[1191] It’s So Bad, They Give You Two & Hope One Will Work! (Sepox Lockbox)

  • Davidcuthbert21

    Fuck this guy scrambles his eggs into oblivion

  • Black Polished Chrome
    Black Polished Chrome

    Imagine getting two that do not work. xD

  • Kevin López
    Kevin López

    it takes him longer to reset the combination than to open the lock.....including all the time he takes telling us how to do it. lmao

  • Nomadic

    Opening digit locks is so easy all you have to do is spin it constantly and lift at the same time

  • Brock Sanderson
    Brock Sanderson

    what the fuck!?!? NO...

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow

    another one of the locks that are so bad that it makes me angry, even though Ill never own one anyway

  • Dylan Darnell
    Dylan Darnell

    I have a few questions: why is the flat spot 2 spaces up from the correct number? Is it _actually_ 2 spaces, or is there a mechanical offset (e.g. number display is in one place, important lock parts are in another place) that works out to about 2 spaces? Would this be consistent across different brands/models of number-wheel lock, or is it specific to this type?

  • Blue00

    Lpl going for these companies while existence

  • Estor

    might aswell have used a can opener to get it open if the metal construction is so bad

  • 1973Washu

    Would a box like this be sufficient to prove an argument that someone made a reasonable effort to keep the contents private?

  • Asuchri

    I want him to go into an escape room and lockpick everything

  • Your Enemy's friend
    Your Enemy's friend

    This lockbox looks so vulnerable I think using enough physical force is enough to break the box.

  • coolio

    I could imagine using this as a sandwich lunchbox.

  • God

    I mean, i wouldn't complain if other people used it... Heh...

  • Diego Licitra
    Diego Licitra

    Wtf is going on with my recomended

  • Jason Kaler
    Jason Kaler

    It's so bad, the LPL video is less than 3 minutes.

  • Captain Clasher
    Captain Clasher

    You can probably pry it open with a butter knife

  • Slashscreen

    how does he know to move it by -2?

    • Jesse C
      Jesse C

      Because the flat spot signals the picker to move the number back to spaces to let the pin down.

  • foxtailedcritter

    I love you never change

  • Chandler Ball
    Chandler Ball

    I was hoping you'd open the other one just for it to not work

  • Lil chavo
    Lil chavo

    817 baby

  • Poodleinacan

    Even more to add to landfills. ...ffs...

  • Greebo

    Best security I see here is to keep it wrapped in the plastic it come in.

  • Natan titelbaum
    Natan titelbaum

    I think these boxes could be good decoys for robbers

  • Blyatboy

    I remember him using a similar method with a rebull can

  • BananenRepublikDeutschland

    there is a 50% Chance that a thief will steal the wrong box. 😅

  • Super Pigeon
    Super Pigeon

    In the video game dishonored 2 there are safes that, each run, have a randomized code, what you're meant to do is find clues in the area to figure out the code, but I'm a psychopath and If I couldn't find the clue, I'd brut force the codes. Once went from 001 all that way up to if I remember correctly 723, I do know that it was in the 700s, what I'm trying to say is that if I was a thief and I found one of these I would have a will and I would have a way.

  • Lynx Firenze
    Lynx Firenze

    Honestly I gave up on this thing after seeing the crap construction and three digit cipher. It could be made of Unobtanium however and still be useless with a three digit code.



  • Backyard Getaways
    Backyard Getaways

    It doesn't even look like metal. It looks like a cheap plastic.

  • Ben Gonzales
    Ben Gonzales

    I can't believe they want $34 for such a cheaply made product. This looks like something you'd get for free from Publisher's Clearing House or something like that.

  • WasifRazz

    It takes 8 to 10 min to try all the possibilities from 1 to 999. I tried cuz I was hella bored

  • Filther

    Why not screw the hinges on the outside already?

  • alecs4852

    Can you please explain better the "flat spot"?

  • Zachery Graves
    Zachery Graves

    Why not just take the whole thing put it in your pocket figure out how to get into it later I mean come on 🤦🤣

  • XSanctusMalumX

    you know something is cheaply made when it's cheaper for them to give you a free one rather than fix an issue that considering how common that lock type is others have probably already fixed for them.

