[1153] Catalyst Bottle Lock Jiggled Open

  • Georg F
    Georg F

    Nevermind the tamper seal on the bottle itself.


    Not into cheap booze is he... 😂

  • funky monkey
    funky monkey

    how about magnetic ones?? ive tried with a powerfullll magnet and it doesnt work please help me

  • Jourdan Urbach
    Jourdan Urbach

    Exceptional taste not only in Islay scotches but in Napa cabs. Oh, and the lockpicking was good too.

  • JorrickTV

    problems we don't have in germany xD

  • Batuhan Eryigit
    Batuhan Eryigit

    Thanks now I can drink my dads booze

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster

    "Low skill jiggling attacks" 🤣

  • Neko Mancer
    Neko Mancer

    when your lock is made out of plastic you dont put any serious consideration into the quality of the lock core

  • Lv.99 Mastermind
    Lv.99 Mastermind

    One bypass would be smashing the bottle

  • Henry

    Kids: bye dad have a nice weekend away with mom....... gets the lads round and watches this video before the party

  • Demistic

    Normal teenager: They locked the booze! I'm going to my friend's place. LPL as teen: I'll just pick it open, no problem.

  • Sven de Varennes
    Sven de Varennes

    Wait, what? U.S. Americans lock their bottles up when they have kids? What a bunch of freaks..

  • Prv Use
    Prv Use

    Please do Samsung digital door lock. Thanks.

  • Aaron Kuchma
    Aaron Kuchma

    Its almost like LPL is getting married soon and some internet wise guys are helping fund the open bar?

  • Corpulent Allgod
    Corpulent Allgod

    The ass wooping from tampering with the cork and the seal would be enough of a deterrent for a thirsty teenager.

  • Adam Sewell
    Adam Sewell

    What teenager has a wafer jiggler

  • Cole Wyman
    Cole Wyman

    You can also just break them off with a sharp kick or melt the plastic

  • Adel Dazeem
    Adel Dazeem

    Can you pick the cork tho?

  • Pudge Wiggle Gaming
    Pudge Wiggle Gaming

    Kids watching: 👀

  • Danny Gutierrez
    Danny Gutierrez

    Thank you

  • Overlord Druid
    Overlord Druid

    I think the sheer fact that its wine is enough to keep a teenager away lol

  • Parker Productions
    Parker Productions

    Those liquor locks suck ass. I know from first hand experience, it didn't curb the underage drinking. It was actually more rewarding to drink it after simply sticking a flathead screwdriver in the lock, and forcefully turning it open lol

  • carpo719

    Teenager before: Cant get into it. Teenager after lock picking lawyer: THANKS dude!

  • Notta Realnamae
    Notta Realnamae

    I dare to belief that the majority of teens will not have the same tool as you used here...

  • Dylan Algate
    Dylan Algate

    Parents: my alcohol is safe I can leave house Child: I watched LPL, I opened bottle and got drunk

  • Something Stupid
    Something Stupid

    Real men just chug the alcohol before their kids do

  • DoubleOG

    Not related to this video, but I havent seen anyone use a Portable Bandsaw for locks, bike chains. Just Angle Grinders. More quiet, no sparks, not as loud, metal stays cooler. Do they not work on locks?

  • chuck brown
    chuck brown

    Where was this guy when I was a teenager?

  • Tanto Goldstien
    Tanto Goldstien

    I didn't know how much i needed a wafer jiggler.

  • Micah Wasmuth
    Micah Wasmuth

    wait is there a hole in the top? can't they still just pour it out? or am I not seeing correctly?


    I picked a lock at my high school with a clothes hanger. Like the locks on the doors. Took about 7 secs.

  • Marius Schmitt
    Marius Schmitt

    I tell my son (teenager 15 years) to stay away from the bottles and he stays away because i trust him. On the other hand- He can ask me if he wants to taste some wine if he just asks me if thats bescessary. A normal relationship between parents and children is the thing if you dont want to rely on crappy locks like this one ;-) BTW i think my son will easily get that lock open but not as fast as LPL.

