[1087] Soviet Dual Custody Hidden Shackle Padlock Picked

  • jstephan03

    It seems easy enough to pick. What about if the shackle is still attached to what it was intended to protect? I believe that would make it much harder to use your tools and make the video much more appealing.

  • Дмитрий Сумароков
    Дмитрий Сумароков

    этот замок пока ковырять будишь эти две личинки, тебя арестуют это уже большой плюс перед другими замками

  • Order of Azarath
    Order of Azarath

    Are there locks with way more than 6 pins?

  • Beautiful Day
    Beautiful Day

    Perfecto, hello from Soviet Union !!

  • hazmat unit
    hazmat unit

    Oh no comrade, you launched the ICBMs

  • Jacob Adriani
    Jacob Adriani

    That "Made in USA" on the pick at the end is such a power move.

  • Artyom KOPbITO
    Artyom KOPbITO

    14 roubles were a nice amount of money in the Soviet Union. Expensive lock.

  • Jay Champagne
    Jay Champagne

    It seems like the shackle guard would make it an extremely awkward lock to pick if it were actually holding a door shut.

  • Richard Noah
    Richard Noah

    This guy could lock pick the nuclear double lock on the launch button

  • MasterMax4141

    What do you mean by "binding" ? Im not very familiar with the terms and i speak french so....can you explain ? I want to try lock picking, im teaching myself while i watch your vids.

  • Shiro Yasha
    Shiro Yasha

    "this. the lock picking lawyer, and today I'm going to show you how to rake the locks on an ICBM"

  • sleeper tomato
    sleeper tomato

    the way he opens this lock he reminds me of a dentist

  • Doctor Coomer
    Doctor Coomer

    If they would install springs into the cores, in order to prevent it from being left in the "open" position...

  • Rev

    My grandma have 40 years old soviet lock.

  • Mathias the Raccoon
    Mathias the Raccoon

    Made of 50% stalinium

  • Sam Down
    Sam Down

    Although it is very pickable if that is Guarding groceries there is no way you won’t be caught

  • Gevell Torturer
    Gevell Torturer

    For comrades asking how is this more secure. You need to bribe two people

  • Артём Дурбала
    Артём Дурбала

    Спасибо товарищ, теперь я наконец-то смогу прокормить мою семью.

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana

    Is the quarantine just hitting me? Or is him effortlesly picking locks kinda sexy?

  • TK UA
    TK UA

    Finally the hungry soviet citizens can get some food to not starve to death

  • BeryJensen

    "Soviet padlock made about 15 years ago" :D :D LPL stucked in 1998

  • robert mason
    robert mason

    Probably not an anti pick feature but the long ramp to make sure that the pins move and unlock reliablily in extreme temprature conditions

  • TravisFabel

    I wonder if that ramp on the front is to help with icing/freezing of the lock.. move them all with the ramping so they unstick for the key.

  • Mark Ingram
    Mark Ingram

    I wonder if you could make a design similar to this, but either core is unable to turn unless force is being applied to the other.

  • gamer6432

    It's not difficult to pick now, but I wonder if that would be different back when the lock was made and high quality steel tools were less common/harder to get?

  • rilian226

    Reminds me of the 'The Hunt for Red October" by Tom Clancy. I understand he had some decent sources in DC to get details for his novels. In that book, the Red October's Captain was not in full control of the sub. He had a political officer, referred to as a Zampolit who also had the rank of Captain but was there to ensure political reliability and could veto the Captain's orders if needed. Early on in the story, Captain Ramius kills his Zampolit as part of his plan to defect w/ the Red October (missile sub) and give it to the US...but he waits until the two are alone and had just opened up the safe to see their orders. Apparently it was standard in the USSR to require both the Captain and the Zampolit to use their keys to open the safe that contained the orders. Both had 1 key each. They opened the safe, read the orders, then Ramius promptly killed him, made it look like an accident, switched the real orders for fake ones and then called for help. After other officers showed up (all the officers except the doctor were in on the plan) including the ship's doctor, he publicly took the Zampolit's keys and as no one questioned his explanation of an accident, *and* the fake orders called for radio silence, it was within procedure for him to take the other key...thus defeating the 2 key system...

