[1136] Soviet-Era Ural Automotive Plant Padlock Picked

  • ryan thompson
    ryan thompson

    Ural is actually a us based company now... they still make knock off bmw airhead bikes in urbkt, Russia.

  • tijmen131

    _Comrade,_ _You are under arrest for lockpicking._ _The penalty is forced labor._ _Your family will be questioned about their involvement._ _The border will remain open under a replacement inspector._ _Glory to Arstotzka._

  • Lucas Liso
    Lucas Liso

    I love Soviet Era locks, I'm not sure why. Something about the design... they look so "utilitarian" I think would be the word to describe them.

  • Golden Pun
    Golden Pun

    Nice to see a soviet padlock has a nice CHONK sound when you open it.

  • Neko Mancer
    Neko Mancer

    ~0:45 they needed these to lock the doors of the cars they sold:P

  • Parantez Adam
    Parantez Adam

    Its OUR lock

  • KV-1E 7th Guard's Tank Division
    KV-1E 7th Guard's Tank Division

    Soviet lock best lock!

  • Casper L
    Casper L

    You mean our lock

  • Sad Boy Hours
    Sad Boy Hours

    Maybe those locks were being made for the military. The military loves cheap robust stuff they dont really care if it feels like it has sand in it

  • newtsute

    It gets me every time. A standard hook in twentyFIVE thousandths. Every time i expect a different number to be emphasised

  • Admiral General Aladeen
    Admiral General Aladeen


  • phorzer32

    Conclusion: Verry dodgy

  • Johnny Say
    Johnny Say

    He’s like general greivous, ‘another fine addition to my collection’

  • KYX

    Wait, I thought soviet locks open counter clockwise. Why is this not the case here?

  • Lukas Pundzius
    Lukas Pundzius

    A padlock without a key !!! www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-soviet-lithuania-magnetic-523241539

  • Lukas Pundzius
    Lukas Pundzius

    Hello, i like your videos, and i remembered quite silly, but still a padlock, and its also soviet era, but Lithuanian padlock called " Nykstukas" , it means dwarf in english 😅. So i google it and found www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/vintage-soviet-lithuania-magnetic-523241539

  • The Niwo
    The Niwo

    Why is the price always cast with the body on soviet locks?

  • Julia s
    Julia s

    Am i the only one who associates the clicking of the lockpick to a dentist poking your teeth with their metal pick thing 😅

  • Kyle Hart
    Kyle Hart

    Not surprised. Soviet items were intentionally made to be produced as cheaply as possible, with no regards for effectiveness. Tin was a common building material - even for things like silverware.

  • Eboni Mom
    Eboni Mom

    If you made a comp vid of LPL picking every lock that has been featured on this channel, the vid would last 5 mins and 16 seconds.

  • Vetal Rotor pick
    Vetal Rotor pick

    👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Nick Murray
    Nick Murray

    @LockPickingLawyer At what point did you stop saying tensioning tool, favouring "turning tool" and why?

  • Adam Curry
    Adam Curry

    You could probably city rake this thing as quick as you could open it with the key. The bitting is almost exactly the same.

  • Yespur

    “Let’s see if we can pick this open” Is that even a question? Did you ever fail?

  • Level 1 Bob
    Level 1 Bob

    After seeing the bitting, I think even a noob like me might have had some luck with that. Looks like it may even have been amenable to a raking or zip attack? It would be nice to get my hands on some of the locks you get. Thanks for another enjoyable video!

  • jcrnda

    Correction: No air-cooled engines were ever installed on Ural trucks, you probably are confusing them with Czech Tatra. Ural trucks were made mostly for military use, 6x6, V8 engine. Horrible transmission. Why they also made padlocks? Well... most plants producing weapons had to report they made something for civilian market as part of the planning. I will not be surprised if the factory making AK-47 also produced corkscrews ))

  • SFOPS2015

    In Soviet Union padlocks pick you.

  • OldFartUK

    Have you found a lock that you couldn't pick., That completely defeated you ?

  • Cornelius Aveling
    Cornelius Aveling

    say how many different locks do you have, and what's the world record for the most different locks in a collection?

  • Jason Buchanan
    Jason Buchanan

    I'm kind of surprised with the profile of the key that it wasn't just raked in a few seconds

  • RosinSmoke

    Is there any ex-USSR lock that ever gave you any trouble picking? There is a common theme of "The lock is not for thieves, it's for neighbors" among them, but have you ever met one somewhat hard to pick quickly?

