[753] You’re Doing it Wrong... The REAL Double Wrench Method
The referenced video with 60M Views: uzload.info/fun/Zp2Ag2Gpxa5-3nU/video
See this follow-up video in which I show this method in action on stronger locks that are locked on a chain: [760] The REAL Double Wrench Method Tested uzload.info/fun/pIKJionVm5-kuXk/video

  • Jon Duke
    Jon Duke

    This man sounds exactly like the Doctor in StarTrek Voyager.

  • Akshat Lolipop
    Akshat Lolipop

    Nice but y

  • Hughu Grantu
    Hughu Grantu

    if either of one my bikes gets stolen with this method, u better be sure that i will use social media, gather up a fckng army of people, report all these videos and make every single one of you pay a big arse ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niks P
    Niks P

    guess the neighbors gonna have to live without his tv for a while

  • Louis Lorenzi-Prince
    Louis Lorenzi-Prince

    Isn't it more difficult to configure the wrenches your way when the lock is in actual use?

  • SenpaiDaPro

    Thank you imma just gona go stealing something

  • osburrob000

    i used this to get rid of a lock i lost the key for. thanks.

  • eleclaw

    Easter egg solved for robbers

  • CKS

    A lawyer that shows you how to break locks so later he can represent you when you try it in real life 😂

  • Not Man Just SUPER
    Not Man Just SUPER

    you have to find the *weakest link*

  • Kaiser Krysalis
    Kaiser Krysalis

    Wait! You have to do it on a lock?


    Going to test this irl to see if it works.

  • Klarence Tobagin
    Klarence Tobagin

    Wow thanks! It’s becasue of you I was able to get a new car, a bike, and a nice place to sleep tonight. You are the best

  • ÆRITH LoveYou
    ÆRITH LoveYou

    Just dont get caught

  • joshua m
    joshua m

    Yeah, that’s easier when not installed on something... but the lock always isn’t sitting just on a table not locked to anything .. just sayin

    • robert mckinley
      robert mckinley

      easily adjusted to proper angles

  • wolvex plays
    wolvex plays

    This is the lock picking lord

  • Joel Oliver
    Joel Oliver

    Thank you. This has really helped with my side business

  • fady maged
    fady maged

    Alright so where did you learn this stuff ?

  • Granger Montag
    Granger Montag

    The other video was made by Master Lock deliberately so that the method shown would NOT scale up to larger locks thereby incentivising people to buy more expensive locks while at the same time fostering a false sense of security.

  • D3LI LMS
    D3LI LMS


  • Jeffinetly JefFBi
    Jeffinetly JefFBi

    Thanks you just kept me from freezing my butt off outside my own house.

  • Tea Spoon
    Tea Spoon

    And so, the crime rate went up by 5%, thanks UZload

  • Eldee

    Now I can break someone's jaw! Thanks Lawyer!

  • Big Guy
    Big Guy

    He doesn't care if he loses the key to one of his padlocks , he gets into it quicker without the key! 😂

  • Sheilbroh

    you sound like thevirtualeconimist

  • Loc

    Me and the boys getting ready to the banks


    Who else is watching in prison?

  • Athar Khaidar
    Athar Khaidar

    Why does he have 2 wrenches that's not the same size?

  • checkerknights4

    Time to break the law and some locks

  • Rock UYT
    Rock UYT

    and today on the youtube recommended tab: This Video!

  • frehberg

    Good video, now I know what a safe lock should look like.

  • Beast from The East
    Beast from The East

    This is gonna be perfect for connex inventories. Not for me tho.

  • jeffrey morris
    jeffrey morris

    God picked my face,but dad let me pick my nose 💣👽💩🚲🎣🇺🇸

  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson

    It won't work if the padlock is actually errr, you know, locking something up!


    So you're a lawyer/thief? Oh..that was redundant.

  • Tony Poche
    Tony Poche


  • FoxTrot Inc.
    FoxTrot Inc.

    Now I figured how to break into my locked safe

  • Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV
    Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

    if I ever get caught, I'll point you out as my partner in crime. 😏😎 Strange how in America you can't show a nipple or say the F word as it is indecent, but you can show everyone how to become a criminal. Of course, you had a criminal in charge for 4 years, so...

    • Mark Jacks
      Mark Jacks

      @Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV I'll make you EAT some marbles. 😂😂😉

    • Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV
      Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

      @Mark Jacks no I wouldn't, because unlike you brainless false Messiah followers, I am able and willing to think for myself. But you just described yourself: the right wing media told you Donnie's the man, and without hesitation you took it for granted, meanwhile ignoring all the moronic, stupendous shit coming out of his mouth. Every person caring enough to think about his BS speeches would know he's too dumb to know rain is wet (remember one of his golden oldies "this hurricane is one of the wettest we've seen from the standpoint of water"). But now I'm done with you, you're not worth it to spend more time on, go play with your marbles and leave the adults alone.

