[1089] My EDC Lock Tools Explained

  • Vordt

    Wait so, you’re a lawyer but you bring these with you every day? Why..? Like I can understand leaving them at home, or if you were a locksmith, but why is this your daily carry.

  • Cody Bijeaux
    Cody Bijeaux

    Can I ask where you got the Tool emergency card? I tried looking for it online but some stores says it is discontinued.

  • Joseph Beatty
    Joseph Beatty

    Wait wait? Is the lawer bit a ruse?

  • Henrik

    Save yourself some weight and leave the keys at home.

  • Einfjord Breen
    Einfjord Breen

    You put all that crap in your pocket every day.......? and go out in public...?..Must be tough ....” keys , wallet, phone.....oh and bunch of useless crapy, yep ready let’s go”..

  • Terminal Psychosis
    Terminal Psychosis

    Nobody actually believes he'd show us the tools he uses for his REAL cat burger job. Very cool collection of "Clark Kent" tools though. ;-) Thanks for all the awesome vids, Mr. Lawyer. Remarkable skill, and showmanship.

  • lu zelazny
    lu zelazny

    Isn't carry lock picking tools in public illegal? Or at best a bad idea as if you ever end up a suspect near a crime you become very suspicious.

  • jcolterh

    My EDC gear is as high end as you can get and I work retail. Come on, LPL step up your game.

  • Ben Fairhall
    Ben Fairhall

    I don’t get why you would edc this stuff? Do you not own any keys

  • Thej Yhome
    Thej Yhome

    Rogue level 9000!!!

  • Sniperification100

    Why do you carry a lock-picking kit with you everyday?

  • deeez00

    No handcuff keys?

  • Barry Howard
    Barry Howard

    Check out LockNoob's daily carry case. Unreal how much he got into it.

  • Alexander Bacon
    Alexander Bacon

    So you mentioned the keys but is seems like a lot of keys for personal use. Are those all personal keys or are some common bypass keys like the ones featured in the video about bypassing security doors?

  • Ben V
    Ben V

    Isn't it illegal in a lot of places to carry lockpicks. If not illegal you open yourself to getting bogus attempted break-in charges.

  • Odie Junior
    Odie Junior

    I'm sure as a lawyer you're not too worried about it, but have you ever worried about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, while in possession of, "burglar's tools?"

    • Odie Junior
      Odie Junior

      @LockPickingLawyer 🤣

    • LockPickingLawyer

      Mitchell Williams - He is

    • mitchell williams
      mitchell williams

      I don't think he is an actual lawyer

  • KingPatrick 12
    KingPatrick 12

    You should do a video on how to properly hold a pick. I am more of a visual learner the books I've read on picking haven't helped me.

  • Peter Piechocki
    Peter Piechocki

    0:17 i also pack large capabilities into a small package

  • Phil Chia
    Phil Chia

    I use the same pen as the LPL. Yay!

  • Moello

    Maybe this is a dumb question but what do you use these for on a day to day basis? Are you a locksmith? Or are you actually a lawyer?

  • Sean Lang
    Sean Lang

    And in his back pocket, he carries a ramset.

  • Ryan Sharick
    Ryan Sharick

    I everyday carry that same pen and light!

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    is this... legal?

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best

    “I also keep this Ramset in my back pocket...”

  • ekujj13

    When do you actually use this stuff? Breaking into friends’ homes for fun?

  • Hunter Gregal
    Hunter Gregal

    @LockPickingLawyer - I understand you are a lawyer in the DC area. (I live and work in this area as well) - My question is - what do you do when you travel to Virginia? I'm sure your work brings you to Arlington or Alexandria. Here lockpicks are illegal prima facie - which as a lawyer I'm sure you understand means guilty until proven otherwise in regards to intent with the picks. I'd love your insight on this as I'm sure with your EDC and location you have though about this before!

  • grungeman86

    Just missed tools you developed with Bosnian Bill. Where are those?

  • Townes Oviedo
    Townes Oviedo

    Why do you have lock picks on your person? Do you just see a lock and pick it?

  • teales ink tattoos rob
    teales ink tattoos rob

    Lpl should bring his own picks out.

  • Komrade BigTex sucks
    Komrade BigTex sucks

    As an Austinite, I approve of you mentioning my city.

  • Thomas Anthony Stout
    Thomas Anthony Stout

    Great carry. What was the name of the lighter? if you would be so kind

  • bill braski
    bill braski

    Ive got the same organizer. Love it. Lives in my back pocket all the time. I also had that same olight till i upgraded to a copper one.

