[1145] SPINNING MAGNETS Open Fingerprint Padlock!

  • Joe S
    Joe S

    It's be funny if he had the magnet under the table and waved his other hand over the lock as it opens

  • Mikael Elmblad
    Mikael Elmblad

    So cute little lock =)

  • jacob armendariz
    jacob armendariz

    Now I’m curious how that tool he got works in it’s intended use case.

  • djchakir

    It seems the Chinese ripped off 'The Benji Lock' from Shark Tank. I wonder if the Benji Lock is also sensitive to magnets...🤔 @LPL maybe interesting for a video?

  • Irfan Balouch
    Irfan Balouch


  • T38 Talon
    T38 Talon

    If I ever want a chuckle, this is where I come... Resistance is Futile!

  • Quantum Uncertainty Workshop
    Quantum Uncertainty Workshop

    LPL's hidden identity is Ali Baba! "Open sesame!"

  • linkuei83

    WTF is this sorcery?

  • Evannick1

    its called a Lamello Invis Mx2 6100301 MiniMag Drill Adapter with Insert and it cost 139$ usd

  • Tyler Fortner
    Tyler Fortner

    Bro, how do you figure this sh!t out? I feel so inferior.

  • Photo Hope
    Photo Hope

    Hahahahhahahahahahaha 🤣

  • Macpro87

    Binging through your videos and i saw you open a police car shotgun lock with a magnet. There's other videos of you opening locks with magnets which made me wonder if that product could be used. Looks like you were a few steps ahead of me. But with that being said, could you magnetize a lock in order to open it with an Invis mx2 Minimag?

  • Alan McCright
    Alan McCright

    Makes me wonder if simply holding it next to a spinning power drill would open it. Probably not brushless motor drills.

  • Jack O'Shran
    Jack O'Shran

    😂 🤣 These lock companies probably have been staking out your house, just to get a picture of your face for their recreation rooms dartboard.

  • Kusogaki

    Is there any links for the lock? I would like a simple lock for my junk stuff.

  • thejumperkin

    Honestly for $10 (hell even £10), this would be good to simply deter family and friends - you don't even need to care about a key! I would want to know if the fingerprint recognition gives a lot of false positives, though...

  • Lazy Bunny
    Lazy Bunny

    I actually wouldn't mind a lock like this. Something i could put on a backpack while biking. Who's gonna bring a spinning magnet with them? It wouldn't be to prevent people from getting into the bag, just slow them down. Also if the finger print sensor is solid, then the mechanism itself could be used in a lot of hobby projects.

  • Ass_Burgers_Syndrome

    Ahh, he reversed the polarity of the neutron flow.

  • Thomas Chrombly
    Thomas Chrombly

    Hold it near an electric tooth brush charger and see what happens...

  • karla phillips
    karla phillips

    Too cool! 💪😎👍

  • Sean R.
    Sean R.


  • Dregoth

    Is that a bottle opener?

  • Tim Weening
    Tim Weening

    Can u test the matise 2 from igloohome

  • Axel Sandi
    Axel Sandi

    someone has to stop him

  • kapakala1000

    Great. Now only +2,1 million people know about these tricks

  • Harraz Masri
    Harraz Masri

    i was like, oh no it has no keyhole, this guy be like there's nothing he can't beat

  • Justin White
    Justin White

    Whaaaa... surely the metal casing of the internal motor, is iron, and as such, shielded?? This should't work on normal off-the-shelf dc motors at all! It might be worth autopsying that lock, I have a feeling either the motor body is non-ferrous or you're rotating something that isn't the motor.

  • Chill Doc
    Chill Doc

    Is there any lock in this world you can’t unlock???

    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat

      Yes: uzload.info/fun/YnmLhGfA2o2fsmg/video

  • Core


  • K C
    K C

    LPL is turning into David Blaine! :-) He'll be opening locks underwater while holding his breath next! :-D

  • Ian Grozier
    Ian Grozier

    Omg. LPL enters the realms of James Bond now. Jesus i love this channel (and I have no idea why because I couldn't even pick my nose).

  • Petra J.
    Petra J.

    All the locks in existence are scared of your voice.