    • Mark Jacks
      Mark Jacks

      @Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV btw, LOVE your profile pic ! you have that sassy look.

    • Mark Jacks
      Mark Jacks

      @Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV if the media (including social media) suddenly told you to hate Biden, or love Trump, you would switch 180° with NO hesitation. You're THAT kind of person.

    • Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV
      Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

      @Mark Jacks yeah right, you'll wake up or grow up someday. Hopefully with amnesia, so you won't know you made a fool of yourself during and after the Humpty Trumpty years.

  • Mr T
    Mr T

    What a king. Thank you

  • -Keith- _EA1381_
    -Keith- _EA1381_

    And those are cheap tools.

  • Rogue R34P3R
    Rogue R34P3R

    I love how his most popular video isn't even him *picking* the lock, it's just him forcing it open. Lol

  • Ghetto Grower
    Ghetto Grower


  • Shiirow

    as fascinating as this is, I doubt most things locked with a padlock will have enough room in the ring for those two huge wrenches. especially this method.

  • K7HLE_

    Why does he keep teaching us these insane Tac ticks

  • Desmend Miller
    Desmend Miller

    I imagine every single last robber in the world to come to this video I stole three dirt bikes with this 250 ccs 👇 Click just kidding I didn't steal no dirt bikes

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds

    If you run into a master combination lock youve forgotten the combo to. You can slap it back and forth where the lock is hitying something strong and firm like a school locker. The outer skin will bend and the back plate will loosen up remove the back plate and the combo is stamped inside covered only by the thin plate of metal.

  • David Reynolds
    David Reynolds

    Pry top to bottom with the wrenches

  • DanMartinParanormal

    Ya, now who the hell needs to buy picks and have skills?

  • Chopstiksman

    Next time you go eat Lobster or Crab, take this guy with you

  • ColdMisoSoup

    You sound like brick 101

  • Bill Roderts
    Bill Roderts


  • Edward Biglang-awa
    Edward Biglang-awa

    In movies they shoot the lock

  • DJ

    What is the point in breaking a lock that’s locking nothing. If this lock was on a door you couldn’t get the spanner’s in like that

  • ChoccyMilkGiver

    Thanks! I forgot my key inside my house Thanks to you , I got inside my house back :D

  • Cee

    This got me into a lot of train containers thank you.

  • GabakUSA Free computer training
    GabakUSA Free computer training

    That was a fluke

  • OldieBones

    Thanks for teaching people how to break into my shed! Time to go buy a bigger lock lol

  • samuel ferrell
    samuel ferrell

    Master locks are junk

    • samuel ferrell
      samuel ferrell

      Shotguns work too

  • isabel sanchez
    isabel sanchez

    thank you for this knowledge, the next time i get locked out of my garage, this beats a bolt cutter, this is easier, thanx

  • Mircea A
    Mircea A

    in Russia padlock break wrenches

  • Cowboy Champloon
    Cowboy Champloon

    You can also do this with two forks to cut/separate BBQ ribs. Just saying, it works. Really.

  • Centuroin the retarded incredibilis
    Centuroin the retarded incredibilis

    This method would also never work because a padlock usually hangs by something so there wouldn’t even be enough space for breaking it open anyways

  • Arlen Margolin
    Arlen Margolin

    Remember lock s are just for the honest people

  • 3lullabies

    I work under OSHA loto......this has saved me dirty looks from mill contacts and chiller plant engineers the couple of times that lost my key.

  • aksoul49

    Use a jack hammer

  • oskars lazdins
    oskars lazdins

    who cares get a life

    • gnome gaming
      gnome gaming

      I guess the 20 million+ people who clicked on the video including you care.

  • gdcat777

    Guess what kinds of locks I'll never buy....?

  • ManUNkind

    *they can’t use this technique for stealing if there’s nothing to steal in the first place*

  • Ryan

    The "original" way definitely works. I had to do it to 2 master locks that were huge. The main and only downside i noticed was smash pinching my hands and fingers together when it broke. Hurt like hell.

  • RokWisdawn

    Hot damn! The amount of bicycle robbery probably went up just from this video. 😂 But thank you nevertheless. Could come in handy. =)

  • Shany Osman
    Shany Osman

    Just did it and it works but require strength cuz my padlock is bigger than this.

