[1188] Bosvision Disc Detainer Padlock Picked

  • Crystal Faith H
    Crystal Faith H

    I would personally love to see the inside of this lock, and see the disks the way you can see the pins in other locks.

  • Elite LT
    Elite LT

    is there a way to get a pick like that?

  • Kusunoki

    Really helpful thx

  • Mattia Giambirtone
    Mattia Giambirtone

    Man I don't feel comfortable knowing that people like you can open any lock in seconds, not gonna lie 😂

  • TwiSky Studios
    TwiSky Studios

    Is that tool ever going to get on sale on Covertinstruments?

  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak

    Is this Saul Goodman in disguise 😂

  • Suisei Uchūno
    Suisei Uchūno

    1:28 I'm new what's that

  • shteebo

    Summary: You will need either a Bosnian Bill custom disc pick tool...or a sledge hammer.

  • Baron Of Hell
    Baron Of Hell

    If there was a president and I wanted to lock up his mouth which lock do I use? I'm trying to protect him so he doesn't get the virus.

  • Saberwing 7
    Saberwing 7

    I'm convinced that this is like the locks BosnianBill has reviewed that can be gutted just by prying out the front of the core. I'd be really surprised if it wasn't. In any case, I'd love to see how easy this is to destroy. It might even just be glued shut. That would be absolutely perfect. But hey, at least the core isn't made out of plastic.

  • Frank Rodriguez
    Frank Rodriguez

    Can you pick ZORE X gun lock

  • zorod

    Is there a video about how that pick works?

  • Bloop 907
    Bloop 907

    Some random hater at home: “HES FAKING IT” Also the hater: ***hears in the background*** (Muffled) “Number 2 is binding inside this door lock”

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse


  • Jef Koelewijn
    Jef Koelewijn

    That was interesting

  • Connor Murphy
    Connor Murphy

    “Then I’m going to get the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made” *crowd absolutely loses their minds*

  • Tommy Shiplett
    Tommy Shiplett

    Ummmmm i want that pick that you made anyway you can like make them and sell them or is it just me that wants it?

  • Bruno Vazquez
    Bruno Vazquez

    Kinda wish he introduced a hammer

  • Mausreaper

    Honestly expected the Ramset to just come sliding across the table after he dissed that construction so much

  • Jacob M.
    Jacob M.

    Its all fun and games until "the pick bosnian bill and I made" enters the chat

  • Douglas D
    Douglas D

    It may have presented more of a challenge if not for the pick that Bosnian Bill and you made.

  • whyyousooserious

    *who else is just as happy as I am to have found this channel?* 😇😇😇

  • Preston Byrd
    Preston Byrd

    The body looks like you could crack it open with a 3-pound hammer easier than picking it.

  • Jazza BigHits
    Jazza BigHits

    bosvision is short for bosnian bill and i had a vision

  • Emmett Hunsaker
    Emmett Hunsaker

    i wish i had that pick

  • alch3myau


  • sunnier fish
    sunnier fish

    Like how to open a plasma lock with a lightsaber

  • Shin

    I just got the notification, wth, UZload

  • Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk
    Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk

    What really happened to the pick? It was for sale a few hours (or minutes?) and then it was gone. Did the FBI intervene or something?

  • Zachary Zarko
    Zachary Zarko

    Casting is not the only option for making a sleek lock body. They could have CNC machined it from a solid piece of billet aluminum or steel. Alternatively, they could have forged or cast two aluminum or steel halves featuring mortises and tenons, joined with hardened steel pins. Another option would be to 3D print the metal lock body. Most modern 3D metal printers deposit layers of metallic powder and melt the layers together with a laser. Finally - they could have just used a zip tie or a couple layers of duct tape.

  • Johnny Cheung
    Johnny Cheung

    So, in summary, the only selling point is that the lock "looks cool", at least until it becomes scratched or marked.

  • Brad Roberts
    Brad Roberts

    How many of you looked at the key, and started the countdown til you heard the words "the pick bosnian bill and I made". At which point there was barely a minute left in the video. #gameover.

  • D W
    D W

    Yeah, I'm starting a channel called the lock smashing amateur where I just open all locks with a simple hammer. LOL

  • The Evengers
    The Evengers

    I have this lock, just trying to figure out why mine the first disc spins freely, it doesn't lock when you rotate it to the far right position.

  • Aurora Salinas
    Aurora Salinas

    You are like a magician. I TOTALLY love to watch you do your magic. Thanks.

  • Rennegadde Foxxe
    Rennegadde Foxxe

    I know you're not usually a destruction channel, but ... SMASH IT!

