[1149] AmazonBasics Key Lockbox Decoded & Opened

  • Moricon

    A large screwdriver will pry it open anyways, absolute no skill needed at all

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson

    You should write an instructional book with screenshots from these vids. Market it to preppers and make it packable.

  • Dale Ryan Aldover
    Dale Ryan Aldover

    I wish scrambling the wheels could go longer, it was a nice ASMR AAA

  • Bear Man
    Bear Man

    Can you slip a thin metal piece between the box and the lid and push the pin that allows you to "reprogram" the combination code?

  • Channel Chad
    Channel Chad

    If this man made a lock, it would be the most secure lock, because he knows how to pick every lock so we know exactly what not put in the lock.

  • Joseph Ybarra
    Joseph Ybarra

    Ha! Jokes on you! I use Tie Raps. Trying unlocking that!

  • Jerath Lawson
    Jerath Lawson

    It looks like a suitcase

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat

    Its not much different then the similar locks on the market because amazon probably uses existing manufacturers to make it for them. I dont think they make this stuff themselves.

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey

    Why would you have a lock for a lock basically? It reminds me of the candy bar bag carrying bag from SpongeBob XD

  • Amin Ettehadi
    Amin Ettehadi

    like unpickble locks have no use beside in some special cases cause if you loose the key or keys there is going to be no way to open it

  • Ine Wulf
    Ine Wulf

    Thanks to You I'll never trust my keys to one of these. How many of these POS lock boxes have you annihilated now?

  • Ot_Sol

    Penn & Teller: LPL, um interesting name thus far on the show. What are you going to fool us with today? LPL: Like I said, I am the Lock Pocking Lawyer, and I have a Amazon Key Lockbox. P&T: Hum, I see you do. LPL: Well, let's get to it. I will first turn it around, put it in set pin, scramble the numbers, set lock, scramble the numbers one last time. Sip this water you guys don't mind. And vola P&T: the sleigh of hands?, Amazon he say? All locks, all the same locks works that way, what next, pick pocket? Don't need a lockbox.

  • Harry WS
    Harry WS

    Has anyone made a lock where you have the rotating numbers on a sort step wedge style design where the numbers were raised and then the case covers the lower portion of the circle so you couldn’t fit that tool in there? It seems like a relatively cheap work around (to which I’m sure you’d find another way of cracking!)

  • Carl Loftin
    Carl Loftin

    Houdini would have enjoyed working with you

  • timtamtom

    Soooo I just can unlock the cycle lock which my GF ruined by forgetting the code.... Ok If Im able to get this thin thing

  • Gideon0297


  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    I wonder how many criminals are subscribed to this channel...

  • Carlo Z
    Carlo Z

    Does anyone have an available template to the shim he used?

  • Hypersim

    I have bought a similar lock and can confirm, that it is that easy to unlock :) BUT ATTENTION: Picking a lock this way may change the combination!! Had this issue several times, so sneaking into the lock without notice by the owner may not work!

  • No You
    No You

    *Big Fan.. but if you know so much about lock picking..why don't you make your own LOCK which cannot be picked by anyone* 😶

  • rmkscrambler

    But your honor. The prosecutor is the one who taught me how to pick locks!

  • Bailey Stonewall
    Bailey Stonewall

    Is this a reupload? I feel like I’ve seen this video months ago

  • Žarko Radulović
    Žarko Radulović

    So, if there lockboxes are kinda turdy, which ones are ok?

  • ProXicT

    I have a question... I've seen countless times on your channel that you can open up such locks with ease, however, I don't understand why that is, and I can only guess. Perhaps it would be nice if you could elaborate the exploit a bit more and maybe also show us how the issue can be mitigated? Thank you.

  • 9Volt Productions
    9Volt Productions

    LockPickingLawyer Doesn't even need to be lawyer, if he goes to jail he'll just walk out.

  • Steve

    Amazon was busted doing all kinds of illegal thievery and data snooping not too long ago.

  • Its Da Bugs
    Its Da Bugs

    How to break in to any public building

  • TheChickenLine

    EVVA MCS, without studying the key?

  • Gweek Ieo
    Gweek Ieo

    Hey uh is it legal to lock your schools gates with these

  • Joshua Reynolds
    Joshua Reynolds

    Could you make a video on what the perfect lock would be as far as materials pins or wheels etc...?

  • Darian Monaghan
    Darian Monaghan

    You know I really like this channel but the ease in which he picks some of these common locks that millions of people own that I myself own scares the shit out of me

  • LaAttiDah

    did you Demonstrate how to the Kryptonite Combo U-Lock Bike lock that has the Number Wheels like this one?

  • Panther Platform
    Panther Platform

    I want to see you scramble a lock for 20 minutes straight.

  • Steve O'Gorman
    Steve O'Gorman

    When he says " I need to change the combination " I skip about 30-40 seconds ... usually half of the video 😂

  • sleekweasel

    Can't someone start a class action suit against makers of locks with absurdly weak known flaws?

  • M D
    M D

    You can trust this lock as much as you can trust terrorist supporter bezos.

  • geepeerces

    This is such a Deja Vu episode...

  • GuilhotinaGamez

    Oh, another short video from LPL lets watch it... 10% of the time is actualy unlocking the thing, not disapointed at all.

  • Avery Payne
    Avery Payne

    Is there any sort of modification that could be done by a fairly non-experienced user that can reduce or remove this particular attack? Seems like any old butt with a beer can can break into these. (I don't use this product, I am just curious).

  • Plaguey

    The lock just sounds cheap