  • Bõúñty Húñtér
    Bõúñty Húñtér

    Can anyone recommend a good all type lock pick set

  • Locutus

    I thought this was going to be about Electric Daisy Carnival. 🔮🎆🎇✨

  • Mannerless Entertainment
    Mannerless Entertainment

    And here I have a kitchen sink, which is really handy for washing up on the fly...

  • GIORGIO sanna
    GIORGIO sanna

    That key organizer is pretty neat I must say

  • djfunkychicken

    Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY !!!

  • jeremy gilley
    jeremy gilley

    I want to see you open something with them

  • ProfessorM.

    front left pocket?? NERRRRD. kidding. love u

  • Ashish Pandey
    Ashish Pandey

    So thoughtful

  • goa

    your trade is an art.

  • Apollolux

    Took me a while to find this key holder after the first time I saw this video two weeks ago and wasn't looking to sift through 2000+ comments, here's the Amazon link for EM Compact Key Holder Premium (comes in three colors) - www.amazon.com/E-Premium-Products-Compact-Organizer/dp/B07CCKCHN5/ref=sr_1_2 Meanwhile, me personally I'd rather buy a $1.49 set of plastic paint scrapers, a couple of chicago screws, and make one myself that looks acceptably close to this EM one because I already have files and a rotary Dremel. Also, the measurements on the product page photo show it as not-Mul-T-Lock friendly, so making my own will also increase the size of the thing a bit to compensate. I'll figure out the belt clip piece later, and if I source feeler gauge stock or something for that (which I'd likely use for making picks later once I git gud) I can also try to make a metal version of this.

  • Nicholas Ramirez
    Nicholas Ramirez

    What kind of lighter is this !! I’m looking for it everywhere

  • Teófilo

    Why do I suddenly feel an urge to buy a set of those though I won't ever pick a lock, wtf

  • mamikgibar

    If there are links to the items that would be great. Would also love to see a video on kits for beginners-would you recommend the same or different setup?

  • sloth

    This man is probably a top ranked criminal thief that just uses this “lockpicking lawyer” channel as a coverup.

  • Whiteout Monster
    Whiteout Monster

    You kinda just subliminally sponsored Energizer Batteries.

  • ray_saul

    Any issues when flying?

  • Chase Dean
    Chase Dean

    I'm suprises you don't cary some of the standardized keys

  • Infamous Hacker 4chan
    Infamous Hacker 4chan

    That leather case actually looks like it would be a nice edition to most EDC setups regardless of what you put in it.

  • Artimus Freeman
    Artimus Freeman

    As a child...did you suck on your left pointer finger? Serious question.

  • Storm Step
    Storm Step

    Bro I need literally everything in this video (or at least the non-lockpicking stuff). I've been using a similar key holder for the past few years and I love it but this would absolutely solve all my pocket organization problems. I wish there was a link in the description for these items on amazon

  • Crobertg10

    I wanna take up the hobby, what starter kit do you recomend? Obiously i have to do my homework on the manufacture of locks and such

  • marius euo
    marius euo

    prob picking his way into his own home very time

  • why even living
    why even living

    where did u buy all of that

  • TheOystei

    "these are the tools i carry every day" wait, you need to pick locks so ofte you always have them on you? o cannot say i have seen that need personally

  • JTR

    i enjoyed this. felt like i was watching what an actual expert does (even if it is a simple thing)

  • Gabe Graham
    Gabe Graham

    I genuinely enjoy your videos

  • BlackDragonWhiteHawk

    In switzerland you could be arrested if you have such tools or even a screwdriver on you without valid reason (way from shop to home or way from or to work if job requires tools)

  • uiop uiop
    uiop uiop

    adam: does picks locks me: Magic Everywhere in This Bitch · From Walking theology a crowded mall

  • Svampmoln

    Why do you need lock tools everyday? And what exactly do you need the lighter for? I don't get every day carry. I carry my phone (ID and creditcard in the phone case) and one key... and I'm annoyed that I have to carry that much.

  • Sukimo tsuki
    Sukimo tsuki

    Where can i get the lighter?

  • Ицо Ве
    Ицо Ве

    When i hear lock picker the last thing im thinking of is a polite British guy showing his hobby :D anyways your videos are awsome

  • Xwtek

    There is no The pick that BosnianBill and I made?

  • Christopher Price
    Christopher Price

    So the keys that you keep secret are master keys correct, keyed to open most of the lock makers locks, like kwikset or titan right? And are those something you made yourself or are those something you can aquire as a locksmith from the companies, my guess is proprietary cause of the secrecy of them.

