[1142] No Tools Needed: Decoding The Master Lock 878 Combination Lock
[631] Master Lock 875/975 Decoded WITHOUT ANY TOOLS! uzload.info/fun/l5l6g6Xaj5uipnk/video

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter

    *Video starts, Masterlock appears* Quick glance at the runtime. "3:21? Is he going hands free now?"

  • Erin


  • Bert Blankenstein
    Bert Blankenstein

    Sooner or later, after scrambling the combo will come up as 0000. I hope we get to see LPL's reaction when that happens.

  • Veri Elid
    Veri Elid

    I just think the idea that he could go unlock someones lock and change the combination and reattach it is hilarious.

  • James S
    James S

    This is the trick I used to do in high school with dial locks lol. Works every time.

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    Well mastered 😂

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    Anything with a key code is rubbish

  • DSG

    Im pretty sure the lock picking lawyer is Saul Goodman

  • Sebastian

    So what good lock you reckon for a bike? Also somehow decent price?

  • raterus

    Haha, "5279" is the last four digits in my phone number!

  • zask igo
    zask igo

    what about aged locks that been out there for 10 years wortha weather and all the numbers barly move?

  • Korean Accord 한국 평화
    Korean Accord 한국 평화

    "Locks are made for thieves." - May be a real quote, but my dad said it a lot.

  • Vadim D
    Vadim D

    This blew my freakin mind!

  • Collisto

    Masterlock? More like Masterflop

  • Billy Calder
    Billy Calder

    Imagine if by random chance the new code also happened to fall on 0000.

  • Chaoblink

    Basically rip Walter and rip masterlock even harder

  • Aqua Boss
    Aqua Boss

    $120+ magnet spinner

  • Danvil

    Masterlock is owned by the crooks

  • Erik Waterson
    Erik Waterson

    Master Lock: exists LPL: You fool.

  • Pirelli

    ""The Master" 😯 I have to laugh again and again about such names that don't keep what the name promises 😂

  • plazasta

    Just a side note here, does anyone else thing that the combination change mode is too easy to engage? I could easily imagine a child accidentally changing the combination

  • J Williams
    J Williams

    OMG, LOL

  • That Random SW Fan
    That Random SW Fan

    Lol this is just embarrassing for Master.

  • Andre Reyes
    Andre Reyes

    Why do I always visualize the Masterminds at Master Lock scheming around a large roundtable slamming a fist down saying, "You fools, he has defeated us again!"?

  • Kadlando

    Nice asmr

  • The Juicer
    The Juicer

    “Are these the Nazis, Walter?”

  • Brendan Carlson
    Brendan Carlson

    With 2 million subscribers knowing what crap Master Lock makes, you'd think they'd shape up.

  • Tyler Strickland
    Tyler Strickland

    Your video of these locks allowed me to get into a space on my aircraft carrier. Lol turned out to be the wrong space but still very useful.


    After watching several videos of the LPL picking Master Locks I’ve come to the conclusion that Master Lock products are complete junk. ML was my default go to lock for years. No more. Thank you LPL 👍

  • Иван

    Why do companies make locks look different and put their label on them? Wouldn't it be more secure if a person trying to pick the lock didn't know what model it is and couldn't Google the solution?

  • Me When I'm
    Me When I'm

    Can’t wait until the video where he picks a master lock with a gentle breeze

  • Hi 123
    Hi 123

    Lock Picking Lawyer. Thank you for Ur videos. Ur voice is so soothing that somehow I always fall asleep after watching like1min. So thanks. I use it when I cant sleep

  • James 007
    James 007

    I would not be supprised if LPL just stared and the lock open itself at this stage ....

  • Lucreas

    5+2=7 2+7=9 Just saying.

  • Person Person
    Person Person

    Can confirm this is a 0 skill break ive done this to dollar store locks for years.

  • r0bw00d

    This episode of the Lockpicking Lawyer is brought to you by Master Lock! If you want to deter the master of the house from beating you, then use a Master Lock!

  • 74neverlast

    5-2-7-9 OK, I will remember this as not a safe combination!

