[1106] INEXCUSABLE: Police Car Gun Lock Bypassed in ONE SECOND (Big Sky Racks' ELS 300)

  • NoOb kInG
    NoOb kInG

    You see its meant to hold a ar 15 rifle and i just so happen to have one with me here

  • ATCmon

    I am just waiting for him to pick the federal reserve vault door with a toothpick

  • Christian Flor
    Christian Flor

    This would be funny if it wasn't deadly serious. There needs to be a way to hold companies responsible for their actions and I don't mean financially.

  • Keelan Murphy
    Keelan Murphy

    Tbf, risk to just getting to this lock is enough to keep most people away.

  • kij100

    'I don't have the tubular lock to test but I guess I know how it would fare' - yes, badly!

  • pschroeter1

    On any given day, your videos entertain and scare me at the same time.

  • Dontworry Aboutit
    Dontworry Aboutit

    Never seen this one before. I know that all border patrol, fish and game, and others have gone with Blac-Rac gun locks.

  • Avery Colburn
    Avery Colburn

    *Nervous laughter*

  • Adam Botica
    Adam Botica

    first thing I do when watching these video's is check the duration. no surprise again 2:19

  • thetriode

    I will say I don't get why everyone is so excited by this. I could probably defeat it with 2X 9V batteries, a pocket knife and a mote of wire considering the wiring's exposed. These locks are a keeping honest people honest item for sure and any officer who's using them for more than that is very naive.

  • 0rbital


  • Sorensen_

    LockPickingLawyer is the ultimate comrade

  • Gerald Maus
    Gerald Maus

    You know a lock is flawed when it can be opened with a generic magnet faster than it can be opened with the key.

  • ThatGuy

    Not many thugs out there carry magnets with them so I think it’s pretty safe lol

    • Ian Ezell
      Ian Ezell

      I have so many magnets from hard drives ive taken apart, time to hand them out like candies. ACAB

  • Jetmech0417

    Non ferrous metal and the problem is solved...

  • Johan Sidén
    Johan Sidén

    So open the car with the general pattern key used for fleet vehicles and with a magnet obtain a firearm so deadly it's banned to own unless pre-1986...

  • Dj J
    Dj J

    You must be the mutant Magneto

  • Kimon Froussios
    Kimon Froussios

    Most people don't watch LPL videos or have any other lock bypass training, and they don't carry jigglers or magnets. So that lock will prevent most passer-by from having a go at the gun. The only threat is someone who premeditates to take that gun. A tiny probability that just become a lot more tangible because of this channel. If the lock costs $20-50, you got what you paid for. If it costs $200, what you got is unacceptable for what you paid.

  • kan815k

    And it was sold over 380.000 units. Maybe it was designed that easy access to the Police.

  • James Spingola
    James Spingola

    Now criminals and Antifa /BLM know how to gain possession of police rifles in a matter of seconds. Thanks lock picking lawyer!

  • someGUYwithADHD

    What was that wafer key/rake that LPL used?

  • vilerrify

    Holy fuck this is too much

  • JanPan

    Next video : How to unlock a prison cell lock with you pinky finger

  • N7 tungstenKestrel
    N7 tungstenKestrel

    Let's be honest, Americans don't buy guns for security lol, why would they even bother securing their own guns?

    • HeyRomeo

      uhh, most americans do..

  • Ryan Marsh
    Ryan Marsh

    Why does that work? What is your magic magnet doing?

  • Matt Snyder
    Matt Snyder

    Taxpayer money at its finest

  • Will

    "I am inevitable" - Lock Picking Lawyer

  • Leum K
    Leum K

    This channel is single handedly creating anarchy as we know it.

  • thedirtymammal

    Do you think with the state of the world that this is a smart video to keep up?

  • Jan Witts
    Jan Witts


  • wickedcrow.


  • Tenacious Tee
    Tenacious Tee

    Now the criminals know how to unlock them 😁👍

  • BlongsBricks

    Is that gun from Fortnite?

  • TZO

    ELS = Easy Lock Smith

  • Zain

    You can hear from voice that he's actually calmly raging. Hahaha

  • Inspironator


  • Alex

    Lockpicking Lawyer: How to unlock and steal anything you want, and then steal the guys gun who tries to arrest you for it. All this with a magnet.

  • Lord : Enlightened Luciferian Prince 4.7
    Lord : Enlightened Luciferian Prince 4.7

    A freaking 🧲!!!

  • SR IRL
    SR IRL

    This is also why these types of purchases contracts should NOT be given to the lowest bidder.

