[1145] SPINNING MAGNETS Open Fingerprint Padlock!

  • [TG4L] SirZellek
    [TG4L] SirZellek

    @staglo Magnifico, On the next episode the LPL will attept to Unlock the Tardis whitout an key

  • Wim Matthijs
    Wim Matthijs

    this is my favourite haha

  • tommy karrick
    tommy karrick

    When I first started watching this channel I sort of wondered if he was just a really good lock picker, like if that was a very specific skill, or if he had a lot more general knowledge in how to defeat a variety of different security systems. Videos like this one just affirm to me that it is certainly the latter

  • tinkmarshino

    oh to funny!

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    What a savage.

  • Tyler Rodgers
    Tyler Rodgers

    lock companies are just going to start sending locks to this guy to see if they're good or not

  • Lunarstar Pony
    Lunarstar Pony

    This one cost around 8 USD BTW

  • Michael Golt
    Michael Golt

    LPL fidget spinner. Get yours today while supplies last.

  • DemolitionBlueCheese

    Spinning magnets? Mind blown.

  • Georg F
    Georg F

    One more argument for IKEA furniture. There are no hidden fasteners designed to f**k over the PAYING customer who want's to repair their stuff.

  • Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera
    Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera

    Please someone must make a new gordian knot to close a door!

  • Howard maryon-davis
    Howard maryon-davis

    I come here not just for the ritual humiliation of lock manufacturers, but also for the witty comments section....

  • rougenaxela

    Just want to note, magnetic shielding is not the only way to safeguard a motor drive lock from this sort of thing. Some motor designs such as a coreless DC motor are inherently impervious to being turned by an external magnetic field no matter how strong without need for any shielding.

  • Ion Force
    Ion Force

    If this guy was ever in jail the guards would leave his cell unlocked out of spite.

  • Un Named Channel
    Un Named Channel

    Are they sending you products for review ? Lmfao

  • Johnny Figueroa
    Johnny Figueroa

    Sir, I will need your services when I die and I'm left outside the gates of Heaven... Saint Peter will hear the all mighty words of "click on 1, 2 is good 3 is binding..." Oh no..oh no... on no no no no....

  • 先生CherryPepsi

    Add a handle and a few gears to it and you can open the lock by spinning it at 2000 rpm lmao

  • I’mSuperSpicy

    That’s an attractive tool

  • Eric Brophy
    Eric Brophy

    I'm hungover, I just woke up, this statement "a formation of spinning magnets in alternating polarity" induced an aneurism. I'm calling the police, I have been assaulted.

  • 天氣不似預期


  • Pallios

    You should have called the channel "Lock whisperer". Literally golden opportunity missed.

  • The Eminent Joshua E. Hrouda
    The Eminent Joshua E. Hrouda

    Master Lock: _magnetic shielding_ ? write that down! Ahhh cross it out. Too much trouble to implement!

  • Kyle Bowles
    Kyle Bowles

    Epic physics wizardry

  • ShadowDragon8685

    Thor's fidget spinner.

  • Chris Nottongham
    Chris Nottongham

    Question. If you stop spinning at anypoint do you have to start over?

  • 2percentright

    Now I want more information on what that tool is made for

  • aterack833

    It’s like a roulette wheel but you win every time

  • G Hoorn
    G Hoorn

    Some lead in the lock is effective A normal clock like thinghy lock, with some magnets glued to it is a great hidden mechanism. Its an invisible lock, apart from the wear marks No keyhole, nearly unpickable

  • divertechnology

    one they this clever lawyer will meet windows

  • Christopher Gerdes
    Christopher Gerdes

    Any lock that ends up in his mailbox: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be glorious. LPL: so anyways it took me about a minute to break into this lock

  • TYN

    Very smart! No damages and fast!

  • Michael Larocca
    Michael Larocca

    Wow, that little spinning magnet cost $159 on Amazon

  • bertvdlast

    Hah, i have a drawbridge and a 15 ft moat. Pick that, LPL!

  • TBatlas

    They call him the Spin Doctor

  • Michael Nutt
    Michael Nutt

    I thought "This magnet Bosnian Bill and I made" was just a joke...

  • Paul M
    Paul M

    Hello, I'm the LockPicking Laywer. Click.