  • Zeke McHenry
    Zeke McHenry

    You always ask if we have questions sir please write them.. i do and never get reply’s. not being a baby but maybe some times leave us a like or a reply. i have a question and hope to get an answer.. why did you get into lock picking? it would be a good video to make or go live.. maybe interact with your fans who earned you almost 2 mill subs. it’s kinda selfish of you dude. in “any case” i do appreciate your content tho and i really have learned a lot from you. thank you and have a good one man -zeke

  • F. Moussa
    F. Moussa

    When a human is real good in something it looks like magic!

  • Mike Flores
    Mike Flores

    No, You have a nice day!

  • Shared Knowledge
    Shared Knowledge

    If it’s from Master it almost always means a 5 year old could defeat it by watching one UZload video. Its amazing their junk locks are so pervasive.

  • Kris G
    Kris G

    i'll just stroll around, find those locks, unlock them and change the combination, and profit while laughing hard at ppl mind blown while trying their combination XD

  • Superintendent Chalmers
    Superintendent Chalmers

    This man is why I do not have a lock on my home. I simply weld my doors shut every night when I go home, cut them open and re'weld them for the next day.

  • DoctorX17

    Maybe the new lock doesn't have as much play, and Walter couldn't feel the play as easily as you could? Or maybe Walter just wanted to be mentioned, lol

  • 209CALI* *
    209CALI* *

    5+2 is 7 7+2 is 9 kinda weird

  • W;P

    Wtf it's literally just an easier rubix cube

  • Paraboemba

    Pulling the shackle , ehh ehh ehh

  • Josh Perlstein
    Josh Perlstein

    *buys a new lock*

  • Tyler

    Thanks Walter

  • Beo Wulf
    Beo Wulf

    Walter's pullout game is probably weak 🌚

  • EspHack

    do you have a merch store? Lock picking starter kit? I keep watching wishing to follow along...

  • Coleslaw


  • smartnfinal

    next demo by the lock lawyer. just using mind bending command

  • Ender Hugo
    Ender Hugo

    Not even a description, that's how you know he's serious

  • Mathew Winney
    Mathew Winney

    Would "they" weaponize C-19, without an antidote?

  • MurdaJ

    Sometimes the easy locks are hard

  • Nicholas Littlejohn
    Nicholas Littlejohn

    Oh shyte

  • Mathew Stevenson
    Mathew Stevenson

    can you do igloohome padlock?

  • squawk7700

    When in doubt, pinky out! 1:25-scrambling the wheels one last time

  • Jacob maximilian weyermann
    Jacob maximilian weyermann

    I have a Burg Wächte N°.99 combination lock. I tried to pull on the shackle and feel if there was a false or a true gate. But I could not feel it. Is there a way how I can find out if this method works on my lock without cutting it open. It is a kind of lock, where you have to push down the shackle after you dialed the right combination in, and only then the lock will open.

  • William Diaz
    William Diaz

    I opened one of these locks today on a locker at work... I got so scared but so thrilled. I didn't steal anything or even look in the locker but the power I felt...

  • cinfulSinamon

    Walter just wanted to see LPL do it again, no worries.

  • IBrowseThisWebsite

    1:22 FACE REVEAL!!!

  • Noah Everett
    Noah Everett

    The lock gets opened faster then I catch feelings

  • sed6

    What address can I mail you at?

  • Umut Baydeniz
    Umut Baydeniz

    You got to be kidding

  • Stannaz


  • Alex Reiter
    Alex Reiter

    "I now have a lock to which I do not know the combination" is a problem for most people

  • Tim Hamper
    Tim Hamper

    Hi LLL, I'm sure you get asked this all the time, but is there a combination lock you do recommend?

  • lurkerrekrul

    Your method is obviously faster, but I never considered combination locks with dials to be very secure. Even with four dials, that's only 10,000 combinations, and they can be run through relatively quickly. I've found a couple different dial locks in the trash and with three dials, it's never taken me more than 15-20 minutes to run through all the possible combinations. On the other hand, I've never had any luck cracking Master combination locks. I've watched all the videos and tried to follow them, but it never works for me. "Pull up on the shackle, but not too hard. Just hard enough so there's resistance, but not so hard that it binds. Then turn the dial until you feel it bind in a notch." Um, it either binds all the time for me, or it doesn't bind anywhere. I've seen the inside, I know how the lock works and it still doesn't help.

  • Pirate Adam
    Pirate Adam

    I keep trying this technique on a variety of locks and I can never get it to work either. Any tips? Am I pulling too hard; not hard enough? How much excess play am I looking for? Any help greatly appreciated.

