[1138] Stopower Electric Plug Lock Jiggled Open FAST

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    I have to pause the video to look through the comments. That's how weak this lock is

  • LoveJuice

    so this is what LPL's house looks like . everything u gotta pick or else you dont deserve it

  • Invisibleninja

    LPL would u be able to open this with a tension tool and a hook. Just wondering

    • Invisibleninja

      Never mind sorry

  • joseph donohue
    joseph donohue

    ''this could be used to lock a gaming console from a kid'' *easily opens it with a specialized tool* me: *shakes my head is disapproval of how bad that lock is*

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith

    In short it's the security equivalent of a do not disturb sign ...😂😂😂😂

  • just-A-guy

    Level 10: needing the pick "bosnian bill and I made". Level 9: standing against lpls pick attempts for more than a minute. Level 8: standing against lpls pick attempts for 30 seconds. Level 7: standing against lpls picking attempts for 10 seconds. Level 6: withstanding lpls picking attempts for 5 seconds. Level 5: being raked open. Level 4: being jiggled open. Level 3: being opened with a stick Level 2:being opened with a sheet of metal. Level 1: being picked by a Lego.

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe

    opening ? I would just use 2 nail cutters and plug it directly into the socket !

  • Rie

    My mom one locked my dad PS4 with that things and then my PC become it prey. Kind of annoying, I used a hammer and problem solved.

  • Jared Jennings
    Jared Jennings

    Wish this video was around 20 years ago! I had to make my own cords and take apart the TV to swap wires.

  • The Aeronaut
    The Aeronaut

    Oh yeah another flaw with this for the use on game consoles: game consoles more often than not use replaceable power cables meaning youre gonna have to take any spares as well which at that point why not just take the cable

  • luke alpha
    luke alpha

    And then there's me who looks at it and goes "I'd just cut the cable and splice a new plug on"

  • kocbilo

    0:59 please do that again I blinked

  • VicariousReality7

    This would need to be shaped radically different for use outside of USA

  • cone

    If you have wire strippers you could just cut off the end and put a new one on

  • kanbisk

    Its a gimmick for manufactures to make money.

  • gojitmal1978

    Would you kid dare to take a hammer to it?

  • A guy named Daniel.
    A guy named Daniel.

    That thing is pointless. You can just cut the plug off and wire it onto another plug or since most modern devices have detachable wires on them and they pretty much us the same connector you can just steal the plug end off the back of a tv or whatever and use that.

  • Vertuex

    My parents locking my laptop charger

  • TheMalevolentSpoon

    ... So is this what the little holes in the prongs are for?

  • Stephen Waterman
    Stephen Waterman

    put it on my wifes vibratoer

  • ElKevin

    You can pick it... or you just cut the wire and put it into another plug

  • mesiroy1234

    This is the lock rosting lawyer and today.

  • Mickxxl

    i respect this guy because i can tell he doesn’t do this for money, what youtuber that lives on revenue makes 2 minute videos?

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming

    you can cut the wires and solder to another plug?

  • Josi Bro
    Josi Bro

    I like how focused you are on the video and videos can can be quite brief and short which is great

  • Kaatwang's Noise Bunker
    Kaatwang's Noise Bunker

    It took me longer to type this than opening the lock twice.

  • Mr. Pigeon
    Mr. Pigeon


  • Rohith Rg
    Rohith Rg

    Bruh this title sounds like a badlands chugs vid title

  • Flash

    cut the wire strip it then twist the lose wire then plug it back into a outlet. Whats the point of these lock lol

  • Magusware

    lol these locks are really stupid, you could just get a padlock trough a hole in the prong and it does the same job of preventing it from being used

  • NoMxrcy

    If I was a kid I’d have stripped the cable and attached it to the plug via the cables

  • Impossible_Fishy

    Think about it Xboxes and PCs have removable external wires so you can just grab a new cable

  • Sergio Aragón Iturri
    Sergio Aragón Iturri

    I don't think this particular lock is made to prevent anybody from using the device, I mean, it clearly could break open but people using this would be for example, in a house as LPL stated, to prevent a game console from being plugged or in the professional life, as a LOTO device, to prevent any equipment frombeing plugged and people who see it won't even try to force it.

  • Hobby Bugs
    Hobby Bugs


  • Dubby

    Is... is this why some plugs have those holes?