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips

    The next challenge should be Fort Knox with Government approved supervision (so they don't shoot you) the government might even employ you, like the Keymaker from The Matrix. Or try the motorbike ignition locks (a new feature on newer models like Kawasaki)

  • itsmezed

    Six seconds.

  • Bequester

    I can't be the only one that thought that he will be shaking the bottle violently

  • Heavymetalweld 805
    Heavymetalweld 805

    I just lock my teenager up and enjoy my alcohol by myself because I drink alone.

  • David Bermudez
    David Bermudez

    I’m pretty sure those teenagers are creating the wafer pick in their metal shop class

  • Saijeet Dogra
    Saijeet Dogra

    Low skilled jiggling attack sounds like a move the obligatory pervert would use in an anime.

  • ruediix

    Just don't jiggle it open when having it on Champaign.

  • Loki 33
    Loki 33

    Double sided wafer jiggler. Sounds like a fishing lure.

  • Joni Boni
    Joni Boni

    why not open it with a fork or spoon as you open a beer!?!

  • MAC05

    Its not for teenagers. Its for alcoholic house wives.

  • TheTexasCowboy56

    TBH unless they watch you or do research it should stop teenagers.

  • Dylan Hale
    Dylan Hale

    Just get a hammer...

  • flying munk89
    flying munk89

    Nice I was wondering how to open my dads liquor. Thanks

    • flying munk89
      flying munk89

      I'm 31 by the way... lol 😆

  • Donny Kitsune
    Donny Kitsune

    Pfft I am sure this just inspires to try that fancy sword method if it was secure

  • Cool it Mr HEAT
    Cool it Mr HEAT

    "Low-skilled jiggling attacks" is not something I expected to hear today

  • autisonm

    I literally thought he was just going to shake the bottle and the lock would somehow come undone. I can imagine that'd be one of his party tricks for guests. "Try to open this bottle." *they try a few brute force ways but fail and hand it back* "Now watch as I show you how to pick this lock" *starts gently shaking it* "Click out of one, two is binding..."

  • SweAdamai

    Thanks for the tip, where can I buy a double sided jiggler?

  • potorrero

    To be fair, there's not much that will stop a teenager that wants access to alcohol.

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller

    how about just teach your kids discipline and respect?

  • Hassan ahmed
    Hassan ahmed

    Or just break the plastic

  • RWBHere

    And now, every teenager watching this channel knows how to get to the falling over juice.....

  • Jimo

    i just got notified right now for this vid tf

  • Manabe Kurosawa
    Manabe Kurosawa

    is it a wafer core or a standard pinned core?

  • Kyra Ferguson
    Kyra Ferguson

    "I don't have any confidence it will thwart a teenager trying to get in the liquor cabinet" well yeah not now that you've uploaded a video showing them how to force entry their way in

  • Adam Bennett
    Adam Bennett

    "This is the lockpicking lawyer. I was looking to get turnt today after work today but the only bottle in the house is locked up. due to a massive design flaw I have found a way to exploit this lock." *smashes bottle on table, pours the one remaining drop of wine into a cup* "That's all I have for you today."

  • Asdf Jkl
    Asdf Jkl

    Have you ever seen a quality “gimic” lock. I recall the ice cream lock & it wasn’t very effective either.

  • Masterlel 67
    Masterlel 67

    Thanks man now I can drink

  • danielmhfu

    you can open them locks by twisting them in the opposite direction takes a few seconds and can be done in less than 1metre walked from shelf to counter

  • Kai Thetechnicolorninja
    Kai Thetechnicolorninja

    Where were you when I was 16?????

  • Fee

    Hi who are you and what do you have for me today?

    • Fee

      Boooo only alcohol I expect much better for someone who introduces themself so pimpdrugdealerishly. Hard drug locks or bust.

  • Jaden Jimenez
    Jaden Jimenez

    Was there ever a lock you couldn't open 😄

  • Waterdust

    I just want to thank you for not having ads. Thanks for that an keeping true to a simple channel that isn't trying to replace your day job.

  • OS10100

    What happened to let's close/lock this up again and try it one more time to make sure it wasn't a fluke??? hmmmm

  • Leorixus

    Many thanks, my girlfriend won't be happy about this.

