[1020] SentrySafe Opened With a Coat Hanger!

  • RVG1

    Hmm...looks just like most hotel safes. Will try this on one next time.

  • Mag

    Mate, this guys are linking your content. I don't know if you gave permission, but just in case... uzload.info/fun/p6h-eH-7j2l-22Q/video

  • Ziad Khalaf
    Ziad Khalaf

    The Real Mccoy

  • Joseph Martinez
    Joseph Martinez

    When it takes you longer to undo the three screws than it did open the safe... Classic lock picking lawyer ... 🤣🤣🤣

  • Itai Elminda
    Itai Elminda

    How can it be so easy to press the solenoid ?

  • Łuki219

    "High Security Sponge" yes

  • stephen white
    stephen white


  • Douglas Overholt
    Douglas Overholt

    Do you know the difference between a locked picker and a locksmith a locked picker would sit around and figure out what you just did a locksmith would take a crowbar pry that little crappy safe open and sell them a new safe that is better great video all in good jokes great video

  • Alexpx ThreeTen
    Alexpx ThreeTen

    LPL goes to HomeDepot to find something with a lock to pick for 2 minutes of fun

  • RWBHere

    First, open the door. Next, remove 3 screws from back plate. Then take a coat hanger and bend it to exactly the correct shape to reach the solenoid. Close and lock the door. Now push the coat hanger through the LED hole. Finally angle the coat hanger to reach and press the solenoid actuator. As a finalé, wish everyone a nice day. So you have to open a door to figure out how to bypass the locks on them all. 🧐 Hmm.

  • Karen Muhi
    Karen Muhi

    I changed the battery of mine then suddenly cannot open. This works! The arrangement inside is different from this one so need to know first where is that push thing. I will never buy this kind of safe again xD

  • John Jeffrey
    John Jeffrey

    Hahaha "High security sponge"

  • xXclanker_killerXx

    I am scared because i own a sentry safe

  • Kristoffer Cummings
    Kristoffer Cummings

    Of course it can. Any of these little “home depot” safes are a joke. Just reset the electronics.

  • Alexander Stollznow
    Alexander Stollznow

    That is just ridiculous. Apparently companies which make locks aren't even aware of the concept of lock-picking.

  • J K
    J K

    Thank you! Stuck overseas without the keys to open this Sentry Safe and the batteries died without warning. I needed my passports and I was stuck. This worked like a champ!

  • Jacques B
    Jacques B

    lol it's easier just hit it hard make the solenoid bounce, same affect. tried it with a few safes in the shop.....

  • O'Irish McMan
    O'Irish McMan

    I’m not a locksmith, but I’ve had a few people call me now to help them open stuff they’ve lost keys for, locked out of etc. Sentry safes are by far the most weak systems I’ve encountered. I opened one with a mini flathead screwdriver 🤦‍♂️ they need to be better 😂

  • Ron Belcher
    Ron Belcher


  • humbllbug

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  • BiG BeAR
    BiG BeAR

    What’s interesting is that he’s also provided anyone with this safe a fix to make it more secure. Just screw in a piece of 90* angle iron to shield/protect the solenoid. Exchange the sponge for a piece of steel/hard plastic/or even hard wood, screwed to the inside cover that he took off, to hold the circuit board in place. Also change the solenoid spring to a much stronger one. Now you have a pretty secure safe, that’s at least not as easy to pick open, or bounce on something to compress the spring and open.

    • RWBHere

      Or simply shield the solenoid to prevent direct access to the plunger.

    • Maj. Dude
      Maj. Dude

      If you make the spring too strong, the battery operated solenoid won’t be able to pull it in. The dead-battery bypass lock you see above said solenoid is easily pickable with a $5 tool. As a noob, it took me, three, seconds... I think even a plastic bracket, glued to the door between the solenoid and circuit board will thwart the coathanger approach. Especially if you use some epoxy or even silicone.

  • Stephen Alva Givens
    Stephen Alva Givens

    i am a welder and i have one i weld shut and open only in need wanna know how much is in it. nothing i am broke i just thought it up.

  • Golden Diamond
    Golden Diamond

    We buy these to keep our children out then you show the children how to open it. Bad video

  • G MAN
    G MAN

    If you own this safe, use it as a decoy, and leave it empty. Stash the cash in a Kleenex box marked COVID contaminated.

  • Jackey Lovalux
    Jackey Lovalux

    Brought to you by sentrysafe you better stay safe or someone will brake in less than 1 second

  • Eric Castelazo
    Eric Castelazo

    When it takes longer to undo the screws than it does to pick

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Unnecessary, just bounce it on the bed while turning the handle, the spring in there is so weak it will compress on it's own

  • Jerson David Moreira
    Jerson David Moreira


  • Maximiliano Lopez
    Maximiliano Lopez

    can it still work after that?