  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson

    Imagine you stormed the beaches of Normandie for your country.... "NOPE CANT HAVE VISITS FROM YOUR LOVED ONES OR A FUNERAL; ITS 0,01% CHANCE SOMEONE DIES!"

  • Darth Fish
    Darth Fish

    Yoo im gonna give my sister one for christmas

  • Etaoin Wu
    Etaoin Wu

    How does the "minus two" thing work?

  • StarlightEater

    These are manufactured for the methadone industry, hence the poor quality.

  • Raccoon gaming channel
    Raccoon gaming channel

    Bruh criminals really be getting tips from this guy I swear

  • fallingbed

    I thought this was an N64 cuz of the thumbnail

  • Kframes

    Why -2? Is it always the case for this kind of locks?

  • Gaming Weirdo
    Gaming Weirdo

    This thing has the security of a zipper lunchbox

  • Pringlez Man
    Pringlez Man



    isn't this just a lunchbox?

  • Kaiver

    My classmate had this same problem with his lock and keeps on wondering how I keep on unlocking it

  • ZeePintor

    How did he know he had to turn -2? In other video I saw a lock which had to be -3

  • xtentasticx

    Lock looks bad, looks like you could even use just a hammer.

  • Majextic

    If this is one that does work I would love to see one that has the problem

  • TILR


  • RWBHere

    If you shake one of those and listen carefully, you can hear the unmistakable sound of a towel being thrown in. *Master Lock: Look out! Someone is about to steal your only claim to fame!*

  • RWBHere

    That 'offer' is a clear admission that the boxes are trash. I wouldn't even want to secure a sandwich in one of them.

  • GreenBeanGiant

    Hah u got two i got 5 and they got bigger like nesting dolls.

  • No

    Play the video in half speed its quite funny

  • Dark. Duke
    Dark. Duke

    Imagine buying TWO busted. You roughly have 1/4 chance for that. Just... just get your head out of the gutter Sepox.

  • Wendigo

    i wouldn't use this to guard my lunch

  • Null Imagination
    Null Imagination

    Works about as well as a lunchbox

  • happi prod.
    happi prod.

    u could just open that with force probably

  • Suguru Misato
    Suguru Misato

    Good for keeping sweets away from children... for few minutes.

  • Christopher Cain
    Christopher Cain

    When the video is under 3 minutes, you know he’s gonna roast the fuck out of it and then pick it with something dumb as hell like an orange peel

  • jazz martinez
    jazz martinez

    Could someone answer a question for me, what are flat spots and why would he subtract two from the number? I need to know for... reasons.

  • Urban 3FLO II
    Urban 3FLO II

    Yoo, it's not even "buy one, get one free", it's "buy one, get 50% off". Great video, as always. 👌

  • Patrick G
    Patrick G

    goes to show the margin they make on cheap crap like this. be smart with your money, just because you're not spending much doesn't mean you're not being ripped off

  • bubba99009

    They also helpfully show you where you need to drill if you just want to drill the two rivets and drop out the lock mechanism entirely. Course that's all kinda overkill when you could just take a big flathead screwdriver and pry it open.

  • Let's Get This Over With
    Let's Get This Over With

    Designers: "There's a 50% chance they'll fail" Advertising team: "I have an idea..."

  • M P
    M P

    Imagine making 50% of your product stock being defective.

  • Yamai

    Can you explain why with cipher locks, you minus two from the flat pin?

    • Neelu

      Basically it's an offset of sorts, the flat part he felt was the thing he was after as the correct digit (idk terms) and I assume the position it has to actually be in was 2 digits back.

  • Sir Vallenstein
    Sir Vallenstein

    Nice, I get a second paperweight for the price of one!

  • Orouboros

    it looks like a toy..

  • Commenting4Fun

    @2:20 : "8-1-7" My Mind: "LPL don't stoooop. Its an 8-1-7 on an underproduced lock"

  • J. S.
    J. S.

