[1088] MASSIVE Altor SAF ("Strong as F***”) Bike U-Lock Picked

  • Carl Antaya
    Carl Antaya

    Could you do the Gallium thing to this lock?

  • Cloaker

    “Altor SAF: because F--- you!”

  • bepowerification

    lol wtf. I was thinking: "well ok, it looks beefy." than LPLs hand showed up and... WTF. whats its fuel consumption per ton per month?

  • Aco

    Those are tiny keys. Those are tiny hands- OH

  • David Bowman
    David Bowman

    lol they dont make angle grinder resistant bike racks!

  • MsLouisez

    Pounds and aluminium. aluminium always gets me no matter how many times I hear it.

  • 58 mph
    58 mph

    "headed down to my garage and emerged several hours later with this" >combination brass and steel parts >uniform knurling on two separate parts >perfect machining *how do you do it?*


    where to buy this in europe?? need this so bad :D

  • Paul S
    Paul S

    I'm curious about what vulnerabilities exist under the plastic body cover. he didn't show the lock body from all angles, and it seems except for puffing up the dimensions with aluminum it is not unlike other 14mm u bolt lock bodies

  • Sanxioned1

    I have no idea how you're supposed to actually put this on a bike though :S how?

  • Jet

    Me when he's hands appeared next to the lock: "WTFFFFFFFFFFFF HAHAHAHA"

  • Benjamin McCaleb
    Benjamin McCaleb

    I think just by watching the video a grinder will work if u attack it right where it meets the bottom part. You would only have to cut down to the steel shackle which is half way down with a 4.5 inch grinder I think it would reach not sure but just a thought

  • Leander van Rees
    Leander van Rees

    Your hands like comically tiny next to this beast.

  • Donnie

    2:25 for picking

  • God 2: Electric Boogaloo
    God 2: Electric Boogaloo

    A smart thief would steal the lock

  • OopsieBoopsie

    you should test the hydraulic cutter.

  • Darren Z
    Darren Z

    The problem with locks like this, is that they could encourage a spiteful thief to simply vandalize your bike instead.

  • Paul Miranda
    Paul Miranda

    Imagine you buy a Carbon Fiber Bike with this lock.....

  • Yorkshire Grom Squad
    Yorkshire Grom Squad

    Have you tried to grind this yet @lockpicking lawyer

  • MoroseMacabre

    I can't see the point of an angle grinder. It would take way longer, be a lot louder, and consume more energy than using a Sawzall with demolition blades.

  • Mr C
    Mr C

    Big up Mat Smith. UK. Trump 2020


    Hi lock picking lawyer , I'm a big fan and follower here on UZload. I want to give you a different perspective of how to possibly crack this lock. You said that the bottom portion is made of aluminum? There is a non toxic substance that you can order online called gallium. If you simply take sandpaper and rough up around the aluminum portion of the lock, then spead that portion with gallium, it should destabilize the strength of the aluminum material and make it easy to break with a hammer in less than 1 hour.. I know there are a couple of videos regarding gallium and aluminum here on UZload. Perhaps this method would work with other locks that have aluminum Hardware? Keep doing your thing! Take care. Mr. Tank

  • Shayan Khan
    Shayan Khan

    Let's lock titanic with it...🤣

  • kenny lars
    kenny lars

    Finally a lock he says in unlikely to. E picked

  • PUR3x CANIN3
    PUR3x CANIN3

    Finally... I've waited 100 years but finally. A lock that is worthy.

  • Zander Harris
    Zander Harris

    Literally this is the dumbest lock ever

  • FurryEskimo

    So I’ve seen you pick a Lot of locks, but what lock do you consider the most pick resistant? What can a user open quickly, but a thief would take a long time to steal or be incapable of stealing? I’m tempted to just get a computerized lock that shuts own entirely if given the wrong code.

  • Siniestro02

    LPL hands compared to the lock had me in the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Soul Adventurer
    Soul Adventurer

    Oh, those are tiny keyss... Wait a minute!

