[1170] High(ish) Security Copy: DeGuard Pin-in-Pin Lock Cylinder

  • Fish Rock
    Fish Rock

    This Not the Britested Thing to do, people buy locks to detoer locking A door...

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin

    He sounds like, and reminds me of a dentist working.

  • wackoguywatch

    I bet your wife's g spot is abused...

  • Brandon C.
    Brandon C.

    Im not even slightly interested in the locks.. I'm here cause your voice is soothing 😅 and after being here this long I'm starting to learn about locks 🤦

  • Momoka7

    Hmm ... the thing I find sad, is that this lock is basically the same mechanic as all other locks. Save the fact that the key doesn't interact with the pins vertically, but horizontally. I thought there is more to that. You can put those special pins into a normal lock as well, the only benefit here is that each pin is not just one piece of metal, but a tube and a pin inside. I should be possible, to create a lock that truly is pick save, forcing you to drill it out, or?

  • dat Pianoguy
    dat Pianoguy

    can you pick the KESO 8000 Omega 2?

  • Spoken_ Truth
    Spoken_ Truth

    How do you buy this lock, the only place i seen that could be buy it was retailers

  • Unperson

    Your videos are satisfying.

  • Bobby Brooks
    Bobby Brooks

    As usual not practical , not even something shister picker would spring for in his own house.. what do you think this , a real one would cost?? Probably like 200 bucks.... and how about this , 150 ??? Who knows but more than $7.99

  • DanQ Plays
    DanQ Plays

    And now, the KEAL test!

  • Trever Harkness
    Trever Harkness

    What type is vise do you have ?? Where can we purchase one ?? Thanks

  • R V
    R V

    Can you open locks at bank of England or federal reserve ,than you are hired 🥳

  • Satoru Lisenko
    Satoru Lisenko

    When are you going to show us who to pick a bank vault?

  • Batman Forever
    Batman Forever

    When you're feeling down about whatever, the Lock Picking Lawyer!

  • Mike Farris
    Mike Farris

    I seams like no lock get passed you, so is their such a thing as a lock that you cannot pick?

  • j loos
    j loos


  • dannythemedic

    but... what is the price???

  • ekagfc

    He makes it look so easy...


    some funky jazz,,,,click on 1,,,,,countaroation on 4,,,,7 looking good,,,,,,,,3 is there,,,,,,,,,30seconds some jazz,,,,,its open,,,,,opens everything lol,,,,,,,,,i would use sellotape or duck tape,,,,he always needs more time get through that when he opens a package,,,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,,

  • Chaoss Creations
    Chaoss Creations

    Damn those counter rotations and false sets, am I right? Seriously. No idea if they're good or bad.

  • Harrick V Harrick
    Harrick V Harrick

    Those dimple locks are in fact a bit of a inferior design simply be cause the pins have so much less travel and thus are always are close to the shear line. in other words they never have to be moved far and there are way less variations per pin.

  • Daniel Godfrey
    Daniel Godfrey

    Has the lock picking lawyer picked vehicles yet?

  • Graphicsor

    this guy must be rich

  • pop foz
    pop foz

    On this day Degaurd sold out!

  • EasyVybe Music
    EasyVybe Music

    Subscribed on this video

  • Evil Badger
    Evil Badger

    I no longer trust my doors

  • Gernhart Reinholzen
    Gernhart Reinholzen

    How the F is he able to pick those pins seperatly?

  • Ardeact

    LPL how do you pick two turn locks? you know the ones where you turn full right then full left to open.

  • Unified Horizons
    Unified Horizons

    me when home owners use steel frames instead of wood ones

  • Caleb Chandler
    Caleb Chandler

    Can you make a video of repinning the locks??

  • Travels With Dan
    Travels With Dan

    where can i get the tweezers. Picking up pins is usually a pain but those look like they would be much better. (besides the fact that burglars made a mess of my Universal and i need to sort it back out. they opened it while it was not sitting on a table))

  • Jakob Thompson
    Jakob Thompson

    I kinda want one of these locks now Can’t find it on DeGuard’s website, tho, but I found something super similar-looking from Kenuard

  • Joseph Cloherty
    Joseph Cloherty

    I wanna see a vid on a lock you can't pick

  • MSЯ

    what camera is he using ??

  • chomik722

    Man you kill all my hope for a safe house...