  • KaijuCat

    "Un Poco De Todo"?

  • Jack Woods
    Jack Woods


  • Sara Games
    Sara Games

    Vengo de Un Poco De Todo.

  • stereosympathy

    Wait, did he just say part of this lock was held together with a sponge?!

  • Nathan .w
    Nathan .w

    What do u do if u leave ur keys in ur car outside? Go back in and ask for a coat hanger 😂

  • Jim Reid
    Jim Reid

    More than 2 million visit? ????

  • Carlos Augusto Trujillo Ramirez
    Carlos Augusto Trujillo Ramirez


  • Wnzo


  • Rodrigo Hernandez
    Rodrigo Hernandez

    Viniste por un poco de todo😎

  • Erick Gutiérrez Esteban
    Erick Gutiérrez Esteban

    Alguien más viene por un poco de todo

  • Jan Urbanovic
    Jan Urbanovic


  • majorsynth QED
    majorsynth QED

    Hmm, I keep my .357 in one of these safes. Better get a new safe.

  • Ryan Eglinton
    Ryan Eglinton

    Now that's really sad.

  • creative grant
    creative grant

    Easily remedied with a little bit of metal plate to block the hanger. Maybe superglue the LED's or get some with metal to weld them in place. This is a how to guide for thieves but a couple minutes more to show how to harden the safe is not the agenda here. Its to show his fellow thieves how to pick locks and break into safes under the guise of consumer alerts.

  • H H
    H H

    It would take longer to open using the code.

  • Senna 1993
    Senna 1993

    Made in China 👎🏽

  • Manly McStud
    Manly McStud

    i imagine there are about a dozen ways of easily cracking this 'safe'....

  • Leszek Rybak
    Leszek Rybak

    What a piece of garbage...

  • WhitefirePL

    The only worse safe would be the one picked by pissing on it.

  • Eddewho

    Trying for ages and can't get the hanger to touch the solenoid.. or it feels like I can touch it but not push it down.. any suggestions?

    • Eddewho

      Need a video of the coat hanger doing it's thing from the back where you show the electricals

  • Dinngg0

    Home Depot gets a hefty profit selling you junk, and you get robbed by a teenager with a coathanger. Life is good!

  • intuitiv.me


  • Christian O
    Christian O

    No safe is safe near you, and now creeps know how to rob us blind. Why not show safes we can buy that you can't break into. Jeez dude.

  • Pablo del Segundo
    Pablo del Segundo

    'high security sponge' - cackleworthy

  • Red Pill Nibbler
    Red Pill Nibbler

    840 👎 from safe manufacturers

  • Christian Biggins
    Christian Biggins

    What a steaming pile of crap.

  • MarVill TX
    MarVill TX

    Looks like a good safe to me. When you lose the keys you can pick it yourself.

  • Jon Zimmer
    Jon Zimmer

    Thank you! I stored liquid in there and it shorted the circuit out, and I have no idea where the key is... so 15 mins later (not as proficient as you) and I have access to my stuff

  • Pete Coventry
    Pete Coventry

    This is good i've forgotten my code lol

  • B-Dog

    Weil this Safe is still more Safe than my future

  • rvan #rvan
    rvan #rvan

    It is sponge worthy.

  • Licht AmSchluusseln
    Licht AmSchluusseln

    This guy has humiliated Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible movies. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣😂😂

  • No,Isaidposse

    Brought to you by SentrySafe.

  • Qwerty


  • rockhardagain

    Wow, I was seeing myself with gloves and a cutting wheel trying to get in to my safe because I forgot to maintain the batteries and think I threw away the keys that came with it. I found your video, and with an old hanger and a few minutes of blind fishing, I had it open. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate you doing this, and am going to make sure that any future safe I buy isn't in one of your videos.

  • Alan Robbie
    Alan Robbie

    its to keep the honest ppl out.

  • Pierre Pellerin
    Pierre Pellerin

    I wonder if the company making this safe saw this... How can they justify selling such a lame safe that can be open with a coat hanger.

  • Magnus Childers
    Magnus Childers

    Wow, Chinese no like you now

  • Doppel Ganger
    Doppel Ganger

    Is there any safe "SAFE" to this man?, hahaha

    • J T
      J T

      I think it’s safe to say no.

  • gmy33

    Oke .. but qith rhis knowledge.. its pretty easy to make safe .. it will cost almost nothing to prevent this .. i mean its a light save mainly used in hotels .. ..

  • redshift1976

    ...and he did it with one arm.

  • Chris J
    Chris J

    I bet they wont sell many of them now lol.

  • Paul Holland
    Paul Holland

    Ok, we have one of these, but by the time a Burglar gets into my home and sets off the Alarm system he only has 14 seconds to find our Safe and get into it. Oh and do this with a retired German Shepard Police Canine chewing on his Butt.

