[1130] Avoiding The Trap, And Bypassing Keypad With Magnet (HFeng)

  • Stewie Cash
    Stewie Cash

    Can this be done with a (Sebury W4 Keypad).....

  • Joshua Gano
    Joshua Gano

    *Wonders if he wired Siren to System to demonstrate what happens if ya get unlucky just testing the Magnet on random spots on the wrong choice of System, then Ms. LPL came in & 'reminded' him that the Siren REALLY gets on her nerves...?*

  • Dr.Mikizzle Therapist
    Dr.Mikizzle Therapist

    The abrupt play laparoscopically sigh because foam identically crack along a lively fire. elfin, chief grandfather

  • wael abbas
    wael abbas


  • dandymcgee

    LPL is allergic to triggering alarms.. even for demonstration purposes. It's against the very nature of his existence!

  • Deborah Blakemore
    Deborah Blakemore

    I am glad the alarm didn’t go off. I like to relax while watching your videos and the alarm would have scared me haha

  • pihakamera

    very easy to fix if you dismantle some hard disk drive and shield relays with a piece of MuMetal you find in any disk drive

  • Wingnut353

    It's trivially easy to avoid that design flaw... :/ a .50 cent transistor would prevent this :/

  • Tyler Burden
    Tyler Burden

    So are there any brands of magnet door locks that you can recommend?

  • Nikita Gaidouk
    Nikita Gaidouk

    Nooo... show the alarm going off!! :(

  • will iam
    will iam

    This is for cheap products, well done. But enterprise level access control is much harder to fool and manipulate their fail safes with specific resistance calculations that are made at the micro level. Look I to Dealer only products.

  • bjtaudio

    To fix this install a few magnetic reed switches around the lock relay while wrapping the locking relay with a magnetic shield. connect up the reed switches to the alarm which can disable the keypad remotely. This will make this attack useless. There is also the stun gun attack, zap the lock and often opens.

  • HECKproductions

    literally every comment: wanted to see him trip the alarm

  • Demistic

    LPL: You can look for user manuals online me: Just watch LPL, it's faster.

  • Artem Synytsia
    Artem Synytsia

    Wow way to not show us the siren. I had to add my own comment

  • Tom Haflinger
    Tom Haflinger

    Maybe when manufacturers make exciting new keypads with entirely new guts and logic, they should keep the outside, including the enclosure, display, and buttons, all the same. That way, if someone encounters one in the wild, they will not be able to figure out the specific model, so they can't use a simple internet search to find the exploits and traps. Of course, it's also just super dumb to put important relays _inside_ the keypad. Also, great idea not triggering the alarm in the video. That was a clever way to get a _lot_ of comments. Sneaky.

  • MaX Falstein
    MaX Falstein

    That is why my door systems do not use relays; Ethernet built-in connected to an isolated security network with LDAP, RADIUS, VXLANs and walled gardens.

  • J1o1k1e1r The Greatest Showman
    J1o1k1e1r The Greatest Showman

    ill never feel save again 😟

  • brendan berry
    brendan berry

    downvote for this video, no alarm triggered?

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor

    What if you put the magnet on the tamper relay?

  • Zeric E
    Zeric E

    What a terrible design to put the relay and electronics in the keypad, it is very susceptible to attacks. The external facing keypad shouldn't have any electronics in, just the 3x4 key matrix wired to control circuitry located inside the locked space.

  • Pexi The Builder
    Pexi The Builder

    If you dont have magnet with you, you can just screw that open and hardwire it to open. Should this protect from something? :D

  • Toby Akatsuki
    Toby Akatsuki

    Bruh your lit teaching people to break in to houses lel

  • Spärdäm

    Owns the same screwdriver set as the LPL, my life is now complete!

  • Andy Askew
    Andy Askew

    "Covered 6" sells a locking gun rack to local, state and federal LE that uses this exact keypad. Just tested it and this works like a charm. No telling how many of these are installed.

  • Boril Boyanov
    Boril Boyanov

    Nice office trick!

  • Искандер Сайфуллин
    Искандер Сайфуллин

    Absolutely unsatisfied

  • József Mihovecz
    József Mihovecz

    I made an electric combination lock once, all that you do to stop this, is use the simplest lock ever nothing in the keypad just buttons, so nothing that you can do to open it except entering the correct code, also you write the program to be slow so if miss the correct combination you have to press a reset button with 3 second delay so you cant speed enter codes.

  • Ryan Tyler
    Ryan Tyler

    How do we know the alarm works? Tests have to fail before they pass! 😅

  • Tomer Sagie
    Tomer Sagie

    Thanks dude...the FBI didn't know what was coming to them... Edit:there's a man in black at my door help.