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones

    Is it just me, or do I feel like this video came out last week at about 7 minutes in length, then disappeared? LPL, did you open the core & show off a Bosvision secret?

  • SmokeElectronics

    I feel like a flathead would dump the contents of the core on the workbench in a second or two

  • Sean Humphrey
    Sean Humphrey

    if he ever starts selling those picks, he should name them "the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made" by LockPickingLawyer

  • floorpizza

    LPL: I know you're extremely busy, so I'll keep this very short. I've just received my Sparrow's Disc Detainer pick (designed by you and BB), and I'm desperately trying to find that simple tool you use to rotate the discs as far clockwise as they'll go. I just can't find it! Help a brother out??

  • James Ferrari
    James Ferrari

    When the description of why the lock isn’t very good takes longer than the picking you know it’s not a good lock

  • Damien Cantu
    Damien Cantu

    “Then I’m going to get the pick that Bosnian Bill And I made” Disc Detainer Core: “aM i A jOkE tOO yOu?”

  • The Evengers
    The Evengers

    Now I know why he doesn't use the tool that him and Bosnian Bill created that Sparrow sells. Because without modification the tension tool nor the actual pick won't fit in the lock.

  • Premium Blue
    Premium Blue

    I still give this lock a thumbs up for the unique cool look & sleek style It was clearly just meant to keep your your small children from playing with their toys after bedtime😁

  • Keovar

    Bosnian Bill and you should really name the pick you invented.

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Joseph Paterson
    Joseph Paterson

    I really wanted to see him break the lock

  • Shiina Mashiro
    Shiina Mashiro

    The problem I have with Disc Detainer locks at the moment is that LPL has a very good tool to open it. Can we maybe get a video of a Disc Detainer picking that does not include the special tool? Just to see how long it would actually take for "normal people" to break into it (providing the lock itself is made well etc.)

  • Dragon Butt
    Dragon Butt

    Making the assumption that it wont stand up to physical abuse? Without testing it first? An easy pick... using a tool that was handmade for you that no one else has...

  • cannibalaaron 1
    cannibalaaron 1

    For the life of me I have no idea why I enjoy these videos so much

  • TRiG (Ireland)
    TRiG (Ireland)

    Was the making of that pick documented on UZload? I'd like to see it.

  • Archie Deguerro
    Archie Deguerro

    LPL: “Disc detainer lock” Everyone: I think we can all see where this is going.

  • skitzvitz

    Picked under a minute and looks like it would last two well placed blows with a cheap hammer. However am glad garbage like this is sold just to hear LPL roast em.

  • D H
    D H

    Can you get your hands on a vatican locks? Yes the popes vatican has many books and relics locked aways... including their own super bank vault fort Knox style

  • David Olson
    David Olson

    Listening to you is an education and meditation.

  • Stuart Bivens
    Stuart Bivens

    I desperately wanted to see you just smash it with a claw hammer after talking about it's lack of durability.

  • Ian Miller
    Ian Miller

    Can we get a shirt that says "And this tool that Bosnian Bill and I made" please?

  • its_Trenner

    Has LPL ever endorsed a small lock? I swear I have never seen a video of him praising a lock. Currently I just carry everything around with me because I am too terrified to lock my stuff up!

  • Kleyman Klm
    Kleyman Klm

    This lock, looked sexy. But here You came, and said that it is just an old whore.

  • Jason Gurtz-Cayla
    Jason Gurtz-Cayla

    I wonder if there's a bypass or if that's guarded against beyond the core?

  • DJ Soul
    DJ Soul

    Me: Went for a walk and saw a Master padlock. My brain: "Click on two, three is binding....."

  • mrflexham

    2.30 vid don't think this will last long

  • Seph Bane
    Seph Bane

    Bosnian Bill and LPL crafted a legendary quality lockpick.

  • Xyav Dast
    Xyav Dast

    The lock designers in lockmaking companies: "Design or security? Which should we put our focus on?" The managers in the same company: "DESIGN, obviously! Even the best locks are hard to sell if their appearance is bad. But even the shittiest of all locks ever created will sell easily as long as they look awesome. We will just put some banners on the package like 'high security', 'maximum security' or so - which is just a subjective classification and hence not legally binding in any way. Then they will sell easily."

  • Nixand Breant
    Nixand Breant

    LPL in every video: *picks a lock in minutes* this lock is bad and should feel bad Me: *struggles to open my front door with the key*

  • cyphre

    WOuld be nice to see a comparison to the faster way of opening: smash with hammer.

  • Zurkster

    Only fit to install on My Secret diaries! 🤣

  • Paul Hobart
    Paul Hobart

    I’d love to see a stress test. I bet it would only survive one or two blows with a hammer.