  • James W Roberts Jr
    James W Roberts Jr

    Roberts meets 0Mierer

  • Jayanth Devaraneni
    Jayanth Devaraneni

    he deserves more subs

  • Mac Cheese
    Mac Cheese

    Good. My neighbors daughter deserves a visit

  • Jk47rocky23

    You’re not at 60 million views yet

  • Stop Bricks
    Stop Bricks

    "you're doing it wrong!" JUST USE A FREAKING CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Ferron
    Mike Ferron

    When I loose a key I just get my cordless drill, install the appropriate size bit and drill out the brass cylinder the key inserts into. Quick and effective. Never had it fail. Works on padlocks and household lock sets.

  • John Ellis
    John Ellis

    I want strong locks on the outside of doors. Seriously don't understand why we don't do this. I'd feel better when I leave the house. You would have to break the locks on outside first then deadbolt then button.

    • Faithful member of the party.
      Faithful member of the party.

      @The Only Wombat yeah exactly dogs make too much noise so it's not worth breaking into a house with dogs unless they poison the dogs beforehand.

    • Faithful member of the party.
      Faithful member of the party.

      @John Ellis a dog would deter thieves because of their barking.

    • The Only Wombat
      The Only Wombat

      @John Ellis If you have multiple guard dogs posted at all hours, chances are you don't even need locks anymore. But the point is that any lock is only as secure as the protective substrates around it.

    • John Ellis
      John Ellis

      @The Only Wombat fine I dont want a window on my door then, maybe a peep hole, what if i also had a large dog? Or two?

    • The Only Wombat
      The Only Wombat

      We don't do that because it'd be a waste of effort and money, because those three locks are located directly next to a window. Sometimes they're even on a door that has a window. The vast majority of thieves will just break the glass and turn the handle.

  • lol2019 legend
    lol2019 legend

    T H E F T

  • kragor420

    "When the shit goes down, you better be ready. When the shit goes down." - Cypress Hill

  • Dope TokeMan
    Dope TokeMan

    Thank god this was recommended to me so in court they wont be able to find anything in my search history

  • Shadow F
    Shadow F

    Si,esto me va a servir mucho para esta noche

  • Larry Hart
    Larry Hart

    A locks only purpose is to keep honest people honest.

  • Last Chance
    Last Chance

    let me show you how to break this lock. Proceeds to a different lock.. okay thanks

  • Origami84

    My trust in locks gets destroyed by this channel -.-' In the end, their value is only to alarm passerbyes that the lock breaker is not the owner of the locked item. That, and against two-cents thieves that don't even know how to use youtube.

  • James Laughlin
    James Laughlin

    I use the key.

  • Samurai Plays 2.0
    Samurai Plays 2.0

    Next trick I'm going to carry to wrenches when I go to school because i keep locking me self out of the house.

  • Grizzlox

    This guy is proof that to be amazing, just dedicate your mind entirely to one specific skill or thing and double down.

  • Bob Dobalina
    Bob Dobalina

    This is all well and good but if the padlock was attached to a shackle or a hasp there wouldn't be sufficient room to insert the spanners that way and you definitely need two spanners to create the leverage, one won't do. The best way under those circumstances would be to put a sturdy punch, vertically onto the lock and whack it hard with a 4 lb club hammer. However this may damage the hasp or the door it's secured to.

  • darrellderm

    Pipe wrench on the lock body works best. Quick twist and throw away the pieces. No I’m not a thief, my coworkers always seemed to lose or forget the keys. Drive 2+ hours or break the lock...

  • panqueque445

    Thanks for the new bike


    I popped a big master lock using a crowbar and the lock clasp itself... so there is Merritt to what he said.

    • ETHRON1

      We lost the keys and didn't have a bolt cutter big enough.

  • Daniel Cheek
    Daniel Cheek

    Looks like we broke something! Yeah, the fucking lock! LOL


    i tried this on a bigger lock and it worked

  • Cool Man
    Cool Man

    fine job, no annoyn stupid music n this video, im impress..

  • Jershan Pajiri
    Jershan Pajiri

    stop teaching robbers on how to break in into a house.

  • Cindy Dott
    Cindy Dott

    "Stay out of my shed, okay?" - Fluttershy Breaks padlock Lives to regret it. (But not for very long)

  • ian richardson
    ian richardson

    Now 60 million people know how to bust in me shed...

  • Mike Holloway
    Mike Holloway

    Now I can finally get rid of the chastity belt on the queen😳

  • Ami Ami
    Ami Ami


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