[1083] A Peek Behind the Curtain: Evaluating the OKLOK Fingerprint Padlock

  • kyle Culp
    kyle Culp

    I hope one day lock companies watch your channel and realize how much you smack on their products, and hope for improvements.

  • The Bearable Bear
    The Bearable Bear

    Mate if your picking a lock you would open it by any means necessary, even if that means ruining the lock as hey a theif wants whats behind it and theifs tend not to give a crap about what they destroy! your channel has helped countless theifs world wide!

  • Mark smith
    Mark smith

    Your pro bono work is phenominal

  • Marvin De Bot
    Marvin De Bot

    That's a really neat little screwdriver set that one.

  • Honklerton

    I would LOVE to see you LIFT a finger print - then reproduce it - and use your reproduction to open a biometric fingerprint lock.

  • Gregor Samsa
    Gregor Samsa

    He can't make a 10 minute video even when he tries

  • Andrew Drewboy
    Andrew Drewboy

    That lithium battery can be turned into a torch to burn open the lock by removing the bottom screw and puncturing the battery

  • Joshua Zimmer
    Joshua Zimmer

    Since it's electric couldn't you just use the ol magnet

  • Eric Jiang
    Eric Jiang

    LPL: usually video ends in a few minutes, let’s try something new. ....... Video ends in a few minutes

  • Randall Slattman
    Randall Slattman


  • Riley Jordan
    Riley Jordan

    at least this lock is damaged after picking it

  • Greg K
    Greg K

    but can it be opened non-destructively? knowing of a breach can be advantageous as hell.


    That’s the same Lithium battery as in most Chinese dashcams. They swell up and eventually fail, often crushing and destroying any circuitry which they are adjacent to.

  • 05017351

    I'd love to know where that mini toolkit comes from. It would be great to have in the lab. I get lots of calls for fixes, and carrying a Leatherman in my lab coat always gets frowns! I guess it's the knife blade!

  • Mark Nordhausen
    Mark Nordhausen

    Fans: How long does it take for you to come up with your 3-5 minute videos. LPL: 3-5 minutes of prep.

  • Benjamin Ruege
    Benjamin Ruege

    Never seen before to opened in less than 5 minutes, including video intro. Nice. I never suspected it took you that long with most of these, but this just reinforces the fact that anyone with some ingenuity and basic tools could defeat most of these locks.

  • JJ playz
    JJ playz

    Anyone know the kit he has like the name of the screwdriver kit

  • The Juicer
    The Juicer

    Lock was blinking for you to stop. Lock lives matter.

  • Darren New
    Darren New

    He needs one of those cell-phone disassembly toolkits. A "spudger" I think it's called.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    This is like watching a Mr Puzzle video.


    Please do more of these

  • Calthecool

    Prying plastic with a flat head screwdriver and using a desktop power supply? This is my kind of lock to pick.

  • Calthecool

    That screwdriver set though.

  • David Hayden
    David Hayden


  • Владислав VL4DL3N
    Владислав VL4DL3N

    Is it require to bridge both pairs? Or do it have common ground for motor with power?

  • David Williams
    David Williams

    any lock with plastic or electric components is ripe for disassembly

  • James Bruce-Kadow
    James Bruce-Kadow

    Now that I've seen LPL reverse-engineering a circuit, I want to see Big Clive picking locks.

  • why even living
    why even living

    where did you buy that screwdriver kit

  • steven baxter
    steven baxter

    This is a job for (bigclivedotcom)

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett

    What toolset is that?

    • The Juicer
      The Juicer

      Wiha makes it, I believe. There’s knock off versions

  • -CFW. Magic-
    -CFW. Magic-

    (literally disassembles lock) "a bit of damage done to the lock"

  • Fred Leonard
    Fred Leonard

    Yes OK, BUT, A lot harder when on a chain or garage door to work on.

  • Devon Edick
    Devon Edick

    At least it’s kinda hard to take apart????

  • Mark C
    Mark C

    A much more interesting video showing your thought process etc.