  • S3V3N13TT3R5

    Look how easily it opens with this specialized tool with only 2 in the world, worthless lock.... yeah sure...

  • cglynne

    When you mention your concerns regarding a lock not withstanding any forced entry or physical abuse, it would be very entertaining to see you actually inflict said abuse on these locks to demonstrate your point more effectively. For this lock I was hoping you would show some sort of hammer blow or other such destructive attack.

  • Michael Robichaux
    Michael Robichaux

    Would like to see this one destroyed as , just the cheap cast construction , I think translates to, sledge hammer can get into it

  • XxGame DestroyerxX
    XxGame DestroyerxX

    You should do a speed run of all the hardest locks you can find

  • SheyD78

    Aw, I was kind of hoping to see the forced entry variant. It sure isn't standing up to no .50 cal. that's for sure

  • Richard Thompson
    Richard Thompson

    Blow torch...

  • morok4

    what a lock its hard for u

  • Nunyo Bidness
    Nunyo Bidness

    These ‘easy pickings’ locks are getting rather boring to me. It’s like if a cute girl kept posting videos and showed she could have sex with 5 different men a day. Sure, it’s sexy at first, but then it’s like ‘Ok, so what?’ Why doesn’t a lock company contact the LPL to helped actually design a pick-proof lock? The perfect lock? Or is that not possible? How about a video talking about that? Nope :/

  • CrinosAD

    This lock needs to meet Ramset :)

  • N Elderkin
    N Elderkin

    Just for a moment, I hoped I was going to hear him say "the pick that Bosvision Bill and I made"

  • David Wostrel
    David Wostrel

    ahh... it is not smashed by the end of the video ;(

  • Yasin Bolakar
    Yasin Bolakar

    You should continue twisting padlocks 🔒

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc

    "not a particularly difficult lock to open" Says someone who made a tool for this exact core design, has years of experience and picked this lock a couple times before filming. I bet takes him hours to prepare the video, especially if it's a lock he's never seen before. And all we get is the final result with the famous line "not really that hard to pick". Sure dude. Whatever. At this point, you're only picking open these cheap locks because you've got a viewer base that watches you. There's nothing new or interesting about you anymore. Show the grind, show the failures, show the whole story. And get a lock in that actually presents a challenge.

  • Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate

    You should break into Song

  • TheRocco96

    Question for mr LockPickingLawyer: do cities hire you to remove the locks from bridges where couples have attached thousands of locks?

  • TwistedMe13

    ... You could probably open that one with a Zippo lighter and a hammer.

  • Brendan Carlson
    Brendan Carlson

    Ahem, we haven't seen the Ramset in a while.

  • ParaPick Tog
    ParaPick Tog

    Now that sparrows carry it, and hundreds of people have them, I think it's time for you and Bill to give this thing a name.

  • Jackalope Gaming
    Jackalope Gaming

    Question: Have you come across a disk detainer lock that has to be turned counter-clockwise?

  • Coloring With D
    Coloring With D

    Me: looks at video length. Also me: this is going to be another lock to not purchase. Thanks LPL ♥♥♥

  • Splattertube

    I'm here just for those 8 words. Seriously, why is that not on a shirt by now?

  • Benjamin Lootens
    Benjamin Lootens

    Could you do a video on how to choose a lock? I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive lock that can withstand the elements and attacks

  • Bob Thompson
    Bob Thompson

    I'm having trouble finding this answer online, so I thought I would just ask you. Can I rekey a disc detainer lock? I have 2 disc detainer locks in my life that I would love to only need to carry 1 key for. Thank you.

  • ff7omega

    Zinc alloy? It's trash no matter what

  • Kit Bear
    Kit Bear


  • LadyAnuB

    How many people were disappointed to see this lock being picked open instead being physically attacked?

  • Xwtek

    I a bit upset when the pick that LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill made is renamed to Sparrows Disk Detainer Pick

  • S FERG
    S FERG

    I was waiting for the torch to come out and melt that sucker! C'Mon Man!

  • Nick B
    Nick B

    Anyone else read the title as "Bosnian Bill disk detainer?"?

  • zdash80

    Two dudes walk up to a locked gate "Crap! A Bosvision!, you got that pick that LPL and Bosnian Bill Made?" "Nope" "Oh well just cut it off then!"

  • Trey Cook
    Trey Cook

    "Not convinced will survive any serious attempt at forced entry" I just hear Project Farm's voice: "We're gonna test that!"

  • Noah Saiz
    Noah Saiz

    This man has acquired legendary tools

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