[1139] New vs. Old: ERA 5-Lever “Insurance” Padlock

  • The Apocalypse
    The Apocalypse

    How old is the older lock?

  • Harrick V Harrick
    Harrick V Harrick

    Might not be terribly impressive, but nobody in the world walks around with this kind of tools in his pocket.. in that regard these might be better than many modern cylinder locks

  • Sean Ruddy
    Sean Ruddy

    can you imagine, "nothing on 1, nice click on 2 and DOH' then the video ends. Another great video.

  • OniKai

    You any good with vaults? I hear Kevin Talbot another youtuber is trying to get into a vault long of an old bank that is now an RC shop, the landlord and everyone has no idea what's in the vault and the access is long since lost.

  • Curtis

    Sometimes tried and true is better than new and improved

  • samothjtm16

    Is it hard to gut such a lock? Looks not designed to be easily possible...

  • Super User
    Super User

    I disliked the video.

    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat

      An australian like

  • Polemo

    It's evolving just backwards

  • DoctorX17

    The older one looks cooler

  • The purdy channel
    The purdy channel

    We had those on the gates when i was at school it was the old version

  • ramrod132

    I wish there was a non-destructive way to see what was inside the lock. The internals of old locks are fascinating.

  • Mudge Mudgee
    Mudge Mudgee

    Just once i want to hear him say "hold my beer" - perfect voice for that.

  • Kore Soteira
    Kore Soteira

    When "considerably harder" translates to an extra 20 seconds...

  • Joshua Tree
    Joshua Tree

    0:50 Hah impressions! Is LpL a father because that's one sneaky dad joke.

  • Kelikaku Coutin
    Kelikaku Coutin

    Thanks for the content. Keep up the good work. בס״ד

  • Mario Morganti
    Mario Morganti

    This mans voice is enchanting

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris

    that took him an extra 20 seconds and he said it was harder.... omg, dude why are you not working for NASA, MI5, CIA, some agency i dont know. i suspect its cause you would make a lock that is pick proof but would be $20,000 for the basic model. god bless.

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird

    How does the newer one take less time to pick and still he got through 2 locks in less than 3 minutes?? Wow man 2/10 to the locks.

  • BB Nootus
    BB Nootus

    This man literally makes money by picking locks

  • Paint Protection Melbourne
    Paint Protection Melbourne

    Curious where these locks were used and why they were called insurance locks or is that just the brand name?

    • Mr. Hat
      Mr. Hat

      I believe he asked this in another video, but basically, insurance companies wouldn't cover items that were not protected by Insurance labeled locks.

  • Coracias

    could you like do a tutorial on what everything inside a lock is and what you're actually doing when you pick a lock?

  • Michel Auron
    Michel Auron

    My guess is that it's to do with the attacks that are current. Thieves, unless they need to get in and out totally undetected, are always going to go for the weakest link, and with the ease of access to easily portable rotary cutting tools, drills, hydraulic jacking equipment, liquid nitrogen, etc, a fast destructive attack is far easier than bothering to pick a lock; they don't need to learn how to pick a lock. All your lock needs to do to meet its requirements is to push the casual thief to the next target. If you can't pick it by farting in its general direction, it's good to go. Someone who has specifically targetted your stuff, and needs to go in covertly, will find someone sufficiently skilled to pick or bypass your lock no matter what. LPL shows that; nothing that can be "officially" unlocked without showing it's been done is immune to the same thing being done covertly. Previously, destructive attacks were jemmy or bolt croppers, which are less easy to conceal, and at the time less easy to explain. So thieves had to learn to pick, and locks had to be more resistant to picking attacks.

  • Yaroslav Lapin
    Yaroslav Lapin

    Next video: opening 10 locks in 3 minutes, since opening one per video is not fun enough

  • David Hovey
    David Hovey

    Still.. the average American would generally be lost with these locks.. perhaps the insurance feature is against American thrives on vacation?? 🤔

  • Tony Solar
    Tony Solar

    I was waiting for him to take it apart... So Sad.

  • Stu Brown
    Stu Brown

    Hi. I’m from the uk and I used to sell these locks in my diy store Back in the 90”s around £20 to £30 each. We thought back then they were the dogs pods. You’ve just made them look like they’ve come from a Christmas cracker 🙁

  • Sanker R
    Sanker R

    Do the vault at fort knox gold reserve

  • First & Last
    First & Last

    There was a great lock maker called Era.... he had a son he loved no dearer... at the age of 75, he said "Son I can't stay alive!" It's time you redesign my locks for a new era!

  • JJ Ryan
    JJ Ryan

    Doesn't engraving "5 lever" on the lock body just make it easier for lockpickers?

  • Todd Dexter
    Todd Dexter


  • Happy Undertaker
    Happy Undertaker

    Typical English manufacture. Retro look, modern cheapness, worse product.

