[1149] AmazonBasics Key Lockbox Decoded & Opened

  • TheForestcommando

    The most terrifying thing to lock maker And we got a click on 3!

  • D Reeves
    D Reeves

    I want to see LPL do one of these videos but opening the lock using "using the code". He should just cut a strip off the index card that comes with the code on it and use it to decode the lock

  • Andre Sealie
    Andre Sealie

    I found that an old tape measure can be cut into a nice decoder if you don't have one. I tried a soda can, but some of them can be a bit thick, or too soft.

  • Josh Mac
    Josh Mac

    1:19 that nearly microscopic black spot on your hand drives me crazy

  • Jenes Wesen Bela
    Jenes Wesen Bela

    so if ur combination is 8202 its BZOZ because of the strange number font on the dials ... coincidence ? I THINK NOT !1!!!!!11!!!111!!!!!1

  • Moricon

    A large screwdriver will pry it open anyways, absolute no skill needed at all

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson

    You should write an instructional book with screenshots from these vids. Market it to preppers and make it packable.

  • Dale Ryan Aldover
    Dale Ryan Aldover

    I wish scrambling the wheels could go longer, it was a nice ASMR AAA

  • Bear Man
    Bear Man

    Can you slip a thin metal piece between the box and the lid and push the pin that allows you to "reprogram" the combination code?

  • ChoccyMonkey

    If this man made a lock, it would be the most secure lock, because he knows how to pick every lock so we know exactly what not put in the lock.

  • Joseph Ybarra
    Joseph Ybarra

    Ha! Jokes on you! I use Tie Raps. Trying unlocking that!

  • Jerath Lawson
    Jerath Lawson

    It looks like a suitcase

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat

    Its not much different then the similar locks on the market because amazon probably uses existing manufacturers to make it for them. I dont think they make this stuff themselves.

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey

    Why would you have a lock for a lock basically? It reminds me of the candy bar bag carrying bag from SpongeBob XD

  • Im acoolkid
    Im acoolkid

    like unpickble locks have no use beside in some special cases cause if you loose the key or keys there is going to be no way to open it

  • Ine Wulf
    Ine Wulf

    Thanks to You I'll never trust my keys to one of these. How many of these POS lock boxes have you annihilated now?

  • Ot_Sol

    Penn & Teller: LPL, um interesting name thus far on the show. What are you going to fool us with today? LPL: Like I said, I am the Lock Pocking Lawyer, and I have a Amazon Key Lockbox. P&T: Hum, I see you do. LPL: Well, let's get to it. I will first turn it around, put it in set pin, scramble the numbers, set lock, scramble the numbers one last time. Sip this water you guys don't mind. And vola P&T: the sleigh of hands?, Amazon he say? All locks, all the same locks works that way, what next, pick pocket? Don't need a lockbox.

  • Harry WS
    Harry WS

    Has anyone made a lock where you have the rotating numbers on a sort step wedge style design where the numbers were raised and then the case covers the lower portion of the circle so you couldn’t fit that tool in there? It seems like a relatively cheap work around (to which I’m sure you’d find another way of cracking!)

  • Carl Loftin
    Carl Loftin

    Houdini would have enjoyed working with you

  • timtamtom

    Soooo I just can unlock the cycle lock which my GF ruined by forgetting the code.... Ok If Im able to get this thin thing

  • Gideon0297


  • Ant Man
    Ant Man

    I wonder how many criminals are subscribed to this channel...

  • Carlo Z
    Carlo Z

    Does anyone have an available template to the shim he used?

  • Hypersim

    I have bought a similar lock and can confirm, that it is that easy to unlock :) BUT ATTENTION: Picking a lock this way may change the combination!! Had this issue several times, so sneaking into the lock without notice by the owner may not work!

  • No You
    No You

    *Big Fan.. but if you know so much about lock picking..why don't you make your own LOCK which cannot be picked by anyone* 😶

  • rmkscrambler

    But your honor. The prosecutor is the one who taught me how to pick locks!

  • Bailey White
    Bailey White

    Is this a reupload? I feel like I’ve seen this video months ago

  • Žarko Radulović
    Žarko Radulović

    So, if there lockboxes are kinda turdy, which ones are ok?

  • ProXicT

    I have a question... I've seen countless times on your channel that you can open up such locks with ease, however, I don't understand why that is, and I can only guess. Perhaps it would be nice if you could elaborate the exploit a bit more and maybe also show us how the issue can be mitigated? Thank you.

  • 9Volt Productions
    9Volt Productions

    LockPickingLawyer Doesn't even need to be lawyer, if he goes to jail he'll just walk out.

  • Steve

    Amazon was busted doing all kinds of illegal thievery and data snooping not too long ago.

  • Its Da Bugs
    Its Da Bugs

    How to break in to any public building

  • TheChickenLine

    EVVA MCS, without studying the key?