  • Thong Slapper
    Thong Slapper

    I thought you had used your child's hands at the start of the video. Holy shit that's a big lock

  • MrDoboz

    a few drops of mercury, then you can bring out your grinder. don't even try the grinder in the firstplace, not worth the disks, BUT, that mercury is a killer

  • lookm8

    You didn't re-lock it transparently enough for me to believe this video

  • mytube

    I started rating the quality of locks based on LPL videos length, the longer the better.

  • David Kline
    David Kline

    How is that lock even usable? Is there a chain or cable big enough that the easy way the defeat it is to go after the lock? And if you have to use a chain or cable that big to fit in the shackle why not just use the cable. The lock will not protect your wheels and seat post from getting taken, either, so you'll have to use some auxiliary security to secure those items. I don't know.... Seems like there's a small market for this lock but not very practical or well thought out.

  • Jeremiah Jorenby
    Jeremiah Jorenby

    use a cordless milwaukee mini reciprocating saw

  • Bismarck Unleashed
    Bismarck Unleashed

    At first I was like "it doesn't look that big" Then his hand came up to view then I was like "dat boiii thicc boi that's A THICC BOIIIII"

  • JOhn Doe
    JOhn Doe

    300 bucks for a bikelock i'd be more concerned someone steals my bikelock instead of my bike lol

  • Preston Henson
    Preston Henson

    Matt smith? LPL is confirmed friends with The Doctor

  • EvanIsNervous

    Just cut the bike in half and weld it back together later in your shop

  • TheInternetLad

    The only way to steal what's on this lock is to just take the whole bike rack home

  • Gunnar Wheeler
    Gunnar Wheeler

    Gonna go ahead and get one of these but for my house

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    Aluminum construction you say? One word, Gallium

  • Murhamdilah

    Good thing I bought Brompton bike. No lock needed.

  • Big Bank Hank
    Big Bank Hank

    Take a grinder to the tip of the U from both sides and you can cut through it

  • bboyhanvzla

    there's a bike in my U-lock

  • Nickel Dime
    Nickel Dime

    Honestly at first glance I thought this was going to be one of those locks, where it is big with a cheap easy to pick lock, but it is actually kind of a pleasant surprise to see that it also has a lock that is very unlikely to be picked on the street. This is actually a fantastic advertisement for the company that makes this lock. Just don't lose your key, or you could be in a lot of trouble.

  • Op 249
    Op 249

    thing looks like its straight outta looney toons

  • Default Name
    Default Name

    So not only is this guy a master lock pick, he's also a top class tool maker?

  • bigmac22ify

    Didn’t realize how big it was until he picked it up.

  • Garner Wood
    Garner Wood

    Thought it had small keys until his hand came into frame.

  • Andonauts

    You know you have a winner when a thief would rather cut through the bike rack and the bike itself, just to keep the lock.

  • ThesexyMrX

    you kinda cheat by seeing the keys.. admit it..

  • IconRunner

    When you need to lock up your M1 Abrams, accept no substitutes!

  • Zac Taylor
    Zac Taylor

    "I only know of one person in the world who makes them for sale, he does it by hand and he's an ocean away..." "That's of course Matt Smith in the U.K." Wait what? Matt Smith? As in the guy who played the 11th doct- Ohhhhh...

  • Steven Sears
    Steven Sears

    I didn’t realize how big it was until he put his hand next to it

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt

    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop? 1,2,3, crunch. Done.

  • Kiyoone

    guys... who the hell really uses this day-to-day? carrying around... it could be safe but... useless

  • The German Next door
    The German Next door

    Me: dang those r some tiny keys Hand comes into shot Me: holy sht 👁👁

  • Austin Kaukl
    Austin Kaukl

    When you pay 5 grand to drop a few pounds off a bike, and then you have this...

  • The Cube
    The Cube

    I got an idea of its size as soon as he put his hand in view

  • Dr Dredd Man of Mystery
    Dr Dredd Man of Mystery

    There is no cyclist that would use that thing.

  • MrTruehoustonian

    And my desk is not the streets. With his super custom lockpick

  • Synthetic_Future

    That lock doesn't look that big... *hand enters frame* HOLY JEZUS WHY IS THAT LOCK SO BIG O_O

  • Carrboro Bear
    Carrboro Bear

    PFFFFtt some c-4 would open it right up!