  • Sajith KR
    Sajith KR

    I have watched your several videos of picking locks. I am not into it because i dont know anything about lock picking. I am here to suggest you a lock which is used very old days in kerala to lock temple doors and other things which are very valuable. I dont know if this lock is available .maybe you can only see its picture. I also seen only picture. I am pasting the link to its picture. The lock is called 'KOLTAZH' in malayalam language. ml.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%B4%95%E0%B5%8B%E0%B5%BD%E0%B4%A4%E0%B5%8D%E0%B4%A4%E0%B4%BE%E0%B4%B4%E0%B5%8D

  • LoyalLockLark

    Love these Russian dual custody locks ,great review brother!

  • Mike Val
    Mike Val

    I'm sure your knowledge is pretty encyclopedic, but I'd like to see you go into a lock without having any of the details of what's inside or being able to see the keys first. Probably out there somewhere, just a lot of videos to look through so if someone could direct me I'd appreciate it.

  • Jack Mars
    Jack Mars

    In Soviet Russia, lock picks you.

  • MikehMike01

    A physical reminder of how horrible socialism is

  • Roger Hudson
    Roger Hudson

    Shouldn't there be some sort of third check key for the man who supervises the other two?

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Main thing i see with this lock is with the shackle it would be almost flush against the gate it would be securing so getting access would be difficult


    I think you need to start doing padlock style locks on a simulation of where they would be. being able to hold these in one hand with nothing getting in the Way or restraint makes the pick 10 times easier.

  • Josh Straughn
    Josh Straughn

    If i were designing a dual custody lock i would like to put a linkage in between the cylinders that prevented one cylinder from turning unless the other was turning as well so both locks would need to be free to move for it to be opened.

  • Minastir1

    Can you do more older western locks too?

  • Ali Bastami
    Ali Bastami

    Imagine LPL was T-Bag in Prison Break. Well, the series will end before the first episode ends. Pick & kill with that picking tool and you're done.

  • Ryan Watt
    Ryan Watt

    easily picked now, would the same tools used been easily and widely available in the era it was made ? curious^^

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    so theres false gates in both of those cores? it would still be a challenge for unskilled pickers, raking wouldnt work. and the physical design is strong. would you have confidence in this lock if you replaced the cores?

  • Loveless Catzee
    Loveless Catzee

    This gives me an idea for a lock design: Make it a large object, and the key is made of a ton of miniature keys or something so that it's a headache to pick all the individual cores.

  • Anders Rosendal
    Anders Rosendal

    Is there any lock you DO like?! :-D

  • Rx Rx
    Rx Rx

    KGB has entered the chat.

  • JonatasAdoM

    You know what's funny. I opened the wrong video and I had no idea why everybody was talking about LPL in what I thought to be a completely different video

  • Руслан Коптев
    Руслан Коптев

    I'm wondering why in this type of padlocks they are not using some gears or any other synchronization mechanism that will require to both cores rotate simultaneously during locking/unlocking. This seems like easy to implement and effective feature for picking-resistance. You would require to pick one core and hold tension on it until you picked the second one.

  • Reg Marshall
    Reg Marshall

    Russians have it dialed in. I am by no means a lock picker and I admire these videos with the speed which the locks can be compromised. From a security look, the hidden shackle allows for the lock to be impervious to bolt cutters, flame, blunt force and prying. The lie flat design allows for only keys to access the key ways (by the looks of it). Think how you open a pad lock or any locking device for that matter: you, the consumer, will always tilt the lock to your face so as to guide the key into the key way. Car locks face you and Im willing to bet, in frustration, we have all tried to look at the ignition when starting our cars in a hurry. From the design of this lock, is it was used on a gate or fence or even a box, the consumer would have to manipulate their body to get under the lock in order to see the key way. Challenge: can we see the lock used on a device in a real world situation? Thanks for the vids.

