeat lever locks. The main reason is because Rogue is my favorite D&D class and the mechanics actually picking locks through playing lead me to research picking.

  • Don't Read My Profile Picture
    Don't Read My Profile Picture

    Don't read my username.

    • Jagielski Gaming
      Jagielski Gaming

      Ok, I won't.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Thank you LPL for your educational content. Thanks to your videos I know what to look out for in the locks I see. I have broken into countless houses and sheds thanks to your content that shows how to pick common locks. Thank you for that, if not for your videos that shows how to pick them fast before owner of the thing notices, I might've been caught.


    You need to get some of those warded padlocks that have the extremely intricate bitting I'd like to see how you pick those such as the type of bitting on the old Italian safe boxes

  • Cap'n Jimmy
    Cap'n Jimmy

    As it's a British lock you have to say leevers not levers LOL!

    • VicariousReality7

      You mean livers

  • Callie Masters
    Callie Masters

    Let's put it this way: what lock do you have on your front door, LPL? I have a pitbull dog next to mine.

  • Wynner3

    How does a lock like this work? Have you cut open before? What do the insides look like?

  • StickmanCorp.

    Is it just me or is the Squire Defiant a :3 face.

  • OO


  • Zothaqqua

    Insurance companies need a minimum standard, and can't reliably explain to their customers how to get a lock that's good enough. Solution: send them a lock. Then at least people know what they're dealing with. It doesn't mean it's a great lock! Personally, if an insurance company sent me a lock I'd add my own lock as well.


    😎Great video my friend love the lock..I am running out of SPACE IN MY LOCK VIDEO LIBRARY..LOL.😎

  • IamMe

    LPL going international I dig it!

  • museecologist

    Of course, in the UK we pronounce it "lever"

    • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

      I'll clear this up for the confused .... British : Leever .... American : Levver. You're welcome.

    • Eli Stettner
      Eli Stettner

      In Australia it’s actually pronounced “lever”.

    • CptJistuce

      Yes, but here in America we pronounce it "lever" instead.

    • Zothaqqua

      Like "fever", for the confused!

  • Coleman Adamson
    Coleman Adamson

    I wonder if Squire makes a lock called "Resolute" as Defiant and Valiant are both names of wood stoves by the former Vermont Castings Company. Resolute and Intrepid are the two other names of which I know they used.

  • John Lee Pettimore III
    John Lee Pettimore III

    If LPL got zombified during "The Apocalypse", you'd have to headshot him, because there'd be no escaping him. He would be at the sanctuary gate, "Bb bbraaains! Little click on 2. Bbbbrraaaains! Nothing on 3 ..."

    • James Gray
      James Gray

      Put a masterlock on the door - no brains inside

  • floorpizza

    Hey LPL, any chance you could do an update video on the state of the Bowley series of locks? Would also love to see some videos on what you consider to be locks that are actually viable for use.