  • Gregga Kegga
    Gregga Kegga

    Every time I watch your video I wish I was a bank rober and you are my best friend. I took me more time to type this comment then you to pick this lock... any lock

  • Dorus Vrolijk
    Dorus Vrolijk

    would there be a way you could pick the bramah challenge lock

  • DikoMan

    Next, Jerry Rig Everything's new office door lock.

  • Fred Leonard
    Fred Leonard

    Yes VERRY good, BUT, how easy would it be to pick without your special tools. The average potential robber extreemy unlikely to have such specialised tools available.???

  • justion337

    He was on a disc detainer kick for a while after making "the pick Bosnian Bill and I made" now it seems to be lever locks. Still entertaining as always. I do miss the teardowns and discussion of what gave trouble and why.

  • andy carston
    andy carston


  • Jim Rustle
    Jim Rustle

    This guy can pick locks like he's got the master key and I can't even pick my nose correctly.

  • Dougie Lawson
    Dougie Lawson

    Before I spend £23 on a new laptop lock - www.kensington.com/p/products/technology-device-security-products/device-security-keyed-locks/clicksafe-keyed-laptop-locks-twin-lockheads/ - it would be great if @lockpickinglawyer could do a security assessment. I've got an old tubular lock that I won't use any more.

  • J G
    J G

    uzload.info/fun/h6qupqadmJNmnnk/video i found this funny and LPL should know about it

  • Coleman Adamson
    Coleman Adamson

    The one thing I've learned from LPL is to never buy a lock from a box store. I will go to a locksmith and ask for the lock that smiths have the most trouble picking. And I will pay whatever.....even a few seconds can make the difference between me holding my shotgun to the perp's head or being the victim.

  • Maiahi

    This is the Lockpicking Lawyer and yesterday I was sent to prison on a life sentence. I must say, some of the locks over there had design flaws that were simply inexcusable.

  • bret hammell
    bret hammell

    Please give stronger explanations, examples, and perhaps drawings of how the locks work. Witnessing the picking has become old hat with the channel providing more of the same. Thanks for listening!

  • Roshan

    Fuckinglove this chsnnel

  • J. Romero
    J. Romero

    The lockpicking lawyer tried to lock Chuck Norris in his bedroom with an unpickable triple-cored false gated quadrapin lock. Chuck Norris ate the door.

  • Ali Mustafa
    Ali Mustafa

    Is it really that easy to pick a lock

  • Flybaseball19 Panther19
    Flybaseball19 Panther19

    Hey i have been wacthing you do all of these videos for a long time and recently started to lock pick but all of my tennsion rods are bending can you tell me were to get some good teion rods thanks

  • Mario-Björn Peikert
    Mario-Björn Peikert

    A question came to my mind seeing you picking these locks: Would it be possible to destinktly see these looks have been tempered with without using the right key? After all you said you needed more torque if I understood correctly. So: Are there any traces of tempering after you or someone else looked inside that would clarify: This lock has been picked?

  • Imperium Commenting Network
    Imperium Commenting Network

    Master Lock vs zip ties (on a gate)

  • Scott Barnett
    Scott Barnett

    Lever padlocks (non-antique or novelty) are very hard to come by in the US. Ebay if generally no hope as well, which is surprising. Anyone have a good source? Would like something like in this video

  • Alessandro Perna
    Alessandro Perna

    Yo last day I was in my vacation house and i heard a voice like your that said things like "click on 4, nothing on 5, 1, 2 is binding hard and we just got this open"... Could that be - aaaaaaahhh yeah I was watching this video

  • Ava Salazar
    Ava Salazar

    Trash lock

  • shane thornbury
    shane thornbury

    Hey LPL, Do you think you could design a lock that is unpickable or very close to it? Also, what is the biggest common factor in all pickable locks? i.e. do they all have a specific common weakness in the design that could be redesigned into a perfect lock?

  • Redx 1
    Redx 1

    How fast you can opan my house door ?

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne

    I never thought I'd say this about a lock, but 'they just don't make them like they use to'.

  • Ratty McCatty
    Ratty McCatty

    So "considerably harder" is defined as about 10 seconds longer. Okay 👌

  • Lock pickings Gal
    Lock pickings Gal

    I would love to see how you made the tensioner

  • idiotburns

    They put a lock on heavens gate, LPL will open it up.

  • Thomas Neal
    Thomas Neal

    you used to spend more time on the locks. often taking them apart to examine the pin and driver structure. you seem to rarely do this any more. it's getting boring.

  • Kelvin Knudson
    Kelvin Knudson

    It made me nervous to see how fast you do that. Normanly, you are slower, more methodical.

  • MO A
    MO A


  • Atomicus Aquinas
    Atomicus Aquinas

    I realize those are probably welded pins hold it together, but if they aren't, there any chance for a disassemble on the older model?


    72k views 7.2k likes come on ppl

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    I’d love to see your entire collection displayed. It must be neat!

  • Capscaptain Gaming
    Capscaptain Gaming

    I’m definitely not here from PewDiePie

  • Its Reflex
    Its Reflex

    What lock picks do you use can you make a video about that

  • BlackDolphin90

    Ahhh you put lube in it to make the old one easier to pick. Would have been a 4 minute video then....maybe a broken pick wire too.