  • SR IRL
    SR IRL

    NGL... rather irresponsible to even post this in today's environment

  • burntsilverado

    I think you should remove this video, too many people will use it with malicious intent.

  • Dead Eye
    Dead Eye

    This guy makes me feel pretty stupid. LOL

  • frigginresulrum

    Best part about finding an old, dead HDD. The juicy powerful magnets within.

  • builttoscalevideos

    Love how varied a LockPickingLawyer video can be. They range from one of 3 options 1. Locks that have hilarious flaws that make you laugh when he opens them so quickly. 2. Challenge videos with a mix of puzzle locks and locks that are sent to him as a challenge. and 3. Gun lock videos like this that are actually terrifying and make you go "Heck that's scary dude" when he opens them so quickly.

  • JP Trj
    JP Trj

    TBH, Police Department and other related organization should hire someone like you. Like the companies that develops anti-virus, they have their own Hackers and "Virus Developers" just to test their products.

  • Aquvite

    thank you know i have protection i have escaped the police they are still on my tail

  • Dj Mellow
    Dj Mellow

    oh boyyy

  • my first crappy video Billy
    my first crappy video Billy

    Cops really don't like cute shit like that

  • Jayson Bird
    Jayson Bird

    I installed a few of these.. and yikes 😬

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall

    Come on bro

  • Zachrey Helmberger
    Zachrey Helmberger

    WOW!!! Ummm....

  • J B
    J B

    Whats kinds of picks did you use?

  • Robert T
    Robert T

    Still seems better then them rattling around in the trunk.

  • Theodore Watry
    Theodore Watry

    Yea but you would be dead before you got to the lock

  • WitteReus

    This lock represents America at its current state

  • C_Wonder

    didn’t that one kid snatch one from the NYPD during the riots?

  • Yasser Abdesselam
    Yasser Abdesselam

    This is rape. 😂😂😂

  • Patcheh

    Zero skill attacks are my specialty

  • Tra Pong
    Tra Pong


  • Tyler

    LOCKPICKINGLAWYER GETTING POLITICAL! LOVE IT. use the platform for good homie. saving lives .. also, teaching me how to get a new GAT looooool

  • A Few Reliable Artists
    A Few Reliable Artists

    I think in any scenario where there is a trip method that is faster than the key itself, there is an actual serious problem.

  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor

    Just WoW

  • Shattered Ankle
    Shattered Ankle

    Very disappointing and disturbing.

  • Hayze Productions
    Hayze Productions

    Imagine how many criminals follow this channel and watch how to's on here. 😂😂

  • Dennis

    those cheap keys awful

  • Nostrum84

    What the f*** is that xD The US of A in a nutshell


    Thank you lockpickinglawyer I can now successfully unlock firearms that are left in plain view of the general public and safely return them to the police

  • noobishsite

    another genuine american made quality product....MAGA!

  • Billy Wuzhere
    Billy Wuzhere

    That company should be ashamed of themselves

  • Garrett Rector
    Garrett Rector

    In other news lawenforcment all round the country replaced all it rifle lock mounts

  • GareauRA

    Hmm not sure what your point was on making this video, other than to show the general public (especially in times like these) how to get a hold of a fire arm intended to be used by law enforcement. As if they don't have enough on their plate with all the BS going on in this country atm, lets make it easier for a criminal to kill em. Awesome.

  • Joseph Loiselle
    Joseph Loiselle

    Next time some warning a few days ahead would be great so some of us can short sell our stocks.

  • Epicloltrollface

    Good locks would only slow the cops down while they're murdering innocent people.

    • HeyRomeo

      as if

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen

    You wonder where those funds go we give them to protect us

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott

    I would say this is terrible, but we all know in America gun locks only exist to give the appearance of compliance with the law; nobody who actually carries a gun actually wants to have it locked, because they all believe they are invincible and immune to pickpockets.

    • Shawn Elliott
      Shawn Elliott

      @HeyRomeo: What a stupid thing to say.

    • HeyRomeo

      i don’t think you know how guns work

  • skjaldulfr

    Well, no one would've known they could open it with a magnet if you didn't tell the world...

  • combathotdog

    Only thing I'm an expert on is picking my nose for boogers. This guy is amazing.

  • Sniperbear

    I'm in awe. Used this lock in my patrol vehicle and thought my rifle was "secure". Wow....

    • Jonathan D
      Jonathan D

      @KimJong Ryan Did you know that most Ford Crown Victoria patrol cars all use the same key? Sadly it's true.