  • Panagiotes Koutelidakes
    Panagiotes Koutelidakes

    Wow. There's so much *_slack_* in the shackle!

  • zizoumonk10

    Not great, not terrible.

  • N M
    N M

    In america people pick locks, In soviet russia, locks pick you

  • switch

    someone fill a keyhole with metal with just the top empty. he wont be able to pick it, well he could destroy it.

  • radio_aggression

    Where did you get Soviet lock?)))

  • Deano Myfundsarelow
    Deano Myfundsarelow

    As soon as LPL says I'm going to insert this wiper I laugh...'cause the timer is running and 10 seconds is fast...

  • Matt Martin
    Matt Martin

    I love how the locks are stamped with the price

  • lefr33man

    Only one keyway, Are you sure that's a genuine soviet lock?

  • Shannon McStormy
    Shannon McStormy

    I'm assuming you didn't gut this because that would require damaging or destroying the lock? If true, could you say that inthe video in the future pretty pls? It would be helpful. In fact, if you could explain why that is the case, that would also be helpful. Still, fantastic videos. I love the concise format, your articulate voice and how you manage to show as much of the lock picking as you can. Actually, can you do a video about your video equipment and how you record the videos? - Shannon .

  • Igor Aleksandrovich
    Igor Aleksandrovich

    What you might not know about Soviet Union is that it had "zero unemployement rate". So if someone was lazy and literally ruined everything you still cant just kick him out. Unless he commited a crime or come drunk etc. The solution was to create "factory inside factory". Something really primitive to keep those "workers" busy and away from expensive stuff. Like making doorlocks at truck factory.


    In old Soviet Russia, lock picks YOU.

  • dedge511

    A tour

  • Rubiconnn

    This would go awesome with my Ural motorcycle.

  • dsnake457 sch
    dsnake457 sch

    The URAL Plant also makes sidecar motorcycles

  • Kobe Kwan
    Kobe Kwan

    The way he talks while picking reminds me of a dentist

  • Warlight

    not sure why they made padlocks? it's simple: because Comrade Stalin demands so.

  • Richard O'Keefe
    Richard O'Keefe

    I wanted to see it opened up so we could see if there really was sand inside.

  • Warlord Plisken
    Warlord Plisken

    With that gritty sand casting, should have went with a large curd cottage cheese. Someone is trying to get on the bad side of the dairy industry.

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin

    Techzone just did a car key pick. U gotta review it

  • Wersty

    In soviet union you don't pick locks Locks pick you

  • kerim demircan
    kerim demircan

    If you picking old lock use their Era of tooşs

  • baytcelu

    Not “kopeck” but “kopeeck”. You have to pronounce twice “ye, ye” - “kopyeyeck”

  • Firmatorenio

    "I'm not sure why they would sacrifice part of their manufacturing capabilities to make padlocks" - this kind of lock seems like something that would ordinarily be seen on Russian garage doors.

  • byw

    I found a clear plastic lock used for practice, the pinning is so poor it isn't a skilled attack, basically putting anything in it will align all the pins. I have a set of Chrysler door locks from a Jeep, same style key was used in most Chrysler products from the mid 90's to the mid 00's. I can see the discs with the lock out so I used the tools to pick that. Much better practice lock and interesting because you need to pick both up and down to set all 5. I then went out to my cars and was able to pick open my Jeep with the two sided Chrysler key, which is a little difficult. And my Jeep with a one sided AMC key, which was laughably easy. Certainly makes me feel less sure with locked doors on those vehicles as I, a day 1 picker, could do them.

  • ThePRG

    I like how you fail to say "копеек" over and over again =)

  • Thomas

    Look at the bitting! Maybe you'd have more fighting with a different bitting.

  • abhi agarwal
    abhi agarwal

    *Whaaaaa? That's it?

  • Josh Straughn
    Josh Straughn

    why is the back side of the shackle cut flush?

  • EclipseMT

    A Soviet-era lock that isn't dual custody?

  • abel rico
    abel rico

    Another puzzle lock please !!!!!!!!