  • Twobarpsi

    LPL'S Mom: "Son, you should go to college, and get a degree, in case your UZload channel doesn't take off..."

  • OzzieBloke

    For his next April 1st video, I want to see LPL picking a nose. Not his own nose.

  • Pyro4100

    Just got a notification for your video and it shows it was posted 16 hours ago LOL UZload

  • p l
    p l

    After years of picking locks, LPL couldn’t use the key that comes with the lock to open it because he already forgot what a key looks like

  • ktlewis02

    It would be great to see a video on the cleaning/restoration process

  • KawaiiDouchebag

    And here i thought the lock was gonna be good because it was a 3 min video

  • ppat9192

    I saw 3 minutes but its 2 locks Never buying this product

  • Kizmo Jr
    Kizmo Jr

    They don't make an like they used to

  • Ben Gullette
    Ben Gullette

    be cool to see your entire lock collection in a video, and to see some of your favorites.

  • Doug Golde
    Doug Golde

    Rust up the new one and it will probably be just as good.

  • Azariah

    I find it upsetting that things are getting worse rather than better. Locks, lumber, cast-iron, appliances, etc. Capitalism at work using cheaper materials with less complicated mechanisms. That, and manufactured obsolescence... because if you make a product that lasts a lifetime, you've lost a customer. The only thing getting better is tech and meds, but we're reaching a point at which the same thing is going to start happening for those fields, too. I'm no Commie, but Capitalism sucks.

  • Poto2222

    Ok, I missed some episodes and maybe I'm just not up to speed when it comes to LPL lore, but... *What the hell is that picking tool??* I've never seen that monstrosity before. Has he ever used it on any other lock/video?


    So what type of law do you practice? I’m guessing criminal law. Because they can’t keep your defendants LOCKed up? I’ll see myself out...

  • Sasha The Great
    Sasha The Great

    I love how straight to the points this guy is. I think its kick ass all the knowledge given freely. Dude is a Saint. 🔒❎🗝🆘💡🔏✅🔓😎🚬

  • Gary G
    Gary G

    I am guessing that the newer version isn’t Insurance rated.

  • BluDruw

    I used tips from one of your videos about combination locks and got into my suitcase. Guess who's getting a new suitcase soon. 😅😅

  • fsmv

    Can it be taken apart to show the pins?

  • Donald Scott
    Donald Scott

    Ooops you removed the patina

  • Ed Frawley
    Ed Frawley

    Dear LockPickingLawyer How do you feel about removing the front cover off of the newer lever lock and replacing it with some clear Plexiglass or Lexan so we can actually see you working the mechanism as you pick the lock?

    • Grzegorz Nowicki
      Grzegorz Nowicki

      Great idea !

  • Chris Evans Lock Picking
    Chris Evans Lock Picking

    Who told you the older one is harder! They are both very easy locks to pick.

  • matt bibby
    matt bibby

    Has a police man ever bean to your house to ask you about why own multiple lock picks

  • netking66

    It did not take LPL much longer to pick a Chubb Battleship padlock a few years ago. These have 6 levers and seem stronger than the ERA padlock. Now, here is a challenge for LPL. ERA has (presumably still has) a much larger version of this padlock which was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in the late 1970's as the largest padlock in the world. It was made by apprentices at the ERA works but not put in production. I actually saw it in the window of a locksmiths shop in Guildford, UK years ago. Perhaps LPL could ask ERA if he could borrow that padlock. Freight charges could be a bit steep though. Unfortunately there seems to be no picture of this padlock on the internet.

  • ginvr

    LPE Considerably harder, amateur = I'll book a weeks holiday

  • Rolf Mikkelson
    Rolf Mikkelson

    Keep the older one as is, and grind off the heads of the rivets on the new one and punch them out. Show us what's inside...

  • Azgueila

    Hello this is LockPickingLawyer and this time we are picking Fort Knox and as a bonus steal all the gold we can find

  • specter6633

    Open one up

  • Jak Slater
    Jak Slater

    Pretty sure my dad used to use these to lock his garage/showroom no one ever broke in. Good thing LPL is in America 😅

  • hotscottrulz

    Is it just me, or has LPL done more British made locks lately? Certainly feels that way. It’s really nice to see more content on locks from my neck of the woods!

  • Ryulin18

    Have you ever been beaten by a lock in you 1139 videos? I can't find a case

  • Roy Sammons
    Roy Sammons

    I have a really old ERA 4 lever insurance padlock that's an awkward lock to pick. It's one of my go too locks when locking something up outside.

  • Davtwan

    If the tapers are part of the design in the older lock, then I wouldn’t be surprised if some executive meddling screwed up the newer design.

  • God Help Us All
    God Help Us All

    Late at night, LPL dreams of locks he can't pick.

  • Lorin Toews
    Lorin Toews

    It would be very interesting to see an "x-ray" view of what's happening inside a lock as LPL picks it. Does anybody know if such videos exist?

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