  • ashleelmb

    I'd love to be able to have a look inside this guys toolbag. I bet it's full of crazy looking tools.

  • punker4Real

    magnetic shielding is just more magnets like they used in the speakers

  • ChubzWubz

    My parents have a lock almost like this... guarding my stuff(electronics) and now i know how to gst past

  • Chrisferatu

    So, *that's* why "reversing the polarity" always works on Star Trek!

  • Jess Vagnar
    Jess Vagnar

    The chinese operation was a success. We have LPLs fingerprints... now we wait. . .

  • BEARicade !
    BEARicade !

    My favorite LPL video,RIGHT HERE!

  • AlTheEngineer

    Can you please make an episode on the best locks to use? After watching your videos, I am scared to use any lock on the market, I'm even doubting my house locks! Please make a video recommending good locks!


    I just use a sledgehammer

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    Let me get the magnet spinner Bosnian Bill and I made...

  • Trooper ThatsAll
    Trooper ThatsAll

    look for a degaussing wand - I had one a few years back (20 odd) I would be hired to degaussed large CRT screens to remove the discolouration on screens due to the magnetic effect of the Earths field, I cannot remember the name it was German made (West German) yeah that old. Mainly used for retouching and repro companies. It cost me a lot of money new but I made a lot of Money per site, it had two parts a large heavy transformer and a wand that was very bulky and was heavy, you could set it to pulse which had the same effect of like the rotating magnets you had but a lot more powerful. I looked around on eBay and a lot of cheap ones from china I did not see any there ~trooper

  • Heru Tandoko
    Heru Tandoko

    Amazing idea

  • Jbomb Robertson
    Jbomb Robertson

    Wow!! That tool you used sure ain't cheap!!!!😲

  • Nivesh Shrestha
    Nivesh Shrestha

    So you also are engineer

  • Morse Frost
    Morse Frost

    Man he is like the legend, and please come to Kirsten Kern channel for some good treats.🤓😊

  • Lawful Masses with Leonard French
    Lawful Masses with Leonard French

    Ok, that's the coolest way to open a lock I've ever seen. Well, coolest non-destructive way.

  • Achim Lunghamer
    Achim Lunghamer

    Complete missuse of the Lamello magnet - I love it! 😂🙏👍

  • outseeker

    that is poggers!

  • El Jeffo
    El Jeffo


  • Nathan Davies
    Nathan Davies

    You don't need a larger version, just a more powerful set of magnets. See if you can get your hands on some neodymium maybe, though do be careful when working with it. It's incredibly strong magnetic field has maimed more than one person. Alternatively you could use an AC current in a wire series to create a magnetic field of oscillating direction, though the voltages and currents required would be more than a bitch to attain from betteries, and if you were to use standard wall outlet electricity you'd need a PSU that outputs an AC current.

  • Aaron

    LPL accidentally made ASMR and he didn't even realize it

  • Krmpfpks

    LPL always has a nice advice what lock designers should not do. If they’d watch all his videos, they probably wouldn’t design any lock.

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    He spins me round like a record...

  • Element of Kindness
    Element of Kindness

    God! I love the comments section!!!

  • Jamaal S
    Jamaal S

    China got your fingerprints now!

  • Rondo2ooo

    Soon he will be just looking at the locks to open them.

  • StageSkip ___
    StageSkip ___

    Criminal Fidget Spinner

  • Dan Pollard
    Dan Pollard

    Ha, nice work !

  • dracoslayer16

    For such a tiny lock that that could likely be opened with a small rock, I don't think they're worried about someone carrying a rotary magnet in their pocket to steal your gym shoes.

  • 44 er
    44 er

    Lol i live in a 4500 people town in switzerland and this Lamello company is just next to my door

  • khalifa koore
    khalifa koore

    2025:- The man that escaped 30 Prisons, stole 20 Million dollars from the bank, and stole over 100 Cars from lambos to Ferraris, and still to not be caught 😂

  • William Schmidt
    William Schmidt

    This seems like a pretty good luggage lock actually, quick to open, and secure enough for travel Nobody would be able to open it without destroying it, unless they're a professional furniture assembler with their toolbag on hand

  • shiraga

    In theory, if your brainwave is strong enough, you could open lock simply by thinking of something alternating or moving back and forth.