  • Arkadiusz Juszczak
    Arkadiusz Juszczak

    I love your chanel !

  • Gruntslayer 35
    Gruntslayer 35

    You didn’t pick it tho

  • Poisonjam7

    If this lock were to sit out in the Texas summer heat, the adhesive on the front panel would almost certainly melt enough for you to be able to pry it off without any tools or cause any damage. After that, it’s your choice as to how you want to bypass the locking mech. What an awful lock. But I wasn’t expecting much from a company called “OkLok.” They even acknowledged in their own name that their locks are only “ok.”

  • Randelle Vergara
    Randelle Vergara

    I got a bit elated when I saw we use the same screwdriver

  • Maximum Effort
    Maximum Effort

    I used to have this exact lock for my school locker

  • Sashwat Deosi
    Sashwat Deosi

    8 min??? how

  • Robin Nilsson
    Robin Nilsson

    Trivia without value: The word 'oklok' means 'unwise' in Swedish ....

  • Tontoinatutu Redirect
    Tontoinatutu Redirect

    Whats that bit set you're using? I'm looking for one to take apart and do basic maintenance on my folding pocket knives and yours looks kinda neat

  • Conor Kerrisk
    Conor Kerrisk

    Where did he get that screwdriver set look good wouldn't mind getting one my self

  • Myk Streja
    Myk Streja

    Did this lock arrive encased in a condom?

  • Daniel Chmiel
    Daniel Chmiel

    it's not a great lock, it's not even that good. it's just OKLOK

  • down1nit2

    Maybe the battery and the motor can be bridged between their sockets as well. Can even rig up 2 sockets like a coupler and plug the motor directly into the battery. OK OKLOK!

  • Adrian Sundberg
    Adrian Sundberg

    More of this!!

  • Nicolai Larsen
    Nicolai Larsen

    QC FAIL | 02

  • Douglas Pritchard
    Douglas Pritchard

    That's a pretty sweet looking screwdriver, but why such a narrow handle? Did you have it custom made?

  • Pedro Moura
    Pedro Moura

    "lets start prying those pieces up and see what we come up with" *metal sliding sound* me: gets goosebumps and mcguyver vibes.

  • mal13able

    good for showing people the weakness of the new tech,good guess on te motor wires,you are so smart to do what i love seeing getting it open never fails,cheers!

    • JOhannes Bauer
      JOhannes Bauer

      Well i guess the weak spot isnt just the electronic in there. Just use a Bolt Cutter and this thing will be open easily. Or use the Double Wrench methode! Because the Motor will be probably pretty weak and not hold up so much.

  • comingviking

    "I think that flap of skin might contain a jugular. An obvious design flaw. Let's go straight for it!" If LPL was a predator.

  • Kevin Alg
    Kevin Alg

    Couldn't you just shim the shackle?

  • jacob armendariz
    jacob armendariz

    I like this format way better.

  • Ian Woodbridge
    Ian Woodbridge

    Thumbs up for the longer format.

  • ScoresBYU

    My BIL gave me this NOKE smart lock that opens with bluetooth or by depressing the shackle in a pattern. noke.com/standard-padlock I would love to see you review it.

  • Luke Yeeterman
    Luke Yeeterman

    This is such a bad design how you can take the lock apart without ANY special tools

  • MKMW C
    MKMW C

    always watch these vids after pornhub thx man

  • julian

    Why does he say that he wouldn't do something in a video, in a video?

  • RWBHere

    Thanks, LPL. Yet another lock which has not been designed by a security specialist.

  • Silviu Andrei
    Silviu Andrei

    What is the screwdriver set called?

  • nelty mind
    nelty mind

    This is basically as safe as a zip tie.

  • griffonu

    What is that screwdriver + bits set?

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat

    This is still somewhat inaccurate in showing how you might look at a lock for the first time, because you have disassembled many locks just like this and know the typical weak points. A better example would be a lock that you have not seen before, and haven't taken apart locks with almost identical construction.