  • McZee

    aaah i always wondered what those two holes at the end where.

  • Woodydell Creations
    Woodydell Creations

    I have a sincere question for you. I plan on making a lichtenberg machine which can be very deadly. I was considering using a lock very similar to the one you just picked in this video. Because the machine could be very deadly in the hands of someone not knowing what they're doing I wanted to make sure it was secure, what would you suggest ?


    Cut the wire off and when you wanna use it splice it back on lol

  • I dont know why i made this
    I dont know why i made this

    Let me pick the toaster rilly quick and ...

  • FennecTECH

    Nice Lockout tag out for plug in stuff

  • Apple Dinger
    Apple Dinger

    It's more of a symbolic representation.

  • bushputz

    Instructions were a little fuzzy. Tried to pick the socket instead.

  • Zeroskator1 Wanted
    Zeroskator1 Wanted

    Wafer locks are terrible. I had a locking gas cap, I went to unlock it, and the core just pulled out of the gas cap with little effort. A wafer was what held the core in.

  • 100 000 Subscribers with no videos
    100 000 Subscribers with no videos

    You could just strip the wires and and put a new plug on it

  • Lord Moonowl
    Lord Moonowl

    I got clicbaited without effort cause my mind immediately thought u would pick the lock with the plug

  • TheRocco96

    On most appliances, you can unplug the power cord from the device and use a different power cable.

  • Eden England
    Eden England

    a one minute video that just explains what a plug lock is, then says "open wafer lock with wafer lock opener"

  • Justin Berg
    Justin Berg

    Just take your kids gaming console is you don't want them playing it. Or take the power cable with you to work. A lock out tag out option seems like an unnecessary use of money for that purpose if that's what your sole use for it is...I mean, most people have light flat screen nowadays so you could even just carry the tv somewhere. Also, simply confiscating the console really makes a much better point

  • Melancholicmelon

    How to truly ground the kids, just lock al the chargers in the house don't take the phone mess up the chargers.

  • Keenan Anderson
    Keenan Anderson

    My mom used to throw one of these bad boys on the TV power cord. I'd just rip it off

  • Fraser

    US plugs look so flimsy

  • T Stahler
    T Stahler

    When I was a kid, my mom had locks on our rotary dial phones, to keep my brother off it. LOL

  • Gone With The Wind Fans
    Gone With The Wind Fans

    I saw one of those on a TV set at my local YMCA.

  • SCP 096
    SCP 096

    1 month ago

  • Lord Kermit
    Lord Kermit

    If its a gaming console, and you stockpile spare cords, whats to stop you even with a lock...

  • Orson Jarrett
    Orson Jarrett

    Even if a kid opens it, they’re still probably going to get caught by their parents and get grounded for longer.

  • Michelle Kovacs
    Michelle Kovacs

    All I can think of is “Plug lock, ion even understand how this lock work”

  • khalifa koore
    khalifa koore

    Mom:- Son, what is this thing you ordered online with my card? Son:- It's fake keys.

  • janrdoh

    Thanks to LPL I don't need a key-ring with twenty keys on it anymore when one jiggler will do.

  • Lars Arne
    Lars Arne

    I'd just cut the cable and solder on a new plug 🤔 ... Well if it was a real lock

  • Matt Sirois
    Matt Sirois

    Hammer wins

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera

    I have a Dora the explorer plug and play console, HA check mate buddy. I win.

  • ayporos

    mom: "Hey billy, did you do your homework???" billy: "yes I did" mom: "then why is the xbox turned on and the lock I used to secure the power cord lying there smashed to pieces?!?!" Seriously though, don't most entertainment devices have detachable power cords?.. couldn't you just buy a cheap spare power cord as a kid and use that whenever your parents 'lock up' the original power cord?

    • ayporos

      @Ice Neko I just checked and I can order all types of power cords online for less than 5 bucks. I do not consider 5 bucks expensive. I guess for a kid however it might be a big deal..

    • Ice Neko
      Ice Neko

      ... cords arent cheap anymore

  • Guillaume Joop
    Guillaume Joop

    Imagine a thief trying to pick his way into LPL house for a solid 30 minutes now and he starts to hear "...nothing on 2, click out of 3, 4 is binding..." on the other side

  • Wilfredo Gonzalez
    Wilfredo Gonzalez

    Challenge: put locks on everything in the house. Everything. And only pick them open.