  • Kevin2382

    Being a lawyer and lock picker sound like a good combination for some legal issues. Could you bring a lawsuit against one of these lock manufacturers if something important was stolen?

  • Guillaume Godin
    Guillaume Godin

    I challenge you to open this lock with only a teeth pick, bubble gum and a x1 pen (of your choice)

  • Stalin Gino
    Stalin Gino


  • Triston Holderness
    Triston Holderness

    That's neat

  • Mattius1000

    LPL you are in a league of your own

  • David Warnar
    David Warnar

    The smooth drive prominently separate because fertilizer univariably wreck unto a pink tortellini. ten, nifty ship

  • ThatSly B
    ThatSly B

    Why do they use secret fasteners on furniture?

    • Russell

      Ikea wants to know your location

  • the majastic creature
    the majastic creature

    to the lock companies, idea. small stepper motor or atleast a step counter sensor. if the motor sees rotation without it being unlocked it could correct itself back to the fully locked position. not the hardest thing to implement and i think it could be quite small too if they tried a little. i wanna see this happen now

  • Daniel Jordan
    Daniel Jordan

    Yeah, bitch! Magnets!

  • Kiyoone

    One man against an army of lock companies... and guess who is winning? LOL they should do an epic animated movie about those skills... it would be so fun to watch

  • Shipley Pennison
    Shipley Pennison

    I swear it’s like magic sometimes

  • e1123581321345589144

    Lock manufacturer: has no pins to pick LPL: *magnets!*

  • •Δ• Callsign Tallowwood •Δ•
    •Δ• Callsign Tallowwood •Δ•

    So when is the larger version for larger locks coming? My suggestion, go almost stupidly overboard so you can open anyhting from like 2ft away

  • jay bee
    jay bee

    Bosnian bill used one of these

  • EMAngel 2718
    EMAngel 2718

    I wonder if using an electrostatic motor would be a viable solution

  • ContagiousRepublic

    LASHERISM: to deliberately seek nonstandard solution for training or fun purposes. Pioneered by programmer Tim Lasher. LPL: I can reuse all my locks to make one more video each??? COOOOOL

  • Florin Pandele
    Florin Pandele

    That was fun. But I would still like to see the insides of that lock especially the motor.

  • Øroiq

    I'd like to see the mechanism as I can't imagine how it works.

  • Johann Lo
    Johann Lo

    FBI should employ him when they wanna barge into someone house. Those bruteforcing using the long heavy stick are old school and tires the personnel out.

    • Prismatic

      Well he isn't called lpl for nothing He is a real lawyer

    • Coolnic11

      Not to mention bashing their way through the doors is way too loud and immediately alerts all criminal scum that are present in the building/house/whatever.

  • N Baua
    N Baua

    Hell yeah 😎, you killed a one more Chinese product..

  • hotbarango

    Lock company: We think our lock is pretty resistant to manipulation because the lock will only open if the motor spins several dozen times. LPL: Have you tested a formation of spinning magnets of alternating polarities to induce a spin in the motor? Lock company: .......

  • dembro

    Outside the box, indeed.

  • tatayaya

    This is crazy haha

  • Lateman Parodius
    Lateman Parodius

    Alternative to a drill power: Wrap a string around that bar that sticks out, then PULL

  • matthew weaver
    matthew weaver

    The pro lock pickers fidget toy 😄

  • lez briddon
    lez briddon

    I was sat in anticipation of seeing it in bits, i love the mechanics of locks as much as i love to see them defeated

  • Amado Hernandez
    Amado Hernandez

    Link to buy?

  • Private NAME
    Private NAME

    Thr company who manufactured went and sold all their belongings, and shut their doors after this video. Dead xd lol

  • Jakob Gabriel
    Jakob Gabriel

    Question: Does it also work, if the motor inside is without magnets?

  • Ashish Jaishwal
    Ashish Jaishwal

    Keep posting.. Great job

  • Daniel Liu
    Daniel Liu

    Hes gonna open locks with sound next

  • Drosophila Melanogaster
    Drosophila Melanogaster

    You sir, are brilliant!

  • Drosophila Melanogaster
    Drosophila Melanogaster

    This ... never .... gets ... old!