  • Nemesis 851
    Nemesis 851

    Objective: Not trigger the alarm 🚨 but you get US triggered 😄

  • xCartoone

    Nooo, the alarm ! Still liked the video out of principle

  • bob often
    bob often

    .... And MacGyver Picks Up A Small Piece Of Metal Bar , Magnetises It , And Swipes It Around A Lock Control Box . Today's Episode Ends .

  • Mike N.
    Mike N.

    I install Commercial Access Control, Intrusion, and Fire Alarm Systems. We have never used these janky things. Try hacking one from IEI (International Electronics Inc), Securitron, SDC (Security Door Controls), or Seco Alarm. Those are the ones you will see in the field. Also lets not forget the ever important fire code that requires most access control doors unlock on a fire alarm activation. Lets also not forget that the inspectors test for the waterflow (sprinkler systems) is usually located on the exterior of the building and is typically unlocked. AKA EZ Access.

  • Earlchaos

    Why on earth would you want to put the logic board in a public accessible place instead of having it secured inside and just run a few more wires?

  • theGhostWolfe

    Thank you for not setting off the siren. I don’t really want that in my earballs, please. Maybe hook up an LED instead, if you wanted to show to “alarm” being triggered.

  • Mic k
    Mic k

    Oh that is such a troll... going to the effort of looking up Tumblr alarm and not using it

  • casey sovey
    casey sovey

    I have the same combination on my luggage

  • kiran ranjitkar
    kiran ranjitkar

    If I had seen your videos during Lockdown...............

  • RWBHere

    What??! No alarm? *-UNSUBSCRIBED!!!-* Just kidding! Thanks for the demonstration and warning.

  • pyrephoenix

    Gonna buck the trend and appreciate the lack of alarm while watching this at 3 AM, lol.

  • --

    Show us the unintended consequences(siren going off) . .. . ......

  • Deacon Blue-AJA
    Deacon Blue-AJA

    By commenting I bring the comments to 666

  • Cadde

    "Did their homework" That's all great until someone is smart enough to put a magnet sensor on both sides of the keypad even though it's not part of the factory design. Then the bypasser will have some explaining to do.

  • tfofurn

    I had to watch this a second time because I didn't understand how putting a magnet on the right side tripped the release relay, which had been shown on the left. The crucial detail I had missed: the relays are mounted on the face, which had been flipped over, and not the back of the case, which hadn't.

  • Nathaniel DePue
    Nathaniel DePue

    He's just teaching robbers how to bypass locks and security systems and telling them to study up before hand.

    • Sublime

      No he's showing us how robbers bypass locks and security systems because they're poorly made.

  • bawitdaba1337

    What about a electric door strike that sits in the door jam? Are those susceptible to this attack too?

  • carbonresistor

    Are you a half-assed lawyer as well? I mean, go to the effort of wiring up an alarm and then not demo the alarm! Sheesh.

  • George Willcox
    George Willcox

    You didn’t show the alarm get triggered!

  • Steven Russel
    Steven Russel

    Damn that magnet is no joke.

  • Clinton Johnson
    Clinton Johnson

    "So I added an alarm to show you how important it is to be careful", totally forgets to trigger the alarm relay to actually show the entire point of the video. Dude has over trained himself to unlock something and bail.

  • Nitro Zeus
    Nitro Zeus


  • IcYPoP

    Have you done a video on different kinds of locks and their picking methods?

  • Terry Crisp
    Terry Crisp

    Things triggered - Tamper loop: 0 Comment section: 1 And why they don't just throw a relatively cheap MOSFET in there rather than a relay is beyond me. Shouldn't "security and access control" products be trying to remove as many ways to bypass them as possible? Especially when a MOSFET is going to be cheaper, and not susceptible to mechanical wear-and-tear.

    • BFH

      They even have line-voltage, high current "solid state relays" that are made from photocoupled MOSFETs and LEDs. I suspect penny pinching is responsible, but solid state relays don't seem much more expensive.

  • Swollencod

    I really wish he triggered the tamper alarm just to show

  • daniel244

    Master,teach us how to open those digital papaiz,samsung locks

  • Rusthon Habibi
    Rusthon Habibi

    Why they dont put relay next to eachother?

  • Tommy Andrew James Stanton-Cole
    Tommy Andrew James Stanton-Cole

    The control circuitry should be inside the safe area, this design is stupid 🙈 The keypad should only be accessible as key input, it shouldn't control the door- that's just stupid! 🤭

  • gamble viso
    gamble viso

    Incredible this guy can open 99% locks in the market.....

  • Roshan

    I hope these companies look at this and learn from it fr

  • Kofi Brown
    Kofi Brown

    We're the unintended consequences so bad by hitting the wrong relay with the magnet that it couldn't be shown on video due to demonetization. I just don't get it??