  • 710thcentury digitalboy
    710thcentury digitalboy

    what a shame, you're working so hard to find an exploit you forgot to just use a piece of tape to steal the correct fingerprints is the easiest exploit of all with any half assed fingerprint reader.

  • Israel Colchado Rojas
    Israel Colchado Rojas

    I’m getting the jerryrigeverything vibe

  • Chase Nelson
    Chase Nelson

    Nice to see some modern tech and electricity involved

  • Keiya

    God it'd be so easy to put the smarts inside and only run the scan data in and out. So easy. But it cost an extra penny a unit, so nope

  • Jarod Morris
    Jarod Morris

    Why don't these locks have a fail-safe that would seize the lock so it wouldn't open at all. Sucks for the owner, but I would rather have to cut a lock off my still-secured property than file a police report that will result in nothing.

  • 1244B

    Whats this screwdriver set?

  • mingiasi

    i wonder if one could make this thing explode open by overheating that battery with a torch. or melt the face off the lock.

  • mingiasi

    "is that a screw under there" lock manufacturer: "oh deer god..."

  • zeke

    If I’d have to get in I would just cut the motor wires, splice them then Touch them to the lead on the battery

  • James

    4:17 CLICK

  • James

    8 minute video 😍

  • Hank Jones
    Hank Jones

    pewdiepie mentioned you in his latest video crappy designs

  • Kadin S
    Kadin S

    What is that screwdriver set??

  • Vasko G
    Vasko G


  • LoyalLockLark

    Loved this review ,cool to watch you work through different vulnerabilities that can be exploited .

  • Mensa Swede
    Mensa Swede

    Yeah but now we want to see the process behind the curtain that went into making this video......

  • ScousersAreShemales

    this is like a Bruce Lee film....''ok i'm gonna kick your ass, but i'm gonna do it in 3 different ways''

  • Alex Hoo
    Alex Hoo

    Skip to 6:06 if you want to see LPL attack the butt plug.

  • Gabe Thompson
    Gabe Thompson

    what bit and driver set is that ?

  • Project T-Tech
    Project T-Tech

    What screwdriver kit is that? I like it

  • Alex

    What do you do with the bits after you disassemble these locks?

  • omar tabyaoui
    omar tabyaoui

    I like how he always says thank you at the very last of every video xD

  • Preston Henson
    Preston Henson

    I came for the lock.. I stayed for that SLICK screwdriver set!

  • Jarlemagne

    That screwdriver kit looks really nifty. Where did you get it?

  • Bender 24k
    Bender 24k


  • SaucelessBones

    you can have like cley to plug that small hole next to the charging port and have it look not tempered so if you want to open then put the lock back on you can do that


    i like how he continues to find different ways to exploit the lock

  • Tim Felsky
    Tim Felsky

    i like that this guy is a lawyer and is used to billing by the minute.No fluff or time wasted.

  • B Brown
    B Brown

    You have successfully destroyed ALL sense of security I've ever held for any lock. Not sure if I should thank you or curse you.

  • EGrubs

    I'd subscribe to this as a second channel

  • Jan Alfs
    Jan Alfs

    Hy, can you tell us what the name of your screw driver set is?

  • Eric H
    Eric H

    Where did you get that screwdriver set from? I want them.

  • The Crunchies
    The Crunchies

    Hey man all i wanna know is where i can get that screwdriver set.

    • Alex Kart
      Alex Kart

      chinese "wiha" screwdriver kit. i have a one and he is pretty good.

    • Justin Rea
      Justin Rea

      Im combing comments for the same reason lol

  • Nycrea

    I actually enjoy this video style more than just the showcasing of the exploit, would love to see more!

  • Mucpou Gaming
    Mucpou Gaming

    i like how even with a lock he doesnt know by the time a normal video would end its already opened up.

  • xxcrankflipxx716

    I love that dark all metal nano screwdriver kit you used in this video, I tried finding it online and nothing... What is that kit/set called?

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