    • ericspecullaas

      You should show this video to your higher ups and tell them with the current hostility towards us why are we risking someone getting our shotgun from the car/SUV? Hell cops have been killed on duty with there own service weapons because of crappy locks like this. Oh and ty for protecting your community

    • AtholAnderson

      @Grant Davis If someone has no money and wants one for criminal purposes, and/or cannot legally buy one due to criminal convictions?

    • Grant Davis
      Grant Davis

      Tbf why would you steal a gun when you can buy them at Walmart?

    • B B
      B B

      @KimJong Ryan Absolutely. Particularly with the recent riots and such, there have been a lot of damaged police vehicles and opportunity for this sort of theft. Even before the recent unrest, I've heard of officers getting firearms and other equipment stolen. Granted it's much more common when left in personal vehicles.

  • Jeff AlienSmashingAtoms
    Jeff AlienSmashingAtoms

    It's about time we have a UZloadr who gets to the freaking point, doesn't act all over dramatic and all while putting out excellent content. Thank you

  • Zar 15
    Zar 15

    Its inexcusable to tell everyone about it on youtube

  • Jack Bingham
    Jack Bingham

    Should send to the pd's.

  • Golden Pun
    Golden Pun

    Easy for anyone who knows what they're doing.... *glances at 2.1 million views*

  • My Name is Gladiator
    My Name is Gladiator

    Apparently locks are designed to discourage the ignorant and the honest.

  • Skibby Scampi
    Skibby Scampi

    Anyway you can make a video about a lock you CANT open without a key? Maybe tell us about it a bit?

  • sasukeuchiha998

    The police have a great way of stopping people from getting access to the lock. They just shoot them with hot lead until they die and blame the public for not giving them enough money to buy better locks.

    • fishermen of light
      fishermen of light

      @sasukeuchiha998 I'm blessed in the country I live, the United States police forces don't get together and do this to their people. As humans though, don't we all Make mistakes.

    • sasukeuchiha998

      @fishermen of light I would too, but thankfully no police force in the world would do this. Right?

    • fishermen of light
      fishermen of light

      I'd hate to live in your country.

  • Hqstupidlab

    Lol the FBI is watching me since I watched this.

  • Calum A
    Calum A

    What Da F! Wow...that's bad!

  • dun dee
    dun dee

    couldnt you just take the front sight off and pull it out also?

  • J B
    J B

    ummm, so are you deliberately airing while people "think so highly of police"? Or are you just obtuse? I was a subbed and a fan, but despite you being clever, you aren't aware of the affects this may have; say people attempting to steal police rifles from their cars because they see this.... I don't know what to think of you. I'm still trying to order the gd sparrows lockpick that sold out in 10 seconds because a small company can't market for shit and I'll probably tune it for tips. However, all in all, a disappointment. You'd do better consulting for these companies rather than exposing their weaknesses for a pittance. wtf am I talking about 2.5m subs, you could give zero fucks about anyone, let alone what ever is going on with the world so keep it up...still lost my sub as I don't care to associate with people like this.

  • J B
    J B

    ummm, so are you deliberately airing while people "think so highly of police"? Or are you just obtuse? I was a subbed and a fan, but despite you being clever, you aren't aware of the affects this may have; say people attempting to steal police rifles from their cars because they see this.... I don't know what to think of you. I'm still trying to order the gd sparrows lockpick that sold out in 10 seconds because a small company can't market for shit and I'll probably tune it for tips. However, all in all, a disappointment. You'd do better consulting for these companies rather than exposing their weaknesses for a pittance.

  • joshue Oshinski
    joshue Oshinski

    I feeknlike its meant to be easy to get knto for the cops to be able to bust it open quickly

  • theomegared02


  • silver watcher
    silver watcher

    News flash rare earth magnets stock triples lol.

  • Steven Mckay
    Steven Mckay

    I'm going to try that. !! I think they have something similar here in Canada. They have a rack that has the rifles and shotguns sitting up right. And a little lock. I can prolly bypass it.

  • katie_incredible

    Good news is that it's mostly around cops who aren't known for being bright, but plenty belligerent, so who knows if it's worth it to try.

    • fishermen of light
      fishermen of light

      Very informative comment. Did you come up with this idea all on your own?

  • y5e

    Never seen the LockPickingLawyer so furious!

  • Ching Chong
    Ching Chong

    Don’t have to steal guns when u can just buy one

  • trey kearns
    trey kearns

    All right!! now that I know how to do that.... Jkjk

  • FTY 10-36AD
    FTY 10-36AD

    Surprising what a horrible lock... but the published video seems more then a little detrimental.

  • abazdarhon

    Tax payer money we’ll spend to a friend of politician company... for product which isn’t actually work as design. Typical.