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay


  • Abdul Aziz Amod
    Abdul Aziz Amod

    Imagine rocking up to rob a bank, u nd ur crew get to the vault, they ask u if u can open it nd u say 'yea EZ' then u whip out this gigantic spinning magnet.

  • jake williams
    jake williams

    China now has your fingerprint 😍

  • Dan Te
    Dan Te

    There are only two ways to defeat this man: 1) leave everything wide open so he isn't interested 2) secure everything by casting it in a solid cement block* *not sure if the second method will work

  • William Fong
    William Fong

    will just attaching a strong magnet on a head of a drill and power the drill beside the lock works too, perhaps?

  • 罗梦宇

    sh*t, this video just dislocate my jaw!

  • Ryan Drake
    Ryan Drake


  • Man.I.Literally.Failed!

    what man can make, man can break!

  • Nate Sky
    Nate Sky

    "And now, I'll wirelessly open this lock"

  • Oden Kai Maricle
    Oden Kai Maricle

    "I'm the lock picking lawyer" *every lock within a 50 mile radius immediately unlocks itself in fear*

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace

    This never gets old.

  • Steve Miller
    Steve Miller

    How many of the 2mil+ subs are criminals 🤣

  • Aaron Cameron
    Aaron Cameron

    I'm going to start calling you Michael Faraday ... or maybe Maxwell

  • Eclipse

    So... you can pick the lock that requires being physically handled to open properly by using some spinning magnets that don't even have to touch the lock at all.

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart

    Let’s do this again, because....well...I’m brilliant.

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart

    Seriously, your ingenious ways to overcome unique builds are my favorite parts of your vids.

  • Charles Greenman
    Charles Greenman

    "I was going to make the tool myself but then I found this tool for tightening proprietary magnetic fasteners for wooden furniture" What a rich and interesting life you'd have to lead to just stumble upon this tool that just happens to be tailor built for this exact purpose. LPL: a man of mystery

  • E Valenic
    E Valenic

    "Fuckin magnets, how they work?!"

  • bllfrg777

    Have you tried this on an S&G 6120 yet? I would hope that its magnetic shielding would be up to snuff, but man that would make my job easier when the drive nut gets stripped out. I hate drilling them and turning the motor an eighth of a turn at a time with an icepick.

  • Colt Ma
    Colt Ma


  • amarendra singh
    amarendra singh

    He should have acted in independence day. Here we see aliens have deployed a magnetic shield but if we look at the mechanism we can pic it using rotating magnets....brrrrr

  • yepyep87

    So is he inducing a current in the internal wires/motor, strong enough to operate the motor?

  • Brlph duu
    Brlph duu

    Hey the spinning magnets can be a backup key if the fingerprint wasn’t detected

  • smartxalex

    Really just curious what your search terms were for finding this item.

  • CA L
    CA L

    So what's the best "smart" lock?

  • fricking gamer
    fricking gamer


  • Magistro

    **cking magnets, how do they work?

  • Subrata Dey
    Subrata Dey

    LPL: This is the lock picking lawyer.... Lock: Click

  • c0mpu73rguy

    Are you a keyblade wielder? Is there any lock that can resist you?!

  • Jordan Barry
    Jordan Barry

    China got ur fingerprint bro, sorry

  • Vatsal_ Negi
    Vatsal_ Negi

    That is got to be related to EMI as the magnets spin it creates a magnetic field which B(m) kept changing as the speed increases. This is in with relation to the bluetooth unlock tech that they offering. I can maybe wrong...

  • Bats MORE BATS
    Bats MORE BATS

    I made a weapon for skyrim that scales by lockpicking, named it lpl and it deals 9000 damage base. Too op, please nerf yourself

  • JD

    omg, this was cool

  • crispy yuti
    crispy yuti

    Wheres the charger

  • Rodder

    So if it's glued together, and there is an electrical motor in it, also the LED light and the fingerprint reader: there must be a battery in it, right? How do you change batteries in this? Is there an opening for a button cell or something? Or if it goes 0%, you just throw it out (if you can get it off from the thing it's locking first)?