    Well I'm sold. I'm buying two to store both of my guns in, in the hopes that one of the guns won't get stollen and used in a heinous crime.

  • Kevin O'Neill
    Kevin O'Neill

    Thank you for your videos.

  • Josh F
    Josh F

    Hey, as a cheap safe owner myself, the ONLY thing that I am looking for is something that a kid couldn't brute force it open by prying. While sure, a their could come and pick it, I'm not worried about thieves. Could you possibly show safes life this one being forced open in a way a child might open it? (Throwing it on the ground, random combo, prying) All if applicable of course.

  • eskimo2k

    "We're not going to fix it, we're just going to give you two" China in a nutshell.

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde

    Imagine if you order one and both are broken

  • Jordon Carlson
    Jordon Carlson

    Remember folks, shit comes cheap when your labour force is made up of 10 year olds! Child labour is wrong! They have no sense of quality!

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol

    Atleast masterlock products actually work as intended for locking up my empty bottle of crystal pepsi

  • cr01

    Interesting reversal of terminology in that 'bruteforced' means trying to operate the mechanism in the designed way, whereas applying force to the mechanism in an unauthorised way is not 'brute forcing'.

    • cr

      @Zijkhal Yes, I know the derivation of it. I think it probably originates from code (cipher) breaking - 'try every combination'. Computers are good for that. I just find it amusingly ironic that, in the context of lock-picking, it has thus come to mean the opposite of what the phrase might suggest.

    • Zijkhal

      Brute force in this sense basically means something like "without any finesse"

  • Mrguy

    Bunch of chumps in the lock making industry

  • Allen Copeland
    Allen Copeland

    Took longer to explain the details, faults, and laughable BOGO plan than it did to open it.

  • KRU's Den
    KRU's Den

    The number of times I've brute forced 3 wheel combination lock is uncountable... I know it can only realistically take less than 20 min.

  • Crimson Halo
    Crimson Halo

    On the bright side, Trump could use these to keep his cheeseburgers secure.

  • Brent Dowland
    Brent Dowland

    Resets combination to reach at least a two minute video 🤣

  • Coby Andrews
    Coby Andrews

    Is this why people have more then one children?

  • Perseus

    Look im not sure how fast your fingers are but brute forcing 3 10 digit code wheels to find the right combination means going through 720 possible combinations. Yes you could get lucky early and its one of the first you try, you could also have shit luck and its the 710th combination. Just saying brute forcing can take more than a few minutes.

  • ajw7171996

    Literally a lunchbox

  • Vallhell Killstar
    Vallhell Killstar

    Do a bank vault next ❤️

  • James Westley
    James Westley

    uh, how about if there is anything in there i want to steal i'll just take the whole box?

  • Antti Karhu
    Antti Karhu

    Glad to hear the flaw is only temporary, and both of the boxes will fix themselves given some time.

  • SleepingAgent

    Could make a decent lunchbox, if it had a handle and you only eat flat things.. and you are on a diet. Doing my best..

  • MindofMadness

    Or to save Ten Second simply flit it on it's side and stomp on the lockface.

  • FDK

    Maybe that's something for Master locks as well? Buy one get 5 free. If you use all 6 locks at the same time it will take a bit more time to pick and there's your security.

  • Tailn O Wag
    Tailn O Wag

    Wow, that's pretty bad for a company, especially a lock company

  • koenigscat

    Today we have a biscuit tin disguised as a lockbox at least they put the hinge pin on the inside of the box..

  • Johann Lo
    Johann Lo

    Scrambling the lock combination looks way more difficult than picking it.

  • bombchomsky

    I use it for storing my diary under my bed

  • Klayperson

    Are there any locks, security boxes or safes I SHOULD buy??

  • Naruedyoh

    3 minute video Half the time has passed and still no break attempt. So, no people fired?

  • jacob shoell
    jacob shoell

    i bet the any 1 of the flat drivers on my leatherman surge should pop that open😸😸 i know the mini pry bar on my keys would definitely pop that open in 2 sec its 3in long ¼ thick hardened toolsteel💗💗😸😸