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott

    I bet you threw away the keys to your house locks specifically so you can pick your way into your own house every evening. I also like Olight flashlights, at least for backup use. My primary light is a Jetbeam RRT-0, because the brightness can be adjusted by turning a metal ring around the head, which means I can pre-set the brightness before turning on the light so I don't blind myself in the dark -- _without_ giving up the ability to _also_ have the light "remember" (mechanically, in this case) what brightness I used last time in case I have to shut off the light momentarily in the middle of using it.

  • J B
    J B

    Where'd you get the leather pouch?

  • Barbi Bimbo
    Barbi Bimbo

    LoL... you didnt let us get a look at your bump keys on that key set.

  • Nullonos

    But like why a $40 pen and not just a regular one?

  • Johnny Gunz
    Johnny Gunz

    As a lawyer I think you're probably the right guy to ask this question. I've always avoided carrying any lock picking stuff out and about in case for whatever reason I might get searched by law enforcement. How much flak would a general person get if they got frisked for a non B&E situation (let's say traffic stop)?

  • Eric Redbear
    Eric Redbear

    Flashlight: 16 hrs low / 20 min high.... that high beam better cut through steel!!

  • Shawn Hawkins
    Shawn Hawkins

    I thought the bobby pins were a nod to Fallout4

  • Tasunke

    "nothing here is sponsored" what a refreshing change on youtube...

  • Kevin Roberts
    Kevin Roberts

    My grandma told me locks and doors only keep the honest people out!

  • Jack Shots
    Jack Shots

    How much have you stole from your neighbors

  • Anthony Vezza
    Anthony Vezza

    Why does the Bobby pin remind me from a scene from the tv show burn notice

  • Lasha Tchintcharashvili
    Lasha Tchintcharashvili

    Where is this lighter from? Where can we buy one?

  • Dregoth

    In case anybody wondered whats in the thieving kit in dungeons and dragons;)

  • Paul J
    Paul J

    Can anyone tell me what type of rivet has been used here to join the Toool picks together?

  • jakobion

    When people ask if you smoke they are almost always referring to cigarettes. LPL said he doesn't smoke and im gonna assume he meant he doesn't smoke cigarettes. I think the conclusion is clear, LPL smokes weed.

  • Bradley Hovan
    Bradley Hovan

    Imagine carrying this around

  • Croquette Guy
    Croquette Guy

    No magnet?

  • Elim Garak 007
    Elim Garak 007

    LPL: since you are a lawyer as well as a lock picker. How can I carry these or any tools in places like CA or states where I may be arrested (perhaps not charged in the end) for carrying lock picking tools... And what does that mean state to state?

  • Главный Механизатор
    Главный Механизатор

    Like the video. Please write the model of the pen.

  • SouthProduct74

    Not saying this to pester you into capitalistic ways of making money, you're beyond capable of that on your own! However, I think it would be awesome if you sold these as complete kits for a little markup (as there is labor involved) Maybe a lockpickinglawyer Jr. could assemble them, or a lockpickinglawyer grandchild!

  • Solar Loki
    Solar Loki

    We need an Amazon link to all of these things

  • Titan

    Legally speaking...

  • Paul's Place
    Paul's Place

    MacGyver would be proud to see you carrying that. Or he would wish he had something like that. Very nice thank you for sharing.

  • Todd Beaulieu
    Todd Beaulieu

    Why? Why do I watch all these videos that have no use in my life??

  • Mark Nordhausen
    Mark Nordhausen

    So many questions.

  • Михаил Хоттабыч
    Михаил Хоттабыч

    Набор воровского инструмента. Это ужасно. Красть грешно!

  • SwordBreaker925

    There’s something super satisfying about having such a compact collection of tools like this that you can carry anywhere with ease

  • random consumer
    random consumer

    Most batteries are the same. When tasted against each other in a controlled environment all batteries were within about 4% of each other. All NmHi batteries are the same. All lithium are the same. A NmHi battery is not the same and a lithium battery, in case some1 thought I was saying those 2 were the same. Lithium is is way better.

  • [サンダー]

    but why do you carry lockpicking tools

  • Montage Gaming
    Montage Gaming

    So we just gonna ignore the fact how big his hands look

  • EpicTube

    I don't smoke but it heats up my spoon just fine

  • Lolice Chief Tiger
    Lolice Chief Tiger

    yo you dont even gotta buy the doors on moon

  • Christmas Lore
    Christmas Lore

    Just love how you make so many tools fit tightly in such a small (and nice looking) container!

  • Matt Liu
    Matt Liu

    the best lockpicker who carries a pick-set every day... that basically equals the superpower of no closed-door...


    you are the fred rogers of the lock picking community. edit: I mean that in the nicest way possible, lots of respect to that man.