    • Ben Pullan
      Ben Pullan

      Judging by your completely random capitalisation, I would assume you would most likely not even bother setting the alarm system, as for your retired police dog, it's a poodle innit? Just admit lad

  • Torby 4096
    Torby 4096

    Well... we hope burglars don't watch UZload videos!

  • byk_ Chainsaw
    byk_ Chainsaw

    those safes are only good for keeping visitors from stealing your stuff! your sons pot smoking sticky finger friends. a safe like that, if found, can just be picked up and walked away. cut into it at your own time. so its not really a safe, but a convenient carry case for thieves.

  • Henrick

    Thanks for the video, you just saved me $30 on replacement keys since my safe battery died and I can't find the dang keys.

  • Da Mob
    Da Mob

    Safe companies lose so much money from his videos lol

  • Da Mob
    Da Mob

    I’ve made so much money watching your videos. Thank you so much!

  • shawn griffith
    shawn griffith

    So replace the sponge with a block of wood. I did this and now it is tamper proof.

    • byk_ Chainsaw
      byk_ Chainsaw

      @shawn griffith i been looking at safes, wanted quality but not 10k price. its amazing how weak most safes are, from thin steel to weak locks, as this lawyer guy shows he can pick most locks in under a minute. bolting it down is good, but from the his videos i'm just being realistic. also a good video shows that the kitchen pantry or laundry room are best place for small safe, master bedroom worst

    • shawn griffith
      shawn griffith

      @byk_ Chainsaw My safe is bolted down into concreate and any noise would alert people in other apartment above me. Not to mention steel door and frame with a deadbolt just to get into my apartment.

    • byk_ Chainsaw
      byk_ Chainsaw

      ok, the thief wouldnt think of walking off with it, or using your saw in garage to cut it open while your out at IHOP.

  • Tokin Bud
    Tokin Bud

    Lol I can open that faster than him lol can't believe he missed the biggest flaw in this safe, the solenoid is on a spring so just turn and hit the top and it takes 1 second to open lol

  • Tokin Bud
    Tokin Bud

    This one you don't even need anything just turn the knob and hit on the top lol opens right up lol

  • Sep G
    Sep G

    If i was a burglar, i would subscribe to this channel and have it ready during a break-in.

  • James Crook
    James Crook

    "high security sponge..." Is like taking fly paper to your face to shield covid... . . . . Sure it might stop 0.001 attacks. but let's try and aim a lil higher yeh?

  • Paul 6G
    Paul 6G

    Couldn't you put a quarter of a radius, let's say a section of a wrist band. Adhering it to cover the exposed area of the solenoid vulnerability.?

  • Peester Moonshine
    Peester Moonshine

    Hecho in China?

  • Knot Tellinya
    Knot Tellinya

    Locks aren't made to keep dishonest people out. They're made to keep honest people honest. Now ... High Security Sponges ... That's a whole different ball game there!

  • robert moore
    robert moore

    "Here we have our high security sponge" LMAO

  • MalcomJPrince

    Nice 🤣🤣🤣

  • Leo from Freo
    Leo from Freo

    They have these in hotels rooms. It would be very easy for a staff member to open the safe, take your belongings and reset the sponge and led while you’re out sightseeing.

  • Marked Man
    Marked Man

    recommend would be nice

  • Ryan brown
    Ryan brown

    O my god .so i will be needing a safe

  • Gabriel PdeL
    Gabriel PdeL

    The only reason this safe has become “a product to avoid” is thanks to the info shown on this video.

  • Bing Crosby
    Bing Crosby

    The back door with the 4 screw is more safe than the lock it self.

  • Landon SRT
    Landon SRT

    You just saved me money!!

  • Rafael Martinez
    Rafael Martinez

    To me..it really sounds like: "St FREE-n-SAY".. kind of crooks fest..

  • Joe Fischer
    Joe Fischer

    Have any lock companies enlisted you as a consultant ?

  • Bubica Bubili
    Bubica Bubili

    Coments on the Cowwid-(20-1) pandemonics and waksynation are restricted by YT but it is absolutely legal for them to keep such clear instructions for thiefs, how ro rob people. Hilarious.

  • Jean Dupuis
    Jean Dupuis

    Lot off hotels and resorts are putting these safes in rooms. Digital code just make believe the safe is really safe, so don't trust anymore these safes better to keep your money and cards with you using inside pockets it's more secure.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    I’m not saying he’s not right about it being easy to open.To make that work though you would likely have to know the inner mechanism to know how to defeat it. Or just watch the video....

  • Eric Ortiz
    Eric Ortiz

    What safe do you recommend.... ?

  • Everything Daily
    Everything Daily

    Obviously this is not a safe safe 🤣🤣🤣👍🍺