  • jbvap

    Lmao that thing is comically big

  • Liquid Mike
    Liquid Mike

    Somebody is compensating

  • vincent caron
    vincent caron

    i need this for my 12,50 bike

  • Neon Eviscerator
    Neon Eviscerator

    Since disc-detainer cores are so uncommon, and as such the tools to pick them are all but nonexistant, one wonders why they're not more common.

  • Neon Eviscerator
    Neon Eviscerator

    I lost it when his hand came into shot, and it turned out that that lock was at least three times larger than I'd thought.

  • BobRooney

    not worth the cost. the lock costs more than most bikes.

  • Chrissy Karakotsios
    Chrissy Karakotsios

    I was not prepared for the size differential when he put his hand on screen.

    • that zombies player
      that zombies player

      Based off the comments I don't think anyone was. The lock is terrifyingly huge

  • Mohamed Raj
    Mohamed Raj

    You probably can't even fit that through the frame of a bike! 😂

  • Beau

    Lock weighs more than the bike!

  • james morson
    james morson

    hello im LPL and im gonna end this video.. have a nice daY.

  • Raytheon Nublinski
    Raytheon Nublinski

    I can’t pick this. Lock picking lawyer built a pick in a garage with a box of scraps!

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B

    You should use gallium on this and see what it does to it.

  • Omen on 30 framez
    Omen on 30 framez

    At this point it’s not a lock...it’s a weapon

  • Stayniel Herbayn
    Stayniel Herbayn

    £300 just to see LPL unlock it in 30 seconds

  • Juliano Pieters
    Juliano Pieters

    You know the lock is good when the pick for it is so uncommon lpl had to make his own

  • Shane Hunt
    Shane Hunt

    It can be cut threw but only near the bottom

  • Maaz Rajput
    Maaz Rajput

    I though this was smaller than his hand but when he showed his his then I saw how massive it is

  • ThaBoss3006

    why are you americans so against swearing, but so pro basically everything else evil (you know like starting wars and electing corrupt presidents)

  • Moises Duarte
    Moises Duarte

    this is one of the best channels ive ever found..... TRUE VALUE RIGHT HERE TELL YOU WHAT

  • The Dawsons
    The Dawsons


  • azcardsfitz1

    0:24 you vs the guy she told you not to worry about

  • Theporkchopsandwhich

    They make 5" and 5.1/2" cut off wheels for 7/8 arbour.... so the depth might not be as strong a deterrent. How do you use this? single point on the bike, with a chain?

    • that zombies player
      that zombies player

      I would imagine those are more specialized though cuz you did say a standard four and a half inch. Also let's be honest what do you think is going to see this and go yes I want to fight that monstrosity when there is most likely going to be another bike being secured by a log that will not literally take 20 minutes to cut open because again like you said aluminum has this annoying tendency to gum up your grinder wheel

  • Chase Lanier
    Chase Lanier

    Who is buying this?

  • Hobby Sauce
    Hobby Sauce

    It took the LockPickingLawyer 2 min + 4 hours of garage time to unlock this bad boy. I’d say it’s pretty safe ;)


    What the fuk the lock size 😳

  • Yip Szofer
    Yip Szofer

    Thief sees this lock. Cuts the bike in half and steals the lock

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson

    Also doubles as a club for self defence

  • Orcazaz

    its so expensive that you should just buy a new bike rather than this

  • MrSongwriter2

    I was hoping for some brute force attacks 😂

  • harry pjotr
    harry pjotr

    but how in the world would this lock fit in a chainlink or trough my spokes?

  • BlueCassio

    This lock costs more than most bikes

  • BlueCassio

    Dude honestly just cut through the fucking bike

  • Legendary Lime
    Legendary Lime

    He angled it so I couldnt see the face on the reflection

  • EmpiricalPragmatist

    "I'm going to try a novel approach to opening an aluminium shackle with a grinder". *Gallium grinder disc foreshadowing*

  • TheHive

    finally, a worthy component

  • TheHive

    my bike doesn't even cost 300 dollsrs