  • Glenn J
    Glenn J

    Your turning Deviant 😂👍🏻

  • Agressive Pigeon
    Agressive Pigeon

    Lock/Safe Companies: Your money is safe, we have the best locks and security measures. LockPickingLawyer: * pulls out a tissue * Lock/Safe Companies: * *sweating bullets* *

  • DeadlyVenomKing

    Here's Y'all Alarm u want Beep, Beeep, Beeeep

  • llandor

    Heh, this looks exactly like the cheap kit I was looking for securing my shed. Should've guessed they have obvious design faults :)

  • ClayZ

    LPL getting ripped for not setting the little siren off. Is that what he means by the law of unintended consequences?

  • Assaf Cohen
    Assaf Cohen

    jesus how are these products even available on the market? imagine just casually walking up to one of these, stick a magnet to its side and just walk in like "Hello dead, what's for dinner?"

  • Alan Guile
    Alan Guile

    SET THE ALARM OFF!!!! You have to finish these things for those of us that need closure!

  • Waleed Raza
    Waleed Raza

    Nice video, should've set the alarm though

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith

    Why don't they just put the relay in the middle? or is this intended in the design?

  • Daniel Wilmot
    Daniel Wilmot

    I thought you were going to use the magnet on the other side of the key pad. I imagine it triggered the alarm. But still would of been nice to have seen the results.

  • Jett Dominick
    Jett Dominick

    I feel like everyone who sees this channel beforehand thinks everyone who's subbed here are just a bunch of people tryna find out how to rob a bunch of places but it's really just a cool channel

  • 404 NotFound
    404 NotFound

    Waiting for “Bypassing a military used keypad using a penny”

  • Robert Zeurunkl
    Robert Zeurunkl

    Watching this guy bypass locks all the time makes me wonder. Hey, LPL.... Can you pick a jail cell door lock? Seriously, if someone could get you a jail cell door lock, you should do THAT video. LOL

  • C L O W N
    C L O W N

    No offense but this dude has enough corn hair to give 4 corns an Afro

  • T Ro
    T Ro

    I'll preface this by saying I get that this is primarily a lock picking channel. However, I think it would be cool to do a video showing off all the guns in your collection. I've been watching your videos off and on for about a year or so, and noticed you own quite a few guns. Maybe I'm alone here, but I think it'd be entertaining

  • Tater Tom
    Tater Tom

    Next, show us how to trigger Checkhov's Alarm lol

  • PowerPunchingSecrets.com

    Where can we buy equivalent power magnets; as they’re obviously not the ones on the refrigerator nor ones seen in the dollar stores?

  • korbin soens
    korbin soens

    You should make your own lock

  • Anderson Wolff
    Anderson Wolff


  • CreativeJamiePlays

    Wish you showed what happens with the alarm relay

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    Dunno why but I was expecting you to deliberately set off the panel tamper alarm? 🤔

  • Oleg

    no alarm - no like

  • Martin Embeh
    Martin Embeh

    thanks for spending so much money on garbage, so we don't have to

  • Candid Fob
    Candid Fob

    The cadence of this guy's voice is crazy

  • Jakers M
    Jakers M

    I finally get it... he’s teaching us how to pick locks to get us in legal trouble so he can defend us in court... genius marketing strategy

  • Marc Scotland
    Marc Scotland

    I wanted to see the alarm set off

  • Gibby

    Help. I've picked a master lock and got the core to turn, but it won't unlock. I'm holding my tension wrench down, keeping it in place. Any solutions?

  • Bad Samaritan
    Bad Samaritan

    Epic trolling, LPL. Bravo.

  • jerseyxt1

    Where did you get that cool magnet?

  • Larry Cucumber
    Larry Cucumber

    Lock picking lawyer the type of guy to pick your bike lock, deconstruct it, get an unreconstructed lock, reconstruct it, and lock your bike all in under 1 minute.

  • Keith Marsh
    Keith Marsh

    The brevity of this video was unsatisfactory

  • Orochii Zouveleki
    Orochii Zouveleki

    Opening a bank door stream when?

  • Faisal Ahmad
    Faisal Ahmad

    Again ..is there anything you cannot pick 😁..you are amazing

  • Simon Kramsky
    Simon Kramsky

    Does he sometimes recommends some locks? Or just picked them. Would be awesome if he would recommend those hard ones

  • ExecutorQ3

    You should ha e triggered the alarm... :-(... Shame :-)

  • Axel DAVAL
    Axel DAVAL

    Farmcraft 101 finished his lock video , give him a shout-out, he deserves it!

  • Diamondcreeper098

    why don't they use solid-state relays? and also they fail open meaning they don't pass electricity while electromechanical relays fail closed meaning that it would open the door

  • KeoniPhoenix

    I like how an alarm was wired up but was never activated.

  • Axel DAVAL
    Axel DAVAL

    What happens if you put the magnet on random spots of the keyboard box? Can it trigger the alarm aswell?

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