  • Thomas

    Note that whomever actually wanted to pick such a lock was most probably the owner of either of the two keys, so they only had to pick a single core in practice.

  • bradley small
    bradley small

    this hid the launch codes during cuban missle crisis

  • yo- NAS
    yo- NAS

    bought my first lock picking set today. Thanks for teaching and inspiring me 🙏😘

  • Nick Piscitelli
    Nick Piscitelli

    This lawyer can he pick his nose to

  • Jobaa87

    So if this lock was actually attached to something, you wouldn't be able to do this?

  • Dave

    With the way it is designed, it looks like it would go flat against a wall or container. Would you still be able to use the wiper insert to rotate the core if it were flat on the table, say?

  • Danny Cobham
    Danny Cobham

    Great picking there LPL great vid keep it up. :)

  • jcrnda

    In Soviet Russia, that lock would be defeated with a sledgehammer! PS. the price of 14 rubles indicates it was made in late 80s or 1990. Normally any lock made in USSR would cost less than six rubles before the inflation started around 1988.

  • TrigVids

    Man that “little click out of 6” just hits

  • Reid Witt
    Reid Witt

    Hey man you inspired my to pick locks about a month ago. I am now apart of the lockpicking subreddit and I’ve worked my way up to a green belt. I’m around the lvl of a 1100 and am loving the challenge!

  • megaman91646

    Please review this, Bosnian Bill couldn't get it open - Magnetic Padlock by Capitol Industries

  • Vinny Avalanche
    Vinny Avalanche

    Ya but can you do that when It’s locking something ....can’t turn the lock around in your hands when it’s doing it’s job locked 🔒

  • Ryvucz

    In Soviet Russia, Lock Picking Lawyer pick you. Wait....

  • Noah Snyder
    Noah Snyder

    LPL is the Doug Demuro of locks

  • ciggac

    Do you ever do an inventory and check all your keys against all your locks for what works with what? Or is there a classification system to sort keys by?🤔

  • retthok

    I want to see all the padlocks you have not been able to pick.

  • ROSS Bryan6
    ROSS Bryan6


  • GamePlayShare

    This should be done on a hanging lock to simulate real location and dificulty

    • Scott Kenny
      Scott Kenny

      Would not significantly increase the picking difficulty, but would greatly increase the filming difficulty.

  • Noah Springer
    Noah Springer

    @LockPickingLawyer take one the lock in the video: uzload.info/fun/eX6IjIPeto2C1pM/video

  • Tourke Hamerwolf
    Tourke Hamerwolf

    I like how you intentionally put the "Made in USA" pick under the Soviet lock it just defeated. Well played sir, well played.

  • cnelson0541

    Is anything difficult for you to defeat?!🙄

  • Fan119

    How much more difficult would picking this lock be if it was actually installed on something like a door?

  • Kitka Laney
    Kitka Laney

    Picked my first real lock today! Couldn't have done it without the help you gave my late husband last christmas ( he said you recommended some things for my stocking) he would be so proud of me. Thanks! My back gate is chain free now, and only took 4 minutes!

  • DerpyPenguin

    Beats master lock!

    • Kitka Laney
      Kitka Laney

      DerpyPenguin that's what i picked today

  • Anders Juel Jensen
    Anders Juel Jensen

    It just occurred to me, that when this is mounted you have to tension it towards the door, and you can't rotate it outwards like a normal padlock. This may be easy to pick in your hand, but I think it would be annoying/difficult and uncomfortable to pick on a door. A sledge hammer might be a better option :P

  • Paul J Pachasa Jr
    Paul J Pachasa Jr

    I see that the memo about the lock not being mounted on a real door was received! That might add 17 seconds to LPL's time. We wouldn't get as good of a view either.