  • mumia76

    I have a question. In Europe most doors are designed to be opened by two or sometimes three full rotation of the key. If you'd pick a lock like that wouldn't the pins fall back into the slots after one full rotation? Meaning you'd have to pick the lock at least twice to open the door?

  • Carsonwell

    imagine being in a jail cell with this dude 😏

  • Art Thingies
    Art Thingies

    Disassembly videos are always my fave. I love seeing the internals

  • Evan Gelist
    Evan Gelist

    Less than 3 mins...I want to know what lock this guy can't pick, that's the one I want


    Is this jerryrigeverythings secret second channel?🤔

  • allovered10

    why are you teaching this on youtube? making it available for everyone who wants to steal, with toons of people with no jobs, not smart at all...

  • Turquoise Elk
    Turquoise Elk

    I have no idea how I got here.. but I'm glad I did.

  • propm

    I am not sure what lock that is good because you pick everything on under 2 minutts and yet you say "This is an excellent anti pick lock system" and I am like, what? it is? it took you as short time as open a plastic cigar box.

  • zombieseatingu

    Deckard. You suck!

  • VenomousDoge ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽
    VenomousDoge ༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽

    This giving me dentist vibes 2:00

  • SumoAdi

    Is there any lock he can't pick

  • SumoAdi

    Every time you sound like my dentist 😂 Nothin on 1 Nothing on 2 And so on😂

  • Grape Ape
    Grape Ape

    So basically no lock will keep you safe, and if you could make a unpickable lock the door becomes the weakest point. I guess the moral of it all is don’t have anything of value.

  • NinjaOnANinja

    "Like it was on a door." Proceeds to put hand through door. Position is part of the difficulty.

    • Elmer Dellson
      Elmer Dellson

      If it was really in a door, he would just rest his hand against the door, wouldn't he?

  • Hudson de Brito Sergio
    Hudson de Brito Sergio

    No, i don't search for this video. And i don't mind how i came here.

  • Curtis Sylvester Jr.
    Curtis Sylvester Jr.

    Did he really say this thing had security???? He just picked the lock, where's the security in that???????

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • Szabi B
    Szabi B

    You are really really talented, major props 👍🏻

  • Jonathon Pawelko
    Jonathon Pawelko

    Arggh now you have just gone and pushed the limits again. Since you the Lock Picking Lawyer directed me to Bosnian Bill and I am curious about your fellow lock picking compatriots in UZload. Hopefully you can take a glance at Big Clive, AvE, Eevblog, electro boom and technology connections. Well LLL, I have always been intrigued by lock picking in general. in the Army we had lock pick "guns" which I assume were just glorified rakes. I would like to just buy a lock pick kit for personal use in Canada. The Calgary City Police and the RCMP told me twice each that I cannot because it is considered a restricted tool for specific licenced businesses, and that as long as it is tool in my engineering toolkit, there is no problem. Can others please let me know your thoughts and experiences on this matter. Cheers from Canada.

  • Gerald's Videos
    Gerald's Videos

    We, yet again, are not worthy.

  • kestans

    How to make this lock unpickable? install this lock at max height of the door, so lpl is too small in height to reach the lock , check mate ! :D (drawback: you would need ladder to unclock your door)

  • CHloE748

    So this channel is how to be a criminal 101?

  • Fred Carlisle
    Fred Carlisle

    When dababy tries to rob you get deguard!

  • Paul S
    Paul S

    interesting concept, pin in pin

  • BenX74

    LAWYER?! You should have gone into eye-surgery or something ...

  • 0rbital

    High security aint so high with the LPL.

  • Nunyo Bidness
    Nunyo Bidness

    Isn’t it weird that no lock maker can make an unpickable lock, even if the LockPickingLawyeru (LPL) is intimately involved, or even of the LPL design it himself? Is it possible or has the LPL proved it’s impossible? Has the LPL made a video about this subject?

  • nowts

    Cuántos ladrones estarán viendo esto y no dejaron su like

  • Geckuro

    i absolutely love how classy yet simple his videos are. one of the better channels on the platform by far.

  • Kyfer Ez
    Kyfer Ez

    Do you have any videos about the specialty tools you use, modifications made to them, how, why, custom tools made, how they specifically work, etc?