  • Doge ˁ ̊ᴥ ̊ˀ
    Doge ˁ ̊ᴥ ̊ˀ

    "OUR lock picking lawyer"

  • James Stuart
    James Stuart

    my only question after watching this, and him for a looong time is. . . . does he feel some sort of euphoria after a successful pick ?

  • Leonard hone
    Leonard hone

    He must have the world record of picking the most padlocks by now

  • Mf Darvesh
    Mf Darvesh

    @LockPickingLawyer, waiting your autopsy for this lock uzload.info/fun/iYaNh5ng04Zp158/video

  • j.oz

    Anyone else find it odd that the price is embossed on the lock itself?

  • Vlad [T]
    Vlad [T]

    They made it in the car plant because they could.

  • dazza724

    Who else gets disappointed when he dont use the key

  • StopThisIsBatCountry

    In soviet russia lock picks you.

  • BaileyBRC

    What is the reason for most Soviet locks having the price stamped or moulded on the lock body

  • moed al garny
    moed al garny

    stalin: *surprised pikatcho face*

  • Brian Fantana
    Brian Fantana

    They were so certain of the price that they forged it into the lock body!

  • Vacoff

    In my country still using ural automotive made urals

  • Twilight Spire
    Twilight Spire

    Who else watches this to fall asleep?

  • ParaPick Tog
    ParaPick Tog

    Interesting how some locks are made. This one looks like the body was cast and then after the core and shackle were inserted all the openings were welded over and ground/filed flush. I see a lot of solid brass locks made that way, and some you can even see the color difference where the drilled holes were brazed over then machined after the pins were inserted.

  • Callie Masters
    Callie Masters

    Sounds like he's already picked the lock once before he starts filming.

  • Morten Braender
    Morten Braender

    I know it's an old lock (maybe a decade, I know it's not a lot on this channel), but can you review the Glip 7250p?

  • Tacticool

    Can you try freezing a lock with liquid nitrogen and hitting it with a hammer?

  • 0Name

    That snap sound when the lock opens is so satisfying to hear.

  • Steven Senlacere
    Steven Senlacere

    notice the very tame bitting.

  • Gail Blue
    Gail Blue

    I still want to see him tackle an urbanalps stealth.

  • Zaur Shafiyev
    Zaur Shafiyev

    In the Soviet Union, every industrial plant was obliged by the government to produce something for people for general use. For example the tram factories produced sledges, bicycles, and carts.

  • Prof Gamble
    Prof Gamble

    Ural: known for their extremely rugged and sturdy transports. Their padlocks, not so much.

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    What Hermes said, do a tour of your lock collection, that would be a great show.

  • Generic Name Here
    Generic Name Here

    your gonna need to put every single lock in the universe on your door to stop this guy, even that might not work.

  • JO3PA

    Why do you need to use a lock pick when you can use a key like duh

  • Keean Barber
    Keean Barber

    do you have any suggestions on a steering wheel lock so at the very least of the car is broken into it can’t be boosted easily or hopefully at all or do you recommend a external alarm system - this would be parked on the side of the road on LA (not ideal but limited parking space)

  • Jiraiya Gaming
    Jiraiya Gaming

    Imagine this dude in ww1 or 2 opening every door lol


    In mother Russia lock pick you!

  • Doug Golde
    Doug Golde

    How do you lock up your lock collection?

  • twothreebravo

    "I'm not sure why they would sacrifice part of their manufacturing capabilities to making padlocks" If I recall, the Soviets we're not known for their brilliant grasp of economic planning.

  • Rob Norris
    Rob Norris

    Ural also made motorcycles.

  • Leo R
    Leo R

    question: has a padlock ever defeated LPL??

  • JamesG

    Worth noting, a hard blow with a fair-sized hammer would break the cast iron lock body. But that lock was probably only made to keep honest Soviets out. ;-)

  • Jim F
    Jim F

    Why do I enjoy these videos so much?

  • Damien Muller
    Damien Muller

    Could be to go with those rugged, offroad vehicles, securing things like canopies or toolboxes to the outside of the vehicle.

  • Hidden Hood
    Hidden Hood


  • Vatra

    I'm still convinced LPL only likes Russian locks like this because they provide the only means he has in getting his wife to participate in his hobby. (By reading the Russian, for those unaware)

  • BobPagani

    In Soviet Union, lock picks YOU.

  • Tommy Petraglia
    Tommy Petraglia

    I was hoping he'd gut it. I wanted to the sand in the core