  • Gweek Ieo
    Gweek Ieo

    Hey uh is it legal to lock your schools gates with these

  • Joshua Reynolds
    Joshua Reynolds

    Could you make a video on what the perfect lock would be as far as materials pins or wheels etc...?

  • Darian Monaghan
    Darian Monaghan

    You know I really like this channel but the ease in which he picks some of these common locks that millions of people own that I myself own scares the shit out of me

  • LaAttiDah

    did you Demonstrate how to the Kryptonite Combo U-Lock Bike lock that has the Number Wheels like this one?

  • Panther Platform
    Panther Platform

    I want to see you scramble a lock for 20 minutes straight.

  • Steve O'Gorman
    Steve O'Gorman

    When he says " I need to change the combination " I skip about 30-40 seconds ... usually half of the video 😂

  • sleekweasel

    Can't someone start a class action suit against makers of locks with absurdly weak known flaws?

  • geepeerces

    This is such a Deja Vu episode...

  • GuilhotinaGamez

    Oh, another short video from LPL lets watch it... 10% of the time is actualy unlocking the thing, not disapointed at all.

  • Avery Payne
    Avery Payne

    Is there any sort of modification that could be done by a fairly non-experienced user that can reduce or remove this particular attack? Seems like any old butt with a beer can can break into these. (I don't use this product, I am just curious).

  • Plaguey

    The lock just sounds cheap

  • Meruem

    I really like your videos! I want to try out lock picking myself now, but all the beginner sets on Amazon have mixed reviews. What are some good brands/sets for beginners?

  • Paloma Autista
    Paloma Autista

    Are you a real lawyer?

  • Mark Hillan
    Mark Hillan

    Me : locks my front door and shuts all windows...goes to bed...ahhh safe and warm in my home , im calm and everything is ok. Also me : notification , LPL cracks federal reserve bank vault in 3 seconds..... God damn it! - returns to armchair in the hallway with shotgun on lap and a 12 pack of redbull.

  • N P
    N P

    I was watching “inside the worlds toughest prisons” on Netflix. I was watching season 2 episode 3 I think it isn’t super clear on Netflix. The title of the episode is Ukraine: the prison in a war zone. The key ways to the locks are really long probably over 6”. The point in the episode I have been speaking about is about 5:16 into it. I’m curious how you would approach something like that on either side of the cell it could make for an interesting sub series what can you pick a lock with. The lock itself looks like an old lever lock with warding. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about but I would be interested to see how you would approach it

    • N P
      N P

      The feedback on the pick I think would be the most interesting I couldn’t even imagine it I don’t have anything that could test it on hand


    So what are considered good safe locks that you have a challenge picking or something you recommend, because by virtue of your channel and showing viewers how everything can be picked apart in seconds everything is implied useless and not safe. So how do we keep our property safe?

  • membanned

    tech breaking toyer

  • dixie rect
    dixie rect

    You should design a lock that cant be bypassed


    LPL! Mail boxes across the country have these red locks on them? There must be an educational method to explore this Constitutional moment, no?

  • apple LJ
    apple LJ

    its pretty terrifying to wake up in the middle of the night and go and drink some water and hear, "click on three"

  • DaKu wolfie
    DaKu wolfie

    Good ASMR

  • Jade Asereht
    Jade Asereht

    I’m still scared from the video with the kryptonite lock. His silence is quite terrifying.

  • nee nee
    nee nee

    I am starting to think that you just should avoid combination locks all together. You can pretty much all open them by just pulling on the shackle, or sticking something between wheels.

  • NeonIon

    We've had enough. CAN YOU PLEASE JUST TELL US WHICH LOCK IS SECURE? I have been watching this channel for years and it's like a huge build up of 1100 videos of this lock sucks, that lock sucks. 😭😭 Forgive us and just tell me what is something you cannot bypass. 😌

  • G L C
    G L C

    I thought the lock was a tiny luggage lock, and when he picked it up, it blew my mind. I'm also high.

  • Matthew Kriek
    Matthew Kriek

    Amazon basics is basically just re-labeling other companies products so they can offer at a lower discount by ordering in bulk. they don't actually do any designing themselves so whatever the industry standard flaws are well almost assuredly follow to their brand also.

  • Alen

    This guy's last video before he retires is to break into Fort Knox and steal nothing just to mess with people

  • mrchefchef

    What’s the point of the shackle even being a part of this lock?

  • Kyle Choi
    Kyle Choi

    this is the only youtube channel i know that doesn't have stupid intro scene. no bs just straight to the point. no sponsored bs. Please keep it as is. Subscribed.

  • The fat chef
    The fat chef

    You should start picking locks in there working environment like bike locks on bikes and locks on gates and hanging from chain

  • Chatter Box
    Chatter Box

    Lpl you have helped millions of consumer’s about the crap that is on the market and at the same time millions of thieves as well.