  • Winforworkgroups

    Or you can cut the plug and wire it to another plug... Although honestly If my parents were to put this in my computer (or console if I had one) I would use a different cord (finally some good use for those old cords!)

  • Acecool

    In most cases you can just replace the cord. So this really doesn't do anything. Also - does it short both plugs together? If so, that could be cause for concern. If it doesn't, then it also exposes enough to get a connection on the ends... or, you can always use a splice connector.


    This guy showed me how to pick my dads gun safe now I'm now your friendly neighbor hood school shooter (joke)

  • wisico640

    At first I tought he was gooing to open a lock with an AC cord prong 😂

  • VideoGameDestroyer

    I said no more tv

  • ChrisD4335

    cutting the plug off and putting a different one on works too

  • Artic Exploit
    Artic Exploit

    and probably, cutting the wire and installing another plug is just as easy

  • Stoned Savage!
    Stoned Savage!

    Go ahead and put this on my ps4 or xbox one and I can easily just use one of my many many other power cables I own lol

  • Jonathan Campbell
    Jonathan Campbell

    You know when it comes to wafer cores, why dont the companies just say screw it and key them all alike. Thats about as secure as they are now, plus i can only imagine how much easier and cheaper they could get to produce

  • Clips From The Internet
    Clips From The Internet

    What kind of baby has a jiggler

  • Joseph Rivera
    Joseph Rivera

    Hopefully my mom doesn’t buy this

  • Elwood Readz
    Elwood Readz

    Why would you buy this just take away the wire if you can which most of the time you can

  • jogo2504

    Parents put this on my computer plug, still had my phone though, 6 minutes on the internet and 15 minutes of practice and the lock was open

  • Colin Booker
    Colin Booker


  • Jungwoo Park
    Jungwoo Park

    wait arn’t most plugs removable??? or just snip the plug off and rewire it to another plug lmao

  • 615 Shubham Minor
    615 Shubham Minor

    I did it with screw driver 5 years ago.

  • megalexantros

    If it's used for locking gaming consoles, I have a bridge to sell you. Their cords are detachable, so they could just switch them out and when they're done playing, put the original back in.

  • Dari Ugrinov
    Dari Ugrinov

    Yea plug walk I dont even know how the fuck my plug talk

  • Deus-Stein

    As a lock out device for faulty machinery it's better than a tag and a zip tie. Usually it is turned off at the board too.

  • Thatguy

    Hey guys lockpickinglawyer and my mom locked up my Xbox but this lock is very easy to get open so...

  • Immort4lFr0sty

    Finally, after 20 years, it's my turn on the xbox

  • Gustav Calderón
    Gustav Calderón

    man if I've discovered this video when I was 10 and grounded for eating too much cheese

  • Gazooo29

    What a stupid lock concept, why not lookout the outlets you plug into. who even invented this.

  • Caernarvon

    When i was younger 11-12 y/o my parents were always locking my PS3 with that lock. And by the time i realised that i could ''lockpick'' that. I just start pushing key of my bycycle lock into it and that was how i played it for yrs and yrs...

  • Sils Wei
    Sils Wei

    I mean, it probably works on 99% of kids or applicable situations. And if they break it open, it's obviously a dead giveaway the device was used. AKA stop doing locks that are meant to be cheap and simple or LOTOs

  • Subhajit Ghosh
    Subhajit Ghosh

    cut the fucking wire and put a new plug in. Jokes on you dad,

  • nozzle grandmother
    nozzle grandmother

    Imagine going through processing only to be this trash of a lock

  • cryptearth

    that lock is racist - wouldn't work on european plugs

  • Mechanic

    Waiting for one of these to be "Ok, this is a simple wafer lock, let's see how quick we can open this..." *BAM* it splits into a bunch of pieces. "As you can see, the core was not this lock's only glaring weakness"

  • Tùng Núi
    Tùng Núi

    A good starter kit for picklockers

  • Commander Sting
    Commander Sting

    Corona had him on LOCKdown

  • Bram

    gonna be honest i thought this was just a death cable that you have to pick while being electrocuted... maybe a welcome challenge for the LPL?

  • Buildblox

    Now attach prongs to the other end of the wire and plug it in

  • Msksus Shshs
    Msksus Shshs

    Those locks are meant for kids.... What kid can pick that

  • das36001 sm
    das36001 sm

    “Quietly splices wires in background”

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