  • LabGorilla

    This guy is a master of his trade

  • TriXie Kat
    TriXie Kat

    My father, a Lt-Col of the Army, had a military lock pick set. he was in w2, nkw and vietnam.. you should review those tools

  • Jerome Davies
    Jerome Davies

    Do you actually bother carrying keys, or just a few picks.

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5164

  • Tim Yates
    Tim Yates

    Looks like an avocet ABS copy, without security features.

  • Tristan 123
    Tristan 123

    Can you show picking a motorbike lock?

  • Big Nose
    Big Nose

    this is like when cinemasins gives less than 100 sins on a film, they're still ripping it, but they like it

  • LightLock

    Hows it feel to know pewdiepie watches your channel?

  • Smackerist

    Can you pick locks on cars, that would be interesing. Are they any different?

  • M J
    M J

    Let's be honest, the odds someone is going to come pick your pin-in-pin lock is about 10 million to 1. They will go through the open window, or use a crowbar, etc. If you have a pin-in-pin lock, picking is no longer a realistic threat vector for you. Sure LPL can do it but he has also dedicated his entire life to picking locks. He makes it look easy but the skill you need to pick both an inner and outer pin at the same time, in real world conditions, isn't something you get right over a long weekend. Sure, if you're protecting nuclear launch codes or something then maybe pin-in-pin isn't enough. For your house in the suburbs it's plenty.

  • Chase Ryker
    Chase Ryker

    From emkay

  • Insane Engine
    Insane Engine

    Dam this gut is a beast!

  • theflashjaxx

    this channel always makes me feel like my house isn't safe, someone could look at my door and then go to youtube to see how to pick what ever i have

  • Ronnie Williz
    Ronnie Williz

    Locks are meant for honest ppl. Lol. Is there a lock you have not been abke to pick before. Or can you do a vid on the hardest lock to get into.

  • Vasyl Obushak
    Vasyl Obushak

    I can't understand, why would anybody buy pickable cylinders, when he can buy abloy protec, evva mcs, Dom diamant etc, which can give some real protection.

  • Borsten Man
    Borsten Man

    I don't know why, but I can spent the hole day in watching LpL picking and tell about his task.

  • John DoDo Doe
    John DoDo Doe

    Why does he keep referring to partial sets (some pins in true gates, rest not set at all) as "false sets" (some pins in false gates or ridges on spools)?

  • Ben Isted
    Ben Isted

    Why are the key pins in slot 2 a different material to the others?

  • dudelivestrong

    Have you tires to pick the locks they have in prisons that turn 360°? To lock and unlock

    • dudelivestrong

      I think some of them go around twice before opening

  • Little Star
    Little Star

    Unknown to many people is that Mrs LPL is also an expert manicurist.

  • Lubomir Nikolov
    Lubomir Nikolov

    ha, LPL used the Xiaomi Wiha screwdriver :)

  • slientkill li
    slientkill li

    the video length alone is pretty high praise for the lock.

  • betabeast17

    Why can I not find this lock anywhere? Is it some type of prototype?

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet

    you should lock pick your car

  • killer3883

    This is one the first locks that has gotten any praise on this channel, what locks do you actually like?

  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison

    High praise!

  • ObiwanNekody

    This would also seem to make a good training lock for this style of lock because of the quality and price point.

  • Shart Bake
    Shart Bake

    Have fun putting that thing back together.

  • Kerb Orbiter
    Kerb Orbiter

    was there _any_ lock on the channel that LPL wasn't been able to pick?

  • Ell

    Do you know any unpickable locks?

  • Henry Kunkel
    Henry Kunkel

    I want whatever trey he has to put the lock stuff on

  • Scuzzlebucket

    I just love this guy. Picks everything with that mesmerizing monotone voice

  • Ben B
    Ben B

    This guy picks high security locks easier than my toddler picks her nose. He is modest, but clearly an expert.

  • From the Game Throne
    From the Game Throne

    Holy Heck, this must be the best lock in the world, LPL gave it praise

  • Apod Silvaticus
    Apod Silvaticus

    Dear LPL, I love your videos, ALL exploits must be noticed to ALL. Is thr only way to get better products. I would like you to makes recomendations videos. Which locking products are "really safe" if there is something on the market that IS not huge as a bank safe to lock my house properly. I know that burglars go into no matter how hard It IS if they trully intend to but better better safe than average safe measures. So, what do you think?

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