  • mtn123

    Are you a doctor by any chance? Because you have a sharp hand

    • LockPickingLawyer

      My channel name is literal... I’m a lawyer who also picks locks.

  • J P
    J P

    stopboxusa com Can you get one of these safes to try??

  • RJ Private
    RJ Private

    Imagine the look on Kim Jong's face when he wants to launch a rocket but the lock is gone

  • tonyholt90

    Definitely an interesting padlock. Nice for your collection!

  • Vitaly Losev
    Vitaly Losev

    This brings back memories. Had one of those on my garage door for a long time. Until one day I carelessly left it in the open for a couple of hours and one of my neighbors snatched it to sell for scrap. Some people have no shame at all I guess.

  • Donny Hoot
    Donny Hoot

    In Soviet Union you don't pick lock, lock picks you!

  • lee2217

    In Russia lock picks you

  • KuK137

    "Not too difficult to pick" - I am sorry, this is complete BS. With that shackle design it would be pointing firmly down with only a small amount of room around keyhole available. Try to pick it kneeling in upside down position when it's locked on something, THEN you can talk about being easy to pick. Especially without being able to pick it 50 times first for practice. For most of the locks presented here, picking them on his desk doesn't really matter, but for ones like this where it would add a great deal to the difficulty not mentioning it is just dishonest...

  • Gustave Michel
    Gustave Michel

    Please tell me I'm not the only person who, upon seeing the thumbnail, thought "That is one big fuse, holy shit" before realizing it was a lock?

  • Roderick Borg
    Roderick Borg

    If the lock was in place, wouldn't it be much harder to pick one of the locks which needs to be rotated towards the the surface of the door/etc? It looks like the lock would sit flush.

  • Funkky Monkey
    Funkky Monkey

    When you need to keep out even those who have a key

  • MegaBrorsan

    What makes you think the price was 14 rubles, the stamped name on the bottom?

  • Psycho Healer
    Psycho Healer

    I wonder if the scale of the effects of these videos wager towards improvement or towards harm. Let’s hope every single one of these companies improved their design.

  • Victor Franca
    Victor Franca

    only way to slow down lpl is to add 10 cores or more. Which will slow him down by 30 seconds

  • Flociety

    When I see these dual key locks, I can already see the next video... "This the LPL and what I have for you today is a nuclear ICBM silo"

  • frosty mutt
    frosty mutt


  • Mike B
    Mike B

    Was it common in the Soviet Union to stamp the price of something directly into the metal casting?

  • Mathew Winney
    Mathew Winney

    I Crochet to to keep my fingers nimble

  • Apple Grand
    Apple Grand

    It's not your lock, it's OUR lock.

  • Tuomas Haarala
    Tuomas Haarala

    It would be interesting to see how much actual usage situation changes the difficulty. Regular padlock is somewhat easy to grab into same kind of hold, no matter where it is, but that lock likely forces you to pick it upside down against a wall. (edit: adding maybe three seconds to actual picking time, but still..)

  • Sergio Godinez
    Sergio Godinez

    As many of other locks, I wonder how much time it would take to open this kind of padlocks in a real situation where it won't be so comfortable or can't be flip around

  • KosViik

    When a cold-war era Soviet lock requires more effort to pick open than most modern ones...

  • Youtube Hero
    Youtube Hero

    Thought I was going to be watching Bald and Bankrupt when I saw Soviet in the title

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    Commenting to help analytics because I like LPL :)

  • Tenshi

    What's stopping you from picking a bank vault?

  • Fillup 40
    Fillup 40

    Cool paperweight.

  • Mohammad Hassan
    Mohammad Hassan

    is there any lock you can't pick?

  • Not another driving video!!
    Not another driving video!!

    If you fancy a laugh, a nice parody from April 1st. uzload.info/fun/h2uHh3W9uX2JzmQ/video

  • Mac Man
    Mac Man

    Is this similar to the one in video 416