  • griZzly jim
    griZzly jim

    Who the he’ll breaks into wine like tf

  • Siana Gearz
    Siana Gearz

    That's not the end is it... can a teenager make one of those jigglers out of junk and packaging he can find around the house? Can it be jiggled open with school and writing utensils?

  • QT Luna
    QT Luna

    Isn't the foil on the neck a temper seal? XD

  • sparkyuiop

    I love your video's but I wish they were all the same volume!

  • Keith Waterhouse
    Keith Waterhouse

    Err, the plastic cap is the tamper proof seal. that lock wouldn't stop a corkscrew anyway.

  • Andrew

    Could you push the black metal piece towards the bottle to take the pressure off the lock to make it easier to jiggle?

  • Ryan Merriner
    Ryan Merriner

    “Low-skill Jiggling Attack” sounds like a Pokémon move

  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin

    Can confirm these will not stop a teenager who wants your alcohol.

  • rohan sisodiya
    rohan sisodiya

    Lifesaver been looking for a way to break into these for ages

  • turd birdington
    turd birdington


  • theBaronDisco

    14,000 teens just searched Amazon for "double sided wafer jiggler"

  • Vicary A
    Vicary A

    nobody is talking about the wine

  • TheMining_Pickaxe

    The best security mechanism would be good parenting in this case

  • Tj Harris ¿¿
    Tj Harris ¿¿

    U know wer i can get dem keys 😊😊

  • AMLIfied

    "15 - 30 seconds" Huh it must be quite difficu- Oh nevermind, there it goes.

  • MoonLightLady Hild
    MoonLightLady Hild

    So..... nobody noticed that the top is open anyway? There is no need to even remove the lock to open the bottle.

  • rnedisc

    Wouldn't the open/empty bottle be a far better "tamper seal"...

  • hamilton euzarraga
    hamilton euzarraga

    But it's a cork! No need to remove anything. Steal the bottle, use keychain corkscrew, T-shaped, enjoy wine. The lock does nothing to inconvenience you.

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    If you think you need this product to begin with you need to rethink your life.

  • Tallen Smith
    Tallen Smith

    Ok, but to be fair, I wouldn’t expect my child to have a jiggle pick.

    • Naiyou

      Tallen Smith I’m not even old enough to drink much less have kids. I’m just simply stating a fact.

    • Tallen Smith
      Tallen Smith

      Naiyou If you’re kid is going out of his way to cut up a pan to make a juggler, I STILL think you have bigger issues than wether or not your wine lock will get picked,

    • Naiyou

      it’s not that hard to make a wafer jiggler out of a soda can and a pair of scissors.

  • CannonKnight

    If you need to put a lock on your bottle of wine, maybe you should make some changes in your life.

  • Bilbo Fappins
    Bilbo Fappins

    I've broken hundreds of these when I was a teenager. Push up, wiggle real hard, and they break apart.

  • Robbie Ancel
    Robbie Ancel

    Just saw uk drama series 'the capture' where he broke into apartment fron door using the revilving base of an oral b toothbrush mechanism shoved in the lock and turned on to rotate inside lock. Possible?

  • Bob England
    Bob England

    that hinge pin looks pathetic also. whats the betting you could prise the plastic over the top of it

  • Srivatsa

    Oh Hello Mr. Wolf 😎

  • Scott BikeDawg
    Scott BikeDawg

    What will prevent the teenager from jiggling that open is his dad's belt.

  • vocalnerd

    And to think of how cool the name Tantalus is for a bottle lock... A waste, really.

  • Warlight

    so it's basically a reusable child lock

  • Don G
    Don G

    weird. this isn't whiskey

  • rampagetv


  • gareth jones
    gareth jones

    Easier way to get to the booze: put locked bottle in a clean pillow case, put case in a pan, hit bottle with hammer.

  • gareth jones
    gareth jones

    Ok so the kid giggles the lock open then drinks the wine, then has to refill, recork and re srink rap the neck of the bottle to delay the adults noticing the wine has gone.

  • Polaroid

    wot does pptbbaim mean lol

  • Minodrec

    But their is already a temper seal on a bottle of wine...