  • thisisgarbage

    at this point he can breathe on a lock and it will open

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson

    Thank you to Walter for the victim.

  • Alex Leal
    Alex Leal

    We have these locks on everything at my job.. I tried this method and it works 100% - 0/10 lock

  • Gavin Master
    Gavin Master

    lpl is going to use a lock to decode this lock

  • Vince Marshall
    Vince Marshall

    Holy Sh*t! This is my first video and I have this kind of lock on an important outbuilding! Time to change ASAP! Thank you!

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith

    After watching your channel I feel many locks are designed to give the illusion of security and their real purpose is to relieve me of my money.

  • Shared Knowledge
    Shared Knowledge

    Yet another example of why any Master Lock is best avoided for locking anything more serious than your kid’s piggy bank full of pennies. It’s yet another example of a brand and their extensive distribution being milked for pure corporate greed. They don’t care if nearly all their locks are junk because they’re mostly all you’ll find hanging on the pegs at local retailers and they mostly compete against only no name products online. Please keep calling them out.

  • Bernd Felsche
    Bernd Felsche

    That's how I used to open combination locks in the 1970's

  • ArchangelExile

    LPL is the guy you want to be locked in a cell with if you're a criminal behind bars and are planning on escaping.

  • kalnow 01
    kalnow 01

    Letsss goooooo

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith


  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Do the ufy fingerprint lock

  • Selfish-mammal

    I feel like if master lock was a greek god they would be personified Zeus beautiful he can’t keep his damn buckle closed just like ooooh look at that mortal women.

  • Selfish-mammal

    Imagine he just has super sensitive finger tips and memorized the numbers on the bottom . This is a joke let me clarify.

  • mateo sanabria
    mateo sanabria

    Please do a video on the Altor SAF bike lock

  • Astroidyeti

    This my friend played a joke on me and changed the combo but forgot what they changed it to saves me from having to get some cutters


    Thank you 😎

  • Donny Hoot
    Donny Hoot

    Gut it!

  • Octavio López
    Octavio López

    my family had a lock that separated our yard from our actual house, i was bored one day and wanted to go outside since i didnt have the key i tried to do one of those "insert paper clip to pick locks" things, i grabed a paper clip, and the lock opened i did some more testing i took another paperclip (didnt do anything with it, just grabbed one from my mom's desk) and jammed it in there it opened, again by now im a bit worried i tried using a key (not the key for the lock just some random key) and it didnt go in. i turned it the fcking lock opened this lock was so garbage that i could pick it with a phone charger the lock didnt have anything to do with pins, mechanisms or anything really if the bit inside turned, it opened

  • ALT_King s
    ALT_King s

    Face reveal at 2 mil?

  • J Harkenreader
    J Harkenreader

    Random thought. The property managers are repairing the drainage in our front yard. The contractors left a Bobcat and trailer behind for the evening. I could totally jack and hide the Bobcat on our property and pull the trailer out of sight as well. I think it would be funny... Since it's not my equipment!!! It's not like I'm stealing it, right? I'm just relocating it on our property! Right??? BTW... I'm not really gonna do it, but I could

    • J Harkenreader
      J Harkenreader

      I see them sitting to the side of the driveway... Like forbidden fruit. PLEASE GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO LET A SLEEPING DOG LIE...

  • OldFartUK

    Surprised it not made my master lock lol 😂😅

  • Fabreez

    [1156]No Tools Needed: Breaking into the White House using a birds feather

  • Artie Fischel
    Artie Fischel

    That's the technique we used on cheap combination bicycle locks as kids 50 years ago!

  • PSadlon

    Imagine if LPL accidentally randomized one of these combo locks to all zeros. Waiting until he finds a lock he can open with a standard ice pick.

  • Glenna Howell
    Glenna Howell

    hopes shattered.... augh... :(

  • Amateur Shooter
    Amateur Shooter


  • Martin RC
    Martin RC

    Not entirely true LPL, the one tool always needed to decode a Master Lock is the tool foolish enough to think the Master Lock would secure their belongings.

  • wzukr

    LPL as usual @ 1:30: " ok, now I have a lock to which I do not know the combination" "... for the next 10 sec. max. LOL".

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