  • KamiSatte雷

    vegapunk of the our world

  • Srandykopa _
    Srandykopa _

    He used the spin

  • Spaide man
    Spaide man

    LPL is using the 'Force' to do his job now.

  • Stephen Cieply
    Stephen Cieply

    That lock could probably be opened with a hammer or tin snips, not sure that a weird proprietary spinning magnet apparatus is the main vulnerability.

    • DmD

      But this way you can open it, enter what it's protecting, then re-lock it so one one knows there was a break in.

  • echi36

    Can you open fingerprint locked phones?

    • echi36

      @DmD elaborate please?

    • DmD

      All you need is a pair of scissors.

  • Flex4249

    Samtime iLock was unlocked without nose but magnets

  • A P
    A P

    I heard LPL once picked a lock belonging to Bill Brasky. And live to tell about it.

  • Marcus Brassard
    Marcus Brassard

    I wouldn't mind spending 10 dollars on that honestly, keeps family out of things.

    • DmD

      The problem is it will break in 3 months.

  • fnanfne

    The LPL strikes again!

  • butt cheek
    butt cheek

    u mum


    Next time you're locked out of somewhere, call a woodworker.

  • Ted Williams
    Ted Williams

    You couldnt stop this guy from getting into anything lol

  • g0fvt

    Looks like you could do this with a rare earth magnetic on the end of a drill or battery screw driver

  • bjtaudio

    I've discovered magnetic shielding can be overcome with stronger magnetic fields so it comes down to how big and strong the magnet is.

  • Erik Liljenwall
    Erik Liljenwall

    LPL: “This is the LockPickingLa-“ Lock: *Shits itself and unlocks.*

  • itsmezed

    "And one last time because, let's be honest, this never gets old." 😂

  • George Ralph
    George Ralph

    dedicate my life to your work

  • Moussa Al-shemeri
    Moussa Al-shemeri

    Atleast theres not fucking exposed screws on the side...

  • Sergio Jimenez
    Sergio Jimenez

    The great thing about the LockPickingLawyer’s videos is that they’re very short 🤣 Lock company after watching these videos: Houston....we have a problem 😱

  • Yuri Ivanov
    Yuri Ivanov

    Is there a link for this?

  • Daniel Grooms
    Daniel Grooms

    And now China has your fingerprint.

  • Gabriel Parisotto
    Gabriel Parisotto

    I always forget my fingerprints I can’t open those locks

  • greenaum

    "Magnetic shielding" isn't as easy as it sounds. There's mumetal, but still all magnetic shielding only works against moving magnetic fields. And that's above a certain frequency. You could always try hand turning just slow enough to make the magnet catch along. I can't really think of an easy protection against this attack. What you could do, is have 2 motors, or even 1 motor and 1 false "motor" with just the magnets and the shaft, or some other mechanical arrangement of motors and gears. And have it so only the correct sequence of spins and timing will open the lock, all others locking it tighter. A false "motor" inside the lock, with just the magnets and shaft, no actual coils, would be spun along with the real motor by this attack. So this could be set to close some extra latch. It could be close to the real motor, so equally affected by external magnets. This would, I think, be an effective defence against this. Stil... at least they got past just using a solenoid, after people defeated those with just a single, stationary magnet!

  • Niko HVA
    Niko HVA

    What if you mix redstone with locks? Uhh you will probably get vault that has better safety than Nasa have

  • Natø

    Locks that require a battery to operate are defunt by design.

  • Jason Buchanan
    Jason Buchanan

    Mildly disappointed he didn't put magnets at the end of a fidget spinner - would have made a more catchy title of "lock opened with fidget spinner"

  • Cynthia Johnson-Eaton
    Cynthia Johnson-Eaton

    Where lockpicking and cabinet making came together

  • Matt Walters
    Matt Walters

    That is the coolest nondestructive attack, full stop. What a neat tool, too!

  • Real Truth
    Real Truth

    "It never gets old" and nor does your channel

  • Rgee


  • Daazed McFarland
    Daazed McFarland

    So basically the delay is caused by the time it takes to fill the capacitance within the capacitors (if any) and the wires (wires do hold capacitance!). If you had a stronger electromagnetic field on it, then it would take less time but you'd also be risking damage to the device. AGAIN, you can modify wireless phone chargers to acquire the same effect.