  • LordSireMan *
    LordSireMan *

    I have no idea who you are, but im subbing

  • SuckerFishSoup

    500th comment

  • Damitsall

    LPL must be the most meme worthy guy, unknowingly mind you, that I have ever seen. Your awesome man, you should do a lock picking meme review.

  • Andres Lezama
    Andres Lezama

    LPL scrambling the numbers ***can read the numbers like brail from his experience. 🤣😂 Great videos man, always love watching yout bust these locks making people realize how not secure our regular locks are 😁

  • GXGBOSS 06
    GXGBOSS 06

    Lockpickinglawyer should make his own lock

  • Puffy Owl Gaming
    Puffy Owl Gaming

    Do you have merch? If not, you should totally make some lockpicking merch, as in tools and such.

  • PSadlon

    I just know one of these days he is going to accidentally scramble the combo of one of these to 0000 or 1234 and we’ll all be laughing and wondering how he managed that.

  • patdud1979

    Most bad guys don’t know anything about lock picking so they will go for the quick destructive entry! For those people that know something about like picking chances are they won’t get caught lol 😂

  • MrFeupinha

    You should actually make a yearly video of locks you suggest us buying haha. By price range or something.

  • Integrity Games
    Integrity Games

    The inflection of your voice, the way it goes up and down in pitch, sounds like if a robot studied humans and wanted to learn how to speak like us.

  • Dillon Uzzell
    Dillon Uzzell

    LPL! I just got a beginners lockpicking set from amazon, as I have been inspired to pick this up as a hobby. The picks I got were very cheap though.. It made me want to ask you, could you direct me to one of your videos where you discuss what tools to use as a beginner, or potentially let me know what a good set to get would be? Thank you and please keep posting!

  • James Herron
    James Herron

    that thing looks suspiciously similar to the Mofut lockbox

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    Is there such a thing as 'Amazon Professional'?

  • mattikaki

    I feel me like a patreon as I have today watched so many ads.

  • raffkaisa

    Try this smart lock, i have other eufy products and I want to upgrade my locks and want to see if this thing can hold up. www.eufylife.com/products/604/712/smart-lock

  • Aloro Mot
    Aloro Mot

    I have no idea how you ended up on my suggested videos. But I enjoy your channel and ordered a $15 kit today. New quarantine hobby.

  • oa127

    So, does LPL go to escape rooms and ruin everyone's day?

  • DBO

    Yea but how would this go against a 50 cal?

  • Timmy Shoot
    Timmy Shoot

    can we get an elbow reveal?

  • Jabulina The seal
    Jabulina The seal

    I’ve gotta ask then, what locks does LPL suggest?

  • Storm Boss
    Storm Boss

    When it comes to security Amazon ya basic.

  • Nelson Reps
    Nelson Reps

    I think a series featuring decent locks would be cool to watch

  • drxym

    Printing "AmazonBasics" on a padlock or lockbox is just inviting people to assume its garbage.

  • Phill Huddleston
    Phill Huddleston

    After watching several of these videos I've come to the conclusion that the only purpose of a lock is to prevent stupid under achieving criminals from stealing your stuff. This isn't to say that anyone who doesn't know how to pick a lock is stupid but if stealing stuff is your profession or even a side hobby a smart person would do a little research and figure out how to open a lock the easiest way possible without making a lot of noise and attracting attention from others.

  • Greyline

    This showed up in my recommendations. I watched it and now I'm hooked. Great content!

  • 7177

    Have you ever considered presenting a talk at Defcon or black hat or some similar hacker conference?

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    So do you have any recommendations for consumers looking to buy secure locks? Love the videos, keep up the great work!

  • Jack Haynes
    Jack Haynes

    My dad always says: “locks only keep out honest people”

    • XtreeM FaiL
      XtreeM FaiL

      ...and dogs.

    • Matthew Kriek
      Matthew Kriek

      We might have had the same dad

  • Asdayasman アズデイ
    Asdayasman アズデイ

    This is funny because the Amazon Basics mouse was actually really good, back in the day.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown

    i'm sure your God level fingers can feel the numbers on the code wheels😁

  • Ron

    Actually, this is an OK lock. It took about 40 seconds to open, as compared to some that LPL has open in 10 seconds or less.

  • Meat Locker
    Meat Locker

    We should rename these Amazon Ba-sucks.

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Hey, no wedding ring and no shadow, did he fake us out when he did the ice cream lock test with his wife?

  • trinkak

    what Simple and Cheap improvements could most locks do to make them better, on the flip side what do they do that is better off with out ?

  • hmholm

    You know you help people steal bikes right?

  • Rohan Kumar
    Rohan Kumar

    I do not owe anybody anything now with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*